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Chris in 2006.
Christian as he saw himself in 2006.
The Love Quest takes its toll...
Overview of Chris's eBay purchases during the first half of 2006.
A My Little Pony drawn by Megan.
On 12 May 2006, Chris finally gets his degree.
On 27 June 2006, Patti dies.

2006 was the year where Chris turned 24 years old. This year shows several important developments within his behavior that are now seen as typical.

First, Christian gets progressively more clingy towards Megan. She repeatedly tells him off via e-mail, but to no avail.

Second, he begins the conspicuous consumption that would eventually get him into a significant amount of debt. For the first time, Chris starts buying pornography, sex toys, My Little Pony figures, and other seemingly childish and useless objects from sites like eBay and AdamandEve.com. Although Christian is unemployed and no longer in school for most of the year, he still has a limited social life. He mostly goes out to engage in card game-related activities.

In 2006, Barbara apparently asks Chris to stop drawing the sub-episodes. Therefore, after Sonichu #4, no more sub-episodes were made, though Chris made up for it by simply folding events analogous to those in real life into the main storyline instead.

Events of 2006


  • January 2 - A woman thanks Chris for the add in a MySpace comment.
  • January 9 - Chris bids on two different sets of Sailor Moon figurines on eBay.
  • January 10 - Chris bids on Sailor Moon figurines on eBay.
  • January 15 - Chris bids on 16 "cute" Sailor Moon figurines.
  • January 16 - Chris bids on a large plush Spyro the Dragon toy.


  • February 14 - Someone named Danielle wishes Chris a Happy Valentine's Day on MySpace.
  • February 19 - First porn bid on eBay. It is for a Jenna Jameson Strip Poker Plug & Play TV Game.
  • February 19 - A MySpace friend tells Chris he wasn't making fun of him by comparing Sonic the Hedgehog to Star Wars.
  • February 20 - My Coke Rewards launches, giving Chris an opportunity to reward himself for drinking shitloads of soda everyday.
  • February 24 - Chris turns 24. He updates CWC's Pokésite 2 and CWC's Sonichu Site!. A MySpace friend leaves a comment wishing him happy birthday. A party is held at the GAMe PLACe. He also bids on 29 German WWII photos on eBay.
  • February 28 - Chris bids on 29 more German WWII photos on eBay.


  • sometime in March - a reply to Chris's letter appears in Shojo Beat.
  • March 13 - Megan tells Chris he's a terrific person, but she's not interested in a relationship with him or anyone.
  • March 26 - Chris draws a Sailor Megtune card.
  • March 31 - Chris bids on a blue Nintendo DS (with Nintendogs) on eBay.


  • April 14 - Chris bids on a lot of 97 Sailor Moon Imperfect cards.
  • April 22 - Megan finds out Christian bought her a Nintendo DS.
  • April 24 - Chris wins 2 Sailor Moon Graffiti 8 Cards on eBay.
  • April 29 - According to one source, Christian draws Sonichu #5.


  • May 1 - Megan gets Christian to buy her Nazi pictures from eBay. She admits that she is attracted to Wehrmacht soldiers.
  • May 2 - Chris bids on and wins 29 German WWII photos on eBay for Megan.
  • May 3 - Megan tells Chris that he's not a loser just because she doesn't want a relationship with him. She reiterates that she likes being independent. Chris bids on and wins 30 German WWII photos and an Anime Fiction Volume 1 and 2 DVD Disc Set on eBay.
  • May 4 - Chris bids on an additional 30 German WWII photos on eBay, and apparently does not win them.
  • May 6 - Christian wants to meet Megan in the park, but she doesn't show up. He talks with the ducks.
  • May 7 - Chris again asks Megan for her phone number.
  • May 12 - Christian finally graduates from PVCC with his CADD degree. He wears his high school graduation robe and his Sonichu medallion to the ceremony.
  • May 13 - Chris wins a Sailor Moon Gashapon Bandai figurine on eBay.
  • May 22 - Megan again tells Chris that she doesn't want a relationship. Saddened, he makes a CD entitled "CWC's Mix Jams '06: Story of My Quest, Part 1" and also "Part 2".[1]
  • May 24 - According to the CWCipedia, Chris draws Sonichu #5.[2]
  • May 26 - Chris designs his "CWC Spells Quick Spells!" Yu-Gi-Oh! card. He also wins a Sage's Stone Yu-Gi-Oh card on eBay.


  • June 2 - Chris wins a Toon Dark Magician Girl Yu-Gi-Oh card on eBay.
  • June 5 - Megan comments on a series of pictures of CWCville that Chris had sent to her. Chris also wins a 1994 Sailor Moon game for the Game Boy on eBay.
  • June 10 - Megan tells Chris he should relax around her and not focus on finding love.
  • June 16 - Chris wins a 1992 Sailor Moon game for the Game Boy on eBay.
  • June 25 - Megan tells Christian to back off. She says she was once refused by a boy she liked, and doesn't care for love.
  • June 27 - Christian's dog, Patti, dies.
  • June 28 - Patti's funeral. Chris reads a eulogy.


  • July 4 - Christian draws Sonichu #6.
  • July 6 - Chris bids on and wins 2 boxes of Topps Enduring Freedom cards from 2001 and some Iraqi's Most Wanted cards on eBay.
  • July 12 - Chris wins at least 13 Sailor Moon cards on eBay.
  • July 15 - Megan tells Christian that she is getting tired of him copying her hobbies.
  • July 18 - Undeterred, Chris adds a "My Little Pony: Friendship Ball - Star Catcher with VHS" item to his Amazon Wish List.
  • July 19 - Chris offers money for a My Little Pony Star Catcher Pegasus MIB with Video on eBay.
  • July 26 - Chris bids on a My Little Pony Star Catcher on eBay.
  • July 28 - Chris bids on a My Little Pony Star Catcher MIP MIB mint (with video) on eBay.


  • August - On the Adult Swim message boards, Chris complains about the unclothed males appearing in Crayon Shin-chan.
  • August 3 - Megan tells Chris that she found a German soldier in an old WWII photo handsome. Chris is devastated.
  • August 6 - Chris updates CWC's Sonichu Site!. He also places two bids on a My Little Pony Rainbow Dash II with Charm (2003 release) on eBay.
  • August 7 - Megan tells Christian she doesn't like his attitude towards men.
  • August 14 - Chris revises Story of My Current Days, and adds information about his most recent exploits.
  • August 20 - A MySpace friend thanks Chris for the add in a brief comment.
  • August 23 - Another MySpace friend apologizes that he/she can't help Chris with his Sweetheart Search.
  • August 27 - With nothing to do, Chris fakeposts on his MySpace guestbook AGAIN, saying that he wants to send a message to every Charlottesville girl that doesn't want him on MySpace, and tell them to "get off their behind" and date him.
  • August 29 - Chris asks about custom My Little Pony figures on the Adult Swim message boards.


  • September 4 - Bob turns 79.
  • September 5 - Chris posts on his MySpace blog explaining at length all the women he finds distasteful.
  • September 14 - Chris sends a copied eulogy for Patti via email to Anna.
  • September 16 - Chris buys a Booty-licious Love Doll (It's an ass-lovers dream come true). He also buys a Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring in White.
  • September 17 - Chris buys "Nina Hartley's Guide to Sex Toys", "Space Nuts", "rawhide 2-Disc Collector's Set" and the Adam & Eve Starter Kit.
  • September 21 - Chris founds the Sonichu Group on MySpace.
  • September 22 - Chris posts the "First Offical Sonichu Group Bulliten" in the Sonichu Group. He opens a "Suggestions" topic in the group forum.


Chris, in 2022, imagines a conversation with Chris of October 2006, complete with his vertical blue-white-yellow striped shirt.
  • October 1 - Barb turns 65, and is eligible to receive retired worker beneficiaries.
  • October 4 - A MySpace friend tells Chris he likes "Yellow Is a Mellow Color", and asks for a link.
  • October 17 - Chris leaves a few comments on his PSN Blogs about the PS3 and the PSP.


  • November 9 - A female MySpace friend tells Chris she's also a "kid at heart" and plugs her own music and website.
  • November 11 - Sony releases the PlayStation 3, and also launches the PlayStation Network.
  • November 27 - A woman thanks Chris for the add in a MySpace comment.
  • November 28 - Christian shoots his Pixelated PS3 video for Adult Swim.


  • December 25 - Chris gives up on Santa because he, after being asked for three consecutive years, still hasn't brought Chris a woman to be his. (Strangely, Chris has also stated that he had already stopped believing in Santa at the age of 15.)