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This page is an archive of Chris's social media posts during October 2023. Unless otherwise indicated, the posts are on Twitter under the username CPU_CWCSonichu.

Second Coming

16 October 2023

Second Coming with Ultimate Miracle. 🌈💎. Chaos Control!

Setting the Record straight

17 October 2023

Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021 youtu.be/yDR6e83zrWg?si=X8FndUXHL1X9L4bS via @YouTube

Roman Colosseum

18 October

In response to a Twitter user asking why Chris chose to green screen himself into a Roman colosseum in his latest video.

It’s the Royal Albert Hall, for obvious reasons.


Chris is still mad about MLP G5

18 October

Equestria Daily (EquestriaDaily)

The G5 comic Black, White, & Blue has officially released today! I love how many side series we are getting for the comics lately.

Go check it out: equestriadaily.com/2023/10/my-little-pony-black-white-blue.html

NOBODY Cares for MLP G5; Resume Friendship is Magic Already, @Hasbro, Please! I Literally Foreknew and Foretold how Premature and Awful G5 was to be. #PsychicPowers #Avatar #JesusChristIsRightHere
Still have not watched ANY of MLPG5 At All, and I Never Shall until AFTER My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, Season 14 Episode 26 is aired on tv, streaming services and all, @Hasbro
Here, @Hasbro, I’ll make this EASY for you, so Heed My Input and do it: hire everyone of G4 cast and crew back, and with John DeLancy as Discord, start with Discord telling everyone G5 is undone and resume G4 from there. Definitely get Faust back on as well. Nightstar and I are more than happy to help, personally. 🌈💎

Elon Musk

18 October

And on an unrelated note, Verification Process improvement aside, but the price is not needed for that, @elonmusk really has fucked Twitter up. Nobody, not even I, will ever refer to it as “X”; that is just as Stupid Y Stupid (tonto y tonto) as Team Rocket and Giovanni, period.
Phew! It feels really good to finally get that off of my mind and back.

Chris's thoughts on Israel and Ukraine

18 October

Carrie Krueger (CarrieKrueger17)

@CPU_CWCSonichu What’s your input on what’s going on in Israel?
Demons and Devils are literally at work on both sides there.
Also, Putin shall die by his own sword, I heavily support and supported Ukraine 🇺🇦 in defenses amidst my work. And the Ukraine girl sitting by POTUS Lisa Simpson in the circle meditation drawing, in a Church in Israel with that church’s Israeli priest there leading the circle, was an escapee from that WWIII that Lisa adopted.

For unknown reasons, Chris reposted the above reply 2 more times.

Christmas Play

18 October

Part One of the reading of Angelica Rosechu's 2005 Christmas Play is up.

[links to video]

Favorite Mane 6

20 October

In response to a tweet asking people which one of the main 6 characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is their favorite.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack are tied as my top faves. Yet I also identify with Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Etsy Store update

22 October

Hey, everyone. I am very well aware of the orders that have been coming in on my Etsy store. The Medallion stock is low, but we are personally restocking with personal crafting, painting and certification. Please, remain patient as we restock and complete the orders. The wait will be worth it. Thank you all for the continued support and kindness.

Minecraft server

24 October

We are also looking for @Minecraft players to help in building a Hub area in my server from an island I started; skilled volunteers apply, please. Send inquiries to cwcvilleguardian@gmail.com if interested. Thank you very much.

CPU CWCSonichu - 1716834856674513398.gif

Stream announcement

25 October

Stay tuned

Chocolate and fruits

28 October

Friendly reminder: get in your daily good dose of vitamin filled fruit.


Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Oranges have Vitamin C for Defenses. Banana, Strawberries and Cherries are also good.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

28 October

Also, are y’all looking forward to #ScottPilgrimTakesOff? The anime opening song is really good. 🎵🎶

[Chris links to Scott Pilgrim Takes Off || Leaked Intro ]

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off music

29 October

[Chris quotes his tweet from the previous day.]

The song is and Feels Really Good. Hey @Apple, let’s get Bloom from Talkie onto @AppleMusic, please. This song is *Awesomely Fuzzyspirational/Vibrational*; perfect for my Playlist.


Livestream announcement

30 October

Hey, everyone. Just a heads-up, I’ll be doing a live stream at about 6:00 pm: Story Time. Come online to enjoy it. Something from recent drawings that y’all have seen before.


30 October


can someone please give me an alternative theory as to who that is in this picture so I can sleep at night, because my initial assumption is no good. k thx

X - drawings-30Oct2023 1.jpg


No, GiBi, that is, indeed you; no alternative theory. You have gone back in time to February, 2006, as did Lightning Bliss and a number of others.


30 October

I forgot to mention: the Etsy store is restocked.

[Chris links to OfficialCWCmart]