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This page covers events in the CWChronology occurring before 1980.


Before Christ

  • c. 13.8 billion years BC - Chris is a resident of Kidasuna.[1][2]
  • c. 66 million years BC - Chris is exiled from Kidasuna to Earth.[1][3]
  • c. 3.4 million years BC - The Stone Age. You'd have to tell me twice.

Classical antiquity

Jesus as depicted by Chris.

Medieval period

Early modern period

Dr. William M. Teer, Bob's maternal great-grandfather and Confederate veteran.
  • c. 1499 – 19 July 1543 - The life of Mary Boleyn,[8] Chris's alleged ancestor.[9]
  • c. 1501 – 19 May 1536 - The life of Anne Boleyn,[10] Chris's alleged ancestor.[9]
  • 1513 - Birth of John Chaundeler, Chris' 13th great-grandfather. At some point in his life (which will last until 1571), John will change his surname to the similar "Chandler", marking the origin of our hero's surname.
  • 1 March 1577 – 13 March 1634/35 - life of Richard Weston, 1st Earl of Portland, Chris's alleged ancestor.[9]
  • 10 June 1610 - John Chandler, Chris's direct male ancestor, arrives in Jamestown, Virginia on board the Hercules.[11]
  • 1620 - The Mayflower sails, allegedly with Daniel Weston aboard.
  • 30 April 1659 - Birth of Robert L. Chandler, II
  • 1732 - Foundation of Ruckersville.
  • 1762 - Foundation of Charlottesville.
  • 1776 - Declaration of Independence.
  • 15 December 1791 - The 1st through the 10th Amendments to the United States Constitution are ratified.
  • 1805 - Sept 1866- The life of Reverend Sidney Smith Chandler, Chris's great-great-great-grandfather along his direct paternal line
  • 25 January 1819 - Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.
  • c. 1820s - Francis Weston, Barbara's great-great-grandfather along her direct paternal line, immigrates from England to the United States.
  • 24 July 1828 - Western State Hospital admits its first patients.
  • 14 April 1832 – January 1925 - The life of Joseph Chandler, Chris's great-great-grandfather along his direct paternal line.
  • 1838 - The Trail of Tears.
  • 12 April 1861 – 26 May 1865 - The American Civil War takes place, and is fought between the Union (the United States government and the states that remain loyal to it) and the Confederacy (formed from the states that had seceded from the Union, seeking to preserve the enslavement of African Americans). At least two of Chris' ancestors - Joseph Chandler and William Teer - fight in the civil war on the side of the Confederacy. However, despite their efforts, the Yankees troll the Confederacy out of existence in 1865.
    • 8 May 1861 - The Confederate States of America names Richmond as its capital.
    • 1862 - Bob's maternal great-grandfather, William Teer, contracts hepatitis and suffers serious injuries (including a shattered right arm and a damaged spleen) during the American Civil War, nearly preventing all of Christory a century before it began. However, William would survive his injuries, allowing him to father Mary Francis Teer (Bob's maternal grandmother) a decade later.[12]
  • 17 November 1882 – January 1954 - The life of Robert Wynn, Barbara's maternal grandfather.
  • 3 October 1896 - Joseph Otto Weston, Barbara's father, is born.[13]


In the 1900s decade, Chris' paternal grandparents (Robert Franklin Chandler Sr. and Jean Hollomon) are born - less than 2 months apart. Chris' maternal grandfather, Joseph Otto Weston, was aged 3-13 in this decade, while his maternal grandmother had not been born yet. This is the last decade in which all of Chris' great-grandparents remained alive throughout.

Events of the 1900s

  • 8 February 1906 - Birth of Robert Franklin Chandler Sr., Bob's father.
  • 28 March 1906 - Birth of Jean Hollomon, Bob's mother.
  • 29 February 1908 - James Madison University is established.


Bob's maternal grandfather, John James Hollomon, in 1910.

In the 1910s, Chris' youngest grandparent, Carrie Edna Wynn (Bob's mother) was born. The decade also saw the death of Mary Francis Teer, Bob's maternal grandmother and daughter of Confederate Veteran William Teer. With her death, 7 of Chris' great-grandparents remained alive by the end of the decade.

In this decade, Chris' maternal grandfather Joseph Otto Weston was aged 13-23, his maternal grandmother Carrie Edna Wynn was aged 0-8, and his paternal grandparents - Robert Franklin Chandler Sr. and Jean Hollomon - were both aged 3-13.

Internationally, the decade saw the outbreak of World War I, in which Joseph Otto Weston participated.

Events of the 1910s

  • 7 December 1911 - Birth of Elmer Thomas Rickman, Barbara's stepfather
  • 15 December 1911 - Barbara's mother, Carrie Edna Wynn, is born.[14]
  • 18 July 1913 - Birth of Red Skelton.
  • 1914 - Death of Mary Francis Teer, Bob's maternal grandmother.
  • 28 July 1914 - 11 November 1918 - World War I
    • December 1917 - Barbara's father, Joseph Otto Weston is drafted into the United States Army to fight in World War I. [15]


Bob's birth certificate

The 1920s saw Chris' paternal grandparents marry one another, both being aged 20 at the time of matrimony. 14 months later, they birthed Chris' father, Bob Chandler, who was aged 0-2 in this decade.

Chris' maternal grandfather, Joseph Otto Weston was aged 23-33, while his maternal grandmother Carrie Edna Wynn was aged 8-18. 7 of Chris' great-grandparents lived at the start of this decade, and this number stayed stable throughout.

Events of the 1920s

  • 24 February 1920 - The German Workers' Party is renamed to the National Socialist German Workers' Party - now known as the Nazi Party.
  • 14 June 1926 - Bob's parents, Robert Franklin Chandler Sr. and Jean Hollomon marry in Dallas, Texas.
  • 5 February 1927 - Barbara's parents, Joseph Otto Weston and Carrie Edna Wynn, marry.[14]
  • 4 September 1927 - Birth of Bob Chandler.[16]
  • 22 July 1928 - Birth of Jimmy Hill.
  • 23 September 1928 - Birth of Jack Dale Smithey


Bob and his parents - 1930s census.
I have been very interested in the world since I was 10 years old, and that was 70 years ago and, the, uh, I'm very fond of and I really truly believe in the United Nations, but you won't find anybody else in my countryside or around here, I think, that does. (laughing) But anyway, I'm very world conscious.

The 1930s comprised most of Bob's childhood, who was aged 2-12 at the time. The decade saw most of Chris' remaining great-grandparents succumb to the sands of time: At the start of the decade 7 remained, but after the death of Victoria Thompson (Barbara's maternal grandmother) in 1935, Martha Headley (Bob's paternal grandmother) in 1937, Sarah Hamilton (Barbara's paternal grandmother) in 1938, and Joseph Edward Weston (Barbara's paternal grandfather) in 1939, only 3 remained. Furthermore, this is the last decade in which all of Chris' grandparents remained alive throughout.

Events of the 1930s


Barbara as a toddler
Bob's father in 1942
The war was a very tragic event with guns, insults, and... yuck!
Chris on World War II[17]

The 1940s saw the birth of Chris' mother Barbara, who was aged 0-8 in this decade, while Bob was aged 12-22 and graduated high school. At the start of the decade, 3 of Chris' great-grandparents were alive. After the sands of time swallowed Bob's paternal grandfather Joseph Chandler in 1948, John Hollomon and Robert Wynn - Bob and Barb's maternal grandfathers respectively - were the last men standing.

Furthermore, with the death of Chris' paternal grandmother Jean Hollomon in 1945, only 3 of Chris' grandparents remained.

Internationally, the decade comprised most of World War II and saw the United States' entry into the war, with Bob's father Robert Franklin Chandler participating.

Events of the 1940s

  • 1 October 1941 - Birth of Barbara Chandler.[16]
  • 28 October 1942 - Birth of Thomas Eugene Ashby, husband of Barbara's sister, Harriett Ashby.
  • 20 November 1942 - Birth of Joe Biden
  • 1943 - Leo Kanner releases a report on a group of children with similar behavior which Kanner calls early infantile autism, thus giving Autism its modern sense in English.
  • Spring 1945 - Bob graduates from Sylacauga High School in Sylacauga, Alabama.
  • 16 April – 2 May 1945 - The Soviet Union wins the Battle of Berlin, destroying Nazi Germany and ending World War II in Europe.
    • 30 April 1945 - Suicide of Adolf Hitler. His main assistant will later be reincarnated as Beel and troll Chris within C-197.
  • 10 May 1945 - Death of Jean Hollomon, Bob's mother.
  • Fall 1945 - Spring 1946 - Bob attends his freshman year at Auburn University according to the Auburn University 1946 yearbook. He majors in Aeronautical Engineering.
  • 14 June 1946 - Birth of Donald Trump.
  • 6 July 1946 - Birth of George W. Bush.
  • 18 July 1946 - Bob is drafted into the U.S. Army and is stationed in Korea with the Signal Corps.[18][19]
  • 24 November 1946 - Birth of Ted Bundy.[20]
  • 9 January 1947 - Harriett Ashby, Barb's sister, is born.[21]
  • April 1948 - Bob is discharged from the Army after a 21-month tour of duty.
  • Fall 1948 - Bob enters Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama in order to study Pre-Engineering.
  • 1949 - The Lego Group first begins manufacturing its titular brand of building blocks.


Bob's 1951 Auburn junior yearbook photo.
Barbara in 1958.
Joseph Otto Weston, 58, a farmer, was killed late Friday when he apparently fell from his horse drawn wagon on a rural road near Red Oak Charlotte County. Weston, of Red Oak, was hauling wood. Apparently he fell from the wagon and under a rear wheel. His body was discovered after the driverless horse and wagon turned up at a nearby service station. Dr. P.H. Winston, of Clarksville, medical examiner, said death was caused by a broken neck. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Carrie Winn Weston; five daughters, Mrs. Wilborne Bourne, of Richmond, and Mrs. Edward Carey and Misses Barbara Ann, Mabel and Harriet Weston, of Red Oak; three sons, William S. Weston, with the Navy at Norfolk, and DeRoy Lewis and Curtis Wayne Weston, of Red Oak; three brothers, Alfred Weston, of Chase City, and Daniel and Roy Weston, of Red Oak; one sister, Mrs. Mabel M. Blacklidge of Richmond, and one grandchild.
Obituary to Barbara's father[22]

The 1950s saw Bob (aged 22-32) graduate with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, and his marriage with Patricia Harley, while Barb (aged 8-18) gradually progressed through high school. At the start of the decade, 2 of Chris' great-grandparents - John Hollomon and Robert Wynn remained alive. John died in 1950, while Robert - the last man standing - died in 1952. A few years later in 1955, Barbara's father died, leaving 2 of Chris' grandparents alive by the end of the decade.

Events of the 1950s

  • Fall 1950 - Bob returns to Auburn University in order to study Electrical Engineering.
  • Spring 1952 - Bob graduates from Auburn University with a BEE degree in Electrical Engineering. He then moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for work.
  • 16 November 1952 - Birth of Shigeru Miyamoto
  • 1954/1955 - Bob loses his virginity at the age of 27.[23]
  • 1955 - Bob's father, stepmother and his first 5 half siblings moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • 25 March 1955 - Bob and John H. Judd Jr. file a patent for an electrical terminal block.
  • 8 April 1955 - Barb's father, Joseph Otto Weston, is killed while hauling wood along a rural road near Red Oak, Virginia. He fell off his horse drawn wagon, was run over by one of its rear wheels, and died of a broken neck. His body was discovered after his horse and wagon arrived without their driver at a service station.
  • 1956 - Birth of Michael Snyder.[24]
  • 25 September 1956 - Bob marries his first wife Patricia Harley in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • c. 1956-1960 - Barbara loses her virginity while in high school.[23]
  • Spring 1957 - Ran graduated from Park View High School, in South Hill, Virginia.
  • Fall 1957 - Ran enters Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • 1957 - Birth of Matthew Devoria, father of Kacey.[25]
  • 20 July 1958 - Birth of BILLY MAYS.
  • 28 April 1959 - Bob and John's patent for an electrical terminal block is published.


Jerry Harmon with Barbara and young Cole in late 1960s/early 1970s
I grew up in an abusive household with Barbara and my former stepfather Jerry, where physical and mental punishments ran the gamut from bare-assed beatings to cold showers to bizarre scenarios acted out with glee by two deeply neurotic adults... Even at a very young age, I knew that they would abandon me. They were both irresponsible and incompetent parents who exposed me to traumas that I would rather not remember.
Cole on Barb and Jerry's parenting skills.

In the 1960s, Barbara (aged 18-28) graduated Randolph-Henry High School, married Ran Coleman Yeatts, and mothered Chris' half-brother Cole Smithey, who was aged 0-6 in this decade. Together with Patricia Harley, Bob (aged 32-42) fathered two children: David Alan Chandler (b. 1961) and Carol Suzanne Chandler (b. 1964).

Chris' maternal grandmother Carrie died in 1968, leaving Robert F Chandler his sole remaining grandparent.

Events of the 1960s

  • 1960 - Barb graduates from Randolph-Henry High School in Charlotte Court House, Virginia.
  • 2 March 1960 - Birth of Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt.
  • 17 November 1960 - Birth of Takashi Tezuka.
  • 1961 - Ran Coleman Yeatts, Cole's suspected biological father, graduates from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • 25 March 1961 - Birth of Reggie Fils-Aimé.
  • 16 June 1961 - Barbara marries Ran Coleman Yeatts at a Baptist church in Wylliesburg, Virginia; The same day, Barbara moved to Richmond to live with Yeatts.
  • 4 August 1961 - Birth of Barack Obama.
  • 28 November 1961 - Birth of David Alan Chandler.[26]
  • 28 April 1962 - Ran Coleman Yeatts deserts Barbara (according to the date given on her divorce certificate).
  • 15 May 1963 - Barbara is granted a divorce.
  • 10 June 1963 - The Equal Pay Act is signed into law
  • 24 July 1963 - Birth of Cole Smithey.
  • 22 November 1963 - Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • 1964 - Jack Dale Smithey, the man who Barbara said was Cole's father, disappears after living in Richmond for at least a year.
  • 16 April 1964 - Birth of Michael Hirtes.
  • 29 May 1964 - Harriet Victoria Weston, Chris's aunt, marries Thomas Eugene Ashby.[21]
  • 9 July 1964 - Birth of Carol Chandler.
  • 27 August 1964 - Walt Disney Pictures releases Mary Poppins.
  • 1966 - Jerry Harmon becomes Cole's stepfather.[27]
  • 1 December 1966 - Bob files a patent for a vehicle logging system.
  • 23 April 1967 - Birth of Robert B. Bell III
  • 23 August 1967 - Carrie Edna Wynn, Barbara's mother, dies.
  • November-December 1967 - Operation Snowball goes on tour for the first time. For two weeks, Jerry, Barb and four-year-old Cole travel around Virginia on a Cessna twin-engine airplane, performing magic tricks for inmates at mental hospitals. The family would do this every Christmas season for the next ten years.[28] [29]
  • 18 June 1968 - Barbara marries Jerry Harmon in Washington DC.
  • 4 December 1969 - Birth of Jay Z.
  • 23 December 1969 - Bob's patent for a vehicle logging system is published.


Chris-imitative fanart of Bob and Barbara meeting at Maddy's Pub in 1979
If my mom had not found my dad, and HE was lonely and old too, HE would not have lived TWO WEEKS from that faithful day in Maddy's Pub.
Chris in 2012
Chandler Family Reunion in 1975. Left to right, (first row) are Robert Sr, Dorothy, Beverly, Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Frances, (second row) Ray, Jane, Joan.

In the 1970s, Bob (aged 42-52) moved to Richmond, divorced his wife Patricia, and lost his father Robert (also Chris' last grandparent to die). Near the end of the decade, he met his future wife Barbara (who was aged 28-38 in this decade) at Matt's British Pub.

Events of the 1970s

  • c. 1971-1974 - Barbara nearly kills Cole while trying to frighten off a burglar.
  • 1972 - Piedmont Virginia Community College is chartered.
  • 26 December 1973 - Bob files a patent for a "Shot volume and cushion point control for injection molding apparatus."
  • 1975 - Bob moves to Richmond.
  • 17 June 1975 - Bob's patent for a "Shot volume and cushion point control for injection molding apparatus" is published.
  • 28 June 1976 - Bob and Patricia are legally separated.
  • 4 July 1976 - Birth of Clyde Cash.[30]
  • November-December 1976 (approx.) - Operation Snowball goes on tour for the last time.
  • Late 1970s - Bob volunteers as sing-along leader at Matt's British Pub in the Shockoe Slip neighborhood of Richmond.
  • 1977 - 14 Branchland Court is built.
  • 10 November 1977 - Wes Iseli is born
  • 27 December 1977 - Death of Robert Franklin Chandler Sr., Bob's father.
  • 25 August 1978 - Barbara and Jerry are legally separated.
  • 1978-1979 - Thorg is born
  • 1979 - Bob and Barbara meet at "Maddy's Pub" (probably Chris's mangling of Matt's British Pub).[31] Barbara hears Bob sing and is smitten by him.[32]
  • 14 December 1979 - Birth of Joseph Herring.


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