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This page contains DMs between Chris and Helena Fiorenza. According to Helena, she and Chris rarely chatted over DMs.[1]

Dating Simulator

15 June 2021


It was fun. I thank you

21 June 2021

I have been asked to make a dating sims game on top of the RPG I am developing with two friends. If you make a post looking for people that can make a dating sims to at at me with a link of the proof of them doing games in the past. It will be a free game but want to make you be the main dating sims route. I don't have enough followers to get the attention. Would you make me that favour? I know I will get trolls but you also have legitimate fans. I want to collab
Well, my friends in the place Discord server are taking part in a Dating Sim game creation as well; I will relay your message to them.

Keeping a Low Profile

3 September 2023

On 3 September 2023, Helena tweeted a screenshot of a DM from Chris to Helena.[2] In it, Chris alluded to his Twitter activity post-Jail Saga, in which he liked tweets but did not yet post any tweets himself.

Hi, Helena and Pickchu. Sorry for not responding , but I have been keeping a low profile as possible. Anyways, I am not mad at either of you at all. And my online return is coming. And I allow you to share this as I known you are likely to do, i also encolse the following photo. Thank Cr1TiKaL for the really Divinely inspired GFuel. Be safe and well, you and everyone, with Blessings.





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