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Sonichu character
Date of birth Presumably at least 18 by Sonichu 8 (in universe)

21 February 2006 (IRL)

Gender Female/Transgender
Length ???
Weight ???
Parents Count Graduon
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric/Dark
Evolves from Rosee (when unhappy with Quick Powder)
Evolves into N/A
Spouse Polyamorous marriage with Cryzel, Christine, Mewtwo and Magi-Chan
After obtaining a penis

Sylvana, (originally named Silvana until the Idea Guys had Chris change the spelling) is a shape-shifting intersex Rosechu who first appeared in Sonichu's News Dash #7 and later played a major role in Sonichu #8.

Her chief power is the ability to shapeshift into other people, as well as some psychic abilities and her venomous genitalia. She was created by the same rainbow that made the Chaotic Combo. Her egg somehow ended up on The Moon, where she was raised by the evil Count Graduon.

Silvana is a combination of four characters:


Mega Evolution on a TSSSF card

Silvana was either named after an acquaintance of Count Graduon's named "Sylvia" or her first babblings; the comic is unclear. Count Graduon gave her the power of shape-shifting, a penis (which he named "The Grand Golden Rod"[1]), the skills of seduction and the ability "oblivious". During Spring Break, Silvana transforms into Bubbles to have sex with Blake. When she has sex, she secretes a paralyzing venom which leaves Blake hospitalized. She later tried to seduce Bubbles as well, but Magi-Chan convinced her not to fuck the intersex Electric Hedgehog Pokémon. What she actually intended to do after fucking and paralyzing everything in sight is never elaborated upon. It is believed that Silvana is meant to be a metaphor for the countless trolls who troll Chris by pretending to be hot women.

...Silvana was among the first Troll-Inspired Characters; they gave me the idea to make her a hermaphrodite.
Chris on Silvana[2]

As of Sonichu #10, Chris revealed that he plans on turning Silvana into a "full woman", and, as many trolls have repeatedly predicted, pairing her up with confirmed bachelor Magi-Chan. Sonichu #10 also shows Silvana "trolling" Chris in the guise of Meg Griffin (lending credence to the theory mentioned earlier about Silvana representing pretend females). It's also somewhat telling that Silvana didn't "troll" Chris this way before he had announced his plan to turn Silvana into a single-sex being.

According to Magi-Chan's profile on the CWCipedia, when Count Graduon's orb was shattered by Collosal Chan, all of the wizard's magic had been undone, including Silvana's penile curse. It is said that, a week later, Magi-Chan confronted Silvana and she suddenly experienced love for the first time, telling Magi-Chan to let her sort out her feelings first before she chooses to be his sweetheart or not.

Eight years later, Sonichu #11 reveals that Magi-chan and Silvana have indeed gone on to form a charmless relationship. Interestingly enough, Chris rescinded the idea of Silvana being forcefully restored to her "birth gender" and left her with both her powers of transformation and penis intact. The same cannot be said for her personality; all of her scenes outside of Magi-chan entail her denouncing trolls, kissing Chris's ass, and transforming into Sonic the Hedgehog to somehow make Chris's bizarre "clip show" possible.

Neo Silvana

She and Magi-Chan have a son named Stubenchu, born in 2016. In December 2017, she disappeared and was "Destroyed in the Past", and she was later reborn as Neo Silvana.[3]

The Original News Dash

Chris-chan avoids explaining why she has a penis.

Chris writes:

"Recently, a black Rosechu came down from outer space in a fashionable space ship. She came down onto our Earth wreaking havoc by abducting the Sonichu Heroes. But in conjunction with Chris-Chan Sonichu, the Rosechus of Earth rescued all of them. In an interview with Magi-Chan Sonichu, he said, 'I’ve been communicating with her through telekinesis, and she sounded very lonesome. She said that she was a female Pikachu who was hit by a shining light from the Chaos Rainbow.' The Chaos Rainbow was the rainbow made when Super Sonic collided with the Pikachu, on that fateful day in Station Square years ago. And when interviewed, the black Rosechu, who named herself, Silvana, she stated, 'I abducted the Sonichus, because it was very lonesome on the moon, there were NO aliens there at all. And when I communicated with Magi-Chan, I was inspired to build my spacecraft with the remains of the shuttle that put me there in the first place.'"[4]

From this, we can assume that she was originally meant to be an avatar of Chris's loneliness. One can only imagine the pain Chris went through when circumstances forced him to corrupt her.


Main article: Polyamorous marriage

Under the influence of the Idea Guys, Chris revealed in January and March 2018 respectively, that despite his relationship with Silvana, Magi-Chan had gone on to marry his mentor Mewtwo, and later Cryzel Rosechu and Chris himself.[5][6] By late July of that same year, Silvana had joined the fold to make a foursome marriage.[7] Chris also has started to spell her name as Sylvana.

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