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Larry Vaughn's Kiwi Farms profile

This page is an archive of Larry Vaughn's key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms. Posts are sorted by date.

Info Dump

11 February 2021[1]

In response to Naught's pastebin doxxing Caden Peck

Still hard to believe that this guy legit thought that I was the representative of a group of rich folks that would buy shitty medallions so we could roleplay with Chris in a private Discord server.

Naught responded 'you said on twitter you have dirt on praetor, wanna share?'

Not to the extent of doxxing them, no. But I can share what someone close to Praetor told me about them after I got on their radar.

So my initial contact with them was when Christine sent me Caden's phone number and asked me to call him. I initially thought that he was going to tell me to fuck off, but he at the time at least entertained the idea of bringing 'us' (LAnon) on board. He pitched the idea of 'golden sonichu medallions' to me, which were basically regular Sonichu medallions with a code or something on them that would grant people access to a discord group to talk with Chris directly. He said that Christine "was a very busy woman with everything going on, and that Praetor basically served to screen out trolls from legitimate business dealings so she could have time to focus on her tasks." I said that I would entertain their offer, and I would just need to take a headcount of who would be interested in one.

Now I particularly wanted Chris to follow and interact with the furry fandom and other folks as a whole because I wanted to see if they could have legitimate business dealings with people. The results of that are pretty obvious when he sent those messages out in bulk when they were only supposed to go to a couple of other lolcows.

At this point, I would have thought that Chris was on to me, if not for some really random message from someone else wondering what the hell was going on (quite a few people have approached me wondering how the hell I got Chris to do what I did). I explained who I was to them (a troll), and they said that they knew that, because the Praetor groups they were in were going apeshit over what I did, and they wanted to see for themselves. I asked them about Praetor, and they told me quite a few things about them and Chris, which I will simply list off:

-Praetor was the brainchild of Caden, and was initially just like the Teen Troon Squad before they had the idea to make a cult around Christine, and eventually even this devolved into them basically becoming a slightly less shitty version of the idea guys 2.0

-They work in a nasty basement painting Sonichu medallions to sell. Now people seem to think that they just give Chris the money. They don't, they basically hold it from him unless he does what they want

-The amount of money they make is apparently enough that Christine could have hired a private investigator to come after me, and this person contacted me after Chris threatened to call the cops on me

-My 'big plan' (Sending Chris to Florida) was apparently liked by Caden, to the point that he would pay for a ticket for Chris

-Chris claimed that Null was on Praetor's side, and was working with them to hunt me down (whether this is real or a delusion of Chris' is yet to be determined)

In Regards to Chris, there are some pretty shocking and disturbing revelations about him this person told me:

-The Sonichu roleplay is basically a thing 24/7, and includes characters such as Pickle Rick, Morty, and Yogi Bear

-Chris is getting nervous why the merge isn't happening, which is likely a motivation for why he was open to tazing himself

-Chris is still going after his high school galpals to the point that people close to him have had to contact them to change their Facebook profiles

-Despite his obsession with them, he has yet to attend a high school reunion because it's full of trolls

-He thinks that everyone is a troll to some degree

-Oh, and when he thinks he's talking to them, he drops the charade that he's Sonichu

-He developed an obsession with symbols and math, thinking that it will help to bring about the merge

Leaking DMs

11 February 2021[2]

In response to a user's comment, "@Larry Vaughn, mind sharing some never-before-seen DMs between you, Chris, and possibly others (if you have any)? ":

Oh yeah. I have all of the ones between Chris and I from his new number.

[Larry Vaughn uploads many of the Larry Vaughn DMs.]

Response to Naught's dox attempt

12 February 2021[3]

In response to Naught's post[4] attempting to dox him with information given by Chris:

That is a Nevada area code. Yet I work at Martha's Vineyard in Virginia. That also isn't even the name I gave him.

Vaughn's Plan

13 February 2021[5]

In response to a user's comment 'What were you trying to do with the letter the chase the wine the LAnon persona? What was your end game? None of this I was worried shite, what were you thinking in the first place?'

So my end goal with Chris was to get him to stop the merge or at least get some help. With most things, Chris stops doing it once it feels like work. If I kept him busy with random stuff, then I thought that he would eventually be like, "Y'know, this merge shit is hard work. Let's call it off."

As I went deeper in the rabbit hole, my focus shifted more towards making Praetor look like the bunch of incompetent clowns that they are. The Watchmen at least try to reign Chris in, while Praetor is fucking nuts.

And if you were so worried, you could have contacted me on Twitter or via the burner phone number at any time.


13 February 2021[6]

To be honest Praetor just wants to further enable Chris at this point because doing so makes them money. Like they thought that I put mushrooms in the wine to poison Chris, they thought that they could get money from me, and they also thought that I was like 30 people.

Involvement with Bella

1 August 2021[7]

Wow. I have been gone for months and this is what I come back to? Incest and rape? Theft?

So I was actually contacted by Bella early on. I ditched my burner phone so I don't have her DMs. She did say that she lived in Texas after I said I did.

She told me quite a bit about Chris and Praetor, and did reveal herself as 10anonymous to me.

She also told me some other information about Chris and herself. Namely, that she and Chris had been contacting his high school gal pals. She said that Chris was trying to reconnect wtih them, and she was getting them to change their information every couple of years so Chris didn't contact them. She also told me the info about Praetor and 'leaked' that ransom letter that her and I put together.

She also told me that Chris was having nightmares about why the merge wasn't happening, and that Chris was pretending to be a variety of characters besides Sonichu.

She also mentioned being involved with Praetor before leaving them. Perhaps she knew that stuff was going to happen. She's a mole.

I contacted her on my burner phone, and she contacted me via a West Virginia area code.

She even had a role in helping to manipulate Chris during my saga.

I just felt that I couldn't sit by without divulging this information to all of you.

Also, anyone who has had direct contact with Chris, be aware that Bella probably knows everything that you have sent to Chris.