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During October 2019, Chris posted his version of Ben Saint's Slime comic, asserting that it is the true version of events.


Context (events in Saint's comic preceeding this)

Strawberry Milk (left), Phantom Horn (right)

Strawberry Milk and Phantom Horn sit in a bush, watching Night Star meditate. Strawberry Milk says something too loud, and Night Star recognizes they are there and grabs them. After a short dialogue exchange, Night Star throws the two into a portal to the unknown world of NLACakaNM (New Los Angeles City also known as Neo Milwaukee), where slime is the main commodity/currency. Night Star says that she will not bring the two back until they learn to stop being trolls. A few relatively unimportant things happen, which only serve to show that the city is full of violence. The two are later doused in slime as a result of someone being killed around them (after a 9/11 joke). The slime modifies their DNA in some way.

Chris' canon

Chris-Chan Sonichu arrives and teases Phantom Horn. Phantom Horn then produces a sample of slime, which is transported to Night Star. Night Star does some scientific tests, finding out that slime dissolves in sugar and sodium bicarbonate. The 3 characters take a shower in the mix, and then more characters arrive and develop a massive raincloud, cleansing NLACakaNM of slime.

Comic pages

Chris Slime Comic
TRUE and HONEST Annotations