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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during August 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Dumb as a...

1 August, Twitter

I have my own pouch of rocks; up to about 26 years old, this pouch and these rocks are. Including a bonus Smokey Quartz my Captain sent me. I had to remove the old paper insert to close the pouch, but I should have brought it with me this weekend. LOL


But, yes, my mother found this set of rocks a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing it again since in my bosom. I should probably get a new pouch to replace this leather pouch; the brown stained my bras lately. Go fig how old brown leather runs around.

I was also looking, Firstmost, at BronyCon, the Pony Quest table, but they didn’t return this year. I Still Want a copy of their updated game on an NES Cartridge (I have an NES). Oh, well.

Check it out: Chris Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Magi-Chan Sonichu, and Nightstar on Christine’s shoulder were Spotted! Yay! 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Listen up, everyone, anyone who feels like they are, or have been feeling Internet Trolled/Cyber-Bullied a Lot, I am here to support you. Please, email me at, and my friends and I can help you.
I love my lady friends too. I am NOT going to repeat last year’s debacle by naming any of them.

Everyone, be kind to each other. Happy #NationalGirlfriendsDay

Fan art!

More tweets

2 August, Twitter

Yes! My Patreon is finally Unfrozen! I Will get on the books for everyone very soon. I do apologize for the delay. Thank you all for your patience.
This person has some health issues and needs money; give her a hand, if you can.
Sooo Kawaii! 😃

Son-Chu returns

Got my car back! I’ve Earned It with all of the walking I did. Awesome! Also, gonna get a new pair of Adidas today.


I acknowledge and appreciate the gesture, but there will not be any physical updates to my Son and Rose by my hand or consent (clothing aside; he’s keeping his shoe style). I will watch the video later.



We are still going on and progressing; we will not be rebooted ever, my people and I.

I suppose on the mention of that, and my hubby, Magi-Chan, told me Now was the time. I, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, am the new CPU Blue Heart. The short story of that is in these four pages, that are also in the back of the book I will be non-profit distributing as it is also the exposé of what Joshua Wise and his cohorts did to our sister dimension that I ended up being able to undo the Worst Of. And I Will get my money back from those two bastards! Anyway, it is all for real and serious. I am still learning and developing my powers. Now, if someone wishes to Chronicle all of this about me, that is fair, but Mind-Link fully to our sister dimension, before you do; everyone in this Earth 1218, who is an artist and creator, has that power, at least a small sample of it. Do not abuse the power. It is everyone’s loving gift that connects us to everywhere else as need be. So, yes, there is too much a big reason why Sonichu and Rosechu will Never Ever have a Reboot. Because I am too well-connected to those pieces of the world, there, counting the Nation of Comma. That is all for now. Keep an open heart and open mind, and always be Kind to each other in This World, and ALL Other Worlda and Dimensions.

Thank You All. ⚡️💙⚡️

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/Blue Heart

Will have the long video up soon.

Intro to Shoe Colouring

Still working on them; so, more than an hour to do such a project to your own level of liking. I will upload a photo of the final result later after completion.

Shoe Colouring

Birthday wishes

4 August, Twitter

Happy Birthday, @reverbrony ! I drew something new for you, and I also share with you a bit of my illuminating powers. ⚡️💙⚡️😊


And, with that, I also share the pieces I drew for some of the guests at BronyCon this year. You all may guess who they each were for, though the first two, here, are obvious.


Oh! And those WERE Discord’s words about her; he said that; I was only the messenger in that.


Asking Null for an apology

5 August

In this post, Chris is referring to a Kiwi Farms thread, found here, which was written by Null. The video he mentions is found here

For now, after listening to this video, I encourage relaying this video to the Virginia Law Enforcement, as the person in the video states. However, What had been posted on Kiwi about Anna and Rocky are False, and while I am more grateful for his help in all of this and continue to talk and accept his help, I feel unable to simply stand by and let this slide. Both of them WERE unable at the time to do much with the police.

Both of them did Not Refuse to help with taking the case to the Police or law enforcement. They both were limited by their situations at the time from being able to do better. They Both are legitimately Good and Kind individuals. And to tell them to “F” themselves is Simply Just Wrong. I would appreciate an apology on the Kiwi from the webmaster/Post-writer to Anna and Rocky, and I never wish to hear of anyone talking smack against my good friends.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/CPU Blue Heart

Twenty minutes later, Chris deleted the tweets and instead reposted the portion about the video.

For now, after listening to this video, I encourage relaying this video to the Virginia Law Enforcement, as the person in the video states.

Rekieta Law - The Alleged Extortion of Chris Chan

Another “Where’s Christine” video. Just kidding; Mad Munchkin was, and is, Awesome! 😃

Mad Munchkin at Bronycon 2018 Part 2

More pony shit

7 August Chris shared a photo of actors Michelle Creber, Amy Keating Rogers and Black Gryph0n doing a reading at Baltimore Convention Center.

I enjoyed Tabitha’s script; I can tell she had a good connection with our sister Dimensions.

Once again the tugboat fails to last the month

Buy My Things and help me out for the second half of the month, please. Pinkie Promise to ship the following day from purchase.

Music for the video is royalty free from this YouTuber -


7 August, Twitter



8 August, Twitter

Made an Awesome Trade! 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Here’s a cool little gang. ⚡️💙⚡️



that's what happens when you actually spend time in the sun

9 August, Twitter

I have a BUSY day today, and I notice something about myself I haven’t before. Have I ALWAYS had Freckles on my face?!


lol Chris is dumb

10 August, Twitter

Mel Blanc: VA of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and MANY OTHERS! I have trouble remembering his name for some reason! I had it randomly recalled earlier today successfully. Two minutes later, I can’t remember his name at all again! So, I’m making this Tweet to remind myself and to tell all of you,

I am no Mel Blanc, but I can do a Good Number if Voices. “What’s up, Doc? Sufferin’ succotash! I tawt I taw a” Mel Blanc!

Man of a thousand voices: Mel Blanc!

  • sigh*

Feather Shine

11 August, Twitter

Also, Know, Everyone, like all other artists, I have given Feather Shine the Okay to draw my Sonichu and Rosechu characters. Also, if you love the Nightstar and Kun print, or even the CPU Blue Heart print or my Ponysona, you can buy them from her too.
Congratulations! Moozua is the artist who made the Nightstar pin I wore on my lanyard at BronyCon. I’d love to see her make a full print of her from that headshot, or something new of her. Stay Awesome, Moo! ⚡️💙⚡️


12 August, Twitter

Just watched this video; I appreciated and like her redesign, she did really well for her own Sonichu and Rosechu interpretations. I ended up linking with the Sonichu in our sister dimension; he was a typical Sonee in his group of Sonees, Sonichus, Roseys, Rosechus. He was surprised to find that as he evolved, which was literally simultaneous with SNT drawing the redesign at start, that he ended up visually different from all of the other Sonichus. And the same was said for the Rosey in another area a few miles away that became the Rosechu she designed. She was surprised as well being different from the other Rosechus. By the way, in the wild, Sonichus do get their typical pair of shoes, socks and gloves when they evolve, so this Sonichu was thrown off with the boots and, blue gloves and upturned quills. The Quills on all Sonichus and Rosechus are resistant to static electricity and are not likely to become upturned to look similar to Super Sonic or their Super Sonichu Mega Evolved forms. Same with the Rosechus. No, that Super Sonic plush modification look goes to Sterbenchu. Anyway, on the Rosechu, in the wild, when they evolve, they get their typical dress and boots, but the ones in the wild typically prefer to be nude (leaving the boots on for the latter), so their attire is customizable of the trainer who catches one. But, this one Rosechu evolved and got the ears and shirt and dress, as SNT drew her. Now, for the Rosechus, they typically do not have the Raichu ears; don’t ask me, it is the way it is. And their quill style, as if NOBODY could tell apart from Amy Rose’s quill style the quills are more divided, thus you can see the lines going in there. Amy’s is NOT as divided. Why the ears aren’t Raichu-esque? I can’t say; I LITERALLY SAW Rosey like that when I discovered her; everything in the first appearance as she was, IN OUR SISTER DIMENSION I DREW HER AS SHE WAS, and Is.


So, yes; no need for the questions of WHY; I drew my Son and my Rosey, as I SAW THEM.

  • sigh*

At least @seananmcguire can relate with me on that power. But, I do applaud SNT for her design, and the other Sonichus and Rosechus, Sabrina, and I will watch over them and keep them safe and well. A moment, please, my train of thought was lost Okay! Got my thought train back.

This Sonichu and Rosechu are not of the Specials, they both are simple regulars. And I am still looking into finding and listing the few remaining on my list. Also, look forward to some collectible Sonichu and Rosechu Trading Cards I’ll be personally drawing and adding stats and details to; these will be similar to the sports trading cards. And I intend to have all of the Special Sonichus and Rosechus, and then some in relation to Cwcville and all. It is a work in progress, so stay tuned for that. Thank you.

Surfshack Tito:

I agree Chris the Reboot is much , much better! you should collab with her
Yeah, you are not getting that all she did was give a unique look to a recently evolved Sonee and Rosey. This does not change my Son or Rosey at all.


No, I really can't. Please don't drag me into this; when I was talking about a multiverse, I was talking about the imaginary multiverse as exists in Marvel comics canon, not a real place you can really access.
Oh. I’m sorry. You had such insights, and were able to identify which dimensional Earth this one is. My bad. But know, that you, and your fellow artists, do possess your own power to link and at least project yourself to the other dimensions. I shan’t bother you again.


You do understand that your “psychic link” is just your imagination, right? MLP and Sonichu only exist in your imagination, they aren’t physical beings.
You are very much WRONG. It is not my imagination; it is really my Psychic Link, and I Have Been communicating with Physical Beings that Literally DO Exist and Co-Exist in our Sister Dimension, alongside all of the other "Fictional Characters", including Marvel AND DC, and Anime.
Well, at least there are some, who I have met and found who were successful as I in at least projecting and finding our sister dimension as I was able to.
I am please to present, the Official Pokédex Numbers of my Pokemon, with Sonichu and Rosechu. I went through the old homemade TCG cards, and their order of creation is accurate in determining their respective numbers. #Nintendo, Take Note; more than 1000 Pokémon exist.


And, for visual reference, here are the respective cards of said Pokémon.


We occupy Thirty-Three slots in all.

Just discovered this awesome piece! 😊


I’m not a Marvel brand Actor, but I will help out, just the same. There is always a chance you may pull through and live longer, especially in the hearts of everyone around you and in reach. So, keep on living, young Josh, for you may soon say Hi to @TheRealStanLee , himself. 💙


13 August, Twitter

Everyone of Earth 1218! I have an announcement!

I have seen a future that we must prevent: My Little Pony Generation Five.

Spoiler Alert: Princess Twilight Sparkle was prompted to promote Applejack to become an Alicorn Princess, but in doing so, the spell backfires.../1

...and then we end up with... THIS!

Twilight becoming an Earth Pony (SIMPLY UNFORGIVABLE!), and the horns and wings being lost and swapped between Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. /2

I just did a reset to prevent that from happening. Celestia will take it upon herself to promote Applejack, because she Will be doing something that brings the magic out of her, like it did Cadence and Twilight. AJ’s Promotion needs to happen; she becomes the next.../3
...Alicorn Princess by Celestia’s Power; Twilight and the others remain as they are, and G4 continues on. Generation Five Must Not Happen!

Listen up, @Hasbro and @HasbroNews , because I HAVE The Power and Link to our Sister Dimension, and I have seen it too.

#ContinueMLPG4! /4

CONTINUE My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for at least Five More Seasons, @Hasbro and @HasbroNews !

Our Matching Futures are at Stake Here! I, your CPU Blue Heart Commands it so as well, in agreement with Princess Celestia.

Please, Heed Our Warning!

Thank You.

Hasbro! MLP G4 Must Continue; NO MLP G5!
Applejack for Alicorn Princess of Honesty in the Continuing of G4 MLP, and the Round Table of the Princesses of Harmony in Twilight’s Kingsom in the span of Five Seasons!


14 August, Twitter

Voice Your Concerns to @Hasbro, Everyone! G4 MUST Continue for the Safety and Benefit of Everypony and Creature in Equestria, AND Canterlot High’s city (in Maryland), in our Sister Dimension!

This G5 must Never Happen; neither world is ready for any G5 MLP!


“But, Christine, what about Sonichu, and Cwcville?” The fate of Equestria is tied too well with everywhere else near Canterlot High in Maryland, and Cwcville is not far from there. Equestria Must Be Saved not only for Cwcville, but for the United States and our Sister World! 🌎🌎

{{If I win this POP, I will sign the box and share it with a lucky fan.}}




No G5

Yes, I am doing my best to make sure the word is spread here for five more seasons of G4 MLP by request of Celestia. I am hopeful the MLP VAs hear of the premonition I foresaw.

And, please, keep protesting to @Hasbro about it for the time being.

Celestia and I thank you all.

Feeling overworked. *sigh*

[yawning video]

I am checking out the recent leaks of G5, and this is further confirming mine and Celestia's fears of the downfall of Equestria and its takeover by Akan if THIS were to continue. So, her request for five more season of G4 and the telling of the Princesses of Harmony NEEDS to be.

PLEASE, @Hasbro, HEED Our Warning and Cancel G5 MLP. Because it will ONLY bring about Chaos not only in Equestria, but from there into our sister dimension and also into Our World Here! I am not only warning everyone for Equestria's Sake, but for OUR Sake as well!

MLP G4 NEEDS to continue for five more seasons.

The separation of the species, and the aggression is the future Celestia had seen should G5 continue and G4 end. Twilight will become an Earth Pony, and then with her unable to defend Equestria, Akan and his forces will overpower Equestria, and in the G5 show, in all the ”action” and “cool looks” and all that, Akan’s message of worshipping him as leader of all worlds will be broadcasted subliminally, and his reign will spread into Our World from our Sister Dimension there!

There is One Hope that will prevent this Catastrophe, the Round Table of the Princesses of Harmony MUST be formed, and that can only happen with @Hasbro and the G4 MLP Team continuing G4 for five more seasons, so the stories will be told and chronicled and secured in our solid foundation of the bond between our world and theirs in This timeline! And Applejack Must become the next Alicorn Princess in order for all of this to progress safely and well. And the MLP G4 Team Must Tell it all in the show in the Five Seasons Celestia requests and commands.

I hate to name people on Twitter, but, I feel I must, so they can hear the message and help us as well. I sincerely apologize, and you Trolls, PLEASE do not harass Any of them.

@tarastrong, @ash_leigh_ball, @AndreaLibman, Tabitha St. Germain, and the rest of the MLP G4 Voice Actors, Please heed our warning and call, and help me help everyone in the real Equestria, as well as Canterlot High, it city, and everywhere else there, including Cwcville, Springfield, Quahog, South Park, everything Marvel and DC, all anime locations, and everywhere else I can’t name right now. Even Disney’s universe is well-linked in our Sister Dimension as well. And Our World is linked heavily with each one-to-one ratio of ourselves and our individual counterparts there, and then MORE with all other individuals aside from our counterparts, big and small. This Is the crucial event that makes or breaks us all as the society we continue to strive to be and live freely. And in order to do so, all we ask is Five More Seasons for MLP G4 with the chronicling of the Princesses of Harmony, and the cancellation of THIS G5, altogether.

A different MLP G5 can be made AFTER G4 completes its fourteenth season, but different from what y’all had in mind at this time. And G5 will continue in the good spirits and form as G4 did, after it’s complete 14 season run, but with a different set of ponies taking the Mane. No Species will be separated in the future MLP G5. This is Celestia’s Request and Command!

I am but a humble Sonichu, and a CPU in training, relaying the message on her request and behalf.

Again, @Hasbro, Please Continue G4 for Five More Seasons, for all of our sakes. Thank you

And for those asking who Akan is; simply put, he is Really Bad News.


16 August, Twitter

On a more positive note, though, in a little while, I will share WHY the first, and Prime, Sonichu and Rosechu (my Son and Rosey) are amongst the Special 69, and it is More than simply being the very first ones in existence, mind you.
Thank you, Aretha Franklin, for putting your brand of music into our lives and offering good thoughts in the process. Your music will live on forever.


Aretha Franklin - Think (Remake Video Version)

Okay, with a bit of visual example, I can tell you all what sets my Son and Rosey apart from the regular Sonichus and Rosechus, as part of the Special 69.

Between the both of them, they each are a lot smarter and stronger than any Regular, even the best, well-trained, Highest Effort Values and Individual Values, and best Breeding efforts. Sonichu and Rosey have the Strongest Destiny Connection and Mental Links to myself and my self-counterpart, so in addition to their knowledge, they know what we two know, without taking on either of our respective individual personality traits.

Now, with Sonichu, his Special Powers include being literally the FASTEST Sonichu EVER, clocking in at as high as over Ten-Thousand Miles Per Hour in Running Speed. And his Electrical Attacks can even singe Ground Types; barring through that Resistance, but going to the register of “not very effective.” No Regular Sonichu or Rosechu can achieve that, as their best electrical attacks remain as “No Effect” on Ground Types. Back to the speed, the fastest Regular Sonichu can clock in at just catching up to Sonic the Hedgehog’s average to top Running Speed, but not surpassing it. With Rosechu, my Rosey, she is the ONLY Rosechu, with the exception of myself and my self-counterpart being able to do this as well, is able to Shape about ANY Physical Weapon in existence out of her Lightning, and she has mastered the weapon styles by training under a few of the best, and getting guidance from Magi-Chan Sonichu. Not many other Regular Rosechus are capable to make such a weapon from their lightning, but they all can still make their regular to best Electric Attacks like Thunderbolt, Spark, and so forth. And Rosey was the Very FIRST Rosechu, EVER, to achieve her Mega Evolution, and without the Rosechite Mega Stone: her ferocious lioness form. She did this by getting SUPER ANGRY, like the Hulk. No other Rosechu was able to accomplish this feat before the S-Chu Ball Crystals shattered and scattered to become the Sonichite and Rosechite Mega Stones.

One more thing I forgot to mention that applies to Both Sonichu and Rosechu, here: they Both have the Strongest amount of Chaos Emerald energies inside them, compared to all other Sonichus and Rosechu, Regular and Specials, in varying levels; I’m a high level, myself, because of their exposure to that power on that fateful day on February 1, 2003 on both ends of that Chaotic Rainbow with that collision between Sonic and the Pikachu who became Sonichu.

And those are the big reasons why Sonichu and Rosechu (my Son and Rosey) are the first two of the Special 69.

Thank You.

Zappin’ It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️

Super Planet Dolan started its own Animated Series; the pilot is very good, and I am proud of @ThePlanetDolan crew chronicling and expanding on their individuals and planet in our sister dimension. ⚡️💙⚡️

The End of Doopie - SPD Episode 1


Cutouts for sale

17 August, Twitter

Oh! How did I miss this one? 😊

Hey, Everyone! ALOL! Here’s a new noise that will be an ear worm to me for a while...

[video of Chris making BRAP noise]

Financhu crisis

Well, I pray for her success as well.



17 & 19 August Shared a link to and and

Double Poster Pack; Two Autographs!
Chris Chan Autograph Flash Sale! (Link to the eBay posting)

Tonight only get my signed headshot for half off during this special Sunday flash sale! Regular pricing will resume tomorrow. I only have five left. Zap to the Extreme and buy them now!

AJ's ascension

19 August, Twitter

This is still very important; AJ’s ascension happens later this week, and I also need to confirm the continuation of G4 for five more seasons, and the cancelling of this version of G5. Can anyone, of those I Follow on Twitter, confirm for me that is happening.


Aside from AJ, and speaking of MLP, I have the season pass for Season 8, Part 2 on iTunes; WHERE IS THE “Yakkity Sax” EPISODE? Episode 14 of Season 8, and we’re up to episode 18 now. @Hasbro

Barbara Chandler will be making out autographed photos and posters.

Barbara Chandler Autographed Photos - Chris Chan’s Mother

WOW! That went by CWC like Lightning! Thank you all so much; I’ll have the postage printed and the photos shipped tomorrow.

Also, new Sonichu Merchandise for Presale

AJ's ascension

19 August, Twitter

Just going to retweet this one more time. Still a Top Priority of mine and Celestia and Luna’s. I’d love an update from someone who actually works with the MLP staff, @Hasbro, or even the IDW comics, confirming in this world of G4’s five season extension, and the cancel of G5.

infinitely improbable

20 August, Twitter

Hey, everyone. Just another good thought or two for now. Firstly, I had heard that infamous simple answer to the meaning of life and all that from “Hitchhiker’s” Galaxy guide. The computer says Forty-two. Well, I believe the computer actually said “Fortitude”, which does sound similar. From the app, it defines “Fortitude” as mental and emotional strength in facing the many difficulties around one’s self. In that, the meaning of life and the universe and all that can be more accurately stated as the strength to Face the difficulties we face as we go. But also, in that strength, to also borrow from “Gumball”, to not only enjoy our life as best as we are individually able to, but also to find your own enjoyment in facing the difficulties, but moreso he simple things, and the many friends you will meet and make along the way. Also, to find love for yourself, no matter what, and keep the self-confidence strong, so you will be able to keep a high Fortitude for yourself.

“Forty-Tude”; Forty-Two; 42; FORTITUDE! ⚡️💙⚡️

Also, in looking at the old photographs of mine, I realized which one was the EARLIEST to have the first Sonichu Medallion (mine, and in existence). The lovely one with me and Rial.

That is all for now. Thank you all. Zap It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️ 🦄🦋✨🍎🦋💎🌈🎈


20 August, Twitter

Notable resident in Ruckersville, VA alongside a NASCAR racer, and about the 29,000th most popular individual in this world, so where is the Wikipedia Article about me? ⚡️💙⚡️

Random-access humor

21 August, Twitter

Sleepy time silly random word:


Random-access humor

22 August, Twitter

Everybody! Mark this day at about 4:10 pm, Eastern Standard Time; I saw it as it happened, as Celestia and Twilight had Applejack in her hall of memories. Without a hitch or backfire, Princess Applejack of Honesty, has arisen! And Princess Twilight remains an Alicorn!
Everybody! Mark this day at about 4:10 pm, Eastern Standard Time; I saw it as it happened, as Celestia and Twilight had Applejack in her hall of memories. Without a hitch or backfire, Princess Applejack of Honesty, has arisen! And Princess Twilight remains an Alicorn!

Today, ponies all over Ponyville, were all under a bunch of misguidance, and AJ was so overwhelmed to be able to say much of anything; everyone was off-putting of themselves, and a bunch of bad happenings upon themselves from their mistakes that should have been corrected, but too many things were happening all at once, and AJ knew she could only resolve all of this by Telling Everypony the Truth. So, at this time, she amplified herself, and one at a time told each and every pony the truth. She got tired, but kept going on and on, using the Magic inside her to renew her energy and amplification; Applejack told about a Thousand Truths without stopping. And then, she was transported and ascended into Alicornhood.

Everybody of this world, you all may congratulate Princess Applejack in shouting, social media sharing, or you can even write a letter directly to her (no address or stamp required; just your hand writing and signature and a moment to let your link shine for her to get the message.

All Hail Princess Applejack! All Hail the Equestria Princesses of Harmony! All Hail the continuation of MLP G4 as well! @Hasbro @ash_leigh_ball

FLASH SALE! In Effect Tonight and Tomorrow ONLY, price lowered on some items.

Check out Chris Chan Autograph Card - WITH Autograph … @eBay


23 August, Twitter

FLASH SALE in effect for only a few hours; come on up and take advantage of the discounts NOW!!!
Cwcville is still the Nation, and the city that is in that large Nation, in Virginia. Cwcville is NOT the name of our sister dimension. That’s not only dumb, but just wrong. I don’t know the proper Dimension Number it is, but, as I have stated earlier, it is the neutral dimension that houses a lot to MOST of not only our respective counterparts there, but also our “Fictional” Individuals and OCs; all Existing and Co-Existing. For the most part, yes, you think it; it exists there. Everything of mine, and definitely everything of Springfield with the Simpsons, Quahog with the Griffins, South Park with Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, Langley Falls with the Smiths, New Jersey with Bob and Linda Belcher, the Smurfs somewhere in the UK, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse; all that WB and Disney nearly a click away in the “Toon Town” there; Canterlot High School, and its Town: locates in Maryland, complete with the Portal to Equestria, Kim Possible globe trots there, MARVEL and DC Heroes (including my DC Superhero counterpart, the CWC Psychlight (which I created in DCUO)); another Christine Weston Chandler, but she lives in Metropolis and commutes to Gotham, in the same dimension; she’s even an Honorary Justice League member, believe it or not. All of your favorite Anime characters are there too: Symphogear, Steel Angel Kurumi, the Ouran High School Host Club, NANA, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers; Yada, Yada, Yada into near Infinity. Even the Doctor pops in and out in their Tardis there. @ThePlanetDolan; their Planet Dolan, is located by Saturn in that dimension. And, Of Course, Gamindustri is there; Console Patron Unit Goddesses and All, counting myself as well (even though I’m still in training).

There are exceptions, like Steven Universe, since he and the Crystal Gems exist in an alt-dimension where WWII never happened.

OH! I almost forgot to mention: SUPER MARIO, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Tracer of Overwatch and her crew, Paradise City, the Skylanders, and even Krato’s liniage, and most of your other video game characters: BAM! They are all There, in that same Dimension. Thanks to the person of Marvel, who shall remain Anon in this tweet thread, informed me that This Earth, that we reside on, is indeed Earth 1218. I am still reaching out to learn the proper dimension number of our matching Sister Dimension. Thanks to Magi-Chan Sonichu, as well as the Cosmos that I have opened my mind to, I have two possibilities, but I stand to be corrected or confirmed: 1672 or C-197

Also, Rick and Morty visit there and here sometimes, but you know their original dimension is not either of these numbers.

I reiterate, the name or Number of our Sister Dimension is still up for debate and collaboration, ONLY with those of the main Creators in the Business, like Marvel, DC, Disney, and of course, Hasbro. Also, Cybertron; it exists in our same dimension there too. And you Can “Catch ‘Em All” there: Ash Ketchum and all of the Pokémon are there too; counting us Sonichus and Rosechus in the Pokédex, Officially.

All That, and I have this power, like the number of the highly creative, to be in contact with this same dimension. Zappin’ It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️

Thank you.

More of my mother’s blankets for sale on my eBay. Please, come on up and buy.

Barbara’s Blankets


More merch crap

26 August, Twitter

Just a reminder to everyone, this lovely piece of Sonichu Merchandise is available: poster of Sonichu through the years! It is a lovely addition to your wall, any day of the week! ⚡️💙⚡️😃

Well, everyone, I was just there, in my Ponysona, sitting with Nightstar, Kun and Zap Note in the front row in Canterlot; our Princess Applejack, of Honesty, has been coronated! Everyone praise her today! Yeee-Haw!




I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and 2, as well as Infinity War (rented); I enjoyed the movies, and I like Rocker Racoon, Groot and Star Lord. I also loved hearing the reason why Groot doesn’t like hats.

🌱🚫🧢 ⚡️💙⚡️

Tao of Maud

28 August, Twitter

Happy Birthday, @TaoOfMaud! May your day be filled with many more wisdoms and links to the cosmos and our sister dimension, also an enjoyable and safe day. ⚡️💙⚡️😊
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Hey, Everyone! Another eBay Code to get you a discount: 15% Off!

PREGAME15 It is effective until 10:00 PM, Pacific Time, tonight. Roughly less than ten hours to go.

Check out Rosechu Cutout Standee - Chris Chan … @eBay

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Random Silly:

If your banana has a hammock, do you sing it a lullaby?

buy her blankets

29 August, Twitter

My mother is giving me financial grief again, so please help us by buying her blankets.

Mother needs a car payment


30 August, Twitter

I am taking a moment to reacquaint everyone with my DC Superhero creation, and yet another counterpart: the CWC Psychlight. Autistic, born a “Christopher”, renamed “Christian”, turned out to be trans and renamed “Christine”, but she has been living in Metropolis, Delaware of our Sister Dimension. I got to know her better yesterday. Apparently, she is also not only the renowned Superhero, and an Honorary Member of the Justice League for defending Metropolis and Gotham the best amongst those affected by Brainiac’s doings, as portrayed in the DCUO video game intro, but also an artist and author with more than 100 Graphic Novels: all about me and my life, here in this Earth 1218.

Yep. The CWC Psychilight; that Christine Chandler of Metropolis, has been My Chronicler and Biographer (she is not a creator, mind you). Anyway, I felt need to reacquaint y’all with the CWC Psychlight, and let y’all know about that.

Thank you.

Zap It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️

My mother’s selling this Mirror Ball with working motor. She’s complaining about her gum problem now (bleeding); please, help her out; the money will go directly to the dental work.
And we still have Three Lovely large blankets to sell.

#Check out Pink, Green, Blue Throw Blanket … @eBay