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A long-awaited comeback album! Yay! ...wait a minute, this is only the second album?

Christian & the Hedgehog Boys COMEBACK! is the second album by Chris's awful musical project, Christian and the Hedgehog Boys. It was released in 2009.


After a four-year hiatus and buoyed by his new "relationship" with "Ivy", Christian & the Hedgehog Boys reunited to produce another album, and subject the world to yet more of Chris mumbling over various songs. His tastes appear to have expanded slightly: the first album consisted almost entirely of pop music from the late 1990s, but COMEBACK! branches out into genres such as rap, rock, disco, art pop, and R&B from the 1970s to today.

Notable also is the replacement of Wild Sonichu for Sonic on bass and Punchy Sonichu for Shadow on drums. While one would assume that Chris forgot that they were in the band, a true C&HB fan knows that Sonic left the band due to artistic differences, and is now pursuing a solo country music career, while Shadow died due to a cocaine overdose. Also depicted is Layla Flaaffy; it was later revealed in the Ivy Q&A that Chris intended her to be the band's stage manager.

Because the album material was leaked by trolls rather than officially released, Christian does not consider it to be a TRUE and HONEST part of the Hedgehog Boys canon, as he revealed in a Mailbag correspondence with Paul McCartney in 2009[1]. His apparent plan to eventually give his two CDs an official release as paid merchandise never got off the ground, likely due to stress (as well as copyright).


Title Based on Subject
1 "(Clyde's) Trollsta's Paradise" Coolio — "Gangsta's Paradise" TrollsTrolls Trolls, ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
2 "CWC Like a Virgin" Madonna — "Like a Virgin" IvyIvy Ivy, SexSex Sex
3 "Feel Our Love At Play" Berlin — "Take My Breath Away" IvyIvy Ivy, SexSex Sex, GalpalsGalpals Love
4 "I Gotta Make My Move" Rod Stewart — "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" IvyIvy Ivy, SexSex Sex
5 "I'll Never Leave You, Ivy" Kate Bush — "Wuthering Heights" IvyIvy Ivy, GalpalsGalpals Love
6 "Lovin' You" Minnie Riperton — "Lovin' You" IvyIvy Ivy, GalpalsGalpals Love
7 "Paradise By The Seashore Light (Crass and Champ's Thang Undersea)" Meat Loaf — "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" SexSex Sex, GalpalsGalpals Love, ComicsComics Crustaceans
8 "Punchy and Layla's Dance In The Dark" Bruce Springsteen — "Dancing in the Dark" GalpalsGalpals Love, ComicsComics Punchy & Layla, SexSex Sex
9 "I'm Sexy For My Ivy" Justin Timberlake — "SexyBack" SexSex Sex, IvyIvy Ivy

Reception and legacy

On that very day, all you would see is this. Truly amazing.

While critics applauded Chris for upgrading the quality of the music he shouts over from shithouse to slightly less shithouse, the album was an absolute bust, even in Molvanîa where Chris is lauded as a national pop icon.

Critics were also quick to notice how the audio quality on the album is even worse than on the last.

Fans of Wild Sonichu's mastery of the Sit 'n Spin were disappointed to hear Wild being forced to play the inferior guitar, which may have affected the quality of his musical contributions. Fans also claimed that Punchy Sonichu could not live up to the legacy of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Despite this, retrospective appraisals have been more positive, and on COMEBACK!'s tenth anniversary, 4chan users celebrated by spamming a copypasta all over the Music board (/mu/). A reading of it can be found here.




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