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This page is an archive of Chris's social media posts during June 2024. Unless otherwise indicated, the posts are on Twitter and from the account @CPU_CWCSonichu.

G5 rambling

14 June

If G4 ever comes back, would you want Starlight Glimmer to return for it too?

[Posts My Little Pony art.]

MLP-FiM is going to return for five more seasons. Again, I have literally foretold it.

Also, MLPG5 is literally Russian Propaganda; one of the many reasons I foreknew years ago how awful and Not Meant To Be In This Timeline it was, @Hasbro.

Transformers toy

14 June

Since I revealed this thing (not even 36 hours ago and it already feels like ages!), so many people have asked if it can do the WFC Refraktor camera mode.

It can.

So now *obviously* I need three of them.

Or just leave him in box mode.

[posts image of a Transformers toy]

It's clear you can't attach a lens to it, so it can't be a center piece of the trio.

On inactivity and weens

15 June

Hey. I apologize for not posting as much lately, but I have been doing even further soul searching and found more insight and satisfaction.

I also realized something recently: those who oftenpublicly post online to others with little regard or care in the quality of their content likely don't have many actual close friends of their own. This, of course, does not apply to everyone.

Moreover, this applies to the weens and those who have not even found themselves yet continue to follow trends to fabricate their own respective definitions of an identity. I used to be like that at times. But I have not in years.

Like my fellow Pisces, I end up going with the flow at times. But that is not to say that I'm dumb like an unwoke individual or ween, but I am a lot more intelligent and insightful. Everyone makes mistakes. And with those few who can shift "Reality" in their favor or in the favor of everyone. But even more few are those who literally foreknow specific events and details consciously not knowing when specifically it will happen. It is not advised to ask them or force a date out of them. It is going to happen, regardless, so do the Universe, Timeline and Deities a favour and don't try to force it.

We are manifesting everything as prophecised and foretold. It is clear to see if you compare what has been stated before and what had manifested since. It's easier than rocket science, yet complicated like the Alpha/Omega Point of all Existence and the role of the One Avatar of All Existence.

In any event, life is better enjoyed when you count your blessings. Good Health, for one thing in general. Progression, Learning, Experiences between yourself and everyone else. Having good actual authentic close and closer friends, if you have them. Dispelling any individuals who have been proven by themselves as Toxic to you and others. Even Redeeming yourself from being Toxic to be more Positive and Good Light Powerwd and the opportunities towards such are great Blessing not to be overlooked.

The point is try to better yourselves for the Light Powered and Good, not letting any Toxic naysayers who haven't learned or do not authentically know better put even one bit or cent piece towards dragging you down like a Demon or Devil manifested from numerous amounts of Doubt. It's a tough process, true.

And not all of you have all of your Sonichus and Rosechus on Earth. Nor do all of you have All of your self right where you are or even on this Earth or Timeline. I've been everywhere and speak from personal experiences, but I am grounded and know I am here and now in this Timeline and on this Earth that is becoming undivided.

Meditate on that with genuine Love, Compassion and importantly Empathy.


[Posts GIF of The Beatles's Yellow Submarine.]

Tarot cards

15 June

Osho Zen tarot cards June 15, 2024.jpg

Transformers question

15 June

Rylin (YarrowGiovanni)
Do you think the Decipticons would get along with the Shattered Glass Autobots?

I personally don't think so. They'll probably turn on each other for more power and territory.

[Posts picture of two Transformers icons.]

Indeed. It's a matter of Toxic and Toxic; they don't generally mix, because they don't have any mutual appreciation of each other or themselves.

Minecraft stream announcement

16 June

Just to give y'all a little something to look forward to, next live stream I do will be in my recently updated OG Minecraft world. Give y'all a look at what I was able to do in Survival Mode over a matter of months years ago, and recently.

Also, go buy personally authenticated merch on my Etsy Store.
[Link to OfficialCWCmart.]

Take care and be safe.⚡️💙⚡️

Minecraft picture

16 June

X - Chris's survival Minecraft world on the Nintendo Switch June 16, 2024.jpg

PS5 giveaway

20 June

Limited Run Games
Excited for LRG3? It's giveaway time!

Enter to win a PS5 and 10 free games by retweeting and commenting with #LRG3!
[Posts promotion picture for the giveaway.]


Minecraft stream date revealed

29 June

Hey, everyone. Will be live streaming tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for fun.

[Posts GIF of Minecraft art.]