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This page contains DMs between Chris and enabler Ren Ryghts. Ren leaked the DMs on 19 May 2024.[1]

Merge Question

18-19 January 2024

Ren Ryghts
Sorry to constantly message you, but... Christine, could I ask you an important question about our Dimensions?
What is your question?

[19 January]

Ren Ryghts
Hi!! Sorry to bother you! But well... I'm not sure I have a lot of time left here in this Dimension and well... I figured you're the best person to ask but, where do I end up after my time is over?
Also well... if you want the truth, l've known about a lot of this Dimension stuff for a long time. I forgot about it as I grew up, but when I discovered you, a lot of the things you said jogged my memory, and that's why I became so fascinated with your teachings and all. I actually really wanted to talk to you about that as well.⚡️💙⚡️
To answer your question, your C-197 self-counterpart is still alive. With the timing of the Merge's completion, one of you will survive the other by that moment. And you will be reincarnated if one of you two is dead and then the other later on.

Simple as that, with the transition point being the dimension point as described in Rick and Morty, season 7.

Also, you are not the daughter of Rei Ryghts at all; you have connected with one of your other self-counterparts in a distant separate alternate dimension and timeline from here. That is not the case in this timeline and this universe.



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