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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains texts between Chris and the troll Larry Vaughn. Vaughn leaked the DMs on Kiwi Farms on 11 February 2021.[1]

Chris's posts, roleplaying as Sonichu, are in yellow and Vaughn's in green.

Contact info - phone

13 January 2021

...for you see, she has two phones; one with her old number for the typical and unconfirmed, and this one for those closer to her.

She also has an iPad that receives from both numbers as well, but this phone number is used more frequently.

So, please, do save this number as well.

Alright. So this is the more current number, alright.
Make sure to add those folks on Twitter though.

Chris liked Vaughn's message

We're just excited for you to join us is all.
And follow us
And lead you all.
We shall lead you all.
Of course goddess.
So follow those folks, and we'll have some more news for you.


Contact info - Discord

14 January 2021

Hey. I will be making sure we are following each and every one of y'all, and giving each of them a "Hey there" today.

Do you all have a private Discord group set up?

That way, we all can talk in one place, and I can read everyone's responses.

Also, our Discord handle: Sonichu982#9390

We don't really have a private group where we can all meet. We don't have one for historical and security reasons. Like let's say that several of us were to meet in one concentrated place and someone ratted us out, we'd be screwed. Of course, with your protection, you should feel free to open up and make a discord group for us. Just be aware that many members don't use discord.
Ah. I see. That's a shame.
Fortunately, Caden will be making up an exclusive private Discord server soon enough, mainly exclusive to those who purchase the limited edition special Golden Painted Sonichu Medallions we will be offering. The mold of this very medallion will be made next time they and I meet, and so those more accurate medallions will be made soon enough. Caden has great plans on being able to sort out the hater and bad trolls from the genuine in the group as well.

And it will be certain we will send invites to you all as well to join us there.

Alright. Sounds good.
Doing it right now. Also making a list of those who I am unable to initially DM via Twitter, which I will send to you after I've gone through them all.


Twitter manipulation

Hey. So a few people have messaged me asking about who Miss L is? Just say Mr. Vaughn sent you. Miss L is my mistress, and secretary
Ah. I see.
How are we on doomcock; good, bad or neutral?
Doomcock is neutral-to-good. He is well-meaning.

vgdunkey, iamreviewbrah, ravenfo

Getting a couple of responses of them not knowing you or what LAnon is.

Screenshot them and send them to me.
There's a delicate balance you gotta play, they might be talking in code.
@zero-mccall and @gillpanda

And @frocoshake

Maybe give me something more recognizable to say as opposed to "Mr. Vaughn" sent me.

Good thing I ended up finding this yesterday at Sheetz and drinking it today, feeling really focused.

January14SonicDrink1.jpg January14SonicDrink2.jpg

Sheetz? Aw man, I love that place. It's like the new England Version of Bucc-ee's.
But yes. As for a more verifiable call sign. This is what you must message them with.

In the darkness of the world, the end of An Age Unknown, the Two Halves of Halva Becometh One. Let the Light Divide the Conquest the Receding Darkly Gloom, the Birds in The aether and the Fish in the Sea rejoice with the Sun Son. King Solomon Bekons Forth to Ophir!

Chris liked Vaughn's message

Keep the spelling, capitalization, and everything consistent, as it is part of the code.
I see.
One of the three I just mentioned just responded to that with a ".........What?"
Maybe if you checked in with each of them as well.
Let them know I was messaging them and why, then I'd feel less like I was sounding like a fool or idiot.
I am not having doubts, but the confused responses were not what I was expecting.
You see, that reply with a what is a sign that they understood. Tell them that you understand it might be strange seeing a new face like yours around, but you are no less valid than anyone else.
I hate coded messages.
Also, feel free to like and comment on some of their posts.
Word on the street, Vaughn, is that you have a voice similar to Satchmo's, but it is a good thing, because the Bass Is Respected. Feel free to Take Five with some smooth Jazz.
How's that for a direct yet coded message to you?
Did someone send that to you?
No, I thought it up on the spot just now. But Caden did tell me a bit of the phone conversation you and he had
Oh yeah. That is perfect.
The message. Didn't mean to sound passive aggressive about the phone call
So have you received any more messages?
Two more responses; one didn't know you either, and the other went straight to "Hi there. Doing all right. How are you?"
Oh. Who were these two?
Again, I would feel better and appreciate it if you would go down the list of individuals you have who have DM unlocked on their accounts and (re)briefing them about things.
@MimsyMau and @PantheraDraws.
I am now more feeling like I should have discussed this with you further beforehand of contacting everyone.
We could have gone over the code words and responses. "Raw caviar." "Roasted salmon rouge."
Well, you have given them quite a few codewords, and they have begun to discuss it amongst themselves, so just engage them organically.
Okay, back to normal. For now, I can ask them about their experiences in C-197 and any other dimensions they've discovered and projected to.
As for Rainer Winkler, his DM was not unlocked, but I left him a comment in German, asking him to DM me.
And about encounters with their characters and other versions of themselves.
Can you show me a screen cap where they've talked about this code word exchange amongst themselves, and that I've contacted each of them, please?
I don't have access to their personal DMs.
And it is on Snapchat, where if click out of it it is gone
What? You're not on Twitter, yourself? And how tough is it to make a screen cap of what you are looking at now?
Don't be spoofing me, dude.
Not very hard. But like I said, once I see something on snapchat, it is like gone.
Like an example that I can give you is that justmegabenewell, texted me saying, "The Sunbolt has struck the slug" (they have dubbed you, Sonichu, the Sun Bolt, and they are the slug).

I replied, "So cast it back." Basically, message him back.

"Sun Bolt", huh? That's fun in comparison to the eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball that was uncovered between Chris and I, recently (it is Orange in Colour), and that we presently have a number of pieces of Sunstone.

Sunstone S-Chu.png

Talk about clairvoyance
Also, @Boundbun blocked me on Twitter for some reason.
Also, where do you all talk on Snapchat?
We talk individually.
I don't think that you can form snapchat groups. Then again, I am a boomer.
Also. Some people said that they haven't received DMs.
Oh, and tell Rogue that you would like to be on one of his livestreams as a sort of goodwill address.
Okay, and these are the individuals I was unable to DM through Twitter today.

vgdunkey, iamreviewbrah, ravenfo.


Frocoshake DM

14 Jan 2021

This was a chat that Chris had with Frocoshake after Larry had directed him to them.



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