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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during April 2021.

Dark vibrations

1 April

Sam “THE DIB” Foster (@IamDibMembrane)

@CPU_CWCSonichu At this point, things become sinister when the girl and her boyfriend are abducted by Chris and transforms them into his most precious creations, Sonichu and Rosechu, using custom made body parts from leftover scraps. He raises them as his children...
Okay. I get serious creep and dark vibrations from all of this. I mean, you may do as you will if it feels right with you. Just my two bolts and a heart.

Brony Analysts

1 April

Hey, @MLPSilverQuill, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but between your own researched insights, wisdoms, the vibes in your voice, and just about how you play it off; you make me smile, think and laugh. You’re fun, Griffon.
To be fair, I get a whole bunch of good vibes from the majority of the Brony Analysts, but counting Silver, Doctor Wolf, Lightning Bliss,

@CosmicKeyframe and @GoldenFox17, and so on, this why I like you all in addition to your content. I genuinely dig y’all’s good vibes. ⚡️💙⚡️😊

Oh, and Mad Munchkin and Mary Sue; I would feel reminded if I didn’t mention either of them in all of this. Maddie gives off genuine and rustic vibes that are just wholesome and fun. And Mary Sue is Mary Sue; her vibes are her own; lot of respect for that. ⚡️💙⚡️

Helena G.F.

1 April

In response to a Zonichu comic of Pickchu and Naitsirhc involving April Fools.

Yep, I will partly agree with you on that. Plus, all Chris Chan Sonichus, regardless of timeline, universe or dimension, will recover or bounce back quick enough. The .Exe universe’s individuals is a nether that sees them not lasting long enough to conquer much outside their home

Helena Fiorenza

So... how would Pickchu have to solve this issue?
Have faith in her Chris Chan; she will protect and defend the inhabitants of her home universe. She’d likely Sky Uppercut the .Exe through a wormhole back to their dimension/realm.
Plus, I do have self-counterparts that are trickster and fun-loving like our Pinkie Pie, but that’s not the totality of our lineage and group. But, if you do have the .Exe counterpart, know they will never last anywhere outside of that universe for very long; sent back home.

KP April Fools

1 April

KP (@ILoveKPAlot)

Sorry to break it this way, but I'm announcing I'm going to discontinue YouTube. We had a good run! Will you miss me?

2 April

Don’t discontinue your channel. You have a massive amount of fans and people who like you. I like you as a fellow individual with flaws and uncertainty in life. I like see you continuing on and doing; I like hearing your insights, thoughts and wisdom. And this is from a Goddess.

Happy Easter

4 April

Happy Easter.

[GIF of an easter bunny with text saying "Hope you have a blessed Easter."]

Fictional characters

5 April

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

When I look into the eyes of a Original or Fictional Character, I do not see Fiction at all; I see a full living being and individual. I see a friend, or lover in few cases. I see a soul amongst co-existing others in our neighbouring universe, or as some call there, which is Universe C-197, the 5th Dimension, as opposed to here, Universe 1218, being the 3rd Dimension.

psychic #metaphysical #dimensionmerge #collectiveshift


Twilight Sparkle and CWCVille

6 April

In response to a Twitter account asking what peoples favorite My Little Pony hair closest fits their personality.

Yeah, I’m definitely close to Twilight Sparkle in not only personality, but also in similar destinies and such. ⚡️💙⚡️


Tekeyah (@TeKeHall)

What destiny do you both share?
As she became Princess of Friendship and of the land, I became an interdimensional Goddess.

Zap-hog's Revenge (@HogZap)

That don't make sense.
A lot of things don’t make sense to most. When you don’t think about it too much, then it makes sense to most. Meditate on that.

HoboSchmely (@hoboschmely)

Does cwcville have a democracy? Or is it ruled under a dictatorship?
Democracy on laws, but the Goddess’ laws supersedes the Mayor’s, regardless. Elections are held for the change in Mayor. The present Mayor of Cwcville is Mary Lee Walsh, But she has agreed to not uphold or disturb the peace within the city of Cwcville. We Work Together. ⚡️💙⚡️

Favorite Pokemon

7 April

In response to a Twitter user asking what peoples favorite Pokemon is.

Psychic and Electric


Coffee and bisexuality

7 April

In response to a Zonichu comic which has a scene where Sonic kisses Sonichu.

And then for the record, he’s bisexual.
For the record, Sonichu Prime does not typically drink alcohol.

Helena Fiorenza

It was a cup of coffee since the light of the merge didn't let him sleep
Oh! Whoops. Actually, I would be staying awake with the magic, lights and massive energy of the merge, myself; I am sensitive to it. My main counter is meditation, melatonin gummies, and patience in order to get a few dreams in.
Oh no! No sleep makes you all grumpy the next day. I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Do you know why it might be? It's at 5 am my time, 4 am yours
Actually, yeah, about 4 am, I would awake typically, if I don’t stay up. With me, though, because my sensitivity spans longer than that 4-5 am hour, I have Witching Hours.

Raise your vibrations

8 April

Hey, Everyone. Now is the time I can share an important bit of guidance with everyone.

In regards to the popular question, “Will you survive the Dimension Merge/Collective Shift?” The answer is simple and obvious, which I shall elaborate a bit.

Among those who are destined


to survive and continue their lives still include those with at least One original character under their own personal discovery. On that, there is more to it: when one discovers their very first OC from our sister universe of C-197, the OC typically is their main self-counterpart. But, moreover, at that discovery moment, they begin their own respective journey(s) in self-discovery, self-love, and enlightenment. This is not so easily achieved, but not impossible, when looking into the OCs of others in this universe.

Another important fact: those who have not only drawn, written, created, but who also have a vibration of energy that resonates with me or my own vibrations, those individuals have gone their extra miles in enlightenment and raising their vibrations, rather they knew it along their journey or not. And, again, I do include the favourite Brony Analysts I’ve talked of before amongst these lovely individuals.

Now, with that stated, think of if you’ve recently discovered/created your own OC within the past three years, in response to my initial warnings and talks of the then-upcoming Dimension Merge/Collective Shift; you saw something of your respective selves in that OC, thus you all have begun your respective paths to your enlightenments.

[GIF of a sarcastically surprised man]

So, with that, if you have not discovered or created your own OC, there is still a good chance of surviving the Dimension Merge/Collective Shift for you;

All You Need To Do is Raise Your Vibrations in Personal Enlightenment.

As those amongst you who are sensitive and open, you all are able to sense my rainbow aura and vibrations from my massive energy field, Even through this bunch of digitized text that I personally type in elaborating this. In Short: to survive for longer, you all each need to raise your vibrations and become enlightened for yourselves. If you resonate with me on the high strength levels, your chances are very high and positive.

So, with that digressed: Meditate On That. ⚡️💙⚡️


And props to @silverangel259 for providing the “Raise Your Vibration” flyer from foreverconscious.com. And a shout out to @MLPSilverQuill, of whom I will ask to relay this insight to all in his group and circles as well, please. Thank you. Be safe and well.

Duck meat and Helena

8 April

In response to Helena Fiorenza stating that she likes sushi.

Ever had duck meat (but not around Donald, Daffy, Scrooge or Drake)? I’ve tried it from this place in Maryland; it’s pretty good. Fortunately, we do also have the typical creatures, aside from the anthropomorphic creatures, so a couple of restaurants in Cwcville offer it.

Helena quote tweets a Twitter user stating that humans that desire to be with Sonichu OCs are zoophiles.

Helena Fiorenza

Oh, dear! So what? I talk and can think. Doesn't that make me DESERVE to have HUMAN rights? Shouldn't I be allowed to love and vote like any ol human? Dolphins have special rights because they are smart, right? Don't I deserve to date fellow smart PEOPLE?
Actually, you have every equal right; that is how it is in C-197: all intelligent anthropomorphic animal individuals have equal rights as humans in their respective countries and so on around the Earth and throughout the galaxies. You can definitely vote.

Dimension personality

8 April

tabs! (@LeftyLucius)

Genuine question, when does an OC become an official member of the other dimension? Like do they have to be written/drawn or published? Or is coming up with the concept alone good enough?
An OC, regardless of origin specific timeline, universe or dimension, including 1218 and C-197, when one is discovered/created by someone in this universe, they are typically already living out their lives and situations, regardless of chronicling. When their respective, individual life or lives are chronicled, that promotes them from being a background individual to the foreground and giving them a better sense of identity and self. Being chronicled in one universe or the other or another is not required for their existence, in general. But when so, you have the ability to shape their respective personality, identity and lives further. That’s called going from background to Protag or Antag.

But Neptune of Planeptune is still the Protag of Protags. Respect her identity.

Co-exist in the same universe

9 April

Chris quote tweets a tweet from SEGA stating that they want to see SEGA fanart.

Lots of genuine love, but guess what, we all do exist and co-exist in the same universe, so there’s no longer denying my species and I some #videogame and love.#SonichusAndRosechus and #ChrisChanSonichu; I do my own voice work.⚡️💙⚡️

@SEGA @NintendoAmerica @sonic_hedgehog

Oct15card.jpg WarriorAuthorRoseyCard.jpg Livefromsubspacecard.jpg 4thwallcwccard.jpeg


April9SonicWorld1.jpg April9SonicWorld2.jpg April9SonicWorld3.jpg April9SonicWorld4.jpg

April9SonicWorld4.jpg November25SonicWorldDX.jpg November25SonichuIcon.jpg November25RosechuIcon.jpg
April9ComicCover1.jpg April9ComicCover2.jpg April9ComicCover3.jpg AprilComicCover4.jpg
And countless Fan Arts and fanfics. Need I say more, @SEGA and @NintendoAmerica; y’all have the address of our Temple 📨 No emails or distance; invite’s open. ⚡️💙⚡️

NewPFP.jpg April9Art2.jpg December18Magi-ChanPortal.jpg April9Art4.jpg


9 April

Chris quote tweets a comic from Zonichu in which a character calls Helena G's OC a faggot.

Here’s to everyone who can genuinely get away with a “Fag” and not be censored. Lovely, awesome faggots, and I mean that in a genuine positive sense. So, don’t hate on love. 😉⚡️

In response to a Twitter user posting a reaction image of SpongeBob characters being shocked and confused.

That’s right, I’m Bisexual with a dash, and I went there. Kra-Kow! ⚡️💙⚡️

[GIF of a woman swaying her head with text saying "MMMM HMMM..."]


9 April

SEGA Europe (@SEGA_Europe)

It's time to appreciate some of your amazing SEGA fan art!

Reply to this thread with the SEGA inspired creations you're most proud of!

Oh, Where Do I Begin?....

Je Suis Kobalto (@KobaltoCO)

But sonichu it's not from sega Christine belong to chris chan !!!
Hence why they ought to talk with us, here.

Cancel MLP G5

9 April

In response to teaser screenshots from My Little Pony generation 5 displaying new characters.

@Hasbro, Cancel MLP G5 already, Please.

Pink aura

10 April

Courtney ProjectSNT (@ProjectSNT)

It’s my birthday, and I’ve achieved my ultimate form. Fear my pink aura 🌸

[Photograph of ProjectSNT outside dressed in pink attire]

Congratulations on making an ensemble for yourself. In your photo, I sense that you did, indeed, have a pink aura around you, but also some blue for calm maintenance and grounding. Anyway, it is a great vibe and fit on and for you, Courtney. ⚡️💙⚡️😊

Resume MLP G4

12 April

In response to a Twitter account displaying artwork of a My Little Pony Generation 5 character.

Ugh! Can’t we just Stop talking about MLP G5 and let it get Cancelled already? We need to resume MLP G4 for five more seasons.

Brightly lit

14 April

Gibbontake (@TheHippocrit)

ive been feeling sick the past few weeks and its been difficult to work

now i feel a bit better but that also means i should get back to said work

so i will, in this tweet, hopefully jinx my recovery and become sick all over again, and possibly die

I sense you’ve been exploring yourself deep during your down time. At present, your inner spark is brightly lit. Seeing the Big Picture in your future, you will survive and recover well to lead on, Gibbon.


Etsy stuff

15 April

I have personally blessed each and every one of these stones, and the accompanying gravel has originated from the Temple’s driveway, here; as old as me, plus two years, or so.


Renew MLP G4

16 April

In response to a Twitter account stating that new images of My Little Pony Generation 5 characters have been released.


Hate fetish-types

17 April

All of the remaining Haters, Fakers and Hate-Fetish types of this universe who can not return to those they once were in their lives shall each be addressed and removed from the remaining good and enlightened. The fully toxic shall not inhibit our progress. ⚡️💙⚡️

Can Sonichus own Pokemon?

18 April

Bunny (@Toffee_Rosechu)

IMPORTANT SONICHU LORE QUESTION: can sonichus own pokemon, or would that be like a human having a pet human? Like are sonichus human enough to be trainers, or too Pokémon for it to be ok?! I need to know!!!!
It depends on their respective individual mentality; if they are intelligent and capable, like other Pokemon who could like Team Rocket’s Meowth, or Mewtwo. There’s a funny story of this one time when Cera Rosechu considered becoming a trainer, and Christine Rosechu was supporting her. Then they dumbly both, each, threw a Poke Ball at each other and got trapped. Roberta had to break them out.


19 April

G FUEL® (@GFuelEnergy)

How triggered does this Tub make you?

[Photograph of a GFuel tub entitled "French Vanilla"]

Not triggered, really, but I do like French Vanilla; that’s not a bad idea. 😊⚡️

HeartTank64 (@HeartTank64)

I'd prefer chocolate G Fuel.

Sonichu Prime's birthday

20 April

Today, April 20, it is now Sonichu Prime’s Birthday. Happy Birthday with Lots of Love, my Son. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Blake and OP psychic

20 April

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I wonder if Blake is gonna become an egg. I know people go to CWCville when they die but where do we go when WE die?

[Comic strip of Chris Chan Sonichu and the Pickchu OC talking while Sonichu is tied up]

Okay, first off, Blake is not dead here. Second, the Special Sonichus and Rosechus, including the pair of Primes, all get reborn and quickly regrown, with all of their memories still in continuing intact. Generally a quick Respawn, like having a Respawn Generator around.

In response to another Zonichu comic strip of Chris Chan Sonichu and the Pickchu OC fighting Rick from Rick & Morty.

What the freak happened?! That Chris Chan is OP Psychic and Electric type with strong physical attacks by default; she would not have just stood there and done nothing. That was DUMB.

Knuckles' Chaotix

20 April


26 years ago today, Knuckles' Chaotix was released on the SEGA 32X. Did you manage to pick up this cartridge over the years?

Photo courtesy of @AdamKoralik.

[Photograph of a copy of Knuckles' Chaotix for the SEGA 32x]

Yes, and I really liked the game; why is it not available on digital release for consoles, at least?

Preparing for The Merge

22 April

Chris quote tweets his earlier tweet announcing the meditational stones being sold on Etsy.

As I prepared for the merge, I was strengthening my aura through meditation. Using my gate key crystal I was able to attract an energy vortex around the temple. I also used my own meditation gems for enhancement. For anyone who want to have a piece of this energy towards enlightenment, get yourself one of these magic stones that I have personally blessed and imbued with a bit of my powers. Of course, having an open heart, open mind and open soul does start you up in expanding your mind.


Famous Birthdays

24 April

I just found this; simple, well and good. Just one thing missing: my present photograph, please.


Here’s a suggested photo. Thank you. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Overwhelming positivity

24 April

Sweetie Bloom (@BronalystSweetB)

Sweetie Bloom quote tweets a meme about girls getting hundreds of compliments from guys online.

You know? The random compliments from strangers just being nice is the best. The girl who gave me my second vaccine said my eyes were beautiful and that meant more to me than all the wolf whistles and cat calls of guys trying to get in my pants.
I agree. Getting a crowd of attention is fine, but the overwhelming amount of positivity directed at you can get tiring after a while. But a few or one at a time on the spur of the moment is easier and more humbling to appreciate and feel.

I am happy you got kind words today.💙

Crystal Council

26 April

Chris posts this on his Instagram @christinewestonchandler

I got my stimulus earlier this month; spent some of it on a 3 month subscription of the customizable Master Box from @the_crystal_council. A few days ago, I get a bonus buffalo figurine as a Totem spirit animal; my second box for the month just came in. It also had a Buffalo figurine; now my first buffalo has a friend. The one on the left was the first buffalo. They look like a dude/gal couple. I named them Bill and Jean.

But “Billy Jean is not my lover”; they’re just a ship from within the herd; the buffalo chip is not my child. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Note that the subscription he chose is $55 a month, which adds up to $165.

Appreciation message

29 April

After having this extensive thought process, I felt want to personally show my appreciation and gratitude for the many, many, many comments and messages (of the various intentions) over the years.

⚡️Thank💙You⚡️All So Much. 😊⚡️


[GIF of Minnie Mouse drawing "Thank you!" to the viewer]

Infinity Train

29 April

Finnthepony / Toon Talk (@Finn_the_pony)

I was hoping to have a video ready today, but I'm just gonna say it. @OweeeeenDennis, your show is a landmark of western animation IMO. Perfect depictions of mature and relatable topics through unbelievably imaginative storytelling. I'll always be on board! #FinishInfinityTrain
I definitely agree, Finn. I’ve enjoyed the #InfinityTrain series on HBOMax. I do like the continuity stretched throughout each season. Season 4, however; didn’t feel that vibe like 2 and 3 as much, but the BFF love throughout was good. 😊⚡️


30 April

Choco Tarot & Bash the Pinata (@TransformARTive)

I finally get to try the McPizza with some visiting friends at the Orlando McDonald's

[Photographs of the 'McPizza']

Hmm. That’s rather surprising to see one McD still doing the pizza gig, but still an awesome rarity. Years ago, I found a Burger King that served pizza for a while as well. Looks kinda basic; is that personal pan size or large?