June 2013 Facebook Posts

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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in June 2013.


  • 2 June - Chris is lonely.
  • 9 June - Chris sulks about Megan.
  • 13 June - Chris likes videos for children.
  • 17 June - Chris is lonely.
  • 22 June - Chris declares that he has become bitter and confused.
  • 24 June - Chris has only bitterness in response to a positive comment by [Anna]]'s mother.
  • 27 June - Chris makes a strange comment about skunks.

Status Updates

I am so lonely

2 June 2013

Damn! I am so lonely. I do not know whether to wait for my girlfriend or to move on because the weights is driving me crazy among the loneliness of other things; stress of my life! Hell, first woman to Ask me out, in person I'd probably say yes.

*sigh* *groan* *grunt*

My Little Pony video

13 June 2013

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/imrwB8zmPj My Little Pony Equestria Girls Official Trailer 2

Note that just a few weeks earlier he had condemned the very idea of the Equestria Girls.

Sesame Street video

13 June 2013

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/cE8diaEBeT Sesame Street - I Heard the Dog Bark (Original Version)

I am feeling very lonely again

17 June 2013

I am feeling very lonely again. I am unable to think of a way to find my female sweetheart currently, where I won't end up risking trouble with the goddamned Jerkops within any "police office" or "legal office" from any and all of the shit against me on the internet that is easily Googled. And I am still publcally invisible to Everywoman, because they are all already taken by some stupid, jerk male, or are otherwise freaking busy with their own internal lives in this digital age where in person...

...socializing has become obsolete. |:(

William Elliott Waterman replied:


Too many Trolls and Bad People in the world

22 June 2013

If you "Fans" REALLY want to know why you're like lowly to me. There are too many Trolls and Bad People in the world hiding behind the Internet constantly; I am unable to tell the difference. I have lost my youth and sunny energy within the past decade. I have become bitter from a miserable life and an irreversible Internet reputation, thanks to you bad people. End of story.

A skunk

27 June 2013

A skunk; you don't need to kill it to stink things up; it pees anywhere it wants.

Note that skunk spray is not urine, but a mixture of thiols produced by anal scent glands.

Notes From Others

Just re-watched your DVD with a friend.

On 9 June 2013, Anna McLerran posted:

Just rewatched your DVD with a friend. She agrees with me that you are a sweetheart and it made me really miss you. I wished you lived close so I could introduce you to her-she's married, but she would make a great friend to you. I got to thinking when you and I first met and I pulled out my folder of all the things you've sent or given me over the years- your comics, letters, cards. It all just serves to illustrate what a remarkable injustice these people have done to you through the years. I don't care what anyone says, you do not deserve an ounce of hate. You're an incredible person with incredible creativity and talent, and I hope that your ability to create has not dimmed too much. I wish more people knew the real you instead of this strange monster the internet thinks you are. But I suppose that's how it is with celebrities of all kinds- people think they know them, but they never really do. I love you, and consider you one of my dearest friends and one of my most favorite people in the world. Stay strong, Christian. You have more allies than you think.

Chris then posted:

I have done that a LOT for my past friends as well, including Megan Schroeder. If only SHE had realized the same ideas you have just shared, maybe she would have not seen me as a weird freak and start this whole mess against me in the first place in 2007. |:(

William replied to Chris:

Chris, why are you demonizing Megan? I don't think she actively did anything with the intent to make others see you the way they do. Why are you harping on something from 2007?
I think if you were just grateful you have a friend who loves you, and didn't waste time thinking about the bad, you would be feeling a lot better.

Let's all go to Disneyland together!

On 13 June 2013, Anna McLerran posted:

Dana Mahri Linnea Hiltzheimer Christian Weston Chandler hey guys let's all go to Disneyland together!

I am sending you good energy

On 24 June 2013, Mary McLerran, relative of Anna McLerran, posted:

Hi Christian. I am sending you good energy. Sorry there are so many mean people who have hurt you. Enjoy each day and find joy in small simple things that bring you pleasure.

Chris then replied:

Whoopee. That'll bring pretty, single, well-organized women around to make the first move on me. (:0

Trolls not welcome

Sometime this month, a stranger made a suggestion that Chris look into publishing Sonichu on iBookstore. Chris responded with:

Listen I do not know you personally. And I do not think I care to know you, because I am considering you to be one of the trolls against me. So you can stop messaging me, and tell everyone else who cares to message me on Facebook to stop it, because I am ignoring their messages as well.