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This article explains the rationale of The Suitress policy. For information about the actual gal pal, see The Suitress.
What we're up against with this policy.
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On 29 July 2021, a recording of Chris confessing to engaging in incest with his mother surfaced, which promptly led to his arrest. It was discovered that a chunk of the full recording was leaked by a young autistic woman - codenamed by the CWCki as "the Suitress" - who had a genuine crush on Chris, and who had wanted to meet him at the Everfree Northwest brony convention. Both Chris and the Suitress were friends with a Texas Tech student named Isabella Loretta Janke, who was on the other end of the leaked phone call.

A day before, when the Suitress was given an edited 9-minute clip of the call by Bella, she then leaked a further edited 4-minute clip on a Discord server, then the full 9 minutes was leaked on 30 July when people doubted its authenticity, though without Bella's permission to release her voice.

After the 9-minute leak was shared on Youtube by one of the Suitress's friends, Bella attempted to avoid being doxed by framing people associated with her as being the voice behind the call, eventually including the Suitress, who Bella doxed repeatedly, dropping her name and photo on multiple websites, claiming her under Bella's own "Kelly Osborn" and "10Anon" pseudonyms. Afterwards, the Suitress was allegedly temporarily hospitalized after a nervous breakdown. She since used throwaway accounts in a failed attempt to clear the situation up, explain herself, and partly to join in on the Bella hate.

With all things considered, a policy was created in order to appease this situation, where the true identity of the Suitress would be concealed by the CWCki. The policy was soon after repurposed in accordance to her attention-seeking, clout-chasing, leaking her own personal information, falling for trolls, and sharing embarrassing details of herself at inopportune times, treating it as a barrier to prevent any further attempt to contact her.

Since she has already been an active player in the CWCsphere prior to talking to Chris, and her personal information has already been leaked on multiple sites before and after she leaked chunks of the incest call, only helped by the aforementioned throwaway accounts, attempting to keep the Suitress totally anonymous would prove impossible, as the damage has already been done.

Originally this policy was adapted from the Wallflower policy with some alterations - that the Suitress had not requested the policy, and that the Suitress policy encouraged censorship of videos and screen names.

The policy was reevaluated in March 2022 to be more in-line with the Wallflower policy, revised to fully lift censorship of videos with Chris, her screen names, and the fake age she gave to Chris; allow faithful transcriptions of videos that use her real name in passing, THOUGH these instances won't link to her page, and any instances that put her identity in significant danger will still be censored; and continue censorship of last name, state of residence, and other pieces of information relevant to her. In addition, instances of Bella's attempts to frame her will continue to be censored to prevent Bella's quotes from being taken at face value and used against the Suitress.

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