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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On 22 August 2020, a question-and-answer session was held with Chris by Lainchu of the Watchmen. The chat took place in the Watchmen's Discord group. Lainchu's posts are color-coded in green, a second Watchmen's in red, and Chris's in yellow (as he is in his phase of being possessed by Sonichu during the Q&A).

Lego Island

Chris' Infomaniac
@Sonichu982 Have you ever played the video game, LEGO Island?, If yes, what is your opinion about it?
Hey, @Lainchu. Firstly, Mama has played LEGO Island during its original PC game release time; she still has the Infomaniac minifig that came with her disc copy of the game. It is a good game; a few bugs and simplistic, but good for its time.


Oh hello
@everyone, I am sensing heavy dimensional/timeline distortions. I’m also sensing a Time Loop happening somewhere. I’m not sure where in this Dimension or who it is affecting.[1]

Mailbag questions

I was wondering if you could asnwer [sic] some of the mailbag. Many fans have excellent questions that will help in the chronicling. I'll paste some here to make it easy for you.

1) Have you finished watching Season 9 of MLP?

2) Who were the characters from the 80s that you liked the best? Any character who appeared from 1980-1989 in what would be a cartoon in this world

3) I was wondering if you would ever be willing to talk about transformers and what you like about the different series? Which series is your favourite / least favourite? Are there any characters you love/hate? Have you ever played the any of the games and if so which ones?

4) How do you look back at Bob and his work?

5) Will you be making another music album any time soon?

6) Could you explain more on what/who is CPU Blue Heart?

7) Will you be making any more comic books?

This is all for now, thank you.

"Sonichu"'s replies

Ah. Just finished brunch.

1) Yes, Mama has reluctantly watched the future episode of the season that was very much premature on being chronicled and shown at all.

2) Mama mainly appreciated Bumblebee, Smurfette, and many others from the decade.

3) Some time later on, that will be doable.

4) Robertchu was annoying to her, but still wise and intelligent; we all very much appreciate his work and efforts that he has done before coming to C-197 from 1218, and presently as he does.

5) Possible, but not likely.

6) The CPU Blue Heart is the Goddess of the Commodore gaming consoles and computers; the original, Scarlett, had served a very long time, until when she had to pass on her powers and responsibilities unto Mama Chris Chan, who is the present CPU Blue Heart, on top of her other responsibilities and duties.

The books are continued to be made as we speak by her, personally, and Everyone in this Dimension, 1218, along with C-197, are literally living them. So, that is a yes.[2][3]


What are your thoughts on and how do you feel about Joshua "Null" Moon?[3]
Moon is an ally; we are of neutral feeling about him, and we are most grateful for his help and abilities throughout all of these times, despite his consciously spoken “disbelief” in things “fictional”, regardless of them all being literal fact and happening as we speak.
He's in a complex position, and I have amazing respect for his ethics regarding all this.
Moon knows better, and knows more than he lets on.[4]

Sonichu 12-9 confusion

Could you explain a bit more on the scene from Sonichu 12-9 where Night Star meets Christine Night Weston Star Chandler?

What exactly took place in that scene and what is Christine Night Weston Star Chandler's past story?[5]

For the record, that is still Chris Chan, but in her Alicorn form when she enters Equestria without using the Konami Code to keep her human form.

What’s there to explain? Mama has the ability to open portals and go to other dimensions, and she went to Ponyville to hang with Nightstar and Kun, and to wrap up Nightstar’s book.

Simple as that.[6]

No, I'm talking about the Canterlot High scene
That was a misinterpretation on Mama’s part; that Chris Chan was actually Christine Chan, as she was visiting CHS and had that fateful meeting with the human girl who was Diamond Melody’s self-counterpart.

Aside from that, it was also a commentary on the upgrade of Mama’s EQG Minis figure that went from Yellow to Pink, and the discovery of that Cutie Mark.

Moreover, that was a creative liberty Mama had taken for that particular book.

Sometimes it might seem like I need a chart for all the variants, it's a lot.
No shit.[8]
Not my fault she painted her original figure yellow and stuck with Vinyl Scratch’s cutie mark for a temporary placement until when she discovered her own cutie mark.[9]

Comprehensive History

Ever consider doing a commentary over the Geno docs? I know you've said there's some inaccuracies, but also maybe more context to some things you'd want to cover?[5]
At a later date, Mama will personally do commentary on Geno’s series.[6]


Do you still play on your PS4 and will you be getting the newer consoles?[10]
I’ve been chillin’ more often in the bedroom the past months, and been distant from the PS4 and XBoxOne consoles in the other room. And, presently, not much ample ability to bring in the secondary monitor and relocate the consoles in here at this time.

Need I explain the present situation and amount of stuff in this one room again?

We’ve been more focused on the dimensional events that have been going on.

And it’s easier to work on that in here, although it is getting easier to do the same outside of this room and this house and this yard as well.[11]

The Who

Have you ever listened to the song "Baba O'Riley" by The Who

Chris initially wrote:

Heard it in a movie before.[12]

The message was quickly edited:

Mama’s heard it in a movie before.
Do you like it?

What made you a target?

What do you think made you a target for everything that has happened to you since your discovery on the internet?[14]
Hmm. (In reference to Mama)...
According to her memory, and it syncs up: pretty much that Sweetheart Search.
Why do you think that search was strated [sic]?

Any specific reason or was it to follow the mainstream?[15]

Sorry if these remind you of bad events.

Well, if you want to go deeper, then it was the epic fails and lonely and shy attempts she had made in the early 2000s in meeting other people. But, on Fated points, and along with all of the other self-counterparts: it basically stems to that a lot revolves around her, and everyone was seeing her and recognizing her as the central focus of everything, period. And in the ironic sense that originally, she wanted a special female friend back in her college days, that she ends up attracting even greater amounts of attention. And like Haruhi, Mama was unaware for the time of this OP ability of hers, and that she wasn’t the type as aggressive/assertive as Haruhi to push things forward. But, yeah, in the world where everyone was recognizing her, she was still lost way back then.

Didn’t get as much of the bad events and memories, but I was linked with the cosmos and analyzed it further.[16]

And from that, a whole bunch of the people of this Dimension linked up with their self-counterparts and further recognized her abilities and future of ascending to deity level.

And of that wanted to exploit her during a time she was unaware of that aspect of herself.

Joshua Wise recognized this as well.

Freaking IdeaGuy.

Could that in some way be one explanation of how a relationship would be perceived as asymmetrical?[17]

In this case, it was the ship of Chris Chan with EVERYONE.

Well I know a lot of Greek myth is randos and Zeus sleeping around.

These relationships are never presented as too practical.

Not surprising

Gonna take a break; watch some vids on YouTube or something.

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