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I DO NOT KNOW WHY I would expect ANY woman to be Attracted to me, IN PUBLIC...
Chris, in a sudden moment of clarity.[1]
... except for the fact that I am Handsome
Well, so much for that.
How Chris views himself.
Chris must fight autism in order to enter the Valley of China.
Artist's impression of Chris on his Love Quest. (Yes, the skin is downloadable.)

The Love Quest or Sweetheart Search[2][3][4] was the longest real-life saga of Christian Weston Chandler. His goal was to obtain a girlfriend. The stated purpose of the Love Quest was to meet the woman who would be his true love, solve all his problems and bear his daughter, Crystal. The Love Quest represented a focused effort to do everything in his power to achieve romantic fulfilment, except of course improving himself.

While Chris maintained a belief in waiting for marriage to have sex due to his religious principles (or at least waiting until fully committing to a romantic relationship after at least three dates), Chris started moving away from the idea of being faithful as he interacted with a number of fake sweethearts, down to wanting sex from Jackie first and foremost when he first starting communicating with her, and later being open to being in an open relationship where he could sleep with other people rather than a monogamous one. Because of this, Chris's antics are derisively referred to as the Fuck Quest.

For over a decade from 2003 to 2018, the Love Quest was ongoing, with Chris (unsurprisingly) not having made any progress whatsoever in finding a romantic partner. In April 2012, he lost his virginity to a prostitute, which was mainly motivated by a fear of going to jail for the Michael Snyder incident (he ultimately got a slap on the wrist instead of having to serve hard time). During early 2018, Chris was brainwashed by the Idea Guys into ending his Love Quest – he was told that he was happily married to several of his fictional OCs. Unfortunately, that was not the end of this story, as Chris went from believing in this marriage to eventually having sex of very questionable consent with his own mom... Which did result in Chris serving hard time.



Spell cards don't work IRL, Chris.

The catalyst for the Love Quest was Christian's encounter with Sarah Hammer (on whom he had a crush) during his move back to Ruckersville, and his enrollment at the Piedmont Virginia Community College. This occurred somewhere between June 2000 and October 2003.

Sarah is presumably the first woman of any significance to tell the ever-naïve Christian "I have a boyfriend"; Chris was surprised to learn that his childhood gal-pal was romantically involved with Wes Iseli.[5] Upon making this discovery, he quickly developed an intense jealousy of Iseli (who he didn't even know) and resentment towards him that would set his state of mind for the impending Quest.

Throughout 2003, Chris passively expressed his longing and envy by way of "Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares" and "BFF's (Best Friends Forever)". It is clear that Chris had at some point decided Sarah was supposed to be his soulmate (although perhaps not until he learned she was unavailable) and had difficulty accepting that this would not be a possibility. In 2005, following Sarah's breakup with Iseli and hookup with William Spicer, he dealt with the situation more openly and publicly in Sonichu #2 – this acceptance perhaps stemmed from his turn to a new object of infatuation (see the "Megan" section below).


According to Chris, the genesis of the Love Quest proper was his twenty-first birthday, 24 February 2003.[6] On this date, he was kicked out of his college English class after a dispute with his teacher. (In his Wikipedia biography, Chris claimed the teacher ejected him simply on account of his autism, which of course bears no resemblance to reality: when asked about it again later by a "girlfriend", he deigns to mention that it may have had something to do with belligerently slandering classmates and making racist remarks[7]). At any rate, while waiting for his next class, Chris sat and cried his eyes out, resenting that there was nobody to comfort him like there was at his graduation. Shortly thereafter, he resolved that he needed a girlfriend.[8]

Presumably the connection between these events is that Chris felt hurt and ostracized by his punishment, leading him to recognize his need for someone who would appreciate him unconditionally. However, Chris further states that the Love Quest officially began in August 2003,[9] suggesting that he waited six months to actually execute his plans.

Salad days

At some point early on in the Quest, Chris developed an intense, socially crippling fear that all women (at least, all the women he likes) have boyfriends. Since his autism causes him to approach social tasks in the bluntest manner possible, it can be inferred that his initial approach was to walk up to women out of nowhere, and frankly ask if they would go out with him. It may be further inferred that Chris's unrelenting persistence made it extremely difficult for a woman he liked to get rid of him, short of claiming to have a boyfriend. In any case, Chris quickly lost nearly all of his confidence in talking to women and developed an irrational hatred of boyfriends, or "JERKS" (i.e., all men everywhere except himself and his father). Since this time, he has always specified that his potential girlfriend must be a boyfriend-free girl, which is unnecessary outside of some kind of polygamous arrangement.

Conflict with Mary Lee Walsh

Miscellaneous items used during the Love Quest, or as the Commonwealth of Virginia will eventually call it, Exhibit A.
Back of a Sonichu business card.
Main article: Mary Lee Walsh

By October 2003, Chris had put into practice what was "the only sensible idea [he] could come up with that was inexpensive": sitting on the PVCC campus holding a sign that read "I am a 21-Year Old Male, seeking an 18-21-Year Old Single Female Companion." This would be the first of many versions of the Attraction Sign, a vital tool in the Love Quest for several years to come.

Sometime during October, the school's Dean of Student Services, Mary Lee Walsh, confronted Chris and confiscated his sign. According to Chris's recollection of the event:

Then in Mid-October, the Quote/Unquote "Dean of Student Services", Mary Lee Walsh, approached me and pulled my sign away from me and told me, "You're NOT ALLOWED TO FIND TRUE LOVE HERE." MY HEART WAS SHATTERED that very moment.
CWC's Wikipedia biography, 3 May 2009

What is far more likely to have occurred is this: Walsh probably decided Chris was making a nuisance of himself and asked him what he thought he was doing; Chris probably delivered a big confusing monologue about seeking true love, and Walsh then likely dismissed the substance of Chris's response with "You can't do that here." Walsh's point of contention was undoubtedly just the sign, whatever Chris may have to say about it.

Undaunted by Walsh, Chris simply made a new sign, but a few weeks later Walsh confronted him again. In late January 2004, Chris revised his strategy; leaving copies of the Sonichu's News Dash! newsletter strewn about campus, each one containing a single "personals ad" about himself. By February, Walsh had cracked down on Chris again, banning the distribution of the News Dash!.[10] Owing to repeated violation of campus policy, Walsh took Chris to her office to discuss the problem with him. In Chris's own words:

Then that B-Dog ripped up my notes and all, dragged me to her quarters and talked down to me very RUDELY AND HOARSELY. I reacted with my own attack that she had been asking for the whole time. I was kicked out of PVCC for a year, and I had to take an anger management course and see a psychiatrist for a while.
CWC's Wikipedia biography, 3 May 2009

Chris would later admit that this "attack" consisted of him having a conversation with an imaginary Sonichu, before giving Walsh an epic curse-ye-ha-me-ha - complete with hand gestures and shouting.[11][12] After venting about the events in his diary and website, Chris then sent Walsh a note that "communicated an "intimidating glare" in a pictorial fashion".[13] These events were evidently deemed serious enough to get him suspended from PVCC and forced to undergo counseling. Chris has cited 16 September 2004 as the date of his suspension.[14]

Conflicts with Jerkops

By August 2004, Chris had expanded his quest to other Attraction Locations besides PVCC, such as Charlottesville Fashion Square. It was here that he attempted a new tactic, inspired by Excel Saga: laying a Red String of Fate across the mall floor. This inevitably led to a confrontation with mall security, making this Chris's first recorded encounter with the Jerkops.[15]

By September, Chris had somehow learned that loitering in public places with a sign advertising his services as a boyfriend made it look like he was "trying to sell [him]self like a new car," but he still managed to miss the point and believe this was something he could work to his advantage. He continued to have confrontations with mall security until 11 September 2004, when he was arrested, handcuffed, and forbidden from entering the mall without one of his parents. With both of his Attraction Locations denied to him, Chris became more lonely and depressed than usual. In his diary he expressed an interest in asking "Santa Clause" for a girlfriend (according to e-mails leaked by Jackie, Chris was completely serious and believed in Santa until he was 24[16]).

Anna McLerran

Too bad she's a lesbian.
Main article: The Tale Of The Crazy Pacer

At some point in 2004 Chris had expanded his activities in the mall, including:

  • Pacing around a lot, playing videos on his Game Boy Advance SP.
  • Shouting at walls, or "singing random songs from memory now and then".

He was apparently infamous to Anna McLerran and her friends by the time he finally worked up the nerve to enter the store where Anna worked to strike up a conversation with her. Anna handled herself as politely as she could while having zero interest in his pathetic romantic overtures, and apparently convinced him that she was off the market.

Despite becoming one of Chris's closest friends, Anna would later document the 2004 incident in a 2006 blog post, confirming that, despite whatever good qualities she sees in Chris, deep down she knows he's a few electric hedgehog Pokémon short of a Chaotic Combo.


On 29 March 2005 Chris (who had somehow regained full access to the mall) momentarily believed his prayers had been answered when he was approached by Hanna, a girl who worked at the local Starbucks. She invited Chris to have coffee with her. Chris quickly overreacted to this sudden reversal of fortune, calling his mother and showing Hanna his entire Sonichu scrapbook.

Anna McLerran later informed Chris that Hanna was simply trolling him for the lulz. In shock, Chris confronted Hanna and, when she admitted the truth, he ran away screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!". He apparently made enough of a scene to get himself banned from the mall (again). Subsequently, Chris dramatized the whole story in the comic, where he was able to get the last word in exactly the way he could not in real life.

Conflicts with Manajerks

Around June 2005, with the mall becoming a more difficult place to pick up chicks, Chris turned to his local Wal-Mart, where he would go to the in-store McDonald's, set up his sign and various nerd amusements, and wait around for hours. On 20 June 2005 Chris was confronted by the men he identified as B-Manajerk and Merried Seinor Comic, who took issue with his sign and (probably in reaction to belligerent behavior) called the police on him. Chris hid the sign, effectively avoiding criminal charges for sexual solicitation, but he was banned from the McDonald's. He did not interpret this to mean he was banned from the Wal-Mart, however.

On 22 June, after the first incident, Chris again came into conflict with the B-Manajerk over his Pixelblock sculptures, and the conflict drew the attention of the W-M-Manajerk. The Manajerk apparently attempted to discuss the situation with Chris:

But I sat silent for a minute, then I said to him, “I do not speek [sic] to any Man other than myself, because they all have taken all the pretty girls leaving me with none.” Verbal Combat had started, and during the fight, I ran off, still giving verbal punishment, as well as da finger, and many “Curse-Ye-Ha-Me-Has.” I nearly backed up onto him with my car, and I gave him another finger. Then I dashed off.
CWC's Diary, 22 June 2005

In July, unsurprisingly having been banned from Wal-Mart, Chris relocated to the newly-opened Charlottesville Target, where he quickly found himself in trouble for loitering. Chris refused to leave at first, but when store employees returned with police officers (including Bagget), Chris offered to leave if they would listen to a prepared speech. According to Chris's account of the incident, five officers then jumped on him and hogtied him without provocation. His account is so blatantly fantastic and biased that it's difficult to draw any conclusions about what actually happened; for five police officers to have subdued him he must presumably have been egregiously stubborn in dealing with them.

Indeed, in the dramatization of these events in Sonichu #4, the jerkops need nothing short of a giant robot to capture Chris, and this time his twin sister rescues him so that they can destroy the jerkops' entire operation, which of course is commanded remotely by Mary Lee Walsh from PVCC.

Chris has said that he was eventually cleared of all criminal charges related to the dispute at Target. It was apparently at this point that his mother, in a dazzling display of parental guidance, informed him about two years too late that the Attraction Sign made him look retarded.

Megan Schroeder

Boyfriend-free no more!
You gonna get raped.

Chris met Megan Schroeder in the summer of 2005 and was immediately attracted by such qualities as her gender, her lack of a boyfriend and her willingness to talk to him. In Chris's mind these key factors meant that Megan was already destined to be his sweetheart, and the only thing left to do was convince Megan to accept this truth. The Love Quest was effectively on hold from this time until March 2008; all of Chris's writings during this time demonstrate that he believed he was already in a monogamous relationship with Megan and further Sweetheart Searching was unnecessary.

Aside from Megan's complete disinterest in romance with Chris, the relationship suffered other stumbling blocks, such as Megan's discomfort at Chris showering her with gifts; Megan's outrage over Chris's sexual harassment, hatred of men, and rampant homophobia; Megan's unwillingness to share a hypothetical hotel room with Chris; and most damagingly Megan's discovery that Chris had to draw himself fingerbanging her to suppress his fantasies of assaulting and raping her.[17] Even though she reacted as any normal human being would in the same situation, he was still shocked that she "broke up" with him and thought that all he had to do was say "I'm sorry" as much as possible.

Chris' obsession with Encyclopaedia Dramatica was what led to the end of the friendship, since his attempt to blow ED's mind by posting his Rule 34 drawings caused her to discover what a deranged individual he truly was and break off all contact with him. Chris totally missed the point about the fingerbanging picture, believing that its continued presence on ED was the issue, and ludicrously that Megan didn't understand what was going on in it. This contributed to his drive to shut the site down for much of 2008 until people on the Internet figured out the simplest way to troll him...

Internet Love Quest

Chris's image from The HooK Café profile.

After becoming an infamous lolcow thanks to his edit war with ED, Chris began to receive unexpected attention from attractive single women who loved his comics and totally weren't just looking to troll him. Since then, Chris has taken his Love Quest onto the Internet, proclaiming that his TRUE and HONEST sweetheart is whichever girl he's managed to pin down. Chris, or someone impersonating Chris, has at one point attempted appealing to Yahoo! Answers on how a "lonesome fella" can attract a boyfriend-free girl, going as far as mentioning his previous tactics and even asking his answerer to be his sweetheart.

With each sweetheart he meets online Chris follows a predictable pattern, demonstrating what he had always intended to do with any woman he met in real life. He begins with a series of proclamations of his TRUE and HONEST love, and then begins planning out how the woman will travel to his home. Chris professes to believe in the rule that sex is out of the question until the third date, but since he expects every romantic encounter to end in total success he makes it clear — in as gentlemanly a fashion as he can manage — that he expects sex at the woman's earliest convenience. Amazingly, as each successive Internet gal pal proves to be a troll, Chris becomes more devoted to the next one, to the point that within a month of meeting Ivy online he began planning his marriage to a woman he had never even seen face-to-face.

When addressing the question of why Chris readily takes each new troll at face value, his own mindset must be taken into consideration. Chris's prospects of finding a girl locally are virtually zero, and he knows this (although he thinks it's because they all already have boyfriends). At the same time, the Internet seems (from his point of view) to be an endless cavalcade of single, attractive women who are fascinated with him, making it an irresistible resource in his Love Quest. By now Chris is fully aware that each woman he meets online could be a troll, but each time he readily accepts evidence that she is not and dismisses out of hand any suggestion that she is. He does this because he wants to believe she's real; the alternative is to surrender to despair.

Notably, in July 2009 a group of trolls managed to set up a genuine date with Chris and an overweight woman named Faeryn. Chris supposedly touched her 'a few times', but the date ended with Faeryn dumping him.

Returning to real life

The Internet is so yesterday, Love Quest is always in.

In Chris's final chat with Sarah May from early March 2009, he claimed that he planned to give up looking for a sweetheart online, and return to searching for a girl in local Charlottesville. Trolls everywhere rejoiced, for this could only mean one thing – a return to the fabled Attraction Sign and the days of his exploits against the Jerkops and his other IRL misadventures.

This effort only lasted so long, however. Chris's first attempt at a real-life date, with Emily, ended in tragedy (for him) after the intervention of the Man in the Pickle Suit. During the brief Rollin' and Trollin' era in the early summer of 2009, Chris was allegedly spotted prowling Charlottesville Fashion Square in his Guitar Hero: Metallica tattoo sleeves, but it wasn't long before he gave up (or was simply banned from the CFS) and retreated back to the Internet.

In late October 2009, after a long hiatus, the sweetheart cycle began again, with the advent of the incredibly disturbing I Love You Kacey. Chris initially found success in his campaign to pry Kacey away from her current boyfriend, Liquid Chris, even managing to meet her in person on multiple occasions. Later, though, the relationship collapsed under the weight of Chris's bizarre and disturbing behavior.

The opening months of 2010 saw Chris land himself in romantic misadventures both in reality and online. He managed to pry himself out of his room for a while and in the process meet a real person, The Wallflower. Like Megan, however, she rebuffed all his attempts at a more-than-friendly relationship, and eventually cut off all contact with him. Meanwhile, one of his online personal ads led to an extended conversation with another potential sweetheart, but Chris tripped over his duck long before he ever got a chance to meet "Jackie" in real life.

Despite this, Chris believed he had found another way to attract females, this time via the Flipnote Hatena, which is (despite being accessed on a DSi) still on the internet. Between 17 June and 2 July 2010, Chris ignored Flipnote Hatena's "family friendly" policies and attempted to use it like a dating site. A lot of Chris's tags towards the female members were flirtatious to a point, and he even made a Flipnote calling out to every woman he had tagged or tagged him. However, despite the trolls swarming in to attack, non-troll responses were made by girls he tagged, most of whom were in their tweens to early teens.


Chris made numerous OKCupid profiles, and has successfully attracted a sweetheart though it – Catherine. Once her gig was up, Chris began to plumb the depths of derangement with videos advertising himself to women of "any orientation", since as a transwoman, Chris believes he now physically appeals to straight, bisexual, and lesbian women all at once.

In Sonichu #10, Chris revealed images of his imaginary future wife, Lovely Weather. In September 2017, he remarked that he had fulfilled his comic's prediction, following his entering into a relationship with his newest sweetheart, Jessica Quinn. However, this was not meant to be, as she broke up with him early in October 2017. He posted on Facebook a few weeks later saying that he did not need a significant other to define himself, hinting that he may have given up on his Love Quest, but only time will tell.

In January 2018, prompted by the CWCSonichu Prequel fancomic, Chris gave his thoughts on the Love Quest:[18]

I really worked too hard on something I should not have pushed too much on, the “Love Quest”... I Really should have focused more on Sonichu, his life and all of that. Instead, I did too much with myself.

I was more selfish back then. I really regret that I was. It has done a lot of damage to everyone around me.

The Idea Guys and the end of Chris's Love Quest

Main article: Idea Guys

During the Idea Guys saga, Chris's belief in multiple dimensions was exploited and his sense of reality hijacked to make changes to many of Chris's characters, concepts and perspectives of the real world, with him considering them to be valid. Ideas involving the Love Quest include:

  • Chris being brainwashed into thinking of himself as bisexual.
  • Chris believing he's in a polyamorous marriage with his imaginary friends.

Beginning in March 2018, Chris's already weak grasp on reality having been eroded further under the Idea Guys's influence, he believed himself to be in a polyamorous marriage with Mewtwo and three of his own fictional characters.

By April 2018, the Idea Guys had manipulated Chris into believing that he was bisexual. In April, Chris recorded Dick Licker; that is I, a video of him giving his imaginary husband Magi-Chan a blowjob. Two weeks later, Chris flirted with Bryanfrogboy over the internet. He also began to kiss men on the cheek in public – fan Copitz in May and several attendees at the TooManyGames convention in June (leading him to be kicked out).

Wizkerzz describes how Chris immediately declared he wasn't interested in dating her.

Chris's belief in the polyamorous marriage was so strong that he told Wizkerzz – a female fan cosplaying as him – that he wasn't interested in dating her, and in July 2018, he also rebuffed a professed potential sweetheart: Miss Cherry. Showing no further interest in finding real-world china for himself, the Love Quest has come, if not to an underwhelming yet bizarre conclusion, at least to a long interlude not quite like anything before it in Christory. It seems that, in a sense, the real Love Quest was the friends that Chris made along the way – quite literally.

That being said, even in this state, Chris occasionally indicated his disappointment in not finding a romantic partner that actually exists. In one such post, he once again blames the trolls for his inability to find a woman instead of making an effort to reach out to someone offline that doesn't involve waving a sign around or loitering on private property. With that post, Chris projected that he had a good Valentine's Day and that all the trolls were miserable when in actuality he spent it holed up in his house with his mother and pets, probably still depressed about his lot in life.

Additionally, while speaking with KwaiiSandbag, Chris indicated that he was still lonely, and had considered one of the members of Praetor for a potential relationship, but put it off under the belief that Magi-chan would soon cross into 1218. Torn between his imaginary lovers, Fiona, Bella and several other potential candidates for a lover, Chris chose another way out.

The Final End of the Love Quest

The true end of this saga was made clear near the end of July 2021: the boyfriend-free girl Chris had searched for all these years had been hiding under his nose (and a pile of garbage) this whole time. Unfortunately, this end was not what we all pictured, and it resulted in his longest exile from the internet yet, as well as lots of infamy on and off the internet. Even though he has since been released from jail, the Love Quest has mostly ended at this point, with Chris still claiming to be married to four of his imaginary lovers. Despite a fair bit of evidence to the contrary, Chris doesn't actually consider his new companion Flutter to be his girlfriend and claims to need no bitches. How long this relationship will last, and whether it will remain ambiguously friendly, evolve into something more explicitly romantic, or completely deteriorate, is impossible to know at this stage.

Promotional images

Throughout the Love Quest, Chris produced some "sexy" pictures to attract the ladies. Any success they may have had is not evident.

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