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This page archives Chris's tweets from October 2017.

Chris assaults Claire with emojis

1 October

In response to Claire Corlett.

Who’s Most Likely To Create the Most Art (any media, be it Musical, Drawing, Needlework, etcetera) in a Single Day or Week? 📸📹🖼📔✏️🖍📝📚🎵🎶🖊✂️📿💎


1 October

In response to Tara Strong raging about Trump and Hurricane Maria.

That’s an upsetting bummer, and I’ve clicked and read all the preceding tweets. Frigging Drumpf! He Has Little Heart! 😤

Chris offers relationship advice, Twitter edition

1 October

In response to @JaJamesa92

I wrote a poetic post in response to someone else who was having a similar problem.

He then linked to the Facebook post in question and continued

In short: Make Many Friends; Keep an Open Heart; find your Sweetheart from within your circle. Read the full post for more details.
in short: "make friends first and expect one of those friends to eventually fall in love with you" basically what you said.
Guess What? It Happened to me, and It Happens Popularly!!!

Chris is mad at a ween

1 October

In response to a Twitter fight between @spicyart198 and @JaJamesa92

I do not stalk people. Please, Quit making my supportive and neutral comments and responses something they are Not.

Chris and the Vegas Shooting

2 October

In response to Melissa Joan Hart.

I hear you. 🌸🌸🌸

In response to Cathy Weseluck.

Yep. No matter the people count, this one is just as sad as the other past shootings. #RememberPulse #LoveIsLove Kindness Helps Everyone! 🌸

Chris eggs on a white knight

2 October

In response to @JaJamesa92's continued Twitter slapfight with weens

You go, girl! I thank you for not only your support and counters to the bullies, but also your own wisdom and attitude. You Rock! 😊🤘🎵🎶

Be Fearless, Be Kind

2 October

This is Awesome! Thank you, Hasbro, for reminding us. I Pledge, as best as I can, I Will #BeFearlessBeKind!

Mini Commodore 64

2 October

In response to Gamespot.

I would take a Full Size version, if it had the ports that allowed to plug in not only the C64 cartridges, but the C64 Floppy Disk Drive too

Chris snaps, bickers with weens

2 October

In response to this tweet in @JaJamesa92's continued interactions with Chris's weens.

Chris has proven he doesn't want help only attention and has done the alienating all on his own. Now the best that can be done: containment
News For You, Kaisar, but I Have actually already had received Help, Locally. Why You didn’t get the memo was because I can’t fully /1
receive Help from people who are beyond a certain distance from me; my needs were Emotional, and you don’t win friends with insincerity /2
and lack of being able to Actually be there for me. I Learned That the Tough Way with my theoretical exes. And I am not only better and /3
able to love myself with some dependability, I am a Lovely Woman, and as mental as I may be, This Bitch (me) Will Not be Contained! /4
Put That up your Pipe and A-Holes and Smoke Up, you Dopey Bullies!

Chris denies attempting to commission porn from Doopie

2 October

In response to a Twitter user arguing with another over Doopie's interactions with Chris (Note: the first "she" refers to Doopie)

She did ignore her than she made creepy videos, drawings, requested porn, and even a alt acct to interact with her so she told chris off.
I did Not request porn from her; she had an NSFW account on Patreon, and since I liked her drawing style, I was curious. As for the /1
Suggestion I had made, Not a Request, I was being Supportive and presenting another media topic she might have liked to check out. /2
As for the videos and drawings, I was acting in her defense, since She was getting Harassment from the Bullies, Not Me. My tweet number /3
is Pittance in comparison to the Number of Offensive Tweets, Mislabeling me and my support from the Bullies. I even took the drawing /4
a bit further, as I had thought the Planet Dolan crew would have been happy to support and defend Doopie from You Bullying Lot. And as /5
it Had been My fault on that #NationalGirlfriendTweet that started the whole mess, that was Why I chose whole-heartedly to Harass Me /6
instead of Doopie or Anyone Else who was being harassed with the mis-content from Years Ago from me taken Out Of Context, Mind you, /7
because Harassing Anyone at Anyone else’s Expense is Just Plain Wrong, Bullying, and Uncouth!

Replying to VimHomeless and ShadBase

4 October

A Twitter user claimed VimHomeless to be a fan of Shadbase. VimHomeless answered that Shadbase did awesome backgrounds for some of his favorite YouTubers' cartoons. Shadbase entered the conversation to apologize for VimHomeless getting shit on for following him.

VimHomeless said in response to Shadbase, "It's duck season". Chris entered the conversation and posted:

Wabbit season

No GF for movie date

6 October

Waiting for my FRIENDS to watch the MLP Movie With! My Girlfriend is unsurprisingly Absent! She Broke Up With Me, because of my Fan Base!!!

Advertising the MLP Movie

6 October

The Prequel Book: Worth It! And the movie: Awesome Movie. Go See It! You will Love It Too. 🌈🦄

Chris compliments a VA

6 October In response to Andrea Libman

You all were Awesome in the movie; it was very well-written; I Loved It, and my friends did too. 🌸🌸🌸


6 October

In response to @ILoveKPAlot

Balloon Discord!

There's a difference between fame and infamy Chris

7 October

I realize I am famous like a princess; I have obligations to keep as many people, and Loved close ones, happy. I try, but it is difficult.
I try, but I can’t always succeed, especially if it is not making myself happy as well. @KSheridanVoice and @tarastrong share that with me.
of course it was a link to stalking non-responding actresses.
I am not stalking anyone. Please, quit saying that.

CWCville is in Mexico City

7 October

Also, a spot of Trivia: Cwcville, Virginia’s Zip Code: it is 16429.

And now back to pony

7 October

In response to Andrea Libman

Songird Serenade and Rainbow!!!

Dream Lounge

7 October

In response to Merryweatherey

I do like this comparison art piece a lot. It’s funny, although I Do would like a few, but I do not have any ruffled skirts like that one. 😉
17 lady’s waist size, if you please.

Chris encourages ILoveKPAlot

8 October In response to @ILoveKPAlot

I hear you, KP. I am coming around myself in dusting off the old memories to shed some light for my “Christorians”. I know there are 1/
...and will be people who will want to document your stories as well, to prevent the type of harassment upon you for future generations. /2
As @KSheridanVoice told me after I told her a bit of my trolling problems, “You’ve made it.” (Successfully). Welcome to our club, friend. 😊🌸

Chris on MLP's Season Finale

8 October

In response to @MissLadyLikely

You will not be disappointed; we get continuity from the Legendary Stories told prior to this in Season 7. Really Good two-parter.

More Pony

8 October

In response to Tara Strong

Is that the same reaction you offer for those who find similarity to Twilight in ourselves? Or is it more like this? 😊🌸

Chris attempts to fight stupid with stupid

8 October

Work It Out! And then Colour!

Chris then posted a link to the day's Patreon update

Try burpees chris, best thing to lose weight
Blippidy, Blippidy Booty-Loo; Blippidy, Blippidy Moo. Go eat some Meatloaf, dummy.

Chris continues to stalk an 18 year old VA

8 October

In response to Claire Corlett announcing her Patreon

Great presentation. 🌸

Yet more pony

9 October

Hey, @AndreaLibman , Happy Pinkie Pie Day!

Responding to @Star__Side141

That Is Kawaii! 🌸

In response to @ILoveKPAlot

Perhaps in the fact of how much chaos there was in the movie, that was not of his personal doing, then I would agree.

In response to a @MLPMovie tweet announcing a minor contest

When Fizzlepop Berrytwist reveals her name at the end!

Replying to a tweet from Claire Corlett

I will pray for your success; best of luck for you on your new endeavor, Claire. 🌸


9 October

Chris replied to Claire Corlett

I like avacados, and healthy, gooey Guacamole too! 😊🌸

Random Access Gamecube

9 October

In response to @cinnacutie

Time for the Fall Holidays in “Animal Crossing, for Nintendo GameCube! Mum’s the word.”

Fake Craigslist

9 October

In response to @MissLadyLikely

I did not have a Craigslist ad.
This Craigslist Ad is Not me; I felt need to inform y’all. Report it if you feel need so. (link: https://charlottesville.craigslist.org/crg/d/custom-sonichu-and-rosechu/6339594963.html)

And now for a different Hasbro property

9 October

In response to @EmGo316

Good! Just watched your new Powerglide review. I have something cute you could have done for the skit. 1/
Powerglide: “Ow! He walked over me! He broke my heart! Look at it!” /2
Bumblebee: “Looks fine to me.” Powerglide: “Aaaauuugghhhh!!!” /3

Chris is still egotistical

10 October

In response to @BruhOgerLord

Being like a princess and sharing how I feel isn’t positive enough for you?


10 October

“Remember, that day in September, in the rain”, and in the sunlight! 😊


10 October

In response to Cathy Weseluck

This frog’s not in a coconut tree. Not a Carribian amphibian, but he’s still cute anyway! Ribbit! 😊


10 October

In response to @handofgalochio

Keep it up; complete her; I would delight in meeting her through your piece. 😊🌸

Chris and a white knight

10 October

In response to @JaJamesa92

As long as you are feeling happy with & about yourself, doing what you like doing, you’re meeting your own #1 goal: taking care of yourself. You Go, Girl! 🌸

Chris finds out about Rosechu's Story, is confused by the title

10 October

In response to @handofgalochio

Colour me confused, but do you mean Rosechu’s story in my pages and art, or a fan story I’m not aware yet titled “Rosechu’s Story”?

Chris confuses fire retardant for fire

10 October

In response to Melissa Joan Hart

Although looking at the photo, it appears the jet caught on fire and started it. Regardless, many prayers for all affected in California. 🌸

Note: The picture posted by Hart clearly showed a plane dumping red chemicals onto the fire.


11 October

Sharing my kindness and support to Everyone in our SLBTQ communities: Be Yourselves; Not Afraid! 🌈🎵🎶🏳️‍🌈🌸❤️ #NationalComingOutDay

Note: Chris forgot to put the G in "SLGBTQ".


11 October

In response to Tara Strong talking yet again about President Trump.

I get your point. But despite politics, I, for one, among a great number of people, continue to stand strong for myself, and for all /1
who are in my communities; sharing and spreading kindness and compassion with everyone, including the downtrodden! Bring us your /2
questioning and undecided people; we’ll show them kindness and support in figuring out who that person is for themselves! We Are Kind! /3
We Are Strong! We Are Loved! We Are All the People of this World! United for each other! Don’t fear approaching us for emotional support! 🌸🌈

Chris wants fanartists to send him work

11 October

In response to @MLPNightStar

Perhaps, but then those pages would Not be bound into a single book, would they? I’m paying for printing and shipping of My Book.


11 October

In response to @lana_rain

That’s interesting; I definitely see that for you. I just watched the intro video for onlyfans. Good food for thought. Thanks, Lana. 🌸

Chris then posted [youtu.be/IYzlVDlE72w a song]

Just saying, but this is a really good song.

Misc MLP stuff

12 October

In response to [1]

I send kind and good vibes and prayers your way, Max. You’re okay. 😊🌸

Chris misses Jessica

12-13 October


I miss her... — feeling melancholy

I Miss My Sweetheart! You Bullying People Scared Her Off!!! Night Star and Diamond Melody are Still a Loving Couple!
Should ANYONE’s Fan Base Have to be intimidating about that person to Anyone Else?!!! Is My Fan Base That God-Awful? 😭 God, Help Us.
By the way, Please Do Not Message me pretending to be her; I will not respond; I am not falling for it. — feeling melancholy

Autographing his own copy of a SJW comic

13 October

Lifeofbria cwc sig.jpg

In response to @LifeofBria

Hey. I just got my copies of your book. Did you get enough for your surgery?
Not quite. But i'll get there soon enough :)
I pray for your success. Best of Blessings for you. 🌸
@LifeofBria Thank you for your note in my copy of the book. I put my sig in the back cover. Thank you for liking me too. Stay Awesome! 🌸😊


13 October

Just a last thought for today. G1 Arcee is Not Only the Leading Lady Of #Transformers, but Also the leading #Transwoman too! #IDWComics
She Was a guy, and Galvatron’s Twin Brother, before Jhiaxis experimented on him to become Her (against his will), but she likes being woman!

Possible cameo in MLP

14 October

I was just made aware of this speculation from the MLP Zappelin episode. I highly doubt that Unicorn was based from myself.
The only way to confirm or bust this is by the testimony from Tara or someone official on the MLP staff.
Aside from that, I would rather be on there, personally voicing my OC pony, Night Star.

Writing advice

16 October


I hate having an OC I am not doing anything with. What should I do with Luna?


Clear and open your mind and heart to your Luna; ask her what he/she has been doing in their world since you last talked. Depending on what or how much Luna tells you, do as much as you feel deemed appropriate. If Luna tells a LOT; Story, or a Little: short.

Sonichu 0 and 15 cover comparison

17 October


Looking just as amazing when you started back in 2004, well over a decade of guaranteed quality.


Put the cover side by side with the Sonichu 0 Cover; I have improved quite well over the years.


17 October

Chris links to a Facebook post rationalizing that Jessica Quinn wasn't a troll. He adds the following as a Twitter-exclusive response:

Dunk That into Pickle Brine and Eat It!

Accepting paid interviews

20 October

Want to Interview Me? You May Now; accepting PAID Interviews. Email sonichumanager@gmail.com to set it up. Payment First and Upfront!

Tokyo Treat

21 October

I have just sampled the Kirin Chocolate Mint Tea: 😊 in a divine tea blend, the blend of chocolate and mint makes this beverage Heavenly!

Hirtes is impotent

24 October

Chris replied to one of the many accounts used by Michael Hirtes.

While your comments do come into my view, I take them with the grain of salt, and shield my emotions and mind from your spite.


24 October


Will you draw me a bbw version of Sonichu?


What is “bbw”?

On furries

25 October

In response to a tweet war between Michael Hirtes and a white knight:

Not all people who identify as furries are bad.


26 October


Clogged shower drain

26 October

I vote there be Two bath tubs in each household for when one clogs up and you can’t wait for the Liquid Plumber to work to shower. Ugh.

Night Star Rosechu racing

28 October

Look who is catching up on Two! Night Star Rosechu!!! :D

Night Star Rosechu runs.jpg

On blocking trolls

27 October


I've blocked 5 accounts by them and they just keep trying to follow me. 🙃 Guess I'll be blocking this kid forever lol


I would have advised and done the same thing; the bad trolls are persistent. You block one, that same one comes back behind a different mask/account. Nowadays, I just make sure I do not have notifications turned on with this kid, and let him go on; ignore the kid. He’ll get bored from the lack of responses and acknowledgment sooner or later. I put anything of my past bad trolls Long behind me years ago in 2011, around when my father passed on. But I digress.