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Name Daniel Steckly
Also known as DStecks
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Race White
Occupation YouTube Reviewer

DStecks is a Canadian YouTube personality who donated $1,000 to Chris in September 2015.

He gave the money through a listing on Chris's Etsy shop, so Chris was obligated to produce 100 pages of the Sonichu comic in exchange, although he failed to do so. Chris reached a milestone in laziness on 8 March 2017 by going for 500 days without working on the comic. He eventually ended the hiatus two months later, after 561 days, through no involvement from DStecks.

Bad Reviews on Sonichu

DStecks had been following Chris for years and has accounts on both the CWCki (joined February 2010, with a lengthy list of edits ending in June 2015)[1] and Kiwi Farms (joined May 2013).[2]

He first reviewed Sonichu on his Bad Reviews YouTube channel in September 2010,[3] and would make many more episodes on it over the next five years. On December 2015, he uploaded the last of his reviews on Sonichu,[4] having reached the end of Chris’s comic output.


On 5 September 2015, one day after Chris returned to Sonichu 11 by uploading 11 pages to his Facebook, DStecks donated $1,000 USD through a donation listing in which Chris had advertised that, for every $10 donated, he would make one page for Sonichu 11.

DStecks discussed the donation in the video below (at 20:30):

Bad Reviews 31: Sonichu 21 (3/3)
Stardate 11 September 2015
Made By DStecks
Subject Matter Sonichu 11
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

DStecks left a comment for Chris:

Hello, Christine. My name is Daniel Steckly, and you don't know me, but I've been a follower of yours for some time now.

For the past five years, I've been reviewing Sonichu for YouTube, and amassed a small following. You could call me a troll of yours. But as the years have gone on, I've had mixed feelings about the whole deal. Next [cutoff]

Chris had this to say in response to this remarkable generosity:

Thank You!!! I tell you what, Not Only will I draw you (you look like Seth Rogan, by the way) and put your name in this and the next book, but, I will make and send you the Set of Eight Amiibo Figures of the main Sonichu Cast (Sonichu, Rosechu, Blake, Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy, and Magi-Chan), a Sonichu Medallion, AND, the CWC three piece Amiibo Set (me, past and present versions, and Chris Chan Sonichu). This project will take up to eight weeks to get the figures required and put them together. And I will uphold my promise/pledge of a hundred pages from this donation as well.

And from that, while Everyone gets a character drawing, you have given me the idea to do like PBS, and offer a gift for each increment of donation. I will update the listing with these details later today or tomorrow. I need to make and print the back cards for each character (including my three characters) before I can make each Amiibo figure listing, as well as take a few photographs.

Also, here's a little Sonichu Trivia for you to share: free one time bonus for you. Which two characters did Christine Chandler have to repose for their Amiibo Figures (compared to her original prototype set)? Answer: Blake and Punchy Sonichu.

And I will give personal permission to review these figures in a video after you receive them. I will draw (today or tomorrow) and Mail the drawing for you after this weekend.

Again, Thank You so much for your generous donation. Have a Great and Safe Day.

DStecks commented about his donation on Kiwi Farms:

The Patreon contributed about $300, and about $900 came out of my own bank account. (the numbers don't add up to $1000 because of CAD and USD exchange rates).[5]

On 16 November, DStecks received his medallion and Amiibos from Chris.

I finally received them in the mail; Chris promised me them for the donation.[6]
I'm going to be doing a proper video with them, at Chris's request, but first impressions: a bunch of them have bits broken off in the box, but the package arrived beat to shit, so that could easily have occurred during shipping. Also, all of them except for Sonichu and Blachu have the number 1 on the bottom (Sonichu has 43 and Blachu has 16, IIRC), so unless Chris numbers like a programmer I'm pretty sure nobody has ever bought any of the amiibos except for Sonichu and Blachu.[7]

He displayed them in Bad Reviews 32: A Sonichu Christmas.

Motives and criticism

DStecks seemed to have some remorse from gaining popularity to his YouTube channel as a result of mocking Chris's comic, saying "I can't take back what I've done, but in one specific way I can", to explain why he was "personally financing the continuation of Sonichu 11". He also seemed to want to end his association with Sonichu on a high note, as he said that, due to being the "executive producer" of Sonichu, he would be unable to review Sonichu 11 without "a violation of ethics"[8] (although he would betray that point only a few months later).

DStecks also gained criticism for his inability to review the comic without stating his own personal beliefs and political views. As he called out both the trolls and others for their motives, such as calling Asperchu the biggest attack on Chris due to the comic itself being attacked and believing that Leary deserved some backlash despite it being a parody. He stated he was ashamed of his generation due to Gamergate and used Anita Sarkeesian footage to prove a feminism point (albeit sped up).

His donation is controversial with Christorians, as some believe that he honestly wanted Sonichu 11 to continue and was naïve about Chris's laziness. Others argue that this weenish move validated begging in Chris's eyes.

Arthur Spatchcock, in the following year, commented about his opinion of DStecks and the donation:

I've brought this up in previous conversations but I think that Dstecks is inadvertently a master troll without truly realizing it. He gave Chris the thousand dollars with no actual stipulations associated with it; In Chris' mind that adds up to a gift and he was in no was required to do anything remotely Sonichu related with a dime of it. Now Chris has this very real concept that he was fans willing to make obnoxious donations at the drop of a hat.[9]

While ostensibly for a good cause, DSteck's overly-generous donation ultimately had little effect on Chris's finances (nor his habits regarding money in general). DStecks is sometimes used by commentators as an example of Weenery and White knighting at its most inane, with copycats attempting to pay Chris large sums of money to have him perform or provide to their liking, only to receive very little, if anything, in return.


Chris, screwing around on the bed he bought with the donated funds.

Chris, predictably, failed to deliver on his end of the deal for the comics, delivering only 16 pages out of the 100 promised. His last upload for Sonichu 11 was on 25 October 2015. It’s unknown if DStecks discussed the matter any further with Chris.

As for DStecks, he went back on his word not to review Sonichu any further by uploading a video reviewing Sonichu 11 on 24 December[10]. He claimed that "there was some remaining Sonichu I did not finance, and thus can still review without violating journalistic ethics." However, this was a lie, as the review contains the 16 pages Chris had uploaded after being paid by DStecks.

Arthur Spatchcock later spoke with Chris about the donation and learned that he bought a bed with it - one of Chris's more practical purchases, but this did nothing to advance the comic.

Also for everyone who wonders what Chris did with that 1000$ from Dstecks he was surprisingly responsible with it. He actually bought a bed with it; a 600$ one at that. Some went towards bills even...but why a bed, you ask? Because Barb and Chris were sharing a bed after the fire and she got mad at him one night for spooning incorrectly.[11]

Much later, in June 2017, Chris recommenced uploading comic pages, this time behind a paywall on Patreon, completing Sonichu 11 after nearly eight years of developmental hell and moving on to further books. In 2017, Chris was far more productive with producing pages than he was in 2015, due to his interest having naturally shifted back to the comic - further proving that it is a bad idea to try forcing content out of Chris, especially by wasting $1,000 on the effort.

In the comic

DStecks Sonichu12.jpg

DStecks appears as "Danny Steckle" in Sonichu 12, in a set of panels drawn in June 2017. At CWCville's SLGBTQ Pride Festival, Danny is greeted by Angelica, who thanks him for his generous donation to the soup hotels, mentioning that new beds and food were acquired with the funds.


Below are screenshots of the donation which DStecks had included in his announcement video.

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