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The page cover photo uploaded on 12 September 2013.
I encourage Everyone to show their support by wearing a Sports Bra, and encouraging the uncovered men to wear them as well.
Chris, on 10 September 2013.

Brassieres For Males is a ridiculous Facebook "community" page created in part by Chris on 23 August 2013. Chris shared the page on 10 September 2013, at which point its existence became known by his fans. The page is dedicated to encouraging men to wear sports bras. It is likely, given the language and syntax of many of the posts, that Chris had assistance in running the page from unknown figures. Most of the content was Chris whining about how men should wear women's clothing, so that he wouldn't feel offended (read: so he would feel more comfortable with crossdressing himself). Chris seemed to forget about the site soon after sharing it, waiting a year before revisiting it, and then only sporadically.

About the Page

The Facebook profile photo. Note how the words "Want Woman" are removed compared with this photo.

The original "About" page (sadly not screencapped in time) focused on Chris himself and his adamant opinions about men going topless. The original tagline was, "This is a page to support making it legally required for men of all ages to wear (sports) bras to cover their topless chests." Soon after its discovery, however, the "About" page was sanitized to mask Chris's egotism and imperiousness. Hints of the original tone remained in some of the site comments and images.

Welcome to Brassieres For Men, a support page for those who believe it should be proper and accepted for men to wear (sports) bras.

Brassieres for Men is a page [later changed to "a community of people"] which supports making it more proper and accepted for males of all ages and body types to wear (sports) bras. We would also like to see male characters on cable and public television wearing bras as a way to express identity or modesty.

Brassieres For Men believes that men face an unfair stigma when they choose to wear a brassiere or similar piece of clothing. Bras can benefit men/males in several ways:

--Sports bras prevent the chafing commonly experienced by joggers.

--Bras can provide support and relief for the wearer's chest and back.

--Some conditions cause males to develop larger breasts, which is often a cause of embarrassment. Bras designed for males (or sports bras in the appropriate size) can flatten or lessen the appearance of male breasts and help the wearer feel more confident. (Many males wear undershirts to accomplish this purpose, often with sub-optimal results.)

--Some males enjoy wearing brassieres as an expression of gender or sexual identity. Though this is a valid use, it is not the focus of this page.

--Anyone who wants to wear a bra, for whatever reason, should be free to do so!

Show your support by Liking this page and wearing a (sports) bra!

The Brassieres for Men Facebook page was founded by Christian Weston Chandler. A Note from the Founder:

"I started wearing sports bras a few years ago. As we grow older, regardless of how much we exercise, the human male will often have breasts that could fill an A- or B-Cup. I, myself, am a 42 B-Cup. Jokes have been made about them, even by Seth McFarlane, but male breasts are not a thing to laugh at."

Thank you for visiting this page. Please Like and share your own experiences and thoughts!

Photo Albums

Within a few days of its discovery, a series of photo galleries had been established on the site. They were provided largely without comment, and it's unclear what message Chris was trying to send with them, especially after the editing of the original "About" page.

Sample Male Chests/Breasts

On 23 August 2013, the page started by posting a gallery of photos of male breasts and chests:

Covered Sample Chests

Another gallery showed ridiculous photos (most likely done using MS Paint) of men wearing bras.

My own breasts

Chris was kind enough to give us a gallery of his bosoms.

On this last photo, Chris commented, "Taken YEARS ago, for a Theoretical Ex Girlfriend; Trolls got their hands on it, and yet this was (without my own permission or consent) shown on MTV's Failosophy."

Sports Bras

Male Bras

Chests in the printed media

These photos are apparently meant to show the prevalence of offensive male torsos in modern Western society (although there's also an image of a woman, so who knows). Chris scribbled out identifying information for the magazines and also made sure to censor the groins of the male swimsuit models.

Administrator Comments

For several days after its discovery, the page administrator(s) made a number of comments clarifying the site's intent. Chris's presence was usually easy to detect based on syntax and the general dickishness of the comments. Much troll mockery was deleted.

Sports bras are good

Sports Bras come in a number of varieties; they are available at stores like Wal-Mart and wherever bras are sold. There is no shame in asking for your own breast size.
It's true that you need a bit of self confidence to purchase these as a man, but most people will assume you are buying them for a woman anyway. Women wear men's clothes quite often, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with men doing the same with women's clothes, when they can find it in their size. The only problem is in people's perceptions, which will never change if men do not take a stand!

One user asked a question:

I asked about it on the timeline but how shall one buy a sports bra? I'm going to walmart tomorrow and want to know how the bra should feel and stuff. I'm a beginner who has resorted to wearing a cut up undershirt to cover my shame.
I'll make a post about it now.

Family Guy Video

The "Sideboob Hour" scene from Family Guy was shared:

This clip from "Family Guy" is enough to make one aware of the situation.


Sports Bros

The page admin referenced terms used in an episode of Seinfeld.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, you may refer to the Sports Bras as "Bros" or "Manssieres"; whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
Sports Bros!


I encourage Everyone to show their support by wearing a Sports Bra, and encouraging the uncovered men to wear them as well.

One user asked:

What if a woman wanted to go around topless? I am just curious.
[NAME REDACTED], unfortunately it's currently illegal for women to walk around topless (as I'm sure you know, so I'm not quite sure why you're asking the question.) The female body has been incredibly oversexualized, so women being topless both offends and arouses people, which is not productive in any way. Unless you want them to be aroused, in which case, mission accomplished.
You could say the same for a woman who has exceptional breasts and wants the world to know. Our double standard in this country is ridiculous.

In response to another question, the anonymous administrator said:

[NAME REDACTED], just do whatever you feel comfortable with. If your wife loves you, she will want that for you.


Well spoken. Maybe you can find a compromise so that you can both be happy.

Magic Mike

This post was clearly made by Chris. He provides photographic evidence that he has taken to vandalizing store merchandise, an eerie foreshadowing of a later crusade.

Bra vandalism.jpg

Even the cover of the movie's DVD, ugh, "Magic Mike", REALLY infuriated me the number of weeks since it was released. I had been putting another DVD in front of it, so I wouldn't have to look at those topless dudes.

Support Wearing Bras!

The page admin then complained about other men feeling uncomfortable wearing bras:

The only reason men feel uncomfortable wearing bras is because society has deemed it unacceptable, exclusively ladies' wear. But stop to think about it for a moment; at its most basic, what is the purpose of a bra? Support and containment! There is no reason a man should feel ashamed of wearing a bra. If a man has some boobage, it's only logical that he should want to support or contain it. All men should be able to wear any style bra or support he likes, whether it is a more feminine type or merely a compression shirt. Sports bras are actually a brilliant solution for those who can't afford expensive compression shirts. Let's work on removing the stigma surrounding men wearing bras, and instead of shaming them, support them! Just like a bra. (In both the surfer and apparel sense)

Two users asked some questions, one on 13 September and another three days later:

They make compression shirts. Look up Under Armor. I'm all for wearing what feels right but a guy should get to know his options before he feels restriced to just a bra for support. Could you add a link to them in your next page update?
There is already a link for them, look around.
what about males that have flat chests?
If they want to wear a bra anyway, let them! Some men get embarrassed if their nipples are showing through their shirt, and a bra can be helpful in that regard.

When someone pointed out that diet and exercise would make male bras unnecessary, the admin responded:

Okay, but that fact changes nothing. And actually, some men can get moobs even when they are not overweight. Either way, if the moobs are there, a bra we'll wear. ;)

Feminine Style Bras

The page admin then shared some links:

Cute feminine style bras for men can be purchased here. Some are even padded to give the appearance of strong pectoral muscles.

Gynecomastia is a blog filled with information about Gynecomastia. You are not alone!


This is a great site for men who prefer a more masculine form of containment. There is something for everyone out there!


Walmart has an incredibly wide selection of bras, and many have a more masculine look to them. Browse the site and check out your options!

Bra Sizing

Bra sizing: First of all, remember that you can return ANYTHING to Wal-Mart! So it might be a good idea to purchase a few different sizes of bras to try on at home, and return the ones that do not fit. It's a bit of trial-and-error at first, but you'll find your size soon enough! Now for the explanation:

Most bras are sized in two ways: the letter, which denotes cup size, and the number, which denotes the diameter of the chest. To know what bra size you are without having to try them on in public first, take a tape measure and measure your chest "cannon", that is to say, wrap the tape around your back and to your front, just below your "man"maries. This number is your chest size, which often will convert quite closely to the bra sizes.

For the cup size, place your hands over your moobs. If you can get a good handful, you are probably a B cup. If it's just enough to fill your palm, you're probably an A cup. Don't be afraid to try for a C cup though! For those who are more overweight, oftentimes a C cup is necessary.

When it comes to sports bra sizing, many are in the types of size you're familiar with--XS through XXL. The handy thing about sports bras is you can usually tell by holding it up to your chest whether it will fit or not.

Sports bras should fit snugly but not feel as though they are asphyxiating you or cutting off circulation. They are meant to lend support by compressing the breasts, but too tight and they can become quite unpleasant. As mentioned in the beginning, if you aren't comfortable with trying them on in the store, purchase a few different sizes and try them on at home.

Happy shopping!

One user posted on the same day:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I'm going to make a video about my solution before I was convinced for you to get a sports bra. Thank you so much!
Happy to help!

Another user posted this six days later:

Would you mind sharing too that not all brands measure the same A Hanes 34B size may not be the exact same size as say, a 34B Fruit of the Loom. There's no worse feeling than having an elastic band digging into your ribcage.
Definitely true. Don't try to force a size that just doesn't fit!

Wikipedia On Male Bras

Educate y'allselves!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling wears a man bra. Okay so maybe he doesn't. BUT WE CAN'T KNOW FOR SURE

A Shoutout

The page admin shared a video:

Bullying, Autism, and Mocking

To counter the rash of trolling, the page admin posted the following:

Those who attempt to troll or mock will be banned. And it's very easy to tell. If you came here just to continue to bully an Autistic man, then I think you need to look at your life and figure out at what point you thought it would be okay to treat someone that way.
The purpose of this page is clear, and if you don't like it, nobody's making you stay.

One user responded:

You know you are distracting the purpose of this page by writing this. People already know who this was made for, how do you know everybody here is just pulling your legs

The admin replied:

almost 7 years of experience

Another user posted:

Actually the purpose is a bit mystifying. It seems to be a page supporting Gynecomastia. However, half the pictures are of rather fit men without Gynecomastia. Under the Magic Mike photo you seem to imply topless men are disgusting. This seems to go against a number of your updates. Unless this is a parody page i'm unsure what you are going for here.

The admin responded:

[NAME REDACTED], perhaps you should read the "about" page and description. Then you will have a better idea of what our purpose for this page is--which, by the way, is entirely up to us.

Yet another concerned citizen asked:

I just have to point this out, would this particular message not be like waving a red flag at a bull if you think that bullies or trolls will come here? I had no idea the man who opened this page was autistic (if that is what the message implies?) or if the creator of this page is referring to someone else that is being bullied? I'm not sure which one you're aiming at, I thought this page was about male bras, not autism? If this is about a friend of the creator of this page, then perhaps a different page would be created about autism unless the original post about autism and bullying was posted here by mistake.


We're saying it for the ones who are already here for that purpose.

Another user protested:

So apparently we can't share our opinion that this is absolutely ridiculous? I work out, I'm in shape, I'm not covering up anything, bro.


The page is not here for people to share their opinion that aligns with most of the rest of the world's. It's here for those who agree with what the page stands for to come together and, among other things, support each other. What possible reason could you have for coming to this page and telling us something we don't care about hearing? We don't know you, so your opinion carries no weight and serves no purpose other than to be abrasive.

And furthermore:

You don't get to make demands. And this page is not for fans of CWC, it's for supporters of the cause.

Chris remembers the site exists

After a long period of dormancy, the site saw new content in the second half of 2014 regarding Chris's new gender identity. These new posts, unlike the previous ones, were definitely written by Chris himself and were typically self-centered.

Chris comes out

14 August 2014

I, Christian Weston Chandler, not discriminating, and have fully come out as a Lesbian Identified Man, or female soul/male body Intersex (it is Real, Google "Lesbian Identified Man"), and as a Full On Cross-Dressing and Makeup Wearing Transexual, I am Officially in Full Support to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Cause! Sports Bras for ALL Men, and Skirts for all Men who feel most Comfortable in them, or want them!

HOO-RAH! I will walk in a Pride Parade as well (should one be made in my local area)!

When someone replied, "Tranny Pride!," Chris issued confirmation:

Tranny Pride, worldwide!

Another observer named Robert Stoner expressed some confusion:

I don't understand why you would think being a "lesbian identified man" and a tranny, as well as wearing women's clothing are traits women would look for in a man.

This prompted the secret white knight administrator of the page to jump in and begin a dialogue:

The women who are into trannies look for that.


So you want male transexuals to want you?


I didn't say anything about transsexuals. Just talking about the women who are into trannies.


So youre a female trapped inside a male's body?


Christian is, yes.


Are you referring to yourself in the third person?


No, I'm one of the maintainers of Brassiers For Males.

Kenneth had to say:

I don't think Christian fully grasps what transgender means. Genuine transgendered shows up as differences in brain structure in comparison to a non-transgendered person. These differences can actually be seen on a brain scan. With all due respect, it's all well and good that he supports equal rights. There's nothing at all wrong with that. But my guess is that there are other factors going on here that are the real drivers.

The administrator replied:

We here at Brassieres For Males are not interested in your opinion. Whatever Christian's true diagnosis is, he'll figure out for himself, without you commenting on it.


Has CWC considered dating a transgender (Male to Female)? Maybe it might give him some more insight into transgendered.



Chris goes to a pride festival

A month later, Chris cross-posted from his personal page, with added relevant information:

13 September 2014

I was at the Pride Festival today, and I really felt accepted and liked among the LGBT community; like I do belong there as the Lesbian Transgender that I am, and a lot of real women there showed me kindness and respect. I feel better about myself for that. But I was not in the mental state to meet new people yet, but I did make some acquaintances; talked with some of them for a bit. But I do feel that I really want to do more with the community, so I may join up with the C-Ville Pride, or something; I have some pamphlets and details. I will make my own decisions!

Not only that, I maintained my Modesty by wearing MY Bras every day, including today!!!


Now you have to wear skirts too

A month after that, Chris felt compelled to return to the site to post a long musing in which he contemplated other fashion accessories for men:

Bras 4.jpg
19 October 2014

I was thinking more about Modesty, amongst the common Male. Besides the fact that their top portions should still be covered to less offend those, including myself, who feel and have been feeling offended with topless male nudity. There is Another amongst the common Male that should still be considered more concealed from those sensitive to them as well. The bulge.

The bulge Definitely remains obvious even regardless of what kind of pants they wear. Even opaque Leggings alone would not suffice to keep that covered up. But I have found in my own personal expression of my Lesbian Transgender sexuality, that Leggings AND Skirts together can better conceal the bulge.

The skirt is more loose outwardly, so even if it becomes aroused, to use the term loosely, the bulge becomes less obvious to tell. Also, I like to hide my long, ugly growth underneath my taint, tucked between the skin and my underwear. This also helps in better being able to look down and Not have to look at the darn thing.

I am not saying males HAVE TO wear skirts and leggings, but in the name of Modesty, it would be beneficial. And, y'all will be able to better feel the breeze of the air on your legs and lower region, which is good. And with the light chill getting there, y'all may find better seed population growth there as well. Again, using the term loosely.

So, take a page from my book of life for your consideration; skirts and leggings for better Modesty.

Males do Not have to be such offensive show-offs. That is so stereotypical of them to Be Show-Offs; prove yourself Not Stereotypical, And More Modest.

Have a good and safe day.

When a commenter complained that he didn't want to wear leggings, Chris replied:

Well, then, Don't wear Leggings.

Why must you put me down?

A request

Despite the new attention Chris was paying to the site, he seemed somewhat distant from it.

20 October 2014

People! If you want to contact me directly, do so from my own personal page.

Don't free the nipple

By the end of 2014, Chris's personal page no longer provided a link to Brassieres For Males. Yet in the Spring of 2015, he returned again, and reaffirmed his commitment to male modesty. He cross-posted this note on his personal Facebook page.

13 April 2015
11159486 841302929297521 3754185787838158301 n.jpg

I do not mean to be offensive, and I do side with the women on the debate. ‪#‎Freethenipple‬ is one that requestions the position of the nipple. I do agree on equal rights here (what is good for one is good for the other there). But, in reasonable discussion, the same result could be achieved with encouraging Males to Cover Their Nipples. Which of my own offense at that visual display that had gone on for too damn long of the stereotypical Male. And that was one big reason why I started the #‎BrassieresForMales‬ group on Facebook over a year ago! I feel it good, I'm agreement of what the women are hoping to achieve, yet in appropriate and ironic twist, Males should post selfies of themselves wearing a brassiere. I won't be the host on this side of the debate (it's not one of my better talents), but I will, however, initiate the agreement to women's ‪#‎Freetenipple‬, with an appropriate counter of #BrassieresForMales.

I, will remain neutral in the matter, because I Do agree with women's rights, and I personally want to see Males be more Modest in their appearances (nobody is impressed with their showing off). And I sincerely would vote with the majority, because we all Would win either way.

Thank you.




Male Lingerie

On 5 May 2015, Chris shared a link to an article called "Male Lingerie Is A Thing Now And It's Kind of Amazing."

Topless Tuesday

On 12 May 2015, Chris uploaded an image celebrating Topless Tuesday for his page's followers. The post was deleted within 15 minutes. Eat up, ladies.

12 May 2015

#Topless Tuesday

From Betty "B"s to Daria "D"s, enjoy my treats, ladies!

(And if you feel disgust instead, then that validates further my original cause of covering up the topless male). Power to Modesty!

Equality: For Women Only

The photo he dared Facebook to delete.

Chris shared a post on his personal Facebook page trying to demonstrate that his breasts were those of a woman, and therefore, according to Facebook standards, should be censored.

9 July 2015

We, the women, should all be respected equal, regardless of physical body.

Since his shared post was, in fact, quickly deleted, this one quickly disappeared too.

Nudity Reports

On 12 July 2015, Chris added without comment two essentially identical photos pertaining to Facebook's response to reports that his naked manboobs violated community standards. It's not clear what point he was trying to make.

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