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Vladimir Putin
Name Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Date of birth (1952-10-07) October 7, 1952 (age 71)
Also known as Vladamir Putin[1]
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality Russian
Occupation President of Russia
Saga GOPony

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning parts of Asia and Europe, and currently led by Vladamir[2] [sic] Putin. Along with China, Russia is commonly seen as the greatest geopolitical threat to the global hegemony of the United States of America and the West at large. Chris considers both Russia and Putin to be adversaries, not strictly because of its adversarial relationship to America, but primarily because of the anti-LGBT laws passed by Putin's government in recent years, as well as Chris following the lead of many other left-leaning individuals by blaming Putin for the election of Pmurt in 2016.

Chris has made few comments on the most contentious current issue regarding Russia, namely the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, although this can probably be attributed to (along with his general detachment from reality) the fact that Chris was still in jail when the war broke out. Nonetheless, Chris believes that the war happened not because of geopolitical matters (like Putin's desire to to regain the territories of the former USSR and the war realistically being the last shot he had of seizing the nation before it could join NATO), but because Hasbro didn't cancel My Little Pony Generation Five and renew Friendship is Magic for five additional seasons.

Early mentions

References to Russia began cropping up during the Idea Guys saga in November 2017. Chris was brainwashed into believing that Sylvana had been captured by Russian billionaire Akan.[3]

In the comic

In Sonichu 13, a comic devised by the Idea Guys, Russia is featured as an enemy country from which forces are invading CWCville. In addition, the United States of America had lost the Cold War, and Russia had taken over its territory.

Alleged ties with My Little Pony

In May 2022 Chris began claiming that World War III is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine[4] and that World War III is responsible for My Little Pony G5[5], writing "As Caden had relayed for me; I had Foreknown WWIII as WHY My Little Pony Generation Five being manifested in 2020 - 2025 was Premature and My Little Pony -Friendship is Magic, AND Equestria Girls, Generation 4, was needed to continue to Season Fourteen and no Less." in a 11 May Jail letter. In November 2023 he changed his story, claiming that MLP G5 was the cause of WWIII.[6] From November to January Chris would make occasional comments about MLP G5's ties to Russia but it wasn't until February 2024 that he began his Twitter campaign against MLP G5.

In that month, days before the world marked the second year of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Chris took to Twitter and made a bizarre, rambling string of posts from the 20th to the 22nd that described MLPG5, and Pony Life before it, as Russian propaganda designed to destroy Generation 4. Referencing earlier comments he made in the same month shortly after blocking the majority of G5's voice cast on Twitter in an act of 'protest', he clarified that this included the 'demons' that were G5's characters, apparently believing that the Kremlin can will evil spirits into being in the form of pastel-colored ponies. The image provided as evidence of this nefarious Russian infiltration of his beloved show was a slide from an online licensing festival in 2020, which laid out plans for the future of the franchise to the Russian branch of Hasbro - seemingly, Chris is oblivious to the fact that these plans would have applied to the entire company.

Since his initial posts, Chris took to responding to random messages over the next several days, in particular singling out anyone who posted art or messages in support of the show, but his replies to them rapidly became boilerplate, with Chris copying and pasting variations of his responses as the days wore on. Many of them contained various hashtags in a probable effort to drum up support for his one-man crusade, evoking memories of his feud with Sega over Sonic Boom. Tellingly, one of these hashtags was '#StupidSoviet' despite the Soviet Union having dissolved in 1991. This might be a lingering byproduct of the Idea Guys' manipulation, or a reference to the common criticism of today's Russian government as very similar to the USSR, but given Chris' long-established ignorance of the world outside his rural backwater, it is entirely possible that he somehow literally believes the Russian Federation and Soviet Union are one and the same. This attitude would extend to comments he made on the country's freedom of religion as his campaign extended into early March, claiming among other things that Russia had banned the very concept of religion and that there was nary a church to be found within it when even cursory examination of national statistics would reveal that Christianity is its dominant faith.

Curiously, one character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was also marked by Chris as a Russian agent: Luster Dawn, who was introduced in the final episode of the show as a student of Twilight Sparkle who would undergo a lesson similar to the one Twilight herself received from Celestia all those years ago, and who would eventually set out on her own journey. Describing Luster Dawn as 'part of Russia's influence and rush to propagate', he also refuses to use the proper title of the last episode of the show when referring to it, instead calling it 'Premature Future', making his real feelings on the matter abundantly clear.

Interestingly enough, in real life the relationship between Russia and MLP is rather sour. Namely, on 18 February 2024 Russian police shut down a My Little Pony convention for promoting "LGBTQ+ propaganda".[7] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was also given an 18+ rating for the same reason.



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