Cera Rosechu

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Sonichu character
Cera Rosechu
Date of birth 29 June 2006
Gender Tomboy
Parents Sonichu (father), Rosechu (mother)
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric
Evolves from Rosey

Cera Rosechu (born Cera Rosey, 29 June 2006; sometimes spelled Cerah) is the daughter and eldest child of Sonichu and Rosechu in the Sonichu universe. Cera[h] is possibly named after Sarah Hammer.


Cera loves the Great Director.

Until 2011, Cera and her two siblings were depicted as babies and had no discernable personality apart from being cloyingly cute. All three first made their appearance in the sign Chris drew to show his support for McIntire Park. The children also appeared in Chris's disingenuous plea for helping Haiti.

The children were seen in two pages of Sonichu #9 and did nothing of importance apart from hassle their Spanish lesbian nanny, Heather Iglesias.

In "A Sonichu and Rosechu Christmas Story" and Sonichu #11, Cera assists Rosechu in the kitchen and breaks the fourth wall to say "I wuv you!" to Chris. As the household celebrates Christmas, Cera makes her friend Kevin the Jew a candle-shaped cookie (A vanilla one to be neutral and avoid allergies, even though Kevin could be allergic to any of the ingredients in cookies, like eggs). Later, she goes to his house and plays a video game with him. She inadvertently causes Kevin's character to be killed in an explosion, and then sends him into a strange PTSD-like episode; she goes to give him the cookie, he sees the flame on it, screams, and runs to his room. Later on, Cera goes to apologize like a good girl should, even though she has no reason to. Over a video game, Kevin breaks off their "relationship." Fans wonder if this is the last time she'll ever be this close to a dick.


On 12 November 2011, it was revealed that not only have all the children evolved into adults, but that they have also formed a pop band: Robee Sonee and the Tomgirls. Moreover, like Chris, they have mutated into more disturbing forms, with Cera now a "Tomboy and a full on Lesbian."[1] Note that this change comes after Chris wiped out all homosexuality in Sonichu #10, which forced Chris to go back and erase this plot point.

On his Etsy page, Chris provided a character summary to accompany his Cera Amiibo:

Cera Rosechu, oldest of the three children of the leading Sonichu and Rosechu family, is a tough and loyal woman; she doesn't like bad guff from others, but she is capable of shaking it off and keeping her composure, and only raises her fist when the threat or challenge is great or worse. She is physically tough and strong after lifting weights in the gym and punching the sandbags. She is not Wonder Woman or Supergirl, but she has been recorded to be able to lift as much as 4,000 pounds in the efforts of rescue and defense. She also tossed a one ton boulder a far distance of more than 20 miles away. Her natural electricity and electric abilities helps to give her punches a real shocking wallop. Cera is also a lesbian, and finds true love with her Asian lady friend.

Chris told an Etsy customer that Cera's Chinese sweetheart is improbably named "Risa Fitzgerald."[2]

Cera's evolution occurs during the "clip show" in Sonichu 11, where she defeats a Jerkop and levels up, causing her to grow taller and rip her clothes open, leaving her naked. She immediately calls home and tells her father that she planned on dressing in a T-shirt and jeans once she evolved, a trait obviously exclusive for butch lesbians and nobody else. Ironically, with Chris's support and love of lesbians, he only dedicates her coming out to just the clip show, whereas 'Roberta' was given a full coming out story in their own Episode in which everyone showered them in love and support.


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