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The Hedgehog Boys, sans Christian.
Shadow! Black Sonichu!
The dark half can rock too!
Sonichu and Sonic
Rockin' in the atomic!
And the leader who put the band together
Singin’ with his soul!
His name is Christian Chandler!
from "Christian and the Hedgehog Boys Theme"
For their self-titled album, see Christian and the Hedgehog Boys (album). For their theme song, see Christian and the Hedgehog Boys Theme.

Christian & the Hedgehog Boys was a "virtual band" formed and fronted by Chris. In his head, helping him compose the music was Sonichu and the rest of the gang; in reality, there wasn't a band. The albums consisted entirely of Chris poorly recording himself shouting awful parody lyrics about his shitty life over copyrighted pop music, which, according to him, qualifies as new and unique compositions.

The boys in the band

Scenes like this made the breakup of the band inevitable.

The gap between albums speaks volumes about the internal problems the band has faced, including drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies, regicide and general debauchery.

In the 2009 incarnation of the band, Sonic and Shadow were gone, replaced by Wild (on bass) and Punchy (on drums). Layla Flaaffy also joined as stage manager.[1]


First album cover
Second album

To date, they have released two albums, both to rave reviews and much fanfare:


Christian & the Hedgehog Boys have released standalone singles over YouTube for "It's All Coming Back To Me" and "Holding Out For A Hero" that feature unique combinations of live-action, comic drawings and shit. The lyrics of "Revive Zordon" appear in Sonichu #10, but a musical version has yet to appear (created by Chris, at the very least).


Chris Chan and the Hedgehog Zaps

For the July 2021 Everfree Northwest fundraiser, a fan commissioned a drawing of the band. Chris updated the name to reflect his transgender identity to "Chris Chan and the Hedgehog Zaps".[2]

Chris also expanded the band to be inclusive to women. The band members depicted are Christine Chandler (lead vocals), Wild Sonichu (fish guitar), Punchy Sonichu (drums), Cryzel Rosechu (moral support), Sonichu (weird yellow thing), Rosechu (dance), Blake Sonichu (synthesizer), and Bubbles Rosechu (tambourine).


The Beatles edition

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