February 2018 tweets

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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major tweets from February 2018.

First day of February

1 February

Happy February, Everyone! 😊

Pokémon Binder still on sale

1 February

Hey! This big Ol’ book of cards and CWC Bonuses is still available; come Buy It Now, please, so we can successfully repair my mother’s teeth. Thank You!

He linked to the eBay page

Standing While I draw!

1 February

Standing while I draw!

Chris links to his Facebook page.


You got an easel - have you ever tried painting? I would love to see a self portrait or a watercolour painting of Sonichu, or something. Looking good!

Chris replied:

Thank you. I have painted, sculpted and many a other arts and crafts before in my many art classes. I feel better with my good ol’ pen and markers, though. 😃

@PhoenixGiratina gives Chris artistic advice

you really should use a pencil first them go over it in pen so up can erase before you do final line art might make you art look better

UFS Cards on Sale

3 February

Selling my UFS Cards too. I Like Cassandra.

He then linked to the eBay page

Age Survey

4 February

To all of my Fans and Followers, and Please Be Honest; How Old Are You?

The survey ends with 14% 12 or younger, 43% 13-20 years old, 37% 21-35 years old, and 6% 36 or older.

@DespicableFool asked:

Interesting question. May I ask why you're asking?

Chris replied

I Had wanted to confirm my audience’s average age range for a while, and Ramona reminded me of that, so I am asking now.

Announcing store opening

Main article: Bryanfrogboy Chats#Store Opening

Yup, Chris played Halo

8 February

Yup. I Finally played some Halo.

Free on Game Pass

Announcing Lulu store


My "Sonichu" Book Series is now back up on http://Lulu.com. I do pray we will no longer have any... https://fb.me/1cja9xLYZ

Patreon artwork

10 February

Nightstar and Diamond Melody on a date in Cwcville

Very nice art

Main article: Bryanfrogboy Chats#Very nice art

Chris gets the prequel comic

Main article: Bryanfrogboy Chats#Chris gets the prequel comic

Prequel book poll

Main article: Bryanfrogboy Chats#Prequel book poll

Getting that bag

16 February

And if you haven’t already, please be sure to make your $20 Pledge, so you too can take advantage of this One-Time Offer for the Great Fan-Fic Book! Smiling face with smiling eyes http://patreon.com/posts/16923495

Updated equestria girls figures

19 February

Check it out! Updated Nightstar, and myself, Equestria Girls Minis Figures! 😊❤️

Damaged art for sale

22 February

Damaged original art for sale: http://youtu.be/YUbY0CMECME?a via @YouTube

Mourning Aunt Corrina

23 February

In response to a Twitter user mourning the loss of their grandmother

I hear you, @MelissaJoanHart. In 2009, my Aunt Corina passed on, and the funeral was soon held on my own Birthday that year. You can rest assure that your Nanny’s soul lives on in you and your family’s hearts, as well as in her current life today.

Christian Love Day

24 February

Hey, Everyone! Happy Christian Love Day to All Of You too! 😃❤️


@CWCSonichu Happy Christian Love Day! Or is it Christine Love Day now?


Either way is cool. 😊❤️

Talking about Starlight Glimmer

27 February

Chris talks about Starlight Glimmer with another Twitter user

Hey @CWCSonichu, how do you feel about Starlight Glimmer? She's a pretty great character, wouldn't you say? https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2016/5/8/1149043__safe_twilight+sparkle_trixie_magic_big+macintosh_food_cutie+mark_starlight+glimmer_telekinesis_cake.png
I like Starlight Glimmer for who she is in the more better aspect. 😊❤️

Just, that “The Cutie Map” Season 5 Premiere; I don’t hold that against her nowadays, but the Conformity thing in that two-parter REALLY Made Me Cringe and Cry. Gah!

Yes I agree. Between her and Sunset Shimmer, you would most certainly choose Starlight, wouldn't you?
I have been pondering between Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer; which one I like better. I actually like both of them a lot, and I can relate to both of them between their similar circumstances. But, if I Have to choose one, because she had more epiphanies, I choose Sunset.

Selling Pokemon games

27th January

Selling some LeafGreen now. Please, help us a bit more. Thank you. https://fb.me/bk8pCbjvL

Also, a copy of Pokémon Emerald. https://fb.me/7zHv0X7QP