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Colin Chat 2 covers a chat between Chris and Colin on 12 October 2014, a day after the previous chat.


  • Chris called Catie at 4am, disturbing her and Colin.
  • Colin calls Chris out on his racism, he brushes him off and steers off topic.
  • Chris claims the police lied on their report during the 28 October 2011 incident, as Michael Snyder had bribed them.
  • Chris can shove his dick up his own ass.
  • Colin tries to aggravate Chris by insulting him. Chris ends the conversation and threatens to release the chat to Shaina.


[11:49 AM] Colin: What the fuck are you doing calling at 3:50 in the morning when Catie and I are in bed. She's fucking pissed at you. You don't learn do you?
[1:32 PM] Colin: Also, congrats. Catie knows your a racist now. She didn't appreciate the poo and the brown forehead remarks.
[3:53 PM] Colin: And Catie knows that you're scared of me because you can't even respond to a simple text message. Deep down you know you're wrong you just can't admit it.
[6:14 PM] Chris: Well, I beg your pardon, but I never promised You a rose garden. And I am not a racist. The things I was wrong about was disputing with you in texts at all yesterday. And you are still being rude to me, like a no good bully. You kept bothering me Friday Night when I was working on the medals, doing MY Job. What "Job" do you have; Playboy Managerial at some Financial Company or something? You disgust me with your continuing insults upon me. And for your information, I pulled an all-nighter last night after I got back home finishing molding the remaining medals that I have to ship out. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a Lot of Painting, Certifying and Packaging to do Tonight.
[6:20 PM] Colin: Bullshit. Those remarks were clearly meant to be racist. You're desperately backpedaling now because you know Catie is pissed at you.
[6:21 PM] Chris: I am not racist. If I was, I would have literally said the "n" word to you, but I never used that word at all.
[6:22 PM] Colin: And calling you out on your bullshit isn't bullying you. You're the one who's resorting to childish stupid insults. I'm just calling you our on your bs.
[6:22 PM] Chris: You insulted me first by calling me yellow and chicken.
[6:23 PM] Chris: and all of the other insults in the emails I've received from you before that.
[6:24 PM] Colin: I'm just stating facts. You have shown yourself to be a coward. You hide behind your mother.
[6:25 PM] Colin: You can't handle constructive criticism. And calling you a felon isn't an insult. You have a criminal record. It's documented.
[6:25 PM] Chris: I have not hidden behind my mother; I Told her about you and your actions and words; She wanted to tell you straight up, and all I did was help her in that.
[6:27 PM] Colin: Bullshit. You never should have involved your mother at all. From what you've told me she comes to the rescue whenever you fuck up (and you fuck up a lot).
[6:28 PM] Chris: It is documented, and the "Police" will say whatever They want on their "Report", and Snyder buttered them up to write down him being hurt by our UNMOVING VAN, from his own stubborn Stonewall Jackson action of Kicking out Bumper and Faking Falls, Twice. The van was NOT Moving; He did fake his falls. My mother and I were there, and she was behind the wheel.
[6:28 PM] Chris: I come to my own rescue in fucking up.
[6:29 PM] Chris: I chose to ignore your insults, because I did not want to stoop down to your level in a disputive argument with petty insults, but you had to keep pushing my buttons.
[6:30 PM] Colin: No, not according to what you've told me. You run to your mother when things get too hard.
[6:30 PM] Colin: I'm just trying to have an adult conversation with you. I'm not pushing your buttons. You're just thin skinned.
[6:32 PM] Chris: I do not have all of the details in my head sometimes; I only turn to her for Information; I do not let her talk or me, aside from what she had to say to you herself.
[6:32 PM] Chris: And you're thick-headed.
[6:32 PM] Colin: And you didn't have to explicitly use the 'n' word. Your remarks were obviously intended to be racist. Stop trying to bullshit me.
[6:33 PM] Colin: There you go again. You resort to childish insults because you can't hold your own in a grown up conversation.
[6:34 PM] Colin: I've got to ask. Are you doing this whole male lesbian thing because you have a tiny dick?
[6:36 PM] Chris: I have respect for my black bros and sisters, but you Bro, have proven yourself to be a Terrible Male, and I have little respect for the majority of the whole Male population and their stereotypical behaviors and whatnot. I wish Catherine would realize that if you are being insulting to her Friend, me, as well as Another Friend, Shaina, by quoting her emails without her consent; SHE is pissed off at you as well... If Catherine understands that you insult her Friends, how long will it be before You turn on Her?
[6:37 PM] Chris: My Ugly Growth extends to up to Seven Inches Long, you uncaring, inconsiderate Male.
[6:37 PM] Colin: So, do you have a tiny dick or what? Why else would you be ashamed of it?
[6:39 PM] Colin: I'll take your silence as a yes. No wonder you're so bitter about other men.
[6:40 PM] Chris: Did I not just tell you I am Seven Inches Long?! It is soo long, that I am literally able to stretch it Under my taint, and tuck it between my own ass cheeks, beyond my ass hole. With help, I can literally even shove the head of the Ugly Growth Up Mine!
[6:40 PM] Chris: I was typing, you asshole!
[6:40 PM] Colin: You're not gonna get any lesbian lovin' though. A dick is still a dick, little or not.
[6:41 PM] Colin: See, you resort to name calling when you know you're losing.
[6:41 PM] Chris: I Hide It Very Well. Plus, I Actually have a Lesbian Woman Friend who felt Very Much Attracted to Me. I just might email her and ask her out for Pleasant Conversations, and maybe some Tribadism Afterwards.
[6:42 PM] Chris: You are the loser with your Easy Money In Your Lap Lifestyle; you are NO Batman.
[6:42 PM] Chris: Or Iron Man for that matter.
[6:43 PM] Colin: You should do that. Let me know how it turns out. A tiny dick should be easy to hide if you don't move around too much.
[6:44 PM] Colin: LOL at the childish insults. Is your lesbian friend real or another one of your delusions.
[6:45 PM] Colin: Does your lesbian friend have a dick too? That should work out nicely.
[6:46 PM] Chris: And what, you are going to exaggerate that yours is like a whole maximum thirteen inches long? She is very much real. We met at the LGBTQ center at UVA. A very smart and pretty woman.
[6:46 PM] Chris: I am done talking to you; you keep insulting me. I will screen cap and forward all of your words to Shaina; let her tell you off some more. HMPF!
[6:47 PM] Colin: You should find yourself another male lesbian.
[6:48 PM] Colin: What is it with you and hiding behind women? Shaina is staying out of it. You have to learn to deal with me like an adult.
[6:50 PM] Colin: Catie told Shaina to stay out of it. She expects us to work things out like two grown ups.

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