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The following is an account of Chris's Facebook activity during March 2012.


  • 4 March - Chris is lonely.
  • 7 March - Chris is still lonely, and misses his father.
  • 9 March - Chris had a good time at the benefit.
  • 11 March - Chris sets up a new mailbox and is confused about song lyrics.
  • 13 March - Chris hates Rage Comics and a GameStop employee.
  • 18 March - Chris feels like a misfit.
  • 21 March - Chris doesn't know where to find women.
  • 25 March - Chris has a good time at a Mythbusters show.
  • 27 March - Chris needs some sex.
  • 31 March - Chris asks his friends to hook him up with a prostitute.
  • 31 March - Chris blames others for his own mistakes.

Posts by Chris

Moderate to Positive Attitude

4 March 2012

Hey, y'all.

I've been in moderate to positive attitude, so I've been impulsively adding to the wall less. So Less posts from can be considered moderate to good.

Anna respond with this brief reply:

I love you Christian

Kim's response:

That's good you're feeling better(even it it's a little)! Just try to stay positive and keep the negative thoughts out.

Still Feeling Lonely

4 March 2012

Things are considerably unchanged; I still do not care for the Trolls, or Megan Schroeder. I'm still awaiting my next trial from Mr. Snyder's Trap. I am still feeling Lonely.

Would it kill anyone?

4 March 2014

SERIOUSLY, would it KILL anyone to talk about me positively around the local groups of women and refer them to my Facebook page at least (My page is set for Friend Requests from "Friends of Friends Only")?

I'm lonely

4 March 2012


"I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely Now, I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely Now, I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely, I'm Lonely Now, I'm Lonely..."

Still Feeling Lonely II

7 March 2012


Still feeling lonely; only a sense of satisfaction I get from emotionally helping my mother a lot makes me feel slight better. The downside from that is when I make a mistake; she gets really loud with emotional outbursts, and I feel hurt inside again. But for the while, neither she or I can survive emotionally without the other...

Some people are nice to her; she feels good. Most are mean, or considered mean from a possible misunderstanding; she feels frustrated, angry, sad. I endure her outbursts again.

We both wish Mr. C. (my dad/her husband) was still around. She feels his presence in the house; I see and converse with him in my dreams.

It's lonely. And she and I both cry at times.

She feels like she has few people outside our household who really care about her being. :_(


It is tough.

Chris received the following response from Dana Mahri:

aw i am sorry christian. that must be really hard for you both

Benefit show

In this post, Chris informs us about his visit to Rob & Dana Benefit Show with his mother.

9 March 2012

Hangin' at Rob & Dana's Benefit Show with mama. Quiet now (not counting the music); mom may force me to leave early; I may make some new women friends. Que cera cera.

Music was good

9 March 2012

Ended up leaving early at 8:30: made a few new acquaintances; the music was good.

Chris received the following response from Dana Mahri:

thanks for coming christian! it was so good to see you!!! i will call and we can hang out soon!!


Thank you for inviting me. :)

Quiet today

11 March 2012

It's quiet today, which is good. Mom and I just set up a new mailbox with a lock; either vandals, nature or the postal carrier have opened up our previous mailbox, exposing our mail for possible theft.

Kim wrote the following response:

Good call!I know with older mailboxes they'll lose their tension to keep themselves shut, so it's pretty annoying when they fall open on their own. And especially when it's raining out.

Here's a thought

11 March 2012

Here's a thought, open for discussion.

The song with the lyric, "If its true, leave me all alone out here, wondering if you're ever gonna take me there."

I feel a bit baffled by it. because the dude wants to know if it is true or not: I think he would generally NOT want to be left alone wondering. The lyric should read, "If its true. DON'T leave me all alone out here, wondering if you're ever gonna take me there."

Sarcasm may be in play here. but I stand by the literal and such (or something like that).

Anna responded:

It does say don't. Hope that clears it up!


I have heard it over and over; there is no "don't".


All the lyrics websites say there is...


I stand corrected. I've just downloaded the track, there IS a "Don't" there, but the BC singer sings the word. He really sounds faint, so it was hard to hear him when the song was played on the radio. Lite Rock Z-95.1



Rage Comics

13 March 2012

I have just Learned of "Rage" comics; first from recognizing the Stupid, Smiling Face, A.K.A. "Rage", among the PS3 Themes released onto the PlayStation Store today, 3/13/2012. The face IS a Common Trademark Logo, among other logos, including "Pedobear", 4Chan's clover, that wide-eyed yellow wide-smiling face, etc.

I now aim a portion of my Loathing for the Trolls/Cyber-Bullies towards "Rage" Comics, AND the character's face.

Also, Travis at the Gamestop in Forest Lakes interrupted what would have been a successful sale of my old PS3 (I've transferred all of the data to a newer model the past few days), and he gave me a hard time with a huge dash of Discrimination. Travis should be Fired, and the Bad Karma against him in his act against me now hangs over his head.

Kim responded:

Some of the Rage comics are pretty funny once you get past their original meanings, lol.

But oh my God, what did Travis do to you? He's always been pleasant with me!

Nail Hit on the Head

18 March 2012

I have finally had the metaphoric nail hit on the head. My mother made an intersting comment; she had worked with my type of lonely people before. So I asked her to describe what sort of lonely person did she think I was, and it makes a Great Deal of Sense to me with good clarity. I am a Misfit. I do not really fit in most anywhere. Most eveyone overlooks the misfit, and therein is why I am Publically [sic] Invisible. The topic is open for comments and discussion.

Dana replied:

yes, what does your mother suggest? also do you want to change or do you like who you are now?


Actually, my mother is Also a misfit, and neither of us have any idea for not being a misfit. I do not conform easily.

Kim chimed in:

You don't necessarily have to conform to society, but you must realize that you can not expect others to conform to your views. Just food for thought. :)

Where are all the single women?

21 March 2012

At the dentist with mom; her appointment. I am still feeling down from lack of girlfriend. I watched the video preview of the PS3 Dynamic Theme, "Forever Lonely" (Rage Comics). Essentially dude waves at a passing woman; she ignores then laughs at him; it made me reflect a bit. Definitely need to speak out more addressing the local women. I still fear the usual; rejection, presence of her boyfriend, read the online shit against me, etc., etc.

Where are all of the socialable single 21 - 30 year old women in C-Ville hanging out? Seriously!!!

The Wallflower was the best...

I've already tried the bars, and the pickings are slim.


25 March 2012

went to DC yesterday to see Adam and Jamie Live at the Warner Theatre. I enjoyed the show, and it was good. I wanted to be a participant, but I wasn't picked. I wanted them to also autograph my duct-tape wallet I made MONTHS ago after first watching Adam holding his duct-tape wallet (I based mine from the wallet I was using right before making it). I had a permanent ink marker on-hand too.

I took most of the photos during our DC trip with my 3DS; ONLY this one I took with the front camera of my PlayStation Vita for an improved definition quality.
I also had a question of if exploring myths behind mythical cures towards mental disabilities was in the future in mind, but I was not picked for either Q&A either.
Does Camel Milk REALLY cure Autism? I am not certain it is as "magical" as it is raved on the internet.

Dana replied:

i love adam and jamie! jealous i missed that! hope you had a super awesome time!!!

My mom traveled with me.


I am not a monster

25 March 2012

Adam is saying some good things I am thinking, at least within the first couple of minutes. I too am NOT a Monster; I too am a reasonable person, and I want people to like me, NOT to Freaking Hate me Worldwide for NO GOOD REASON other than just for a "sake of hatred." Why do I have to be grossly and wrongfully misunderstood with out-of-context, blackmailed, decepted-from-me footage and shit.

Thank you, Adam Savage, for your like wisdom, and the inspiration to further create.

Need Some Sex

27 March 2012

I need some sex. I am no different from everyone else on that topic. I get horny. I think about it OFTEN. I'm dreaming of inserting my rod 'A' into female slot 'V'; followed by some lost genetics. Being an Adult Virgin SUCKS! Abstinance is a Joke. I am lonely. I am tired of being ignored and overlooked inbpublic by women. I Need Some Sex.

A 30-year dry spell? I would invite you over, but my place, and my life, is still a mess.

Court date

Chris was in a state of panic as the date of his and Barb's arraignment neared. He believed he was either going to get all of the charges dropped or he would be sent to jail.

31 March 2012

My court date is coming up, and there is a risk of me either having the charges from Snyder dropped, or me landing in Jail, and if my destiny is Jail, I will starve myself.

I do not want to die a virgin either. I need help Immediately: please send her my way in person (time for polite conversation and getting to know optional).

Anna took the opportunity to make a prison rape joke.

Well if you go to jail, you probably won't die a virgin.

Chris didn't seem to notice.

Why don't you ask
Why don't you ask the fucking trolls on the damn Cwcki? They all unauthorized documented every fucking detail of the trials and shit. The date is on Thursday April 5, at the Courthouse of Charlottesville, of the Police Station at the Downtown Mall, at 1:00 PM.

Kim also commented.

Huh, I'm pretty sure that stuff is like public info or something. But anyway, I hope you are found innocent!


Thank you, Kim.
Court date is April 5; C-Ville Courthouse of the Police Station at the Downtown Mall at 1:00 PM.

Posts by his Friends

Chris is going to a benefit

Dana Mahri asked Chris:

5 March 2012

hey christian! are you coming on friday? you might meet some new people.

Chris responded:

Yes, I am going to be attending the Benefit.


thanks Christian. I wish anna could be there too!!!


Did you send her an invitation?


i did but she's back living in utah and it's too far. :(


Shooting Myself in the Foot

31 March 2012

I have often "shot myself in the foot" with great mistakes, including and especially, all of the mistakes I've made from letting myself be Blackmailed, Tricked, Deceived, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, by immature individuals who hide behind the veil of the internet to create hate-filled slanders of my once good name; those people are nothing more than privacy-invading, gum-gabbing, gossip columnists, working for a gravely corrupted, should-be-fired-for-good "editor in chief".