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Christine Rosechu

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Sonichu character
Christine Rosechu
Date of birth 7 October 2006
Gender Female
Parents Sonichu (father), Rosechu (mother)
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric
Evolves from Rosey
THERE ARE TWO ROSEYS and ONLY One Sonee. Christine Rosey is Purple, because she is a Shiney Rosey. Pink for Cerah and Yellow for Robbie ARE NATURAL. NO CHEATING WHATSOEVER.

Why do people take such an innocent thing and make it obscene?



Christine Rosechu (born Christine Rosey, 26 February 2007) is the daughter and middle child of Sonichu and Rosechu in the Sonichu universe. Christine's name may come from the feminine variant of Christian's name (due to his narcissism) or his obsession with the name "Crystal." It should be noted that while Chris was uploading images to use as thumbnails for his character bio pages, he attempted to display a non-existant image file entitled "CrystalRosey.jpg" where a drawing of Christine should have gone.

Christine's purple color provoked debate among the fanbase, which theorized that Magi-Chan could be the real father. Chris angrily denied these rumors of cuckoldry, stating that Christine is a "Shiney" Rosey, i.e. an ultra-rare Pokémon with alternate coloration, and that Sonichu is indeed her father.[2][3]


Sonichu: The comic that's not afraid to tackle child molestation.

As babies, the three Sonichu children had no discernable personalities and tempted fans to draw lots of horrible guro art. Their first prominent appearance was in the sign Chris drew to show his support for McIntire Park. The children also appeared in Chris's disingenuous plea for helping Haiti.

In Sonichu #9, the siblings appear but do nothing except occupy the time of their Spanish lesbian nanny, Heather Iglesias, because like the parents in Mary Poppins, Sonichu and Rosechu simply couldn't be bothered to care.


In November 2011, Chris began to unveil details about the siblings as post-pubescents. He revealed that they had formed a pop band: Robee Sonee and the Tomgirls. Crystaline Rosechu [sic] had become a bisexual,[4] even though Chris had wiped out all homosexuality in Sonichu #10. He eventually fixed this oversight in 2015.[citation needed]

In the new 2015 pages of Sonichu #11, Christine appears in the Christmas pageant as the Virgin Mary, but midway through the performance suddenly begins to evolve. Embarrassed, she runs off stage and into the bathroom, and Sonichu is forced to run home and get Rosechu's clothes for her to put on.

When he offered his Christine Amiibo for sale on Etsy, he put together a character summary:

Christine Rosechu, the middle of the three children of the leading Sonichu and Rosechu family, is a rare Shiny Rosechu, and enjoys fashion, style, socializing and making many real and good friends. She often sparkles naturally under a light. Christine is a generous and kind gal who likes to offer help in adding style and class and positive vibes to all around her. And she likes being on stage in a play or film, and she likes to see her fellow actors shine in their own way, as she does for herself. She is content anywhere on the stage, and does not hog the spotlight or center of attention. She is also a bisexual, so she is attracted to everyone (as long as they don't get on her bad side).

Chris revealed some spoilers to an eBay customer: Christine will eventually date a girl named "Karen Lyon" who "took her back to her place eventually and totally went Tribbing on her!" A later sexual encounter with a dude named "Benjamin Matthews" will confirm Christine's bisexuality.[5]


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