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This article explains the rationale of The Wallflower policy. For information about the actual gal pal, see The Wallflower.

In March 2010, Chris announced he had a lady friend, a "wallflower" at a meeting for young adults, hereby referred to as "The Wallflower." In a video he released, he dropped her name which allowed more malicious minded trolls to find dox on her and used the CWCki page to post her doxs, her unique fanfiction, etc with intents of trolling her. Given the harassment she received and the potential damage, it was reasonable she felt her personal safety was at risk. As such, she requested that the CWCki rename her page and remove instances of her personal details.

The CWCki administrators intend to uphold their promise to the Wallflower, a promise made in good faith. Chris, however, continues to drop both her real name and pen name in numerous videos, blog postings and pages on his CWCipedia. This makes concealing the Wallflower's identity harder and harder by the day and to completely protect the Wallflower would require censorship utterly unprecedented on these fair pages. It would severely compromise the CWCki's stated goal of recording and documenting Chris's life.

As such, the CWCki's policy (if it can be called that) is loosely defined as "to adhere to the spirit of the agreement with the Wallflower". That is to say, the CWCki will not make her real name and identity particularly easy to identify, nor will they disseminate Chris's demented idea that the two of them were dating (they most certainly were not, despite what Chris says).

Essentially, any media in which Chris mentions her name in passing will be transcribed faithfully BUT not linked to her article. However, any media that Chris releases that strongly implies (or outright states) that the two of them were dating OR any media which puts her real identity in significant danger will NOT be faithfully transcribed; in this instance, any reference to her will be replaced with "The Wallflower", with a note that these changes were performed and what was removed. It is the belief of the CWCki admins that this fulfills their obligation to the Wallflower.

With that in mind... the bottom line is that the CWCki cannot protect the Wallflower from Chris. We cannot control who views the YouTube videos where he places her pen name as the title and repeatedly begs her, by full and complete name, to have sex with him because $100 is too much to pay for a hooker. By and large, the damage has already been done and nothing the CWCki could have done would have prevented it, nor can we put the genie back in the bottle now that it's out in the world. However, we will adhere to the spirit of the agreement with the Wallflower until such time as Chris makes the situation untenable, or the Wallflower wishes to renegotiate her agreement.

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