February 2018 tweets

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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major tweets from February 2018.

First day of February

1 February

Happy February, Everyone! 😊

Pokémon Binder still on sale

1 February

Hey! This big Ol’ book of cards and CWC Bonuses is still available; come Buy It Now, please, so we can successfully repair my mother’s teeth. Thank You!

He linked to the eBay page

Standing While I draw!

1 February

Standing while I draw!

Chris links to his Facebook page.


You got an easel - have you ever tried painting? I would love to see a self portrait or a watercolour painting of Sonichu, or something. Looking good!

Chris replied:

Thank you. I have painted, sculpted and many a other arts and crafts before in my many art classes. I feel better with my good ol’ pen and markers, though. 😃

@PhoenixGiratina gives Chris artistic advice

you really should use a pencil first them go over it in pen so up can erase before you do final line art might make you art look better

UFS Cards on Sale

3 February

Selling my UFS Cards too. I Like Cassandra.

He then linked to the eBay page

Age Survey

4 February

To all of my Fans and Followers, and Please Be Honest; How Old Are You?

The survey ends with 14% 12 or younger, 43% 13-20 years old, 37% 21-35 years old, and 6% 36 or older.

@DespicableFool asked:

Interesting question. May I ask why you're asking?

Chris replied

I Had wanted to confirm my audience’s average age range for a while, and Ramona reminded me of that, so I am asking now.

This survey garnered lots of replies from weens and a-logs alike.

Michael Hirtes

How old are YOU, Chris? And then ask yourself this; should you be playing with little children's toys at that age?


im 34 but my trans age is 15


Fans? You have fans? Look. Come to terms with the following. You don't have fans. You have friends and you have your followers that follow you to witness and behold the train wreck before us. Okay?


I'm agekin so I'm actually over 10,000 years old and have immense wisdom beyond that of you silly flesh kids. Why are the ages on the poll so young?

Christian Love Day

24 February

Hey, Everyone! Happy Christian Love Day to All Of You too! 😃❤️


@CWCSonichu Happy Christian Love Day! Or is it Christine Love Day now?


Either way is cool. 😊❤️