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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major Facebook posts during December 2017. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be included and color-coded for reference.

Is Rosechu a transwoman?

6 December

Go Ahead and Comment, Please!

Okay, who’s Ready to have their minds Totally, Royally F***ed Up? Rosey, our Prime Rosechu, Sweetheart of Sonichu...

Was born, as a Pichu, MALE. The D***ed Trolls were correct. Up until around the 4Cent Garbage Adventure, Rosey did have, not a vagina, but a penis. She had the Operation to become Fully Woman, and give birth to Christine, Roberta and Cera. I felt Super Mortified and Beyond Shocked when she came out to me as a Transwoman, herself. Since when I created her after Sonichu, around 2000, I had created her to be a Female-Only Pokemon, like a Kangaskhan. But, apparently, even though I am Creator, apparently, I am not a total Goddess over my own city and creations.

So, I will now put this to Everyone Online, for their responses: Do You Like It That For Once, The Trolls WERE Right, or would you rather I revert back to telling everyone, in book 15, that our Miss Rosey Rosechu was always Female?

SHE wanted me to come forward with her Truth on her behalf. As much as it really hurts me deep. I Really feel like I should be reeled into my Poke Ball and stored in the PC a while. I accept My Rose, My Rose, as having been born Male.

That Is All. 😔😭😭😭

SchuComic15Page1 draft.png SchuComic15Page9 draft.jpg

He rated his own post "sad."

A fan advised via Twitter:

Christine. I'll say what I say to most artists that seek out fan input. You do what feels right for you as a creator. At the end of the day, it is completely up to you. Take in the feedback, watch the reaction, but you don't necessarily have to follow it.

Chris replied:

You are right, thank you. But I will tell you True, I actually have heard this Fact from Rosechu, Herself; it is Not Fan Input on that. But, Trickie Did Get Right most of Rosey’s Story and thoughts in that comic. I have permission and consent to quote her, Trickie, in Book 15.

Jessica Quinn commented:

A MTF sonichu, and one of the two leads at that! Very progressive! ❤️

On Twitter, Chris conducted a poll:

Tell You All What, Which would you rather have from now on?
  • True Transexxed Rosechu
  • History-Changing to Girl

BONUS FOR ALL TROLLS: Both Answers Actually Hurt Someone: One Hurts Rosey; the Other Hurts Me. Win-Win Either way for the Trolls!

"True Transexxed Rosechu" won with 57% of the vote.


That's not a healthy way to look at the situation hon. Why would it hurt you in anyway if you truly support a character who went through what you're going through?

Also, why post this stuff if it's only going to be a "win-win" for the trolls?

Chris later deleted all tweets pertaining to the matter, including the poll results.

What it's like in a Poké Ball

7 December

By the way, for EVERYONE who has been wondering what it is like inside a Poke Ball: when inside one, the creature or individual is Frozen, left in a state of Suspended Animation. And it is Dark in there. So ALL you CAN do while inside one, Truly, is Rest, until when you are released from inside the thing.

So, yeah... NO Simulated Fields made from Virtual Reality! NO Living Room Apartment Setting! NOTHING! Suspended Animation in Dark.

Chris Chan Sonichu in S-chu Ball.jpg

This contradicts Pokémon canon, which describes the interior of a Poké Ball as "contain[ing] an environment specially designed for Pokémon comfort" and "contain[ing] a wide, comfortable Pokémon-friendly world inside them." Also, Pokémon appear to be conscious while inside Poké Balls: several have shown the ability to leave their Poké Balls at will.

Introducing Battery-Charge Heart

11 December

A New Hero Enters Cwcville Tonight!

Battery-Charge Heart intro.jpg

The next morning, Chris deleted the post. He crossed some items off of the drawing's text, then took another photo and reposted it:

I reiterate: Cwcville Gets a New Hero.

Battery-Charge Heart intro2.jpg

Silvana lost in the past

14 December

Chris made multiple edits to the post, as he recapped Silvana's life story.

EVERYONE! I have a Major Announcement if Great Importance! Silvana Rosechu is Lost at this time, Destroyed in the Past. BUT, there is a way to Bring her back into existence! Everyone, I will tell all of you the tale of Silvana Rosechu, and then ALL Of You Here, and Everywhere Else, BELIEVE IN SILVANA. OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS; Remember Silvana Rosechu! We Must Bring Her Back!

I quote from My Own "Sonichu" #8:

    • To best introduce this new Rosechu, we have to go back to the Fateful Chaotic Rainbow that spawned All Sixty-Nine Special Sonee and Rosey Eggs, and the Thousands of Regular Sonee and Rosey Eggs, and distributed them all throughout the reaches of Space, Time, AND Dimensions.

Silvana Rosechu's Egg launched directly from the Chaotic Rainbow, Widely Protected and Safeguarded from Any And ALL Manipulations from Any And ALL Outside Forces, Along with EVERY SINGLE EGG birthing from that One Rainbow, Including the Pikachu and Raichu that would transform into Sonichu and Rosechu on either End of the Rainbow.

Silvana's Egg was projected into Space and landed on the Earth's Moon. She hatched out of egg safely, complete and in tact. Able to breath in space as well, despite the lack of oxygen. \ Seconds Later, the soul of Count Graduon, from within his sphere prison, telepathically and magically linked with Silvana, "AH, NEW LIFE... FOR ME TO CORRUPT!", Graduon thought to himself. Then he spoke to Silvana Rosey, "LITTLE ONE AMONG MANY, I AM COUNT GRADUON, ILLUSTRIOUS WIZARD, REVERED BY ALL, MORE POWERFUL THAN MOST. I HAVE TAKEN HEART OF YOU BEING BORN ALL ALONE ON THE EARTH'S MOON. I AM HERE TO TAKE YOU IN MY WING AND REAR YOU PROPERY UNDER MY CAREFUL AND WISE JUDGMENT. I AM A WELL-PRACTICED OF A YOUNG LADY, MUCH LIKE YOURSELF; NOW SHE IS A WARRIOR PRINCESS, MY BEAUTIFUL SYLVIA. I MISS HER EVERY DAY SINCE BEING ENSPHERED IN MY WAND OF A PRISON CELL. I ONLY WANTED TO BRING PEACE AND ORDER, BUT A CHEROKIAN CHIEF SEALED ME IN."


Silvana Rosechu, Born on May Tenth, 1989, on Earth's Calendar; Silvana is a Psychic Type, with no Electric Typing, her Ability is Oblivious. And so, after birth, Silvana Mentally and Physically became a Strong Warrior, under the wicked guidance from Count Graduon on the Earth's Moon. Without maternal guidance, and low social interactions, Silvana had never to truly love, and she/he learned to flirt without emotions.

During her life, when she served under Count Graduon, she would go on espionage spy missions, as well as full-on direct contact missions of manipulation and influence. Among her missions, as quoted from "Sonichu" #1, she had Transformed and Disguised herself as Sonic the Hedgehog, and intercepted Sonichu as Blake was kidnapping Rosechu for Gionvanni and Doctor Ren Skysoar. Her mission was Espionage and Set Up, to learn more of Sonichu, but she still helped him rescue Rosey. Later on, Silvana would disguise herself as Amy Rose, and have a lovely conversation with Rosey to learn more about her for the Count.

Silvana would eventually encounter and meet Magi-Chan Sonichu; he would become enchanted by her beauty, but also defensive against her mental manipulations, as he is a Psychic/Electric Type, himself. They shared a conversation, but then had a squabble. Then she left him that day, as her mission at the time was interrupted and aborted. Later on, in "Sonichu" #9, Silvana would meet up with Magi-Chan on the top of one of Graduon's jets. The two shared another short discussion, then the two fought. Ending up both being worn out after the fight, and the day of saving Cwcville was well and good, Silvana left Magi-Chan once again.

Back to "Sonichu", or special-made "Rosechu", #8, Silvana Rosechu was on mission to seduce and take out Blake Sonichu in order to attempt to steal the acquired Crystal S-Chu Ball Bubbles had retrieved from the ocean depths that day. But with Magi-Chan's guidance, Bubbles saw through Silvana's disguise as Blake Sonichu, and whirlpooled her with electricity in the waters. Silvana teleported out of there back to Graduon, the mission having been aborted then.

In "Sonichu" #10, After Count Graduon was released from his sphere prison, Silvana was freed from Graduon's influence, and she had regained her ability to give birth within a year or two since then. And she joined Magi-Chan Sonichu, and the other Sonichus and Rosechus of Cwcville, to defend the city and do good for everyone. Including, and especially for Magi-Chan Sonichu, and his mentor, Mewtwo.

"Sonichu" #11, Christmas of 2008, During the Holiday events, Silvana, dressed in a warm, red overcoat, met a warmly-dressed Magi-Chan Sonichu, for a lovely picnic date in the mountains east of Cwcville. They shared a Mental Telepathic bond, a delightful and romantic conversation, and the two of them kissed, made out, and the works. And on Christmas Morning of 2008, along with the other Sonichus and Rosechus, they celebrated the yearly get-together at the Cwcville Shopping Center, as they also talked about Christian having become the Lesbian Transwoman she is, Christine, very much like I, myself, Christine Weston Chandler, have and still am transitioning, but for the Christine of Cwcville, it was much more quick a process.

Later that same Christmas Day, Silvana and the other Sonichus and Rosechus, went to both the house of Christine Chandler's in Cwcville to visit and celebrate with her, and ALSO, to MY own house, Right Here, in Ruckersville, Virginia, in this Reality and World. We took a Family Photo together, along with my Autobot friend, Son-Chu.

Silvana also performed in a few roles of Espionage and Tactical Maneuvers, but also in portraying the roles of others on the stage for sharing entertainment, in her spare time.

And for "Sonichu" #12, Silvana attended the first annual SLGBTQ Pride Festival with Christine and the other Sonichus and Rosechus, where Reldnahc made his return, and signed up again with Graduon, as he was construction a new body for himself with the broken Metal Sonichu on the Moon. Silvana had made some insightful commentary. Silvana worked with Magi-Chan and the others to take out the Thousands of Jerkops and Janekops, led by Reldnahc, while he and Christine as Chris Chan Sonichu, battled it out in Reldnahc's private and personal dimension. Silvana had helped take out and collect the Sniper Jerkops and Janekops around the perimeter. After that battle was won, and Christine exited the different dimension, with the passed out Reldnahc in her arms, she was greeted by Slautes from Silvana Rosechu and Magi-Chan Sonichu, and received the reports of the events in Christine's absence.

I forgot to mention, Silvana Rosechu speaks with a Russian accent.

Silvana with Chris Chan Sonichu Amiibos.jpg Silvana and Magi-Chan.jpg

He continued:

**Continuing the Story of Silvana Rosechu** See previous post, below.

In addition to all of that, she watches over the city and nation of Cwcville with Magi-Chan Sonichu and the Alakazams from the Psychic Tower above Cwcville. Silvana also tended to Magi-Chan when he was in need, like the time he came down sick. She also gave birth of a Sonee with Magi-Chan, in 2016; dubbing him Stubenchu. This was also during a time when Magi-Chan was possessed by Count Graduon, for his purposes of taking the city and nation down once again. And to con Silvana to joining him once again. She was pregnant with Stubenchu at the time. Silvana stood up to Count Graduon, and dispelled his mental influences over Magi-Chan, during his weakened-with-cold state. Magi-Chan was healed, and became more mentally resistant to Graduon after that.

Silvana Rosechu is also the reason why Count Graduon signed the Peace Treaty with Cwcville, as she was kidnapped by Mutual Enemy Forces shortly before then.

Miss Silvana Rosechu: Tactical Espionage Expert, Loyal Sweetheart Of Magi-Chan Sonichu, and more Loyal to the City and Nation of Cwcville, Virginia, her family Sonichus and Rosechus, and to Christine Weston Chandler, Myself, and herself in Cwcville.

And continued:

❤️❤️❤️We ALL would be Lost without our Silvana Rosechu. Please, Everyone, THINK FONDESTLY, and REMEMBER Silvana Rosechu, so she can be with us here in full existence, again for all eternity.⚡️❤️⚡️

BELIEVE In Silvana Rosechu, and her Fullest Existence in Cwcville, Virginia, USA, Of All Timelines, Worlds and Dimensions!

Thank You, EVERYONE!

Love, Christine Weston Chandler

Silvana Nov2017.jpg

Neo Silvana

14 December

Everyone, from amongst the ashes, vowing revenge against the one who did her Original form in, Meet and Welcome Neo Silvana Rosechu! ⚡️❤️

Neo Silvana.jpg

Chris later deleted the posts about Silvana.

"Translated" Sailor Moon drawings

23 December

Hey, y’all. Been a while. My bad; I Have been very preoccupied. Anyhow, here are two pieces finally translated to a second language: for Michiru and Haruka.

Michiru and Haruka translated art1.jpg Michiru and Haruka translated art2.jpg

Note on translations:

Original Actual translated text What Chris thought it said Who said it
Schiße ein zebra. Shoot a zebra. That was a great run! I really am improving. Chris
Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ich habe das Universum erobert. Ha Ha Ha Ha. I have conquered the universe. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Keep it up, and you'll certainly catch up to Sonic without transforming. Haruka
Meine Ehre heißt Treue Loyalty is my Honor Greater stamina and speed makes a most durable heart
Blut, Knochen und Fleishwie Eisen. Blood, Bones, and Flesh of Iron Music is soothing to me. It fills up my art with more heart Chris
Evolution durch wissenschaft und Krieg. Evolution through science and war. Art & music fill us with passions to fill our souls.
私はペニヌをもちっています I'm carrying a peninu [sic] - likely intended to be penis Christine W. Chandler

Jamsta molested Punchy

26 December

Hey, Everyone. I have a bit of news.

Now ya'll remember how I recently became more accepting and tolerant of the "G" in SLGBTQ? Well it turns out that the dimension my Cwcville nation resides in hasn't caught up with that like I had hoped! In addition to the Klansmen rallies that happen in front of the mall, and Jamsta Sonichu's trial for molesting Punchy resulting in the Punchy Sonichu riots, I have been hearing that some of ya'll think Magi-chan is helping run Cwcville like a police state! Why, that aint true at all! Need I remind ya'll that A police state is a Country run by CRIMINALS? Magi-chan is not a criminal, and neither is Mayor Brendan Fraser!

Before I end this post, I would Like to Add that the Troll Busters are being reformed into the CWCstapo, which will Be better at stopping criminals in Cwcville.

Thank you, my friends of this world, and the world of the Nation Of Cwcville. We are working very hard, I, Myself personally as well, to make Cwcville a Proud, Open and caring Nation that it was meant to be.

Love, Miss Christine Weston Chandler

Cwc family bach quote.jpg