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Chris's title for his file of the comic[1]
Sonichu #1
Cover Date: 31 March 2005
Finished: 18 April 2005
Page Count: 45
Episodes: 4-6
Sub-Episodes: 2
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #0
Sonichu #2

Sonichu #1 is the second issue of the Sonichu comic. Unlikely as it might sound, this one is actually even worse than Sonichu #0.

Having only just created Sonichu from a Pikachu mutated by exposure to Sonic the Hedgehog and the Chaos Emeralds, Chris immediately blows his wad by jumping right into the first Sonic/Sonichu team-up. (All imaginative kids roleplay themselves in their favorite imaginary worlds, but only Chris thinks his fantasies are marketable.) It would not be until Sonichu #2 that the way past cool Electric Hedgehog Pokémon would be out of Sonic's shadow... which happens to be about the time Chris starts hogging the spotlight.

In the tradition of all great comic book crossovers, Sonichu #1 pits Sonic and Sonichu against two titanic villains, namely Sonic's archenemy Doctor Robotnik and Team Rocket boss Giovanni. It's as if he doesn't want you to forget where he stole all this shit from. Further complicating the plot, it is made clear that the last issue's villain, Naitsirhc, is indeed Giovanni's son, who acted on orders from his father to collect Sonichu's genetic code. Together, Robotnik and Giovanni would shake the foundations of CWCville by introducing its next major character, Bill the Scientist. Also, Black Sonichu or something.

Episode 4: Black Sonichu in "Darkness, Speed, & Lightning!"

Darkness, Speed, & Lightning!
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Artist's interpretation of the events.

Naitsirhc has returned to base from his battle with Sonichu in Episode 3. Although he was unable to capture Sonichu, he did obtain a sample of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon's genetic code, which was the true purpose of the mission. His father, Team Rocket leader Giovanni, congratulates him for his accomplishment. Giovanni goes on to describe his recent contact with Ivo Robotnik, who has come to share Team Rocket's fascination with Sonichu. The bane of Pokémon and the archnemesis of Sonic ally to create their own Sonichu to destroy the original, for no apparent reason.

While Team Rocket scientists conduct their genetic engineering, fate intervenes as Bill The Scientist accidentally spills his cherry cola into Sonichu's DNA. Unbothered by his colossal blunder, Bill places the contaminated sample into the resequencer, which quickly grows an imperfect duplicate of the original zappin' hedgehog. Naitsirhc immediately notices that the clone appears to be black in color, but is unsure of his suspicions.

Although Team Rocket immediately bombards the clone with messages intended to program its mind to serve their purposes, this new hedgehog proves willful enough to resist, perhaps due to the cherry cola mutation. Later, when the clone is deemed ready to release from stasis, the color alteration caused by the aforementioned cherry cola is undeniable. Robotnik finds the shadowy hedgehog oddly familiar; Naitsirhc seems disappointed that his pet should be black and names him "Black Sonichu."

Giovanni and Robotnik present "Blachu" a gift in the form of rocket boosters intended to increase his speed, the better to defeat Sonichu in battle. Black Sonichu is heavily briefed on Team Rocket's agenda, and on why his skin color was altered by the previously mentioned dose of cherry cola. Robotnik reports in with the latest intelligence gathered on Sonichu, providing vital details about his location, abilities, and personal relationships (even though all of this data was freely obtained in their last encounter). After rigorous training, Black Sonichu is judged to be superior to Sonichu, and ready for his mission.


The plot is weak. Eggman and Giovanni work together because... Chris wanted them to. Bill the scientist contaminates the DNA sample with soda, but puts it in the resequencer anyways, without even considering the possibility that it might screw everything up. Black Sonichu resembles Shadow, which Robotnik draws attention to, for no real reason. Also, Black Sonichu. It's probably not intentional, but it's still enough for us to make several jokes about it.

Sonichu Advance and Pokémon: Lightning Version.

Episode 5: Sonichu in "Informal Meeting"

Informal Meeting
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Despite taking several art classes and claiming to be a brilliant artist, Chris fails at basic proportions.

Naitsirhc shows Black Sonichu a map of CWCville and the surrounding area and explains the plan. Blachu's mission is to intercept Sonichu and Rosechu on their way from the Zapbud fields to Kel's cottage near the lake and capture Rosechu; this will lure Sonichu into a trap prepared by Team Rocket and Robotnik.

Meanwhile, in the Zapbud fields, Sonichu and Rosechu have a completely meaningless conversation, something about how much they love each other, despite only knowing each other for roughly a month or so. Kel calls Rosechu to tell the couple that dinner is ready. While Sonichu carries Rosechu back home, Sonic the Hedgehog decides to go exploring near the same area. Coincidentally, Black Sonichu is lurking in the bushes at the exact point where Sonic and Sonichu will meet. Using the enhanced speed inborn in his race, the dark-skinned creature strikes out at his betters, and abducts the helpless, virtuous, fair-skinned woman, as is his nature. Distracted by this perfidy, Sonichu collides head-on with Sonic. At the same time, Rosechu, who had somehow fallen asleep in the high speeds, awakens to her utter horror-that she is no longer in the arms of a pure, cultivated man but a thuggish, black brute. She demands that he release her, but the crude, leering subhuman refuses, obligated as he is to obey his masters. Being a Raichu, which should be stronger than a Pikachu, she calls out for her boyfriend to come to save her.

Sonic and Sonichu recover from their collision and begin to bicker until they recognize one another from the battle with the Perfect Chaos Monster where Sonichu was evolved from a Pikachu. The two heroes quickly compare notes and agree to work together to save Rosechu in a historic team-up.


Rosechu is simply a damsel in distress for Sonichu, as well as his satellite love interest. The historic team-up happens at the end of the episode and is mostly relegated to them comparing notes, with the actual action saved for the next episode, which is most certainly not worth the wait.

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This ad is the first to feature Christian's custom trading cards as part of the 'official' Sonichu franchise.

Episode 6: Sonic & Sonichu "Black Metal Combat"

Black Metal Combat
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By now Black Sonichu has returned to base and Rosechu is safely imprisoned. The bars to Rosechu's cell are coated with rubber, to prevent her from destroying them with her lightning powers. Of course, there is no safeguard to prevent her from simply reaching through the bars to zap her captors, but the villains have wisely reckoned with Rosechu's simplistic female brain and of course fear nothing. Naitsirhc and Robotnik review their plan: Blachu will keep Sonichu preoccupied until Sonichu steps on an "X," at which point Robotnik will drop a dome over the hero to drain away his energy. Robotnik then launches into a song and dance:

Puttin' on the Ritz
Robotnik! Robotnik! I'm a mad geinus! Robotnik, Robotnik! I create chaos with my machines! I'm the darkest evil, and I'm mean! I have a monkey in my robot! Wait! The monkey is a robot! I turned the animal into a robot! With a process I call robotization!!!

Christian Weston Chandler appears here to mock the song that he wrote.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Sonichu have successfully tracked Black Sonichu to Team Rocket's headquarters, but someone has foolishly left a medallion bearing the face of Dr. Robotnik near the door. Sonic immediately recognizes that his old enemy is involved somehow and is now on guard for a trap. It is agreed that Sonichu will enter alone, while Sonic remains behind as backup.

Sonichu discovers Rosey, but Naitsirhc, Giovanni, and Robotnik surprise the yellow hedgehog with the arrival of Black Sonichu. A brief scuffle erupts, until Sonichu steps into position for Robotnik's dome. However, Sonic intervenes before Robotnik can begin the power drainage. Infuriated by Sonic, Robotnik releases his contingency plan: Metal Sonichu. Being infinitely more capable than any of Chris's characters, Sonic runs rings around Metal Sonichu, then releases Sonichu and uses the unbreakable dome to slow the mechanical hedgehog down. Sonichu and Sonic then combine forces for a Zap Cannonball attack. Metal Sonichu anticipates the attack and assumes Defense Curl to protect against it, transforming into a perfect sphere. However, this is the automaton's undoing, as the force of the Zap Cannonball attack hits Metal Sonichu like a pool cue, knocking it through a wall, straight up a mountain, and into outer space, before it finally crashes into the goddamn Moon. Sonichu then frees Rosechu with an electrical spin-dash.

Sonic and Sonichu mock Naitsirhc, Robotnik, and Giovanni, but when they prepare to leave Rosey balks. She turns to Black Sonichu, punching him in the face and knocking out two teeth (The miserable cur is undoubtedly elated by this opportunity to have a garish "grill" installed in his mouth.)

Meanwhile, on the Moon, Metal Sonichu is seemingly undamaged, and programmed for vengeance... eventually.

In an epilogue, we find Rosechu and Amy Rose at CWCville Shopping Center, shopping for things that will make them more attractive to their male partners as God and Jesus intended, where Rosechu has found success in catching herself a man mere minutes after meeting him, 12-year-old Amy still plots on making the 15-year-old Sonic hers. In a chance encounter, the two girls run into one another and are immediately struck by the fact they look exactly alike... and by the fact they are wearing different (and thus legally distinct) outfits. Amy and Rosey, of course, find they have many things in common, but being mere females they cannot hope to have a meaningful conversation about this serendipity and descend into trivial banter, going from real words to pointless scribbles. Christian Chandler again interrupts the story to lightheartedly rescue us from the agony of having to listen to women talk without the promise of earning sex, making the joke everyone and their pet gecko has- he saved money by switching to Geico.


The team-up is underwhelming, with the artwork not helping it. It should also be noted that Rosechu was unable to free herself at the beginning of the episode because the bars are rubber-coated; however, Sonichu just electrically spin dashes the bars to free her, so she should have been able to do that, herself, as she has similar powers to Sonichu. So this is either a major plot hole, Rosechu being incredibly stupid, or simply the fact that she's a girl. In fact, there's a lot of sexist moments in this episode. And despite seemingly being Rosechu's new BFF, Amy is never mentioned again.

CWC's Art Gallery!

Christian and the Hedgehog Boys: This appears to be the cover of the band's first album, set in a zany green background, and without frontman CWC pasted into the middle.

Sub-Episode 2: Christian Chandler in "The Rise & Fall of My Heart"

The Rise & Fall of My Heart
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Even characters Chris creates himself have a hard time believing the turn of events, given the fact Chris always fails at doing anything.

This legendary installment dramatizes the real-life incident in which Chris was trolled by a girl at the mall during his Love Quest.

We begin with Christian sitting in what is presumably the food court at a local mall, again contemplating his seemingly endless quest. A graphic alerts us to the fact that his heart level has not recovered fully from the last time his heart was shattered; he is currently at 20%. He resolves to resume attracting women as soon as he finishes his Chicken McNuggets, but his thoughts are interrupted by the timely arrival of a young woman named Hanna (or Fandanna). As if she is too good to be true, she employs the same blunt protocol Chris would use, dispensing with small talk to announce that she heard Chris needs a girlfriend and that she would like to have coffee with him. Having prepared for this moment for years, Chris plays it cool and makes the date, but once Hanna is out of sight he erupts into a rainbow joygasm as his heart is repaired to 100%.

In an act of revisionism that only George Lucas could rival, Chris would later replace the infamous "fat man dancing in a gay rainbow vortex" version of this page with a new one, in which he is depicted outside the gates of Heaven, as though he jumped for joy so high he had rocketed briefly into the stratosphere.

Seconds after his return from the rainbow vortex (or Heaven), Chris is at Starbucks for the date that won't occur for another fifteen minutes. He is elated beyond belief and eagerly shares his joy with Rosechu, who is--as ever--shopping at the mall and gossiping to her friends. Later, when Hanna arrives and greetings are exchanged, Chris pulls out pen and paper and takes detailed notes as he asks her about her hobbies. He learns that Hanna enjoys playing guitar and reading Chuck Paladuck. Hanna quickly finds the key to Chris's heart by asking about his Sonichu medallion and Scrapbook of Fail. After this date, Chris makes sure to give Hanna what is described as a "Double-Take" flirt, which sounds like something that Chris would do in a painfully awkward manner.

Later, while Chris is loitering in the mall telling his mother that he talked to a girl, Rosechu overhears Hanna and her friends talking about how Hanna was pretending to like Chris as a prank conceived by her boss. For a moment Rosechu is left aghast by her dilemma, but like all women, she is innately pure-hearted and good, so she makes the right choice to tell Chris the unfortunate truth. When she finds him, he is looking up pick-up lines on Sprung to use on Hanna (which makes no sense because she has already picked him up). It is difficult for Rosechu to break the news, and even more difficult for Chris to accept it. Outraged, he rushes off to confront Hanna, demanding the truth. Hanna admits that she was only faking, but is nevertheless upset about the deception, as no woman truly wants to harm Christian Chandler. But Chris pushes on, insisting that she must have nonetheless come to appreciate him during their mini-date. Hanna's answer is stark and unyielding: "No."

His heart shattered back down to 15%, Chris calmly excuses himself, then cries out in anguish:


Undaunted in the face of abject defeat, Chris composes a heartfelt email to Hanna, making sure she is aware of the emotional pain she has caused him while also making sure she knows he'll take her back as long as she doesn't smoke and doesn't already have a boyfriend. In closing, Christian points out that he was in honor roll, dammit, so she should totally want to swallow his comeuppance!


This story is nowhere near as was as Chris thinks it is. Also, it doesn't even mention Chris's ban from the mall, presumably after the big no.

Sonichu Adventure, coming never to Nintendo GameCube.

Comic pages

Issue 1

2015 Revisions

On 20 October 2015, Chris uploaded to Facebook 15 revised pages of Sonichu #1 which replaced Robotnik with a new character, Ren Skysoar, who "followed in Robotnik's footsteps." No other changes seem to have been made. This was in keeping with his renewed attention to his comic in this year and his retcons of other issues. Characteristically, he missed at least one reference to Robotnik.

On 28 October, more radically, Chris posted two new conclusionary pages to this issue which presumably indicate that Sonic and Amy Rose were not, in fact, TRUE and HONEST, but actually avatars of intersex Silvana, who was acting in the nefarious service of Slaweel and Count Graduon, to do... something.

Issue 1--Revised Pages

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