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Children of Kefentse is a Discord server for discussion of Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder.

Chris's chats

Only Chris's side of the conversation was archived in most chats.


6 August 2019

Just wanted to make a post on here: I am liking TSSF so far, and I will happily be contributing with the online template with myself and my Unicorn Counterpart and OC, Nightstar, along with my other pony OCs. Even some themed simple SHIP cards featuring Sonichu and Rosechu. Gonna make this game Zappin' Percent Cooler.😊

Night Star Custom Card

12 August 2019

Hey, y'all. This is Christine. I am just gettin into the Shipfic game, with ideas for my own expansion for the game, Sonichu-Themed, along with my other MLP OCs as well. For now, I just designed, for starters, a Start card with my Equestrian Self-Counterpart, Nightstar Sonichu.


Offering Sonichu Books

16 August 2019

There will be another two cards of Nightstar in the mix, plus "Sonichu" 12-9, which talks about Nightstar, is available directly from us. We are talking with Traveling Artist Stable in distributions at conventions at the moment. Feel free to direct message me if you'd like a copy of the book, or even the whole set of "Sonichu" Books; there are more than 14 books in the set at this time. Working on book 15. I'm have them printed through Lulu, but keeping the links on the hush-hush. Damn Haters and Bullies.

Anyhow, I've made four more cards for the Expansion.

Compassionate kiss under fireworks-min.jpg

Gameplay Question

16 August 2019

Hey, I just wanted to get the details: what is the situation on the Timeline (or Post-Apocalyptic) stamp on some of the cards? How does it affect the gameplay? Or is it just a descriptive mark on those cards?

Printing Question

17 August 2019

Ah, yes, I gave a contact card in that same interest as well. When will the cards be printed, @N_A_Larson?

Distribution Planning

17 August 2019

Ah. After the cards have been designed, there will be two full expansions: one set featuring the Sonichus and Rosechus, and the other with our MLP OCs, counting and in addition to Nightstar.

And if it is that easy, maybe I should up the requirement ante from four Ponies to Six in the same turn.

It shall be made available in cooperation with a distributor, such as the Traveling Artists Stable; we will likely reach out to others as well. We will have to get these cards printed, officially, by the right people.

We are still figuring out some of the game and card details, but we are grasping the idea fairly well and quick.

Fortunately, there is still time in this, as we continue to work on the "Sonichu" Books as well.

New Cards

24 August 2019

Here are a few new cards featuring my beloved Christine. Also, based on the actual phenomenon between her and I, Magi-Chan Sonichu.

Postigcwcsonichucard.jpg BodySwitchingCard.jpg

Asking N_A_Larson's Input on Card

25 August 2019

Ah, thank you, @N_A_Larson; I shall update the card with that proper terminology.

I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts about the "Body Switching" card, @N_A_Larson. I have seen some room for error, such as playing this effect first, in particular to ship, say, a Unicorn with an Earth who is already shipped with three other Unicorns, to attain the Goal of the set of Unicorn Ships, should it be applicable and obtainable at the time.

But afterwards, say "Replace" or "Swap" went into effect, and the effect happened with one or both ponies affected by "Body Switching"; I would imagine the effect of switching the two Ponies who were Switched back to their original positions would become moot, and the remaining one, if the other was replaced, would remain where it was.

On the other hand, with one or multiple Swap(s), and Both Ponies remain on the grid at the end of the turn, the Switched Ponies would be swapped with each other into their Present Positions on the Grid. (edited)

Card Terminology

26 August 2019

Well, I had thought the terminology in the effect, in particular, "Swap the two Pony cards back to their original positions" in the definition of the term "Original". I sense the term "Present Positions" would be more accurate, as opposed to the possible misinterpretation of the original starting positions of the two cards before being switched. And I went over the meaning of the effect in as much detail as possible of the intended and foreseen outcomes.

Body Swapping Comparison

26 August 2019

After, at the end of the turn. And this is relevant to body-switching for real: any events of either individual that happen while the souls are in the opposite body (in the situation) happen under the influence of the soul that happened during the time. And after the two switch back, the situations remain the same, but the only ones that really remember the details of the ships they established during the time is the soul that made it happen.

You can get a better visual idea when you see the Season 9 episode when Fluttershy and Angel swapped, though this situation is more based on that which has happened between Christine and I, Magi-Chan Sonichu; still in progression. (edited)

Asking Input on Simplifying Text

26 August 2019

My mistake on the spoiler. And that is why I bring the card's effect's wording to you for critiquing and simplifying.
I am open for input on how to simplify the wording, if you would please. To spare from having to scroll up, here is just the text.
Body Switching - "When you play the Pony card to this Ship card after attaching it to the grid, you must swap the two Pony cards after activating the Power of the Pony card coming into play after playing this Ship card. At the end of your turn, swap the two Pony cards back to their original positions on the grid."

Reply to Input

26 August 2019

That is very good. Although the Body Switch is not supposed to be permanent, unless one of the two was removed from play, because it is usually fated in a Body Switching scenario be switched back. You can look at "Freaky Friday" or the "Switcheroo" episode of Teen Titans.

So, working from what you have provided, I feel the following would likely suffice:

"Swap the positions of the two pony cards attached to this ship. At the end of your turn, if neither of the affected pony cards has been removed from the shipping grid, swap them back to their present positions."

Or simply, "Swap them back" at the end.

Asking Feedback

20 October 2019

Hey, y'all. 😊

I've been still hard at work on mine and Magi-Chan's set of TSSSF cards for our new deck and expansion packs. I've figured out from my own Solitaire gameplay, and from the mechanics I have found in making some of our new cards. So, I came up with some Expanded Rules for a couple of new cards to go with the previous Rule cards.

I would like y'all's feedback on what we have so far, and improvement suggestions are welcomed.

Lots of Cards

20 October 2020

You'll have a LOT More counting our cards


I put up a few Expanded Rules on the "Finished Cards" channel; we'd appreciate the feedback and input.

Thank you all.


Start Cards

20 October 2020

Well, there are a few cards already available that affect the Start Card, as well as those that bring cards in "From the Collection", not to mention that there are plenty of different Start cards as well nowadays. I've made such a card that brings in another Start card as well.

Trading card game league-min.jpg

Start Card Mechanics

21 October 2019

It remains a valid idea for the game to enable multiple Start cards on the board, since the options of the other Start cards do exist, otherwise it would be just the one Fanfic Author Twilight. And it gives an element of a literal second player or more in the game.

Magi-Chan put it towards me to make multiple Start cards; there will literally be Four Start Cards in the Sonichu Deck. And soon enough, I came up with the idea of the TCG League Ship card, and the element came into the idea flow.

But, the affecting the Start Card(s) in such a way Has happened before, as we have found amongst the previous cards. One card that comes to mine is "So Long, and Thanks For All the Ships"; a Goal card that Removes the Start card and puts itself in its place. So, surely, there ought be the way of bringing them onto the grid.

I'll also have a Goal card titled, "Put It On My Card" with a 0 point score and it's effect being putting the card behind any Pony card on the grid; the Pony card becomes a Start card with the immovable effect added onto it.

Asking for Suggestions on Card Info

21 October 2019

I am open for suggestions and edits to add summarized details of the extra Start cards ruling onto these Expanded Rule cards. I'm also open for suggestions for any other rules or edits that have been in suggestion around the TSSSF community for the time to add those rules as well. 😊

YouTube Video

26 October 2019

Hey, y'all. I just demonstrated TSSSF on YouTube; may the game get better popular and all very good things. I'm still taking input for the Expanded Rule cards for my Sonichu TSSSF Deck. Thank you.😊

[Chris links to Chris Chan Sonichu plays Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder, Solitaire]


26 October 2019

There's a valid reason for that: I was playing on a long table. It made sense to play the Pony cards horizontal in my POV (which became vertical to the camera view). I had a Great Time recording that demonstration.

Upon retrospect, I SHOULD Have swapped Angry Twilight with Ember, making Twilight shipped with Kepler, who was from an Alt Timeline, allowing me to win that one Goal card Sooner. But, no, I was blinded to it.



Ah. I still have more Ship and Goal cards to go for the Sonichu Deck. I am taking notes for the Expanded Rule cards; still open for y'all's input.

Ooh, @N_A_Larson, after my deck is completed, I would love to send you and two of your friends a copy of the deck (with my compliments) to play- test for yourselves.

Maybe Field Test the Multi-Deck game idea.

Ah. I see the layout; that does make it visually easier to differ Ship cards when some of them are vertical. I shall keep a mental note of that for future practice and gameplay. And I will be in touch.😊

Thank you, although only the handful of my art got shown from the cards played; there is a lot more of my art, and a bunch of fresh art, in the upcoming deck. I believe all of you will be most pleasantly surprised.

Project with Magi-Chan

26 October 2019

Even my hubby, Magi-Chan Sonichu, personally helped. This project is our little shared love project that we humbly wish to share with everyone.

NewMagiChanCard1.jpg CPUBlueHeartTSSSF.jpg

Expansion Rules

26 October 2019

Ah. I did not know that. I will make a note to add that detail to the Expanded Rules. "The game was designed for the deck to be used with one Expansion Pack at a time." And I have not collected Fanfic Editor Starlight" yet. Hmm....

Perhaps the deck can still be played with up to a certain number of cards; perhaps equivalent of up to three Expansion Packs.

This would make for a good experimentation for the gameplay.

I state that, because from what I have found so far, the average Expansion is about 15 cards with the equivalent number of Pony Cards to Ship and Goal cards in varying ratios.

So far, I've ended up completing two 15 card Expansions, each with less Pony cards versus the remainder, and the OCs Expansion has 37 Pony cards, 2 Ship cards and the one Goal card.

[posts a screenshot of his IdeaGuy Corruptions custom pack]

I ended up making a story sequence with the Flavour Texts in the Arizona Slime Expansion.

[posts a screenshot of his Sonichu/Rosechu OC Expansion Pack custom pack]

Anyway, just my initial two cents for the topic.

Expansions Idea

27 October 2019

Ah. Very Interesting idea: "If you have multiple Expansions for your Deck, instead of "Tearing up Twilight's Notes", combine some of the Expansion Packs to add to the lack of decks." That is serious branching out.

Card Sleeves

27 October 2019

That is a very interesting and insightful point. I also have a bunch of Older various matte PRO sleeves that I was using on the Core Deck and expansions not of my creation; I've sorted out LOTS between black and blue, while also finding lots of red, and some white.

And with that, the Multi-Deck gameplay can be field-tested further.

Having custom decks. (edited)


27 October 2019

Quite so. I am still furthering my collection of past sets and Promos. I have also asked online through Twitter if anyone would trade a copy of "The Con Life" Expansion Pack for one of my new Packs; I haven't found any takers yet.

On that topic, I also tried to get signed up for the Children of Kefentse Forum website, but my registration ended up denied.

I presently have 20 Ship cards and 14 Goal cards to go in my Sonichu deck.

Possible MLP Cons

27 October 2019

Unbeknownst to Chris, Seaquestria Fest has him on a preemptive ban list.[1]

Still a remainder of basic Ship cards to figure out to match the number in the Core deck.

Perhaps I may play with you at BABSCon.

At least I am mostly set for the event and travel planning.
I'll check out Trotcon; perhaps I can fit that in as well.

At least there is plenty of time until 2020

There's also AirBnB.
What is the name of the new Maryland Convention?
That's in California
Seaquestria Fest

TSSSF Collection

18 November 2019




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