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In which Clyde Cash approaches Chris about raping PandaHalo. Chris takes the news surprisingly well, practically forgiving Clyde on the spot and encouraging Panda to make sure her child knows its father. That, or just abort the damn thing. Either option seems perfectly fine by Chris's standards.



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The Build-Up (Lines 1-66)

Clyde tries to sell Chris on the idea of smoking weed; Chris is skeptical about the prospect, stating that cigarettes are 'POISON'. A troll points out that fast-food is more harmful than weed. Clyde says that he never intends to stop pestering Chris's 'gal-pals', and that he's turned on by Chris's death-threats. The topic of the conversation would soon after change to the death of Ryan Cash. canine would ask Chris how he would respond if someone murdered his mother. Chris responds that although he'd be furious, he would fully forgive him after a confronation. Despite Clyde taking Chris to task on death threats sent to him, Chris says he has never made death threats towards Clyde.

The Revelation (Lines 67-178)

PandaHalo appears, and drops the bombshell; she's been raped by Clyde. Chris is initially skeptical as to whether it really is PandaHalo, but a troll confirms her identity. PandaHalo informs Clyde that, due to the rape, she is now pregnant; Clyde initially rages and denies the allegations, but PandaHalo sends him a photo of a scan done of the baby, forcing him to accept it. Chris appears to have been stunned into silence by this revelation, only coming to when Panda asks if he's still there. In the meantime, Clyde repeatedly calls Panda a "liar", in complete shock when she tells him that she's pregnant with his child.

The Discussion (Lines 179-439)

Chris states he's okay with Panda being pregnant with the child of Clyde Cash; Clyde asks Panda to move in with him, so he can help care for the baby. Both Chris and Clyde offer Panda a place at their respective houses, and each begins to make their case as to why they are the better father figure; PandaHalo has apparently become addicted to sex in the aftermath of her rape. Clyde asks if Chris wants to move into his place as well (providing he doesn't touch Clyde's weed), and suggests the idea of a threesome; Chris states he'd prefer to have a threesome with two women (the greedy bastard), though Panda is rather taken with the idea. Chris attempts to dump Panda; Panda rages, forcing Chris to retract his statement. The idea of abortion comes up, and Chris goes off on one about visiting Miyamoto; Clyde later points out to Chris that abortion is against Christianity, a fact he ignores.

The Decision (Lines 440-481)

A decision is reached; if Chris can make Sonichu into a successful series and video game franchise with Nintendo, Panda will give the baby to Clyde and move in with Chris; if he cannot do this, she will move in with Clyde. Panda plans to have 17 babies, and name several of them after Sonichu characters (just imagine the shit they'd get at school...). Chris attempts to GTFO; Panda states she's too scared to be left alone, out of fear of being internet-raped by Clyde, who points out that this is an impossible feat. Chris leaves the chat; BILLY MAYS appears briefly, and is apparently in CWCville.


20:22 -!- Guest_ [] has joined #sonichu
20:22 < whatsdaupdate> yes
20:22 <@falsion> oh shit
20:22 <@falsion> that hostname
20:22 < glitteringsyzygy> i'm boring and unoriginal, remember?
20:22 <@falsion> virginia?
20:22 -!- mode/#sonichu [+m] by canine
20:22 -!- mode/#sonichu [-m] by canine
20:22 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v Guest_] by clydeC
20:22 -!- Guest_ is now known as ChrisChanSonichu
20:22 -!- mode/#sonichu [+m] by canine

20:22 <@clydeC> sup man
20:22 <@canine> hey ChrisChanSonichu
20:22 <@clydeC> i'm more calm
20:22 <@falsion> Welcome, bro.
20:22 <@clydeC> smoked some weed
20:22 <@clydeC> you should smoke some too
20:23 <%Polly-tan> Hi. <3
20:23 <@canine> ok, i'm neutering you falsion
20:23 -!- mode/#sonichu [-o falsion'] by canine
20:23 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I never have smoked, and I never will.
20:23 <@canine> PandaHalo
20:23 -!- Pinstripes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
20:23 <@clydeC> why not?
20:23 <@clydeC> you should try things in your life man
20:23 <+ChrisChanSonichu> It causes CANCER; it is a slow-acting POISION.
20:23 <@clydeC> weed doesn't cause cancer
20:23 <@canine> so is fast food
20:24 <@canine> fast food causes heart attacks
20:24 <@canine> fast food is just as bad as marijuana
20:24 <@canine> or tobacco
20:24 -!- mode/#sonichu [-h BlueSpike] by clydeC
20:24 <@clydeC> weed's safer than fast food
20:24 <@clydeC> just gotta get a vaporizor
20:24 <@clydeC> bam, no more smoke
20:24 -!- Kojima-Naked [] has joined #sonichu
20:24 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Look, I'm here to defend my Gal-Pals. I want you to CEASE Picking on them, Clyde.
20:24 <@clydeC> you just get the nice high
20:24 <@clydeC> never.
20:24 <@clydeC> i'll never stop.
20:25 -!- Irssi: #sonichu: Total of 41 nicks [3 ops, 2 halfops, 1 voices, 35 normal]
20:25 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I understand you've been upset since Ryan's passing, but pestering and tormenting others will NEVER bring him back.
20:25 -!- MikeJenkam [] has joined #sonichu
20:25 <@clydeC> neither will doing anything else, bra
20:25 <@clydeC> so what can i do
20:25 <@clydeC> nothin' i gotta ride the wave
20:26 <@clydeC> if it's harassin' your "gal-pals" then shoot man, i'm gonna do it
20:26 <@clydeC> i'm gonna ride that wave
20:27 <+ChrisChanSonichu> That's just the thing you should do; Nothing. Just move on with your life, and leave the other people in peace; help others in a Positive way; join a community church, or a volunteer service.
20:27 <@clydeC> i'm helpin your gal-pals in a totally positive way man
20:27 <@clydeC> i'm freeing them from the shackles of your oppression
20:27 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Find Peace in yourself by Helping others like you would your own brother.
20:27 <@canine> chris, what if someone murdered your mother
20:27 -!- Citrus [] has joined #sonichu
20:27 <@clydeC> my brother wanted revenge
20:27 <@clydeC> that was in his suicide note
20:27 <@canine> wouldn't you want the murderer to go to jail?
20:27 -!- mode/#sonichu [-o canine] by canine
20:29 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I would be furious at the murderer, yes, but I would not want to kill that person. I'd let that person know how I felt from my heart, and I'd make sure I had his full attention, and all I would require is an apology, an empathatic smile, and a handshake, then we both could move on with our individual lives.
20:29 <@clydeC> really chris? shaaaaaaaaaaaa
20:30 <@clydeC> but you wanted me to die?
20:30 <@clydeC> i'm some kinda rusy blade
20:30 <@clydeC> rusty blade in your various body parts
20:30 <+ChrisChanSonichu> You have my attention, I apologized heartfully, I empathize with you, I extended my hand in a friendly handshake. All there is left to do is to forgive and move on.
20:30 <@clydeC> but you wanted me to die
20:30 <@clydeC> you wished for god and jesus to kill me
20:32 <@PandaHalo> Christian
20:32 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Yes, I did impulsively let that out in a short-lived furious rage, but I set my aside to work on other things for the better; drawing a few comic pages, dividing up my locks of hair for my Sonichu Girls, played some Animal Crossing City Folk. The point is I have realized that I was under a misconception and confusion from the suprised stress. And now that I feel better, I can better cope with my losses and move on for my bette
20:32 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, Panda; talk to me on Skype.
20:33 <@PandaHalo> Skype is on my other computer, I'm at the other one at the moment
20:33 <@clydeC> so, you're lying again
20:33 <@clydeC> you said you would give me a handshake
20:33 <@clydeC> instead you want me to die
20:34 <+ChrisChanSonichu> No, no, no; I did not say that. In the longer-run, it is NOT the final cause to physically harm any person, but to forgive and move on, as our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us.
20:34 <@clydeC> If y'all wish to continue to badger Jason, I will not stop you. I PRAY TO GOD AND JESUS TO KILL JASON KENDRICK HOWELL, as he gets his cheap, hellish laughs in Clarksville, Tennessee.
20:34 <@clydeC> that's not forgiveness man
20:34 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I relinquished the murderous impulse, and I only wish for peace between us as individual humans.
20:35 <@clydeC> how do i know?
20:35 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I uploaded a video onto YouTube Just for you, Clyde. That's my extension for a handshake for peace.
20:35 <@clydeC> that's not peace
20:36 <@clydeC> i know you talk with your gal-pals about plotting my death
20:36 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I have never plotted any living person's death.
20:36 <@clydeC> man, you have some memory problems
20:36 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Again, that was an IMPULSE that was short-lived.
20:36 <@clydeC> stop lying
20:36 <@clydeC> say you want my death
20:37 <@clydeC> it turns me on
20:38 <+ChrisChanSonichu> No, Clyde, I do not want you to die and lose your chances for a better future; I want you to continue living your individual life; you still have a LOT to live for. College life, New Friends to make, a whole world to check out and many other enriching expeirences I can't say off the top of my head at the moment.
20:39 -!- Guest_ [] has joined #sonichu
20:39 <+ChrisChanSonichu> and think of continuing your family's bloodline in family; you are the sole survivor.
20:39 <@PandaHalo> ChrisChanSonichu
20:39 <@PandaHalo> Christian
20:39 <@PandaHalo> I have something serious to talk to you
20:39 <@PandaHalo> I was raped
20:39 <@PandaHalo> ;_;
20:39 <@clydeC> oh yeah, i forgot, sorry bout that
20:39 <@PandaHalo> don't you leave clydeC
20:40 <@clydeC> fine, sarah.
20:40 <@PandaHalo> you're lucky you're back in america
20:40 <+ChrisChanSonichu> No offense, "Panda", but how do I know that you are the TRUE Sarah C McK.
20:40 <@PandaHalo> I have something to tell you
20:40 <@PandaHalo> Because I can tell you the story about when Reginald peed on the ceiling
20:40 <+ChrisChanSonichu> ?
20:40 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o canine] by ChanServ
20:40 <@canine> ChrisChanSonichu: i can confirm it's the real panda
20:40 <@canine>
20:40 -!- PandaHalo []
20:40 <@canine> that's her ip
20:40 -!- mode/#sonichu [-o canine] by canine
20:41 <@PandaHalo> and that i sent you a postcard
20:41 <@clydeC> i'm gonna leave now, kay?
20:41 <@PandaHalo> no
20:41 <@clydeC> fiiiiineeeee
20:41 <@PandaHalo> I have something serious to tell you
20:41 <@PandaHalo> You may be a rapist
20:41 <@PandaHalo> but you'll be something much more soon
20:41 <@clydeC> what are you talkin' about
20:41 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Listen to "PandaHalo".
20:41 <@clydeC> no chris
20:41 <@PandaHalo> How dare you have sex with me without me saying that it was okay
20:42 <@PandaHalo> I should get to choose who to leave my virginity too
20:42 <@PandaHalo> I told you i didn't want it
20:42 <@PandaHalo> I asked to just talk to you instead
20:42 <@clydeC> well
20:42 <@clydeC> uh
20:42 <@PandaHalo> I was trying to help you get over Ryan's death when I met you in the city that time
20:42 <@clydeC> i had a vandetta
20:42 <@PandaHalo> But then you got your cock all thick and hard and pinned me down, and pulled my panties down around my ankles
20:43 <@PandaHalo> and then forced you thick penis instead my pussy, and it really hurt because it was my first time :(
20:43 <@clydeC> but i saw the look on your face
20:43 <@clydeC> i'll never forget it
20:43 <@PandaHalo> It hurt feeling your thick big cock force it's way into my virgin pussy, break my hymen :(
20:43 <@clydeC> come on, it wasn't that bad was it?
20:43 <@PandaHalo> well
20:43 <@PandaHalo> it felt really good after a while
20:43 <@PandaHalo> but that's not the point
20:43 <@PandaHalo> you shouldn't've done it without my permission
20:44 <@PandaHalo> Because I just got back from the doctors
20:44 <@clydeC> but it doesn't feel as good man
20:44 <@PandaHalo> because my period was supposed to start a few days ago
20:44 <@PandaHalo> And he said my pregnancy test was positive ;_;
20:44 <@clydeC> i
20:44 <@clydeC> what
20:44 <@clydeC> fuck stop lying
20:45 <@PandaHalo> You raped me and filled my pussy up with your hot cum
20:45 <@clydeC> NO
20:45 <@PandaHalo> and it made me pregnant
20:45 <@clydeC> NO!
20:45 <@clydeC> GOD DAMN IT
20:45 <@clydeC> NO
20:45 <@PandaHalo> I can even take a photo of the pregnancy test and send it to you
20:45 <@clydeC> CHRIST WHAT
20:45 <@clydeC> ..f...ffdsfdj
20:45 <@clydeC> dsfDFSJ:SDFF:FDFSDFSDFS
20:45 <@clydeC> SARAH, YOU STOP LYING
20:45 <@clydeC> I i...
20:46 <@clydeC> god damn it
20:46 <@PandaHalo> did you want me to take a photo of it now?
20:46 <@PandaHalo> i brought it home from the doctors
20:46 <@clydeC> fine.
20:46 <@clydeC> you know my e-mail
20:46 <@clydeC> let me see this
20:46 <@clydeC> if you forgot
20:46 <@PandaHalo> okay i'll send it now
20:47 <@PandaHalo> there sent
20:47 <@PandaHalo> go check your mail
20:47 <@clydeC> god
20:47 <@clydeC> this bette
20:47 <@clydeC> FUCK
20:47 <@clydeC> OH GOD DAMN
20:47 <@clydeC> you know
20:47 <@PandaHalo> ChrisChanSonichu are you still here
20:47 <@clydeC> a long time ago, i met this fine young lady who told me to take responsibility for my actions
20:48 <@clydeC> she killed herself three months later
20:48 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Yes, Sarah, I am still here.
20:48 <@clydeC> fine panda
20:48 <@clydeC> i'll support the child.
20:48 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah?
20:48 <@PandaHalo> you don't even seem to care Chris
20:48 <@clydeC> I gotta man up
20:48 <@PandaHalo> I just went through a horrible ordeal and you don't care
20:48 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I do care, Sarah-Heart.
20:48 <+ChrisChanSonichu> and I'm sorry you had to go through that.
20:49 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I want you to know that I still care for and love you, even if this happened.
20:49 <@PandaHalo> I lost my virginity and it wasnt even my choice :'(
20:49 <@PandaHalo> really?
20:49 <@PandaHalo> as my sweetheart?
20:49 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I understand, and I will NEVER put it against you. Yes, as your SweetBolt. :)
20:50 <@clydeC> shut up chris, you don't understand
20:50 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I do understand, Clyde.
20:50 <@clydeC> prove it
20:50 <@PandaHalo> You don't mind that I'm pregnant with clydeC's child?
20:50 <@clydeC> look sarah, i don't mean to interfere with your "love" chris
20:50 <@clydeC> but damn, i'll move in with ya to help with the child
20:50 <@clydeC> i'm willing to do that, because it's my fault
20:51 <@PandaHalo> you are truly sweet for a rapist
20:51 -!- Guest_ [] has quit [Quit: Guest_]
20:51 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I can not undo the rape from Clyde, but I still care for Sarah very much, and even if she is pregnant with another man's child, I will still care her and him/her as if he/she was my own.
20:51 <+ChrisChanSonichu> *care for her and
20:52 -!- Guest_ [] has joined #sonichu
20:52 <@clydeC> but chris, where are you in this?
20:52 <+ChrisChanSonichu> My heart is true and set, and I have made my promises.
20:52 <@clydeC> you've never been to australia
20:53 <@clydeC> what kinda promises you made?
20:53 <@clydeC> how many have you fulfilled?
20:53 <+ChrisChanSonichu> no, but I am with Sarah in mind and soul; I have promised to be her True Sweetheart, as well as my virginity to her, and I am not a man who goes back on his promises.
20:53 <@clydeC> wow what a terrible promise
20:53 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I am where my heart is; in the right place.
20:53 <@clydeC> your virginity? i thought you cared about women
20:54 <@PandaHalo> what's going to happen to the baby
20:54 <@clydeC> i'll help you sarah
20:54 <@clydeC> don't worry.
20:54 <@PandaHalo> I can't believe I have another life form growing inside me
20:54 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah and I have grown in great knowledge of each other over the past 5 months; she and I are very close, like we knew each other for longer than that.
20:54 <@clydeC> you know nothing chris
20:55 <+ChrisChanSonichu> It's okay, Sarah. I will help you through that process.
20:55 <@clydeC> chris
20:55 <@clydeC> what makes you think you can see a child through?
20:55 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Just get here safely, Sarah-Heart.
20:55 <@clydeC> i had to see ryan grow until his death
20:55 <@PandaHalo> i'm confused now I have two people offering to look after my baby
20:56 <@clydeC> it's my child
20:56 <@clydeC> chris has no right in this matter
20:56 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, if Clyde is willing to take the child for himself after he/she is born, then I'll let him
20:56 <@clydeC> i hope you don't mind livin' with me
20:56 <@PandaHalo> What do you think of the name Crystal Weston Cash?
20:56 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I have no problem with it, as long as I have you for my Sweetheart, Sarah.
20:57 <@clydeC> i prefer bonnie cash, forget the weston part
20:57 <+ChrisChanSonichu> it's Clyde's child; he may pick the name for the child.
20:57 <@PandaHalo> I don't get any choice?
20:57 <@clydeC> course you do
20:57 <+ChrisChanSonichu> yes you do, Sarah.
20:57 <@clydeC> chris stop repeating me
20:57 <@clydeC> you don't know how to be a gentleman
20:57 <+ChrisChanSonichu> You may choose a name for the child as well.
20:58 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I have been acting like a gentleman this whole time.
20:58 <@clydeC> chris, you've been acting like a child who's lost in the ball pit
20:58 <+ChrisChanSonichu> But why duspute over that.
20:58 <@clydeC> you don't know understand these complex issues
20:58 <+ChrisChanSonichu> the important thing now is the baby.
20:58 <+ChrisChanSonichu> and Sarah-Heart.
20:59 <@clydeC> chris, again, this ain't your child
20:59 -!- mikemelee [cgiirc@8834627C.539DC4BD.8B7D5E3C.IP] has joined #sonichu
20:59 <+ChrisChanSonichu> which I am cool with that; you want him/her, you can have him/her.
21:00 <@clydeC> alright chris, i hope you don't mind me movin' in with sarah
21:00 <+ChrisChanSonichu> As long as I still have Sarah to be my Sweetheart, I have no problems.
21:00 <@clydeC> really?
21:00 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Oh, NO; You can not move in with her.
21:00 <+ChrisChanSonichu> she and I had plans before you intruded.
21:00 <@clydeC> what? how else am i supposed to take care of the child?
21:00 <@clydeC> you never plans
21:00 <+ChrisChanSonichu> be a single father.
21:00 <@clydeC> stop lying again
21:00 <@clydeC> without a child?
21:00 <@clydeC> that doesn't make sense you idiot
21:00 <+ChrisChanSonichu> you be the single father.
21:01 <@clydeC> man chris, it's sarah's choice
21:01 <@clydeC> whether i can move in or not
21:01 <@clydeC> so sarah, will you let me?
21:01 <@PandaHalo> I don't know
21:01 <@PandaHalo> I want my baby to have a daddy
21:01 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, it's okay. I'll still care for you no matter your choice.
21:01 <@PandaHalo> so i guess you'll need to
21:02 <@clydeC> i'm competent in child raising
21:02 <@clydeC> i had to raise ryan up from a toddler
21:02 <@PandaHalo> will you rape me again?
21:02 <@clydeC> no, only consensual sex
21:02 <@PandaHalo> :(
21:02 <@clydeC> hey, you know you liked it
21:02 <@PandaHalo> i did like it it felt really nice but it doesnt mean i said i wanted to
21:02 <@clydeC> but man, you should ride the wave
21:02 <@clydeC> go with the flow
21:03 <@clydeC> if it feels good, do it.
21:03 <@PandaHalo> now that i've had sex i just realised how nice it actually is
21:03 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, if I may, you should Sweetheart the one who you actually feel happier with.
21:03 <+ChrisChanSonichu> me or him
21:03 <@PandaHalo> dont you like me anymore chris?
21:03 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I still Love and Care for you, Sarah-Heart.
21:03 <@clydeC> oh chris, you know
21:04 <@clydeC> threesomes? you into that?
21:04 <@clydeC> it'd be interesting.
21:04 <+ChrisChanSonichu> But I wouldn't want to stand in the way if you should decide to move in with Clyde.
21:04 <@PandaHalo> you wouldnt be my sweet heart if i lived with clyde?
21:04 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Threesome; ONLY with two women; Sarah and I agree with that.
21:04 <@PandaHalo> i'd be okay with two men
21:04 <@clydeC> see man, it's all good
21:05 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I understand the final outcome of either decision, and I would not feel comfortable living in that situation.
21:05 -!- taub [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
21:05 <@PandaHalo> would you want to live with me and clyde and the baby?
21:05 -!- ArjenVanDierten [] has joined #sonichu
21:06 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I wanted to live with you and OUR children, and I would feel out of place if I lived with you three.
21:06 -!- mode/#sonichu [+h ArjenVanDierten] by Polly-tan
21:06 <%ArjenVanDierten> ty polly
21:06 <@clydeC> so it's settled
21:06 <+ChrisChanSonichu> It's okay, Sarah-Heart.
21:06 <+ChrisChanSonichu> We will always have our memories.
21:07 <@clydeC> well, panda, you can move into my place in washington, pretty nice place
21:07 <+ChrisChanSonichu> :_(
21:07 <@PandaHalo> I can't believe you chris
21:08 <@PandaHalo> AND NOW YOU'RE LEAVING ME
21:08 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I am not leaving you, Sarah.
21:08 <@PandaHalo> it sounded like it :'(
21:08 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I never meant that.
21:08 <@PandaHalo> i cant stop crying
21:09 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I'm crying too. I'm going through my own confusions as well.
21:09 <@clydeC> look, you wanna move in with us?
21:09 <@clydeC> no probs
21:09 <@clydeC> just don't touch my weed.
21:10 <@PandaHalo> Christian what do you want to happen
21:10 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, I want what would be best for you.
21:10 <@PandaHalo> i mean with me and the baby
21:11 <+ChrisChanSonichu> The child should be raised by both mother and father.
21:11 <@PandaHalo> what do you think of abortion
21:12 <+ChrisChanSonichu> the thought had crossed my mind, but since it is Clyde's child, he can make that decision to abort the child or take the child and you in.
21:12 <@clydeC> i don't believe in that abortion bullshit
21:12 <@clydeC> life's precious
21:12 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I want for you to be happy, Sarah.
21:13 <@clydeC> well chris again you can move in with me
21:13 <@clydeC> just get a job
21:13 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I agree with Clyde on the issue, but that is your call to make, Sarah.
21:13 <@PandaHalo> ChrisChanSonichu would you mind if me and you and the baby lived together?
21:15 <+ChrisChanSonichu> even if it was not my own child, I would still be happy to be with you, but I would feel uncomforable if the true father lived with us. Again, I'd just be in the way if you should move in with Clyde instead of me.
21:15 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Either way, I will never judge you for your own decision.
21:15 <@PandaHalo> why would you feel uncomfertable?
21:16 <@PandaHalo> would you want to put your name on the baby's birth certificate and be the dad?
21:16 <+ChrisChanSonichu> no.
21:16 <@PandaHalo> good because i wouldnt let you
21:17 <%ArjenVanDierten> hehe
21:17 <@clydeC> get out of here, i don't need you!
21:17 -!- mode/#sonichu [-h ArjenVanDierten] by clydeC
21:17 <@PandaHalo> so you wouldnt care for my baby?
21:17 <+ChrisChanSonichu> it would be like a king and queen and a chambermaid; the chambermaid had the king's child; the queen can feel jealous, and the end results are likely not so good.
21:17 <@PandaHalo> the baby would feel so neglected and rejected
21:18 <@clydeC> don't worry, i got the baby taken care of.
21:18 <+ChrisChanSonichu> The baby would have his/her True father, Clyde.
21:18 <+ChrisChanSonichu> the baby will be fine.
21:18 <@clydeC> yeah, you be the queen man. feel jealous.
21:18 <@PandaHalo> chris what you prefer.. us living together with clydes baby, us just giving clyde the entire baby, or an abortion
21:19 <+ChrisChanSonichu> my choice among those options; give him the baby and you live with me. But it's still your choice to make.
21:20 -!- Pinstripes [] has joined #sonichu
21:20 <@clydeC> ah sarah, you know you love me. you wouldn't abandon your child would you?
21:20 <@PandaHalo> so i can just give clyde the baby and pretend i never had it and then we just continue our life?
21:21 -!- Pinstripes_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
21:21 <+ChrisChanSonichu> if that is what you wish and feel will make you happy, then yes. But I would want you to leave something of yourself to the child to remember you by.
21:21 <@PandaHalo> why do you want a MAN to raise my child when you say men are so evil and mean?
21:22 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I never said that all men were evil; only a bunch out of the whole. Clyde has just proven himself to be a good man, because he is willing to take his child in.
21:22 <@PandaHalo> You think he's a good man after he RAPED ME? AGAINST MY WILL?!?!?
21:22 <@PandaHalo> and I mean, he DID destroy all your websites
21:23 <+ChrisChanSonichu> He realized his misdeed, and he accepting the child is his way for making amends for that.
21:23 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I have the files on my PC, and I do plan on rebuilding soon.
21:23 <@clydeC> yeah, and your site was pretty terrible, doin' the world a favor by gettin' rid of it
21:23 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
21:23 <+ChrisChanSonichu> That is your opinion, Clyde, and you are welcome to it.
21:23 <@PandaHalo> chris will you pay for my abortion
21:23 <@clydeC> it isn't opinion, it's fact.
21:24 <+ChrisChanSonichu> if you wish, I can save up for an abortion.
21:24 <@PandaHalo> oh wait you're saving up to go to washington aren't you?
21:25 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I'll likely miss that meeting anyway; I'm not getting much support on the trip, even from my congregation and my family; even though I have proof from, they all are still very doubtful.
21:25 <@PandaHalo> what are your parents saying?
21:26 <+ChrisChanSonichu> "one minute you say he's real, then you say he's fake, then you later realize he WAS real; uh-uh, I am NOT buying this anymore; it is just too stressful on me."
21:27 <@clydeC> looks like its your fault man, you gotta live with that
21:27 <@clydeC> besides, abortion ain't christian, what is wrong with you?
21:27 <@PandaHalo> is your mother being mean to you?
21:28 <+ChrisChanSonichu> no; she's just old and stressed out; she'll recover.
21:28 <@PandaHalo> this might be your only chance to get sonichu to be offical
21:28 <+ChrisChanSonichu> she still cares for me very much.
21:28 <@clydeC> psh sarah, sonichu is a piece of shit
21:29 <@clydeC> i'm still plannin' to sabotage your stupid meeting with miyamoto
21:29 <@PandaHalo> clydeC: if me and Chris have children, will you love them?
21:29 <@clydeC> make sure you never make get that shitty creation into any game
21:29 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I'd like to go to Redmond soon, but I'm willing to sacrifice that for your abortion, if that is what you wish.
21:30 <@clydeC> again chris
21:30 <@clydeC> abortion ain't christian!
21:30 <@PandaHalo> no that's okay you go to redmond
21:30 <@clydeC> what is wrong with you?
21:30 <@PandaHalo> once sonichu is a big thing you'll have lots of money to support me and the baby
21:30 <@clydeC> it'll never be a big thing sarah! you need a real job
21:30 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Besides which, Sarah, I wanted you to go with me after you got here to accompany me.
21:30 <@PandaHalo> oh
21:31 <@clydeC> but sarah, i thought you were gonna move in with me
21:31 <@clydeC> i live in washington you know
21:31 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Mr. Miyamoto was most agreeable with delaying the meeting for like a month or two later or so, depending on when he can be in Redmond.
21:31 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I wanted you to come with me, because I trusted you very much to be my partner on the Sonichu Site and all that, and that I Love You very much as my Sweetheart.
21:32 <@PandaHalo> since I'm a partner in sonichu, do i have half the rights to it?
21:32 -!- cogsdev [] has joined #sonichu
21:32 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o cogsdev] by ChanServ
21:32 -!- mode/#sonichu [-o cogsdev] by clydeC

21:32 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I never said that, but after we got together in person and all that, I would gladly offer you half, yes.
21:33 <@clydeC> man sarah you really want to live with this fool
21:33 <@clydeC> who doesn't have a job
21:33 <@clydeC> who can't take care of himself
21:33 <@clydeC> who shits himself on occasion
21:33 <@PandaHalo> I have decided what I'm going to do
21:33 <@clydeC> my god, sarah, you should move in with me
21:33 <@PandaHalo> If Christian meets up with Miyamoto, I'm going to give you the baby and then just live my life with Christian and have lots of sex with him
21:33 <@PandaHalo> but if he doesnt, then I will live with you clydeC
21:34 <@clydeC> well then, since i care much about having a mother figure in my future child's life
21:34 <@clydeC> i'll make sure you never see miyamoto
21:34 <@PandaHalo> I hope Christian goes to Redmond because then I can be his sweetheart and look after him and make him lots of delicious pie and sex now that I'm addicted to sex
21:35 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah. You'd stay with me on a condition of me meeting up with Miyamoto? That sounds a bit loveless.
21:35 <@clydeC> chris, you gotta learn something in life
21:35 <@clydeC> you need to learn how to take care of yourself
21:35 <@clydeC> you don't got no job
21:35 <@clydeC> no money
21:35 <@clydeC> what are you gonna do?
21:35 -!- mikemelee [cgiirc@8834627C.539DC4BD.8B7D5E3C.IP] has left #sonichu []
21:35 <@PandaHalo> No I do love you but I want the best for my family and baby
21:35 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, can you still make it in early February?
21:36 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I will save up for the trip and take you with me.
21:36 <@PandaHalo> i have an ultrasound appointment made for February 26th
21:36 <@PandaHalo> but after then i can get them to refer me to an American doctor
21:36 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I see; not before?
21:37 <@PandaHalo> Are you okay with abortion?
21:37 <@PandaHalo> because, i can just push the baby out now and feed it to a dingo
21:37 <@PandaHalo> but i still want somebody that can support me for any future babies i have
21:37 <@PandaHalo> i want 17 babies
21:38 <@PandaHalo> Crystal, Reginald, and I havent decided on the rest
21:38 <@clydeC> haha, of course you do you silly little girl
21:38 <@PandaHalo> maybe Crystal, Reginald, Krystal, Rosechu, Sonichu, Christian, Christopher, Rick, and im not sure
21:38 <@clydeC> but seriously, you think this fool chris can pay the bills?
21:38 <@clydeC> do you think he has the skills to pay the bills?
21:38 <@clydeC> i don't think so
21:38 <@PandaHalo> if sonichu becomes offical
21:38 <@PandaHalo> he will be able to
21:38 <@clydeC> which won't happen
21:38 <@clydeC> i'll make sure it never happens.
21:39 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah-Heart, For you, I will make sure I get to Redmond.
21:39 <@PandaHalo> Thank you ChrisChanSonichu
21:39 <@PandaHalo> I am really looking forward to have a great wonderful family with you
21:39 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Abortion or not; that's up to you.
21:39 <@PandaHalo> Sorry clydeC.. I might just abort your baby
21:39 <@clydeC> sarah, god's telling me that i must make sure this never comes to pass
21:39 <@clydeC> if you live with chris
21:39 <@clydeC> you'll make the worst mistake of your life
21:40 <@PandaHalo> don't feel bad clydeC.. for the sex we had it was really enjoyable even though it was rape
21:40 <@clydeC> yeah, those were good times
21:40 <@clydeC> but still, i can help you life a fulfilling life for the rest of your days?
21:40 <@clydeC> you think this pants-shitting, penniless fool can?
21:40 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I have plans to make and things to do, I will talk to you later, Sarah-Heart.
21:40 <+ChrisChanSonichu> :-*
21:40 <@PandaHalo> no
21:40 <@PandaHalo> dont leave me please
21:40 <@PandaHalo> i am scared to be alone
21:41 <@clydeC> you got me, sarah
21:41 <@PandaHalo> clydeC might rape me over the internet
21:41 <@clydeC> that ain't possible.
21:41 -!- Rosey [~chatzilla@hell.hole] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:41 <@PandaHalo> Hey chris. Does your mother like me?
21:42 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, you can simply log out of the IRC, and you are NEVER alone, as long as you have me in your heart, like you did for the past 5 months. She and my father are Looking Forward Delightfully to your arrival. :)
21:42 <@PandaHalo> please dont tell them about what happened to me
21:42 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I Promise.
21:42 <@PandaHalo> thank you christopher
21:42 <@PandaHalo> i mean christian
21:43 <@PandaHalo> sorry
21:43 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Its okay. :)
21:43 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I liked being Christopher sometimes.
21:43 <@clydeC> SONICHU MUST DIE.
21:43 <+ChrisChanSonichu> I Love You, Sarah.
21:44 <@clydeC> I'VE DONE IT ONCE
21:44 <@clydeC> I CAN DO IT AGAIN!!
21:44 <@PandaHalo> I love you christian B)<O<
21:44 <+ChrisChanSonichu> :)
21:44 <@clydeC> CHRIS, STOP IGNORING ME!
21:44 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Clyde, Hasta La Vista.
21:44 -!- ChrisChanSonichu [] has quit [Quit: ChrisChanSonichu]
21:44 <@clydeC> LOL

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