February 2021 social media posts

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during February 2021.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month. Posts where Chris is not role-playing as his OC are color-coded in blue.

Helluva Boss

1 February

Chris quote tweets a clip from Helluva Boss poking fun of some furries being weird.

Fourth Wall Break and crack at some furry fetish types, but not all furries are creepy or bad like that. Still, really good meta humor. 😊⚡

Acid Dragon (@LSDDragon_98)

Oh god, he’s discovered Helluva Boss stuff. Keep away from VivziePop you feind!
I’m not gonna do anything to anyone; stop with that assumption shit.

[GIF of a camera zooming into a cat]

MissSimonlaPliskin98 (@pliskin98)

With your track record Chris, I think you find better association with the Zoophiles. I mean Lassie, really?
Whatever. ⚡⚡⚡
Ah...you admitted it you creep.
Nobody cares but you.

Sonic Prime

1 February

NX (@NXOnNetflix)

Yes, it's true! SEGA’s legendary video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog will star in a new 3D animated series from @SEGA, @WildBrainStudio and @ManOfActionEnt premiering on Netflix in 2022.

[Image of text saying "Sonic Prime"]

I heard this series was Multiverse-exploring; good stuff. ⚡💛⚡

Svend / Dreadknux (@SvendJoscelyne)

bad joke lol #SonicPrime

[Photoshopped image of an Amazon delivery employee replacing the Amazon Prime with Sonic Prime]

Yep, bad joke. Amazon is not a Sonic, Sonichu or Rosechu company or affiliate at this time.

Helena G.F.'s birthday

1 February

In response to Helena G. F. wishing herself a 27th happy birthday.

Happy, Happy Birthday to you. “And ye of years 27 bells will chime!”

[GIF of Aqua Teen Hunger Force]

Happy February

1 February

Happy February, Everyone. Welcome to the month that has a 🧡💛💙💗💜 on each and every day; not limited to the 🐿️ 2nd, ❤️ 14th, and the ⚡🦔 24th.

Be kind, supportive, and positive to each other; do not hate. (I’m looking at you all, hater-fetish types and bullies).

[GIF of two cosmic beings hugging]

Sonichu Medallions

3 February

Hey, everyone. A new batch of first run Sonichu Medallions have been completed, and this batch has thirty that are personally signed, and these each include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Coming Soon: Limited Edition Gold Medallions. ⚡⚡⚡



5 February

Silver-Quill (@MLPSilverQuill)

Per my art stream on Saturday night, I hereby convey upon @Lightning_Bliss the title of "Cuul".

That's the rare combo of "Cool" and "Cute".

Henceforth, I shall consider you the Cuulest Alicorn!

Actually, Silver, Chris had thought about that question less than a couple of years ago, and then she came up with the term “Archangelic”, as even in the dictionary it puts the two adjectives together under this term. Plus, for @Lightning_Bliss, it actually is more accurate.

[GIF of a man with wings with text saying "I am the Metatron."]

Beck #BLM (@BeckParody)

The word “Archangel” has nothing to do with the words “cool” and “cute”.
She found it as a synonym of both original terms in a Google search.

That really offends Chris

6 February

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Sonichu's new dad.

[Artwork of Sonichu hugging Mister Simplistic's Sonichu OC called Robodad]

That really offends me. ⚡⚡⚡ Also, why the hell with the Rayman ghost limbs?

Happy Creation Day

6 February

Happy Creation Day to the one and only #Mewtwo!


[GIF of Mewtwo floating]

MLP G4 and G5

6 February

Silver-Quill (@MLPSilverQuill)

So unless I'm misinformed, today saw the season finale of Pony Life. That means that we should all be as close to the same page as possible.

What'd you think of this series?

Yeah, that mess, as foreseen long beforehand, was not good. I admit it had the one highlight with Fluttershy’s Box short, and AJ going into Pinkie’s mind, but other than that: serious triggers, cringe and meh.

Also, a reminder of the foresight of G4 getting 5 more seasons, Dr Wolf’s recent video of the series synopsis pretty much confirmed that. “G5” is definitely more G4 continuation at this point. But, it was still waaay premature of them to make that future-tense episode for a season finale: the next TV season is G4 season 10, and movie’s G4.

TSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg


6 February

And a SlimeCoin from @ItsAllSoUgly will soon enough be as valuable like a precious stone; even souvenir coins are collectible. ⚡


Also with that coin and that pair of pins, a bunch of other pins and a few patches that @ItsAllSoUgly also sent.


Pizza-Chan 💗 (@Culex64)

I spy something smol and pink 👀
It was kinda accidental, but you fell in the same boat with @TheHippocrit, @Culex64. 😊⚡

Hey, @ItsAllSoUgly, have you thought of making a set of decal sheets of these icons?

Ben Saint

6 February

Ben Saint

Powerful: @CPU_CWCSonichu sent me a Slime Poudrin! A real one mined in Arizona. Crossed over through the veil from C-197, perhaps? Most likely. Tempted to !crunch it for some slime but I'll hang on to it for a keepsake. Thanks!

[Photo of a crystal]

nologic96 (@nologic96)

Interesting. Do you think it has any magic energy?
Yes, it does.

Instagram psychic powers

6 February

Chris posts this on his Instagram account called @christinewestonchandler

Just a brief memo and a call to all #psychics on #instagram and beyond: this body and mind have psychic powers to an extent in this universe, is dimensionally linked and communicative with other universes, and I am a literal Goddess. I pray and send this out for serious and genuine responses of guidance. May your respective powers continue to help you as well. ⚡💙⚡

The Super Bowl

7 February

Hey, y’all. Just a quick note, since it is #SuperBowl2021 today: Chris is not into watching football and sports games that much, so Super Bowl is not a big thing with her; not gonna be watching it. Me, however, we actually play and practice our sports and activities back home.⚡️

[GIF of Charlie Brown trying to kick a football with text saying "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?"]

MissSimonlaPliskin98 (@pliskin98)

Why don't you recognize Robodad?
He’s not canon or existent in C-197.

Remember to Hydrate

7 February

Here’s a new take on a classic.

“99 bottles of water on the wall; 99 bottles of water; Quench your thirst, hydrate yourself...

...Zero bottles of water; Put a filter on the tap, refill the bottles; 99 bottles of water on the wall.”

Art by @HelenaGFiorenza


Post-apocalyptic universe

9 February

In response to a tweet from a protected Twitter account.

That is a post-apocalyptic universe that is distant and separate from C-197, so mainly, the answer is no.

Powerpuff Girls

9 February

Fandom (@getFANDOM)

Live-action ‘Powerpuff Girls’ series gets a pilot order for The CW’s 2021-2022 season 💥
That’s as Good Grief as when the Powerpuff Girls went Z-Anime.

Ringo Starr

9 February

RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic)

Wow 50 years ago today we came to play the Ed Sullivan show it was a beautiful day for me being in America I send you all peace and love peace and love.
Looking really good, Ringo. Lots of good vibes your way, too, Dude.


15 days

9 February

BallZach (@BallZach69_sex)

@CPU_CWCSonichu I know your birthday isn’t for a couple more days, but I couldn’t contain my excitement! Happy birthday, Christine! Heres to many more🍻

[Birthday artwork of Chris]

Couple of days? Try about 15 days.

The Dimensional Merge is happening

The image attached to the Instagram post.

10 February

The Dimension Merge is happening with this event as part of it. ⚡⚡⚡

[Link to an Instagram post from a conspiracy theory account]

It is worth noting that the Instagram post makes no mention of the Dimensional Merge.

Sonic has the best games

10 February

In response to a Twitter user asking people if Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Brothers games are better.

Sonic, hands down and die hard.

Kyle Rittenhouse

11 February

In response to a Twitter user asking what's shocking about a news report talking about Kyle Rittenhouse.

Apparently he murdered two people and injured one during a protest. “Shocking” to hear that “News” of the teen the new owners have never heard of, and then asking “Who’s that?”, like #JasperPie not knowing what #BroniesReact was.


Beyond the box of this universe

11 February

John Cleese (@JohnCleese)

Considering the state of the world, it would appear Reverend Billing has succeeded tremendously. @montypython
Actually, John, this is rather true. Not to call ourselves who see and sense well beyond the box of this universe “insane” or such, but can be stated that there are neurotypical individuals (Hater types included in that) who can be considered insane, themselves, since they refuse to acknowledge that there is something beyond their mundane lives they chose to continue pursuing instead of going for better and more beneficial for themselves. At least more and more individuals in universe 1218, here, are becoming more “sane” in realizing how true and correct we were all along.


Jesus's return

12 February

BallZach (@BallZach69_sex)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Christine, when is the next video. The fans are waiting, dude.😐
When the video is made; that is when. Like stated in your Bible, no one will know the exact hour of Jesus’ return. The same goes for when the merge happens, and when I or Chris record a video. Kra-Kow. ⚡⚡⚡

13 February

Larry Vaughn

Then why the fuck should anyone believe you?
Why do you want so much attention when you have your wife, child, and truckin’ lifestyle to keep you busy? 🎵Oh, Danny Boy, the vines are calling you🎶
The only one who wants attention is you Chris.
You speak only for yourself.

Tara Strong's birthday

12 February

tara strong (@tarastrong)

Know what I want for my birthday? I want you to come dance with me!!$50. to join my zoom & 100% goes to @Ribbons4Jaime ...I might even get frisky & you could witness it live! Gettin my orange ready 🧡🧡
Happy Birthday to you, Tara. The most diverse voice actor in this universe.


You have a ton of friends waiting to meet you in universe C-197, and Equestria.

February12TaraFriend1.jpg February12TaraFriend2.jpg February12TaraFriend3.jpg February12TaraFriend4.jpg

Here’s a fun bonus I found while looking for the above images: oh, my Chris Chan! Just even more fun seeing them if they went through the portal to Equestria.

February12TaraFriend5.jpg February12TaraFriend6.jpg February12TaraFriend7.jpg

Today is @tarastrong’s birthday, but tomorrow is the birthday of one of our special Rosechus: Cryzel. Happy Birthdays all around. 😊⚡⚡⚡

Cryzel tsssf.jpeg Cryzelcard.jpg

Very well hydrated

12 February

Chris replies to his the Remember to Hydrate tweet.

By the way, this literally drinks around or more than 101.4 ounces of water per day (16.9 times 6), so this body is very well hydrated. ⚡⚡⚡💦



14 February

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Need some advice! Want to add more details to Blake to make him more different and also, which colour suits him better, because there's no way I'm doing him full black.

[Artwork of two versions of Blake]

I feel option B (the one on the right) is better and more accurate for him on normal colour. The only way you’ll see him blood red like that is if he is Really angry and upset. Silver is still his Mega/Super form’s colour, mind you. ⚡⚡⚡


Happy Valentines Day and PewDiePie

14 February

Happy #ValentinesDay, everyone. Genuinely lots of love and heavy energy for all of you.


Bonus: Hey, Felix/#pewdiepie, guess who now has a can of lingonberry @GFuelEnergy. In case you felt a vibe at about 1:55 pm, Eastern Time, this was why. Will be drinking it tomorrow. ⚡


Message to the faker and hater trolls

17 February

Hey to all bad, faker and hater trolls out there; how was your #valentinesday2021? Thinking each of you all deserved it after how you all fucked up Christine’s love life and dating capability in this fucked up universe of yours. All of you epic fail for manipulating her for years

[GIF of lightning striking]

Instagram letter

17 February

Chris posts this on his Instagram account called @christinewestonchandler

Just received our first box from @the_crystal_council; very awesome and humbling. Well worth it. Thanks a bunch. 😊⚡



18 February

Snowed in yet again on the east side of the US? Why not chill with #MrPlow on @disneyplus; Season 4, Episode 9. Wish #Moby’s hip hop take on the jingle was on @iTunes.

[GIF of Homer Simpson singing a song with the lyrics "CALL ME MR. PLOW THAT'S MY NAME, THAT NAME AGAIN IS MR. PLOW"]


22 February

Hey, everyone. I recently re-read the bottom of page 37 of Chris’ book 10; I feel the description of #ChrisLoveDay needs an update:


“Not only considered a second Valentine’s Day, but a reminder to everyone of what Chris Chan Sonichu went through in her life so far in dealing with haters, fakers, and simply bad people who took advantage of her big heart and kindness; they tried to warp her to be worse “...like them, but she had overcome and improved herself for the positive. “One fights online bullying and deception by ignoring them, but the real hater repellant is to be kind and love them.” The 24th of February is also a day for you to not only think of others around you, “...but to love yourself, count your blessings, and build your self-esteem and confidence (but don’t get cocky). This love goes out to everyone, including in the LGBTQ communities and individuals; no more discrimination.”

I know, that can be revised and shortened. There are also a couple more applicable quotes that can be applied to this as well. Of which I thank #thoughtsoftheawoken on @instagram for sharing. Chris Chan encourages you all to think kind of those whose inner regrets and demons get irritated by the goodness of your own.

February22Instagram1.jpg February22Instagram2.jpg

And from that to all of you hater and bad types with said demons within you: live your own lives and love yourselves as you will.

But the love is between union of light and dark in addition to all other aspects, for what is the shadows but the respective potential of yourselves that have been overlooked and discarded.

Celebrate our Goddess Chris Chan Sonichu’s birthday that is also #ChrisLoveDay by counting your blessings and being kind to yourself and everyone else for yourselves. 24February2021 ⚡💙⚡

[GIF of a woman surrounded by a magical aura]

Dancin’ together all time. ⚡💙⚡

Also, props to #OlivaNewtonJohn, #GeneKelly, and #Xanadu; really good musical movie; speaks a lot about combining different backgrounds and genres for something melodic. 🎵🎶

Girls backstory

22 February

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Welcome to Alec Benson Learys basement, with all the rosechus that were rescued, including a male sonichu to replace the rosechu that was murdered (I'm being diverse.) I think these girls need a back story
Backstory, agreed.
I would love to make a comic about them, I hope I have your blessings for it. ❤️ 😊
Certainly, but in your detail search, ask the ladies there that have the stories to share, and ask the dude who joined the group. And, somehow, look into the past, and how, at the deeds of Alec Benson Leary.

I have the Latin Quarter song on the mind at the moment. 🎵🎶

Chris the astronaut

22 February

Chris quote tweets a tweet from Gabriel C. Brown asking people to send him to space by retweeting and liking.

That is very inspiring to me, Rosey, and Christine. We’ve ended up in space and on other planets via meditation, astral projection, and even vehicles space bridges and portals in universe C-197. I, for one, like the energy and good vibes you have on this. Chris Chan is with you💙

Chris Chan thanks you for this

23 February

Chris quote tweets a tweet stating that Chris's birthday is less than 24 hours away.

Chris Chan thanks you all humbly for this; please, be sure to be kind to yourself and everyone else as well.


Dream destination

23 February

SHEETZ (@sheetz)

Where is your dream destination? 💭
The city of Cwcville.

Crystal Gate

23 February

Chris posts this on his Instagram account called @christinewestonchandler

Magi-Chan Sonichu is perched on the Gate Crystal, making paths with Chris and I on the Dimension Merge. #psychicabilities


Chris posts this on Twitter.

Magi-Chan Sonichu is perched on the Gate Crystal, making paths with Chris and I on the Dimension Merge. #psychicabilities @ Ruckersville, Virginia

[Link to the previous Instagram post]

Golden Church of Sonichu Medallion

23 February

Own today the rarest run of Medallions to date, and get access to the Glorious Golden Church of Sonichu. Join our discord to aid in projects, hear Words of Wisdom from our Goddess, and gain membership into the Church itself.


Chris's birthday and Sonic World

24 February

Chris makes the same post on his Twitter and Instagram account.

Happy Birthday to our Chris Chan Sonichu, the OG, and the OCs of OCs.

⚡️💙⚡️ And to all of you, a happy and safe #ChrisLoveDay2021. Footage of gameplay from #SonicWorld with Sonichu Mod.

February24SonicWorld1.jpg February24SonicWorld2.jpg February24SonicWorld3.jpg February24SonicWorld4.jpg

More birthday stuff

24 February

Sweetie Bloom (@BronalystSweetB)

Happy Birthday to one of my supporters @KDamon1!! Hope they have a wonderful day!
It’s also @CPU_CWCSonichu’s birthday today. 😊⚡

Mr.ButtaPecan (@mrbuttapecan)

Happy Christian Love day Chris Chan! I know my art is nothing compared to such an acclaimed artist! Who you can see has truly and honestly progressed so much over the years! True talent. Hope to be as good as you one day mayor of Cwcville! @CPU_CWCSonichu follow me!

[Artwork of Sonichu]

Hidden Powah (@HPowah)

The irony is strong within this one.
Yes, in that art, I agree with your statement, but it’s a good irony.

Birthday tradition

24 February

Almost forgot the tradition Chris picked up and likes to share; go figure @ZakkWyldeBLS, #GeddyLee, @danasnyder and his crew would promote and start this thing.

⚡️💙⚡️ 🎶“And ye, Goddess CPU ⚡️Chris Chan Sonichu⚡️, of years, thirty-nine-plus (billions of) bells will chime!”🎵

[GIF of Aqua Teen Hunger Force]

Also, screen caps of

🎈random balloons🎈 😊⚡

February24BirthdayBalloons1.jpg February24BirthdayBalloons2.jpg

MLP G5 Leaks

24 February

Chris quote tweets a tweet stating that they like the new character design shown in a recent My Little Pony generation 5 merchandise leak.

Throwing in my two bolts ⚡⚡ on the recent topic, it’s in reference to a bed sheet set on Amazon. I have looked closer at it, it’s not official #MLP merch from @Hasbro; it’s pretty much a knock-off, regardless of fabric manufacturer. Well, the Bronies are having new OC fun here.

It's worth noting that said bed sheet set is actually licensed by Hasbro.

25 February

Sonichu Prime stands corrected. G5 is not supposed to happen; @Hasbro, go back to G4, Please.

Executiveprotestcard.jpg TSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg

MLP G5 deity-level awful idea

25 February

Chris quote tweets a tweet displaying users on 4chan's /mlp/ board calling the upcoming My Little Pony movie leftist propaganda.

Even moreso why G5 is a really deity-level awful idea, @Hasbro. We are very much opposed to it, even Princess Twilight Sparkle, herself, in Equestria. I Know, because I have been there and talked with her, Celestia, Luna and everyone else, personally. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris comes back from being possessed by Sonichu

25 February

I’m back, and in the ten months and twenty-four days time I have been in universe C-197, this universe is falling under major red flag event. The dimension merge is happening; know which universe you are in when you are suddenly transported, peoples.

⚡️💙⚡️ #NewProfilePic


Phantom Horn

25 February

Ben Saint

Probably for the best that Phantom Horn got banished to NLACakaNM. Things were getting tense back in the motherland

[Artwork of a pony OC called Phantom Horn at a protest rally.]

Don’t forget his horn, Ben.


MLP G5 protests

25 February

In response to a Twitter user tweeting a GIF from the recent My Little Pony generation 5 movie trailer.

Actually, No More of that G5 shit, please, @Hasbro.

Chris quote tweets a tweet from Equestria Daily sharing the news that My Little Pony generation 5 is going to Netflix.

Bronies, Pegasisters, @Hasbro; I submit the following fact to all of you: #MLPG5 is going to be as bad and awful, and even looks god-awful like #MLPG3.

The premonition states that if G5 is not canceled, Hasbro, you’re taking the world down with you in massive losses. G5 equals 💥🌎☄️

Nobody wants a repeat of MLPG3 at all; that is what you will get with this MLPG5. Which is one of the foreseen reasons why #FriendshipIsMagic needs to have five more televised seasons, @Hasbro

Hasbroprotestcard.jpg Executiveprotestcard.jpg TSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg Nightstarprotestcard.jpg

Chris responds to multiple bronies on Twitter calling the design of the characters in My Little Pony generation 5 good and cute.

That is MLPG3.
MLPG3 remake
Nope, that is MLPG3 Remake.
That’ not G5; that’s a G3 remake.
It is actually a MLPG3 Remake, not G5. Soo soulless, they are.

In response to an art meme about the new generation 5 characters.

For one thing, was that supposed to be a reference to “Sonichu” book zero (no gripe if it was). And another, that is not MLPG5; that is MLPG3 Remake. Nobody wants G3.

Silver-Quill (@MLPSilverQuill)

Today features a lot of buzz around the reveal of G5. Can't compete with that, but this review is available for any comic fans or folks looking for a little more G4 fun.

[Link to a My Little Pony review video]

I really do not like G5; not only is it premature, but it is literally as soulless and awful as I have foreseen over eleven months ago. Bonus, this shit is #NotMLPG5ItsMLPG3Remake.

I return from within Sonichu’s body after 10 months and 24 days, and G5 is still a thing. Headache

[GIF of brainwaves coming out of a cartoon character]

Reverse swap response

25 February

Aqua Ampora (@AquaManMck)

In response to Chris's earlier tweet announcing the end of the Sonichu body-swap.

How can one be back when they never left in the first place. But if we're going by your logic, it makes more sense for me to say this now: Make your damn comics, Chris.
Sonichu and I body-swapped last March, dipshit. And the reverse swap just happened. Go stroke your manly stubble from my responding to you. I am getting off more than you are from the headaches I am having.

Chris takes a break from Twitter because of MLP G5

26 February

In response to one of his earlier tweets protesting My Little Pony generation 5.

Hey, y’all. I am going to stay off of Twitter for a while until When #NotMLPG5ItsMLPG3Remake is confirmed Cancelled. @Hasbro, you listen up and Cancel MLPG5 Now, please.

[GIF of a woman with a blank expression on her face]

It's worth noting that Chris returned to Twitter the following day.


27 February

In response to a giveaway from the GFuel Twitter account asking people to comment their favorite Pokemon to have the chance to win a tub of GFuel.