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Vanessa AIM Chat 1 is the first chat between Chris and Joshua Martinez, an old acquaintance pretending to be Vanessa Hudgens. It took place on 6 April 2009.


The chat starts with Chris seemingly apologizing to Josh for slandering and smearing him on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Somehow this evolves into him talking to Vanessa and eulogizing about God helping him find Ivy and her fixing his biological clock. Vanessa gets him to submit an audition tape for an undisclosed movie, which should be 30 minutes long. Chris fails to reach even one sixth of this length when presenting the tape.


ChrisChanSonichu (9:57:22 PM): I felt soo bad saying the things I said back then; I was in error; not totally thinking too clear. But I have seen the light from our lord, Jesus, and my vision is more clear.
ChrisChanSonichu (9:58:28 PM): Listen, there is something I feel I should inform you. A lot has changed since we last talked; I had moved on, talked to a lot of people online (a lot of which were impostorous trolls). But about a month ago, I received a call on my cell from a sweet girl, Ivy, who was a fan of my work. We've been talking a lot on the phone; a dash of e-mails too.
ChrisChanSonichu (9:59:19 PM): I have learned that she is the one I have been waiting for; the girl I was praying for. Because she has done a major task I needed a True Sweetheart for; Fix my Biological Clock.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:02:20 PM): I had been sleeping at 6AM, getting up in mid-afternoon. Then I met Ivy; she asked me to sing "I Need A Hero" from Bonnie Tyler for her in a video. So I decided to up it and make a Music Video of the project on my PS3's EyeCreate program. It's currently on YouTube if you want to see it. I spent 3 days and 2 nights working on it; getting little sleep, because I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible, giving it a lot of thought and effort. In the process, I crashed the 2nd night at 9 PM, and...
ChrisChanSonichu (10:02:34 PM): and awaking the next morning at 6:30 AM.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:04:02 PM): A TRUE MIRACLE. And I had heard from God soon after that Ivy was to be my True Sweetheart. So I'm afraid my Romantic Ways are set for Ivy alone. But I'd like it if Vanessa and I can still be friends, Vanessa. I still care about you.
Joshua (10:04:10 PM): send me the video
ChrisChanSonichu (10:04:23 PM): I'll get a link
ChrisChanSonichu (10:06:09 PM):
ChrisChanSonichu (10:07:33 PM): I also have the original video file saved on my PS3
Joshua (10:07:58 PM): okey
ChrisChanSonichu (10:08:11 PM): are you watching the video?
Joshua (10:08:42 PM): yup
ChrisChanSonichu (10:08:47 PM): cool
Joshua (10:08:58 PM): im in U<V>A
ChrisChanSonichu (10:09:10 PM): I'm proud of it. neat.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:10:04 PM): I understand you'll be coming to town Wednesday
Joshua (10:11:50 PM): yup thinking about it
ChrisChanSonichu (10:12:37 PM): I'm sure I had told you I requested that you, and I meet at McDonalds at Forest Lakes to hang, chat, and talk about the movie and life i grew up.
ChrisChanSonichu (10:12:53 PM): but I look more forward to the hanging and chatting.
Joshua (10:14:37 PM): have you been too Salinas, California, ?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:14:48 PM): I have not.
Joshua (10:16:03 PM): so tell me Chris how many site you have up?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:17:27 PM): I should go, I'm feeling a bit sleepy, but I look forward to meeting you. none at the moment; a troll got into my webhost accounts in the past months and messed me up royally; the reconstruction of the Sonichu and Rosechu Site will commence this week on G.D.
Joshua (10:17:28 PM): send me some new videos of you to my e-mail
ChrisChanSonichu (10:18:49 PM): Ok.
Joshua (10:19:19 PM): im thinking of put some video's up on the net
Joshua (10:19:39 PM): so whats ur site you use, to put ur's on??
Joshua (10:19:44 PM): plz tell me man
Joshua (10:20:29 PM): oh the part of the movie
ChrisChanSonichu (10:20:30 PM): I suggested to Joshua and
Joshua (10:20:46 PM): which 1 you use urs?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:21:16 PM): Going to DailyMotion here's a more current picture of me for you.
ATTENTION (10:21:54 PM): Transfer complete: ECP_00023.jpg.
Joshua (10:22:00 PM): the part in movie i need get joshua tell you do some acting on cam, bc i need it
ChrisChanSonichu (10:22:41 PM): that's cool. That picture I sent you won me a 400 dollar GameStop Gift Card a few months ago, which I shared with my Church's Congregation.
Joshua (10:22:49 PM): so if theres a way you can do it tonight, i need it, and need you too act like what you do when someone falls in love and
Joshua (10:23:45 PM):a part is that when you was single when you fight for ur love
Joshua (10:24:16 PM): can you do that?
ChrisChanSonichu (10:24:27 PM): I see, you want to see me being truly romantic, and how furious I can be as such.
Joshua (10:24:28 PM): i need it by tomorrow
Joshua (10:24:57 PM): yeah and send it too my e-mail
ChrisChanSonichu (10:25:33 PM): I will think about what I can do for my audition, in the meantime, I'll send you the "Holding Out For a Hero" Music Video file I have on my PC
Joshua (10:25:57 PM): yeah if you want the part in movie i need it tonight
Joshua (10:26:13 PM): and i have too meet up with you this week
ChrisChanSonichu (10:27:00 PM): hang on; I'll have to send it from my Yahoo e-mail account.
Joshua (10:27:25 PM): ok
Joshua (10:27:38 PM): need to be at less20 or 30 mins long
ChrisChanSonichu (10:29:39 PM): my Yahoo account doesn't support such a large file size either. I'll try sending it to you over the AIM
Joshua (10:30:09 PM): um at less 5 mins and do another 5 mins and over and over
Joshua (10:30:29 PM): send it too e-mail

[Chat ends]

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