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Kacey Call 1.5 is a phone call in the Kacey saga, recorded in August 2009 and leaked on 9 May 2012 after being misplaced by the PVCC. This call takes place between the first Kacey call and the second.

In this call, Chris attempts to maintain his impersonation of Liquid Chris while conversing with Kacey. He slowly gets more and more depressed during the call, as Kacey attacks Solid and tells him (as "Liquid") to beat him in the SingStar Challenge. This call is the cause of Chris's tear-driven performance in his rendition of "The Touch", uploaded on the same day.


  • Solid Chris continues his impersonation of Liquid.
  • Kacey asks for car repair advice so she can go to Chris's home; Chris tells her to use the internet.
  • Kacey rants about how disgusting Solid looks and asks what he feels about Solid.
  • Chris fucks up and drops out of character; Kacey corrects him.
  • Chris calls himself smart; Kacey disagrees.
  • Kacey keeps trying to trigger Chris but he keeps sighing and humming.


Kacey-CWC Call 1.5
Stardate 4 August 2009
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 1
Kacey Call 2


Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Heyyyyy, it's Kacey!

Chris: Hey, Kace!

Kacey: What's up?

Chris: How are you?

Kacey: I'm great, how bout you?

Chris: I'm okay.

Kacey: Okay, I got your email and, um, I emailed Emily and, um, so yeah I'm waiting to hear back from her... er, Kim?

Chris: Uh... Emily, uh, you meant to say Kim right?

Kacey: I meant to say Kim, I know you told me about Emily, sorry.

Chris: Ye... yeah, I think I recall that.

Kacey: I mean, I'm new to all this, so I'm sorry I'm gonna get them mixed up. I'm surprised I didn't call her Megan, or Kate.

Chris: Hmm... Whatever...Hmm, anyway, uh, so what else is going on?

Kacey: I'm just calling, you know, because I'm supposed to be coming down tomorrow, um, I hope my car makes it.

Chris: Yeah, I hear ya. [Kacey begins to interrupt] So we're looking forward to your visit- my, my, uh, parents are looking forward to meeting you.

Kacey: Oh awesome, awesome. So do you know anything about cars? Like maybe you could tell me what's wrong with it maybe?

Chris: Uhmmm, yeah, I don't know much about cars, but, uh, you can go on the Internet, I heard about this radio show called Cartalk, you could probably find some tips on there.

Kacey: Oh, that's awesome, thank you.

Chris: Yeah, you know Cartalk, it's also the, uh, radio show that did the, uh, TV show on PBS that was called uh, As The Wrench Turns.

Kacey: Oh, cool. Um, so anyway I just wanted to call you cause like I'm actually really upset right now.

Chris: Oh, what's the matter?

Kacey: Did you see that fucking impostor video? He's trying to apologize, like, I wonder if he did that because I told him to, in my judging, but I mean just he just pisses me off. I mean, his fucking voice, the way he looks, his hair, just the way he tries to be you, just... Ugh! His fat fucking face! God! I mean, doesn't- I know he pisses you off I just, I'm sorry, I hate it when people mess with you. 'Cause you know I love you so much!

Chris: Yeah, I'm just checking though... Yeah, I think you told me you love me when you saw my artwork on the Internet, right?

Kacey: Yes, it was totally, totally, absolutely Sonichu, I mean, and we just gotten so close lately that if anyone, anyone tried to tear us apart from each other I'd probably die from heartbreak.

Chris: Awww... I'm sorry- I'm sorry to hear that.

Kacey: Oh well, that's just how much I love you.

Chris: I feel for you... I can uh... I can elate [sic] with that.

Kacey: Right... So, but I mean, what do you feel about it? I mean, I know he really pisses you off. I mean... how much do you hate him, because I mean, if I hate him about all these things, you've got to have tons of things to hate about him.

Chris: Hmmmm. Yeah, well, I mean you know, uh... I mean, I'm pretty much out of hate, I've got tired of hating, you know, so I just figured I'd just flow with it.

Kacey: Oof... So I mean, I guess you're giving him a chance? Because of all this... But I mean, you just told me the other day that he has a homosexual lisp and that he probably takes it up the butt from black guys.

Chris: Uh... That's just... I can tell you right now that's just a whole bunch of lies that someone put on the, uh, ED page against me.

Kacey: What? There's no ED page against you, that's the impostor! What are you talking about? Oh, you must, you must be tired from, you know, finals and everything coming up, but I mean... This... God, it's like I don't know, you were just saying all this stuff the other day and... I mean, come on, this guy, he tried to disqualify you over something stupid. He didn't even look at your video. I know he didn't look at your video! I mean, but he can put stupid things like Parappa Rap in his thing and not be disqualified? Fuck that shit! Oh, sorry for me cursing.

Chris: Hmm... Yeah.

Kacey: I mean, come on, Chris, don't you have any opinion?

[inaudible - speaking over each other]

Chris: Yeah, but it's like, you know... Yeah... I kind of grew up emotionally a bit more the past few days.

Kacey: Oh okay. So you're trying to take the, uh, "I'm the bigger guy route".

Chris: Yeah... I am pretty much the, uh... I'm pretty much the, uh, big man, and I realize that as such, and like you know, with my own trolls I pretty much would thank them for the, uh, publici- publicity they've given me as well.

Kacey: Oh, like no publicity is bad publicity but I mean, uh-

Chris: Well, I mean they have, uh-

Kacey: Well, I'm just bit confused because: Why did you realize all this? I mean, what happened?

Chris: Yeah, a lot of things happened, uh. You did get the message I sent you, right?

Kacey: The really long email? Yeah, I mean, it was really, really heartfelt. I mean, I'm glad that you trust me that much.

Chris: Yeah. You know me, yeah, I am definitely, truly a heartfelt kind of person.

Kacey: That's good, that's good. Um, but seriously, I really want to talk about this impostor. He's really pissing me off, Chris, I mean, come on, support me. I mean, I think... He subscribes to me. I think he is trying to go through me for you. I mean, could you believe that?

Chris: Hm. Uh, I don't know I, uh... Yeah, that just sounds- that just sounds like a bunch of fooling me, eh uh... I've taken a closer look at, uh, what he's done, and everything in the past. Hmm... But yeah, um, he's pretty much growing up as well and I have to be respecting that...

Kacey: CHRIS HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT? DID YOU SEE HIM? DID YOU SEE HIM? He is trying to trick you! He is, I mean, just look at his room! He is trying to go through me to you! And that hurts me and that makes me angry! 'Cause I mean... How... Who is he to fucking try and get in between us? I mean, I love you. YOU are the fucking creator of Sonichu. YOU are the fucking man. YOU are awesome! I mean, and every time you sing a song for me or dedicate something to me, I know that it's from YOU. How the fuck can he try to do that?

Chris: Hm. I don't know, a lot of people are smart. *sigh*

Kacey: I don't think he is. [Chris tries to say something] I think he's pretty stupid. I mean, look at all his toys. I mean, how old is he?

Chris: Hmmm... I'd say he looks about twenty-seven himself.

Kacey: Heh... But I mean, just like, come on, I mean, he probably plays videogames all day on his fucking TV. I mean, he looks way older than twenty-seven, but you know that could just be the PSEye toy... Crappy shit.

Chris: Well, I do. I will admit the camera adds about a few pounds.

Kacey: Oh yeah, totally. Hmph.

Chris: Oh yeah, my mind's blankin' out on me. I've had a bit of a long day myself, you know.

Kacey: Well, can I call you later? I promise I'll calm down, just I really want to talk to you, let you know, maybe, we can talk more like last night or something, um, just he really pisses me off, because I mean, I don't even think he's financially stable and he has these things like the huge TV and the toys and everything, and it's like, “Where are you getting THOSE from?”... [Chris is making sounds, possibly trying to speak] Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, hon.

Chris: It's okay, I'm here to- I'm here for you. I'll listen to your rants.

Kacey: And I totally appreciate that.

Chris: I'll listen to your rants with an open mind.

Kacey: Well then, good, because I have so much, because he really, really, really pisses me off. I mean, just, and then this whole singing challenge, like he has a fucking choice. I mean, I want you to do this with me. You gotta do it for me. I need to feel supported by you and, I mean, you were doing it last night, so what's the difference now? You gotta win! This guy is coming after YOU for no reason, just because he wants your e-fame or whatever he thinks.

Chris: Hmmmm...

Kacey: I mean, you've gotta be out for blood, Chris, because he is. I mean, and you know I don't always condone it, but, I think he's trying things that he shouldn't, and I mean, don't you wanna protect me if he is trying to get to me through you? You don't love me that much?

Chris: I do- I do care about you very much and I am.


Chris: I love you that much.

Kacey: Well then, you've gotta do something!

Chris: I am going to do something. I will protect you. I'm going to protect you from all the lies and deceit that there are...

Kacey: FINE! Then tell me something you hate about him right now. Do something right now! 'Cause you need to show him now. Knock him off a few pegs.

Chris: Oh yeah, I'll, uh...

Kacey: Make a video! Do something!

Chris: Yeah, I'll make a video, I'll, uh... give him- I'll give him a little bit of a hate moment... Yeah.

Kacey: Good! I want you to give him a huge hate moment! Fucking pig, he doesn't even look like he takes a shower!

Chris: Hm.

Kacey: So yeah, gather your thoughts and make me a video, and that will just make all the anger go away... That will be so awesome, thank you.

Chris: I hear ya, and I'll listen to ya always.

Kacey: I'm so sorry you had to see such a ugly side of me, but I mean, when it comes to you I would protect you from everything, and I know you would do the same for me.

Chris: It's all right, I understand. But anyway, yeah, uh, definitely, uh, talk to Kim, uh, learn more about, uh, you know, everything about him, his history, uh, all the details..[Kacey interrupts]

Kacey: No, I'll definitely talk to her and, um, I'll call you later tonight, if that's okay. *giggle*

Chris: Of course.

Kacey: Awesome! *giggle* Okay, well, I'm going to go let you seek and gather your thoughts and make me that awesome video! Give me it [Chris trying to say something] Cause I want to see it soon! I'm so excited!

Chris: All right, Kacey-heart. I will.

Kacey: All right, I love you so much! Bye!

Chris: I love you, too. Bye bye.

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