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Chaos Crystal Control is an installment of the Sonichu series first unveiled in October 2023. It is split into multiple acts,[1] with Act 4 releasing first. It appears to be a nonsensical story about the main team (consisting of several Sonichu and MLP characters, as well as several TF2 Analysts, including Lightning Bliss and Dr. Wolf, and, somehow, GiBi) time travelling to 2006 and, later, Dimension N-641, in order to defeat their evil counterparts...or something. Nobody except Chris has yet been brave enough to sit through the whole thing.

Act 4


Main article: October 2023 livestreams#Reading Chaos Crystal Control Act 4

On October 2023, Chris held a livestream reading out Chaos Crystal Control Act 4.

OfficialCWCmart listing

Artwork and descriptions for Act 4 were posted to OfficialCWCmart in November 2023.

The first in a five part drawing series illustrating act four of "Chaos Crystal Control," by Jesus Christine Weston Chandler.

The drawing is done on letter paper and is hand lined/colored. The following description by CWC relates the story.

"Matching Excerpt from the story: (Lightning Bliss had inadvertently traveled back in time and felt lost, so she started crying)

Fortunately, Sonichu and Rosey were on that freeway, and they hear Lightning Bliss' wail. It was soo harsh, they had to pull over into the nearvy field. "That Sound!", Sonichu shouts, "It's soo Loud!" Rosey attempts to look around as the noise dies down, and she spots the crying alicorn. "Over there, Sonichu," Rosey points, "I sense she needs help." Sonichu nods; they approach her. Within nanoseconds, Sonichu remembers, "A Pegasus with a Unicorn horn... The Alicorn you'll meet, do not call her cute, short or little." Rosey speaks to the alicorn, "Hey. Are you okay?" Lightning speaks as she turns and looks up to them, *sob* "No. I'm not okay. I don't know where I am. My channel is Empty, and I can't go back home!" Sonichu whispers to Rosey, "Do not call her cute, short or little." Rosey nods. "She must be from the future. "Miss, are you from the future year?", Rosey asks her. "Future Year?", Lightning asks. "You are near New York on Earth on the morning of February 27, 2006." Sonichu nods. "Wait," Lightning asks, "Did you say 2006?" Rosey nods. "Oh, No! HOW did I go Back in Time?!", Lightning asks in shock. "It's happening a lot, lately", Sonichu tells the alicorn, "It's part of the Dimension Merge of the two Earth halves, making a long story short. Anyway, I'm Sonichu8, and this is Rosey." "You can come with us. We're going to get a Chaos Crystal Ball that will help us, and Christian clear the worst of the mess", Rosey tells her as she reaches into her bag for the roll of toilet paper. Sonichu gets a sealed new bottle of Dasani water from his bag. They offer the water and tissues to Lightning. She levitates the items, unscrews the bottle cap, drinks some water, puts the cap back on, then rips off some tissues from the roll to wipe her tears and blows her nowe. After a moment, Lightning Bliss calms down and begins to clear her head, "Thanks. I'm Lightning Bliss, by the way." "Good to meet you, Lightning", Sonichu says. "I like that name", Rosey says, "It resonates power and calm in a storm." Lightning smiles and laughs, "Thanks."

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

The second in a five part drawing series illustrating act four of "Chaos Crystal Control," by Jesus Christine Weston Chandler.

The drawing is done on letter paper and is hand lined/colored. The following description by CWC relates the story.

"Sonichu, Rosey and Lightning enter New York City and start for the Purple Chaos Crystal Ball. The three of them traverse the streets, building walls, platforms and rooftops. Lightning was able to help as the Flyer of the group. They take down Decepticon Micromasters and Laserbeak and Ravage clones, along with a few Team Rocket Grunts and Leaders, robots from Eggmand and G.U.N. and even, oddly enough, these levitating Dark Type regular Sonichus from another universe. During this run, the misplaced YouTuber, GiBi, was wandering the streets when he spots Sonichu, Rosey and Lightning downing the alternate-universe Sonichus dashing on by. Grinding rails, collecting Rings, and using Homing Attacks, Thunderbolts and Rainbow Beams to down the baddies."

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

The third in a five part drawing series illustrating act four of "Chaos Crystal Control," by Jesus Christine Weston Chandler.

The drawing is done on letter paper and is hand lined/colored. The following description by CWC relates the story.

Chaos Crystal Control, Act 4: "Teleporting in to join Sonichu, Rosey and Lightning after the battle with the ravaged alternate-universe Magi-Chan, as Sonichu and Rosey oberserve with surprise, Lady Magi'c Sonichu (Timeline 1C-s Genderbent Universe) and Grand Elder Magi-Chan Sonichu (Timeline 4D). Sonichu Prime focuses on Magi'c and asks, "Magi-Chan? Is that you?" G.E. and Magi'c open telepathic communications, bringin both Primes, Lightning Bliss, Sonica, Tailsuko, Sonicha and Rossen into a moment around them frozen in a single tetraseond of time; Everything around them was frozen in toime to them. Magi'c responds to Sonichu, " I am Magi-Chan Sonichu, yet I am not Magi-Chan Sonichu, the one of your Prime Universe in our Prime Timeline, 1C, not counting Grand Elder Magi-Chan of Timeline 4D and the Council of Chris(t) Chan (Sonichu)s." G.E. waves and says, "Hello, everyone", with his Third Eye open. Magi'c resumes, "I am Lady Magi'c Sonichu, and I introduce," they each wave and say "Hey" as they are called, "Sonicha Sonichu the First and Rossen Rosechu the First; they are the First Sonichu and Rosechu of our Universe. And that's Sonica the Hedgehog and Milena Tailsuko Prower. We herald from an alternate universe in this timeline that some would call 'Genderbent'. We will explain more in depth later in Cwcville. But right now, between us, you and the countless number of Chris Chans and Christ Chans, including your Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime, and Magi-Chan Sonichu, including yours, we are all working together throughout time between the years 2006 and 2022 to expunge the Evil variants attempting to corrupt our Timeline's Prime Universe, 211987, and both the recombining Earth halves in the Dimension Merge. The Sonichu who took the Chaos Emerald, and the former Magi-Chan that has been exiled from all existance, herald from the Lost Timeline, N-641's central universe where the Earth, there, is Lost due to that which had corrupted the Magi-Chan and Chris Chan, there, by Timeline 1C's Universe 211987's 'Opuscon789' in relocating SNT from 1c-211987's Earth to N-641211987's Earth, along with others, all of which were returned to 1C-211987's Earth. N-641 Sonichu has gone AWOL with his own want for revenge agains Opuscon And SNT by destroying this Earth. He must be stopped, Now.

And Personal Note: I accidentally forgot to draw Tailsuko into the group, so she's just outside of the group. I'm sorry about that."

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

The fourth in a five part drawing series illustrating act four of "Chaos Crystal Control," by Jesus Christine Weston Chandler.

The drawing is done on letter paper and is hand lined/colored. The following description by CWC relates the story.

"Chaos Crystal Control:

Sonichu, Rosey and Lightning continue down the trail until when they end up at Central Park, where the jet lands, and transforms into a headless robot, quickly remedied as N-641 Sonichu runs out, grabbing two ends of a cut phone line and getting a Massive Re-Recharge. "Hey! People and Pok'emong are Paying for that!", shouts Rosey Rosechu Prime. Then N-641 Sonichu Chaos Control teleports to the neck hole of the transector body, slam-dunking the Chaos Emerald into it and turning himself and his body into a Sonichu face and head-shaped headmaster. The Emerald in the robot chest laid in the center, right behind a Decepticon symbol.

Within seconds, Rosey's Cyan Chaos Crystal Ball glows strongest towards the direction of the nearby Crystal Connections rock and gem store. Sonichu sees the Purple C.C.B. in the window of the store. "Well, I Really hate breaking and entering...", Sonichu starts, then he had no choice in the situation, so he runs in the open door of the store and grabs the Purple C.C.B., then runs back out with Stan Bush's "The Touch" playing in the background. "Yeah! That's a real Jam!", Lightning Bliss says.

As N-641 Tron uses Chaos Control to increase the robot's physical speed, Sonichu, Rosey and Lightning Really had to step up their "A"-Game.

(Skipping ahead)

Sonichu saw an opportunity as N-641 Tron was waning with increasing damage upon the chest. "Well", Sonichu Prime thought, "If he can do that with Double Team..." In mid-air, Sonichu focused and used Chaos Control with Double Team, but with a twist, for with Sonichu Prime in the Core, his clones gathered around him and they combined to form a matching size Sonichu equal to N-641 Tron. N-641 Sonichu saw and thought, "No You Dont!", as he shoots a laser beam from his red eyes at the oversized Sonichu Prime, but to no avail with a shield from the Chaos Crystal Ball.

Review: a Chaos Emerald = 1/8 Power Level of a Master Emerald; about 12.5%. And a Chaos Crystal Ball =15% Power Level of a Master Emerald. So...

"Time for I to Light our Darkest Hour", Sonichu Prime says aloud as he Massively Mach Punches the Decepticon symbol on the transector's chest, smashing through. The original Chaos Emerald is forced out the back of the robot, and Rouge swoops in, snags it, then flies away."

-Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

Acts 0 and 1

The fact that it somehow got nearly 1/5th of the votes is beyond anyone's comprehension.

On 26 February 2023, Chris revealed the existence of at least two more acts of Chaos Crystal Control via a poll on Twitter. It's possible that Chris will someday read them on a livestream to absolutely no one's request.