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Sonichu 0

Sonichu #0 Official Videobook is a series of videos made by Chris, in which he reads and comments on Sonichu #0. He started uploading these videos on 10 September 2009.

The PSEye soldiers on valiantly, but with much skippage.

  • In Episode 1, Super Sonic collided wit' a Pikachu... and the world gets a little more retarded!
  • In Introductions, the Chaotic Combo make their first appearance!
  • In Episode 2, Sonichu and Rosechu get all the way to Date Number 2!
  • In Episode 3, we find out that, for the record,
  • Next up are Classic Sonichu Strips!
  • And in Sub-Episode 1, a Jerkop-tastrophie!

Episode 1

Episode 1: Sonichu's Origin
Stardate 10 September 2009
Episode 1
Other Featuring the voices of Cartoon CWC, Sonic, Kel, Rosechu and Sonichu
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 2


'Ello, you should know me by now, this is Christian Weston Chandler here!

[Shows High School Ring, grabs Scrapbook of Fail]

And I'm sittin' behind the camera as I'm about to start off my own regimen of the uh, audiobooks, the OFFICIAL audiobooks.

[opens Scrapbook] Vivian is a hack when it comes to these; so I'm gonna show you how it's really done. But, anyway, just to make it clear, you know, any names, persons illustrated in any of the comic books, except that of me that may seem similar to anyone, real or fictitious... are purely coincidental or otherwise parodic. So anyway, lets begin.

The c- the cover for Book Number Zero. Yeah, the hand-drawn premiere issue.

Chris: "Go, Sonichu! Go out and zap to the s- extreme!"

Sonichu:[nasal] "I will! Thank y', Father!"

And we're just gonna keep on going with the page flipping at this point, so moving on.

Episode 1: Sonichu's Origin.

Our story begins in an open field five miles from the city of Station Square which is under siege by the Perfect Chaos Monster. While Sonic the Hedgehog ponders over the destruction, a wild male Pikachu takes notice of the far off destruction.

Pikachu:[In a surprisingly passable Pikachu impression] "Piiika? Hm?"

Chris: "Hmm. I am Christian Weston Chandler, Sonichu's creator and author of this comic series. And this stor- and this is his story and nothing less."


Perfect Chaos: "Errr." [WSSHH-Pshh]

[Sonichu Theme Music: DER-DER-DERRR-DDEERRR!]

Pikachu:"Ouch!" [WSSHH-GASP]

About fifteen miles away... there's a girl Raichu. And she gets hit! Hit by the chaotic rainbow that will change their lives forever...

[FSSHHW] Kel comes out. At the cottage.

Kel: "Raichu I saw the... [gasp] who are you, and what'dja do with my Raichu?"

Transformed Raichu: [gasp] "Kel, I am your Pokémon. I was hit by a rainbow, and now I have transformed!"

Kel: "Oh my, you're as beautiful as a rose."

Transformed Raichu: "As a rose? I need a new name, since I am a new Pokémon, so you can call me... Rosechu"

Transformed Pikachu::"Mm? Ohh... Wha? [gasp] I've changed. Huh? The battle is on! I've got to help! It's time to zap!" [sound effects]

Super Sonic: "Well, I almost got 'em."

Perfect Chaos: "RAAARGGH!"

Transformed Pikachu::"THUNDAAAAAAaar!"

Crowd: [crowd cheers] Yaaaay. Yay. Sonic. Sonic. Yay.

Later on,

Transformed Pikachu: "Wow, what a battle. Not only that but I've received super speed, and a new body, and above all else, I'm able to talk like a human now. And apparently, I look like that hedgehog I've helped earlier. From the cheers, I guess his name was Sonic... Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic had just about the same abilities as I do now, and I guess I am now a hedgehog now too. I am a new Pokémon, I am no longer a Pikachu, so with that inspiration I am now... Sonichu!"

Chris: "And from then on, Sonichu went on to make new friends, as well as enemies, and he will use his abilities to stop evil and save the world. Stay tuned for more zapping adventures of Sonichu!"

Episode 2

Episode 2: Genesis of the Lovehogs
Stardate 10 September 2009
Episode 2
Other Featuring the voices of Cartoon CWC, Kel, Rosechu and Sonichu
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 2
Episode 3

NOTE: Introductions and Episode 2 are in the same video, but are treated as separate chapters in Sonichu #0.[1]



[enter a long narration by Cartoon CWC]

As the creator of Sonichu and as well, I feel I should take on a trip and learn more. Besides, I promised my other Hedgehogs as well. So let's tour my section of the cartoon world. The comic title is Sonichu. By that we mean the saga of the Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon, as well as his friends and comrades.

Location: it is set in and around the city of CWCville, Virginia, a vibrant community with cool people, an av- and average amount of cool places to chill at. I am the Mayor.


This is Sonichu, Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon, and main character. Currently on the year 2004, he is sixteen years old. His hobbies include running, surfing and chillin', mostly outdoor activities. Other things he enjoys is scenery around him. His favorite colors are yellow and blue, and he enjoys popular music. And he loves Rosechu. Yay~

This is Rosechu. She is a spunky, beautiful girl of Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon. She is fifteen years old in 2004. Her hobbies include frolicking through the fields, shopping at the CWCville mall, and cooking. Her original trainer, the caring girl Kel... "Rosey" is Rosechu's nickname, and she likes to pick flowers. Her favorite flower is the Zapbud. She keeps her heart saved for her Sonichu.

This is Kel. She's Rosechu's caring trainer.

Naitsirhc, the son of Team Rocket boss, Giovanni.

Black Sonichu, a.k.a Blachu, Sonichu's evil twin. He was created Giovanni's lab with an accidental cose of cherry cola with Sonichu's DNA. His lair- wids lair be changed- later his name would be changed to Blake.

From the rainbow of chaos emerald energy, eggs were released into the various locations around the world. They hatched inta five more electrical hedgehogs with special charactarisstiss. When they all- when the hedgehogs all get together, they create the Chaotic Combo. Also released from the rainbow were seven Chaotic Crystals, which would be the emphasis around the Sonichu series, equivalent to the Chaos Emeralds. They are the Chaotic Sonichu Crystals.

Anyway, this is Wild Sonichu. He was raised in a jungle by a Venusaur and a Scyther, who taught him Razor Leaf and how to... ass- asse- how to access his speeds and ninja skills.

This is Bubbles Rosechu. She was raised by a mother Swampert who taught her how to create tidal waves. Bubble has a happy positive personality, and she just loves to have fun.

Angelica Rosechu. She was raised in a church by nuns, she is a believer, and she prays every night. She is usually the peace- at peace, especially while she is flying sky-high.

Punchy Sonichu. He grew up in a dojo where he is perfect his punches. He is also full of random-access humor. He lost his tail in a brutal fight.

Magi-Chan. He was raised- he raised himself in the mounds as the, uh... as he meditated, and perfect his telekinetic powers.

Respectively, Wild is a Grass-Electric, Bubbles is Water-Electric, Angelica is Flying-Electric, Punchy is Fighting and Electric, and Magi-Chan is Psychic and Electric.

Later to be a one-time character possible with more times to be seen, this is Flame the Sunbird, protector of the Master Sunbone and mysterious Rainbow Island.

Another mysterious origins, three more hedgehogs will rock CWCville. Chris-Chan Sonichu, Saramah Rosechu and Wes-Li Sonichu.

And then just for a two- and then just a couple of villains for the introductions, we got Slaweel the witch, and the slew- and the slew of her Jerkops.

And lastly there's me, the intrusive creator in Sonichu's story, Christian Weston Chandler. To describe myself in real life, I am very creative person, I enjoy playing video games; Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Animal Crossing among other things, even Little Big Planet currently and Guitar Hero. I also like to build with Lego pieces. I enjoy most kinds of music. I am also fascinated with the Transformers, and I also play the Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card games. I am 5'10", I was born February 24, 199- 1982. I am working toward- I was working towards computer-aided drafting degree at Piedmont Community College at this time, I graduated with both of them already. I'm currently single and... need girlfriend, even though I am actually branching out currently, in the year- in this- at this time- and I'm actually working- and I am actually brought- gettin' more successful each day. And please enjoy the best of this comic and more on the current Sonichu site, which is also known as CWCipedia. Too bad I had to lose the, uh, original address to the damn, dirty trolls.


Episode 2: Genesis of the Lovehogs.

Sonichu:[heavy breathing] Ohh... since my transformation, my new bigger body needs more food than before. Nuts, apples and berries aren't gonna cut it anymore. It's been over a week now and I'm sooo hungry. Not only that but I feel lonesome. Huh? Wooow... Where's that angel running off to?

Also on a director's note just to let you know, they met two weeks after that event in Station Square, which happened in the year 2000. And they did not get married until the year 2006, so they had a long time to hang around each other and love each other very fondly and truly. Anyway.

Chris: Ahh! So, she lives in that cabin. And with her trainer. Maybe I can get a bite- a stite to eat as well.

Kel: "Mmm. Did you have a good run, Rosey?"

Rosechu:"Ehh, so-so."

Kel: "Well come on in, I'm fixing some Brunswick stew."

Rosechu: "Hmm... Dince my transformation last week- a couple weeks ago I've felt so lonesome, because there's no other... ss- Pokémon around like me to love.

Kel: "Oh relax, Rosey. What about my Dragonite David? He's loyal."

Rosechu: "Ah come on, Kel! David's just too big for me! I can ya have him! Yib- me- I mean, you can have him, I don't want him!"

Kel: "Well, can't say I didn't try! For all we know, your love could be just around the corner." [knocking] "Or right at the door!"

Rosechu:"I'll get it! Hello, how may I- I-yi-yi-yi..."


Sonichu: "Hey, I'm just a wild one who hasn't eaten much in over week. Can you help me out?"

Rosechu: I don't believe it! Handsome Pokémon, like I never l- h- like I've learned? Who's like-me-I've-got-to-learn-more-about-him! [shrieks] "COME ON IN! WOW! So what's your name?"

Sonichu: "I'm Sonichu!"

Rosechu: "I'm Rosechu, but you can call me anytime."

Rosechu: "Hmm... I might call you Rosey."


"Hey Kel, we have a guest! Hey, Rosey's my nickname."

Sonichu: Boy... I thought I was the speedy one! Well, she's cute anyway, heheh.

Kel: "Who is it, Rosey? The stew is almost ready!"

Rosechu: "Kel, this is Sonichu! He wishes to break bread with us!"

Sonichu: "Hello!"

Kel: Wow, another hedgehog Pokémon! And a man for Rosechu! Eh, this must be faaate. "Nice to meet you Sonichu, have a seat with Rosey, stew's almost ready. Go ahead and entertain your new boyfriend!" [Chris giggles in glee]

Rosechu: "So, what's your favorite color?"

Sonichu: "Uh... yellow. No, blue!"

One night later! One night, a few days later!

Rosechu: "Oh, isn't the night sky so romantic?"

"Boy, sure is!"

Rosechu: "I could just sit here and look at it for hours with you!"

Sonichu: "Yeah, but then we'd fall asleep together! Heheh... And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Rosechu: "Oh Sonichu, I'm so happy with you! I love you!"

Sonichu: "And I love you, Rosechu. As long as birds tweet, you are muh lovely heartsweet!"

Rosechu: "Awww!"


Episode 3

Episode 3: Sonichu versus Naitsirhc!
(& Classic Sonichu Strips)

Stardate 10 September 2009
Episode 3
Other Featuring the voices of Cartoon CWC, Rosechu, Sonichu, Kel, Naitsirhc, Black Sonichu, Slaweel, Barbara Chandler, and Saramah
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 2
Sub-Episode 1

NOTE: Episode 3 and Classic Sonichu Strips are in the same video, but are treated as separate chapters in Sonichu #0.[2]


Episode 3: The First Battle Encounter: Sonichu versus Naitsirhc!

Naitsirhc: "EEEHRGHHEEH, I'm from Team Rocket! And I'm... Naitsirhc, son Giovanni! Team Rocket, Brighter than light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Release Rosey, now!"
"Than we will fight! Zapdos, Go!"
I can't believe this, even after what happened... Earlier, when Kel ha- had to run some errands at CWCville mall, she allowed me to borrow- she allowed Rosey to borrow her credit card. I had to make sure Rosey didn't spend over 100 dollars.


At first it was easy, due to willpower, but then with all the sales and coupons...
"Hmm! Twenty dollars for this lovely brace-et? Wait! 75% off? AWRIGHT!"
Heh! Well, I'm not Superman!

HAHAhahaha, Ahh.

Thankfully we- thanky- thankfully Kel gave me cash for luuunch, but how was I know that the cheeseburger had pickles on it? Eh!
"Ueaah, that was that was great! What's wrong, Sweetbolt?"
[Meatwad impression] THE BUN IS IN THE MIND!

[Chris totally loses it] HOOHOOHOOHOOHOOOOO!

[Pshhhhhiiiiu!] [gasp!] A Zapdos snatched my love!
Which brings us up to date. Excuse me while I save my sweetheart!

SKY UPPERCUT! Drill peck. MEGAA-KICK! Wing attack. Double Team. Oh-oh, I'm confused! Eheheheheh.

Here comes the final blow!

[long silence and pans across page] [PSH!]

"UAAaah!... Oh!"


"Ey! I wouldn't miss out on this action!" [PSHHH! PSHHHKEW!]
"Return to me! Envo- Enjoy your victory now, hedgehog. But we will meet again! And when we do, I will capture you for my father and Team Rocket! Let's go, Raikou!"
[crowd] YAAAAAAY!
"Oh, sweetbolt, you're my hero! Thank you!"
"I was astounded wi' how you battled, Sonichu! You rock!"
[crowd] Yes, Thank you, Sonichu!
"As mayor of the city of CWCville, I congraduate you on your victory, and I thank you for saving the day! Good job, Sonichu."

A little bit later, after the fight.

"Hm. Well, Sonichu, I feel this comic is my best work yet!"
"I think so too, pop! But wow, all this fantastic creative, and you are still girlfriend-free?"
"Eh, bothers me too. But I will never give up. I will find my sweetheart yet. Well, I gotta go back- I gotta go back to Charlottesville's mall to try again!"
"Good luck!" [car noises] There he goes, with a grin on his face! In the end, he'll keep on saying 'one girlfriend, please.' Because he'll probably again- he'll probably fail again, wit' the dang sign of his or whatever... but, he's so brave, I'm proud of him anyway. And for the record, HE LOVES VAGINAS! HE IS STRAIGHT! GET USED TO IT.

And now, for some

Classic Comic Strips

June to-

June 13, 2004.

Sonichu, 25 years later. One possible future, anyway.

"Wow, honey! You're quite the hard worker! Hmmmm."
"Ahhh, thanks, sweetheart! I could cut a hundred logs before breakfast! But I ate lunch couple hours ago!"


Metonic and Vamprosa! Sonichu plus Metal Coat and Trade makes Metonic. Rosechu plus highest-friendship lvel and level-up at midnight: Vamprosa.

June thir-

January 3, 2004
"Well, Sonichu, I've been living my life and beautiful."
"Hey Rosey, what's new?"

Woops, I for- messed that up, but ah whatever.

"But seriously, I wish I didn't have to work so hard. I'm so tired of it! But being with you- a girl being with you, a great friend, makes me feel better. A whole lot better!"
"Me too, Rosey."
"Anyway, I'm..."
"And that's how it's been!"
"I understand your feelings. Here, Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Aw, you're so sweet!"
"Huh? What's up..."
"Black Sonichu! Quit following us around!"



March 18, 2004.

Christian and Sonichu versus the Mastermind!

"Ah, since you will not leave me alone on my love quest, we have no choice but to fight you, SLAWEEL THE WITCH!"
[together] "ONE SHOT IS ALL WE GET!"
[straining sounds]
"And thunder attack!!"

Booyeah! Ooh, yeah! Knocked her down! Ooh, yeah!


May 8, 2004


"Sonichu! Naitsirhc has my mom! We have to go save her!"
"I'm with you, Chris! Ha- he won't get away with this!"
"I just hope that she's alright."
"Heheheh! When those hedgehogs learn of your capture, they will run right into my trap!"


"Naitsirhc! Release my mother, or we will give you the shock of your life!"
"Take one step closer, and I'll press this button! Which will make your mother's cell explode!! You don't want that, do you? Ehaha!"
"Step huh, how about a spark? Sonichu!"
"Got it!"
"OH NO! He zapped my rem- mote control apart!"

[PSHH] I changed back.

"Are you alright, Mom?"
"I am now, thanks to you and your Sonichu!"
"Happy Mother's Day!"



December 5, 2004.
"Slaweel! This is a trap!"
"That's right Chris-chan! There's no escape from my magic and my jerkop squad! You want a girlfriend? TOUGH LIGHTNING!"
"BRING IT ON!" [PFWW] "D'Ow!" [flop] "Dirty rats!!"
"Oh no! Chris!"
[PSHH] "I gotta save him from those fiends!"
[PSH!] "Oh, shoot!" [WSHWSHWSHWSH]

Changin' back!

"Chris! Are you ok?"
"Uh! Nicole! You save me! Thank you!"
"Well! Tyrranyoppression is against your quest, huh? Let's rest for a while, then I will help you. You want a girlfriend? You got it. I will help you, e'en though I'm already taken."

Sub-Episode 1

Sub-Episode 1: Christian Chandler in Jerkop-Tastropie
Stardate 11 September 2009
Episode Sub-1
Other Featuring the voices of Cartoon CWC, Jerkhief, and CWC.
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 3
Episode 4


Eh, my first comic adventure, myself in


[sigh] On this day, March 24, 2005, it's been over a year and seven months since I began my Sweetheart Search. I still haven't found my sweetheart. This sweetheart search is, makes me suffer some frustration, and the other things that add to that are my loneliness, my stress, the failures, and all those... MEN. ARGH! Every last one of them! Taking all the women! Leaving me with none to choose from! They're all jerks! I HATE THEM ALL SO MUCH AT THIS TIME. Arrrgh. Back in the year 2005- I have a lighter opinion now at this turn- current time when I upload this video... meow. Anyway. And those evil jerkops won't leave me alone either. I'm just a lonely, frustrated virgin looking for true love and honest trust with a good sw- with a good woman to be my sweetheart, ALL RIGHT! Jeez, is that so much to ask? Anyway,

"[singing DOOT-DO-DOOT-DO-DOOT-DO-DOOT!] Hey! I'm calling you out!"
"I'm so sick of your complaints and tears and on and on about how lonely you are, and how you need a girlfriend! You're just a liar, you solicitor!"


"How dare you! I'm only looking for true, honest and love trust! True love and honest trust! So just leave me alone, you villainous jerk!"
"No dice! My fellow Jerkops will fight you, and force you to leave!"
"[wrong voice]I don't wa- [normal voice] I don't wanna fight. I will defend myself if I need to!"
"ALRIGHT! Cuff him!"

[fighting noises]

"Oh, I'd better transform quickly. Electric! Hedgehog! Power!"

[swishing magic transformation-type noises] Chris-chan Sonichu.

[rapping] "Here we go, let's rock and roll with things that make you go "hmmm." Everybody dance now!!"
"All right, okay, myuuh. WATCH ME NO! Metal Armor, Equip!" [TICKTOCKTICKTOCKTICK] [PPPPBBBT!] "Rocket Punch!"

[fighting noises punctuate the following sequence]


Back Missile! "Missile comin' out my back! EEHUHUHEUHEUEHEUHU!"

Do a Double Team! So it goes right through me!

I launch a laser beam!

I deflect with Mirror Coat!

"Aaaargh! My armor!"


"Give it up now! Leave me alone, and we can end this battle!"
"No way. I'm not done with you yet!"

[PSH!] Barrier. [tinkling]

"Fuzzy-wuzzies get you hugs. Prickly-Wicklies get you slugs! You gave me a slug, so I give you my secret ultimate attack! CURSE-YE-HA-MEEEE... HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
"OOORRHH ARROOUUHH!! Oh. Wait a minute. Ha! I didn't feel a thing!"
"Oh, you will."
[slip!] "SPLAAHHW!" [crash!] "AH, MAN MUH GLASSES!"
"Uh...Chief? Your wife just called. She has divorced you, she's left you, she took all your things, she took your children too, also she hates you for your dirty smoking habit."
"Yep, I've cursed you with bad luck and extreme misfortune. This would notta happened if you had not challenged and threatened to me, as well as not leavin' me alone, with my ever so frustrating sweetheart search and love quest. Call me a lying solicitor, picked on my methods of attracting a boy-friend free, 18-to-current-age-year-old girl, whom I can love and trust truly and honestly, and most importantly, handcuffing me on September 11, 2004 for no dang good dirty reason! I hope that you have learned to... never mess with a truly frustrated virgin, when he is on a quest for a s- girlfriend to share true love and honest trust with."
" soul hurts!"
"So did mine! And my heart was previously shattered, too!"

Stay tuned for more Audiobooks. By the original creator and master. As they are official and true. Do never buy the fakesss. Peace out.


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