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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during March 2020. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan.


1 March

I just received my November @TokyoTreat box (got delay by Customs; they removed the Takoyaki Umaibo and labeled it a “(meat) Pork Product”). Anyway, I enjoyed the bottle of

@CocaCola Apple; it is Super Yummy! I wish this was a permanent available flavour, worldwide.


Sonic Rebuilt

7 March

Sonic Rebuilt is online; watch it for a lovely bunch of art, and bonuses.

Tw1.jpeg Tw2.jpeg Tw3.jpeg

Here’s an extra that didn’t make it into the final cut that I drew as a bonus for all to see. Also, to tag, @the3GI.

There is a pun in this.

Sonic Rebuilt deleted extra.jpg

Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History‎‎

7 March

This Part, starting from 16:30, I forgot I made this video. It was soo Stupid, it is genuinely hilarious. 🤣 I guess it was in the high-energetic, loud voice I used that day to imitate Liquid Chris. ALOL!

“yamosexual”? Get ready for a meme of that word.

Chris watches CCCS Part 31.jpg

female Metonics and male Vamprosas

8 March

Hey, Everyone. Let’s talk now of female Metonics and male Vamprosas, as the question on their physical appearance was proposed to me recently. And for comparison with the fresh drawing, here are the recent Metonic and Vamprosa #TSSSF cards;Avilable NOW on

Female Metonic, Male Vamprosa 2020.jpeg MetonicVamprosaCards3.jpg MetonicVamprosaCards2.jpg

And, Note: first time Colouring any Metonic with metallic gel pen ink; a male Metonic’s armor and fur is typically as metallic sheen as in the female one drawn here. And for Shiny variants, it remains in simply changing the yellow fur to white, and the pink fur to royal purple.

To evolve a Pokémon is optional, but to have one that is the slightly stronger option remains a good idea for most trainers. So, on the fact that 1:13 Sonichus are female, and 1:13 Rosechus are male, for the number out of them to have evolved (by Trainer influence or choice), it does remain to say that the gender variant of the evolved is a rarity in comparison.

Anyhow, you can see the different body armor style on the female Metonic, including the waist guards. And male Vamprosas keep the Raichu-like ears and back-facing quill style, and they typically wear purple slacks. Now, you all with an OC in mind have this as an optional visual reference and framework. Have fun discovering and creating.

Thank You.


17 March

Happy #Sonichu20thAnniversary! Twenty Years Ago today, during a Manchester High School’s Computer Graphics Class, I, Chris Chan Sonichu, discovered my Son and brought him into initial visual chronicling on a CD cover and insert. From Music to Graphic Novels to #TSSSF Cards!

042-CWC'sFavoriteHits.jpg Issuezero.jpg SchuComic12-5CoverEdit.jpg Ogsonichucard.jpg

Here’s to the most awesome Electric-Hedgehog @Pokemon Ever! How about getting me involved in the next game, since his PokeDex number is literally #982, @NintendoAmerica and #GameFreak, please?


Chris finally weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic

18 March


ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with a heavy heart that we are cancelling BABSCon 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will return April 2–4, 2021, at our usual venue, the @HyattRegencySFO.

Please read our full statement here:

Stay safe & take care of each other!

Oh-Kay. This pisses me off. 😖😭

Seriously?! ⚡️💙⚡️

Okay, get ready for another light Rant from me: I am not fond of how overworked EVERYONE is getting over this Coronavirus! This REALLY Pisses Me Off!

[gif of angry child crushing can]

*sigh* Now, for my two cents on the matter. I had been aware of this virus since I had foreseen this event, and then finding the confirmation of its conception last January in mid-eastern China. I refused to overthink the topic or the virus at all, so I remained oblivious to any discussion or details on the virus at all, and continued to keep my healthy habits of Soap and Water hand-washing, always having and using hand sanitizer with aloe when needed, and even recently started wearing a 3M brand mask for precaution. I am confirmed to be negative of the virus, myself, from recent bloodwork with my family doctor.

The Bottom Line is that This Viral Event is actually a better step in our own developments and evolution, as well as a deity-level test to sort out the weak from the moderate and strong of mental and soulful intervals, and nothing else. The Fact That we actually have a vaccine being tested now shows that this “epidemic” will be overwith within one week or two, and everyone will have adjusted from the Knowledge that had been Scientifically Gathered of this thing. Everyone Mainly is Just Paranoid of this which they do not fully know or comprehend, and hardly ever thought to take what they had learned from the past similar epidemic and apply it to now to actually Play It Smart and Wise.

I do not even know of the symptoms, because, again, if I literally overthought about it, I would be at greater risk of infecting myself from reading and repeating the list in my mind. It’s Neurotypical and idiotic for anyone to do that and overthink it.

*sigh* But, I Digress.

A lot of people can get soo overworked and recklessly paranoid and stressed over such simple and obvious things to the point of individual social isolation that puts a delay to too many things. I feel pissed off seeing everyone going that far. It’s simply crazy and stupid.

The only Positive out of it is the further reminder for everyone, in general, to simply Wash Their Hands and keep clean habits as often as possible.

The Greater Factor for a Happy, Healthy life is maintaining a Positive, Optimistic outlook for yourself on life and Counting Your Individual Blessings. I Do This Everyday. So should you; hatred and darkness only sends one downhill.

A couple of updates

19 March

Hey, Everyone. for now. Firstly, I've just edited, completed and added the "Righteous Rising" #TSSSF Expansion Pack (courtesy of @Righteous4CWC). Now you can enjoy his art style, as well as add our ally Goddesses on the Shipping Grid.

TSSSF Righteous Rising.jpeg

This #TSSSF Expansion Pack is now available for purchase on #CwcvilleShopping.

Now, for a second update, I am doing something charitable to help the artists and vendors who were affected by the cancelled Brony conventions; I have ordered one set of the "Sonichu" Books and one set of the #TSSSF Sonichu and Rosechu cards (Deck, Expansion Packs and Promo Cards to be sent my way; I will be autographing all of each of the books, as well as the box art cards in the deck and expansion packs. I will sell these, with a profit fully intended to be divided amongst the artists impacted by this event, but to have a Fully Personally Autographed set of these items by me is a rarity and well worth it. I will add these One-Set-Only items onto #CwcvilleShopping after I personally autograph the items, so I can provide fresh photographs as well. Until then, I will also share the online spreadsheet with the list of affected artists here, so y'all may buy from them, or donate to them, kindly, as well. I remain optimistic for the future, and the results of these events.

I also send kind thoughts and prayers to and for all of the artists and vendors, and everyone else, still surviving and living best as they are able to, during this #Covid_19 chaos. Be Safe and Well, and Keep yourselves clean; #WashYourHands

Thank You.

Tabletop Simulator

20 March


In these trying times of social distancing and canceled conventions, we would like to remind everyone that you can play @secretshipfic online via Tabletop Simulator! Use the tabletop_simulator channel on our discord server to coordinate! #TSSSF #brony

Also, be aware, that the #TSSSF cards are being sold by some of the affected artists and vendors as well; you can buy the past cards from them in support, and play the game offline as you like. Online gaming is good, but nothing beats playing with your family and friends offline.

watch anime to kill coronavirus

22 March

I’m checking out and binging #CellsAtWork on @netflix. Healthy and well, or even not feeling well during these times, you can watch this to remind and encourage your body’s defense to Do Their Best in defense and work for you. ⚡️💙⚡️


Also, yet another reminder to not only #WashYourHands, but also #DrinkWater; Filtered or Bottled, preferred; Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst optional to enjoy it on the rocks (held in place with aluminum wire). ⚡️💙⚡️

Water and Dasani.jpeg

Killer T-Cells

23 March

Laughter is always the best medicine to strengthen your Killer T-Cells, so enjoy some Pinkie Pie to smile and laugh your way to health.

(Also, remember to #WashYourHands)


Wedding anniversary

26 March

Hey, Everyone. Today marks the Two-Year Anniversary of the union of Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, Mewtwo, and I in matrimony. #HappyAnniversary, my loves; here's to many more of our adventures and simple times together the many more years to come. ILoveYou 💙


Miss Talia

27 March

@ThiccNSweets: (Miss Talia)

It’s my birthday!! :D
Hey, someone has a birthday today; it was cool to meet her at BronyCon. Happy Birthday, Talia.


28 March

Hey, everyone. Just a Good Vibe share: I just changed my #BronyThankYouFund calendar to April; I love this art piece. I remain neutral in shipping, although I more support Fluttercora or Fluttercord, but this Flutterdash, regardless, is simply lovely.

April 2020 calendar image.jpeg


28 March

Speaking of Shipfics (and bringing up #TSSSF for a bit as well), I had a thought as I meditated: I Know there exist in 1218 shipfics of myself and certain, ahem, detested individuals, written highly likely in Irony and/or Trolling-Stupid Hatred. But, most surely there exists...

TSSSFpack1.jpeg Cryzel tsssf.jpeg Ocofoccard.jpg MagiChanColoring4.jpg least One genuine, fondful, kind, from the heart shipfic story, here. On all such shipfics written Before March 26, 2018, I sense it highly unlikely. I would very much like to witness this theory proven false.

So, I propose a challenge to all of my followers, online trolling types, and so forth, alike; Everyone. Present to me any Shipfic that is Genuine, Positive, and Free of ANY Gore or Violence between myself and the chosen partner. Also, any and all Detested individuals, including Hitler, Eggman, Giovanni of Team Rocket, Thanos, Rei Ryghts, and the like are all Prohibited. And, Again, ONLY those written before the date of March 26, 2018 will be accepted for consideration in this research topic; any and all written and created after the specific date are prohibited.

You may leave links to the valid shipfics in the comments below this Tweet Thread, or you may DM the links to me on Twitter.

Please, prove my theory wrong; I wish to see Positive and Genuinely Heartfelt shipfics featuring myself and those of good or neutral justice (male or female partners are acceptable and good). That is all for now. Thank you all.

March 26, 2018 was the date that Chris announced his Sweetheart Search was over, and he later revealed his polyamorous marriage. It's possible that Chris considers that approving of a shipfic written after this date would somehow be cheating on his loves.

Chris added a comment on 29 March:

After eight hours since I posted my challenge, after skimming the comments under this thread, the responses so far Only Confirm my theory, so far, which would be most disappointing, if I did not already have low expectations with the results of this experiment. Prove Me Wrong.

COVID-19 a sign of Dimensional Merge

28 March

Chris tweeted from his MagiChan111448 account after fantasy enabler Helena Fiorenza role-played about her Magi-Chan OC and COVID-19.[1]

That particular self-counterpart of mine is not joking at all. We psychic types and hyper-sensitives are very much in tune with the events that have been going on and progressing, as well as those foreseen. He was not self-quarantining, but left to make sure everything was

safe and situated for your health and safety, @PickinyFelliny. Dark forces are, indeed, at work, but we all of good and neutral justice outnumber the dark forces, and we continue to work very hard and diligently to see to countering them and protecting the good individuals

who are underpowered, as well as those confirmed to be powerful and over powerful in development. This virus has cause quite the conundrum and chaos in 1218; fortunately, in C-197 and al neighboring dimensions and sub dimensions, the virus has been cleared a few weeks ago.

This was part of the reason for the Merge to happen, as we bring as many as possible into C-197, or bring as many into 1218 as possible, so we can cure the remaining populations and clear the air of this chaos, in general. Count Your Blessings, everyone. 💜⚡

Another enabler asked:

Is there any chance of neighbouring dimensions being able to help out at all? i know it is a long shot but worth asking.

Chris answered:

Very much so. Suffice to say, do not doubt Princess Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadance, and the others of Equestria; they continue to offer their support in their efforts during these events.


31 March

Good Morning, y’all. I just checked out my friend’s #VoidZine; a compilation of photographs of unique, weird and varying levels of visual appeal. Something cool to look at and comment over. (This is NOT a Sonichu or CWC Server)