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Who you gonna call? Someone else.
And with that, I will propose Internet securities, reinforced by the FBI, and there will be patrol stations of the Trollbusters around these United States. Any repor-, any troll activity that you may be suspicious of an individual, you report to your local authority! And they will tell, and then they will inform the local FBI station within that state. And then they will investigate thoroughly! Over the wireless that is called the Internet! And they will trace the e-mails back to the origin home address or location. And they will be apprehended and fined or sentenced, depending on how CRUEL they are to the victim.

The TrollBusters was a stupid idea Chris developed in late 2010: an organization dedicated to eliminating those who troll him, recruited from Sonichu fans. The whole thing was a clear ripoff of Ghostbusters.


Cyber-Bullying and Trolling are NOT Cool!

Chris hoped to found a worldwide anti-trolling movement, "to put a stop to bullying and cyber-bullying."[2] He launched it on 26 September 2010[3] and in an announcement for the Presidency said that, if elected, he would create local TrollBuster stations.[4]

In September 2014, after coming out as a lesbian, Chris extended the concept of the Trollbusters to target the "haters of the LGBTQ community."[5]


Chris planned a pilot issue for a TrollBusters comic. Jackie suggested this as a plot: "the victim was called to go on a first date with a girl at burger king. but when he got there, turned out it was a plot. it was trolls who wanted to steal his pendant, which was a family heirloom handed down for generations and so the trollbusters have to go hunt down the thieves and get it back and at the end they find out that the trolls they beat were just flunkies of more powerful trolls that they would face in the future. i figure its kind of something you could relate to because trolls tried to get your medallion, so your feelings could go into it easier." The trolls are from "Trollvania."[6]

The TrollBusters

  • Cal
  • Dee Dee (a.k.a. Dee2)
  • Christian Weston Chandler[7]

The TrollBusters have use of a "TrollBuster Truck (a cleaned and souped-up Garbage Truck)"[8], a "Sponsored Private Plane,"[9] and a TrollBusters Car.[10]

Chris opened by suggesting that:[11]

Cal and Dee^2 hanging out in their headquarters in Cwcville, talking about common Troll Icons and "Anon" Associations of theirs. Other discussion topics of advisement is open for suggestion. They get an e-mail from a victim; Dee^2 traces its origins, googles the victim's name, finds the various forums and such. She and Cal traces the origin points of the inputed text on the Forums and such through IP Addresses. Finds the point of the Head Troll of the group, hops into their Truck (depending on the Location of the Troll, in US or out, having to take the Private Plane or not; I'm still deciding on the starting location). After they reach the destination, from their truck, they scan all of the computers in the house of the troll wirelessly; they find the bookmarks leading to the same Forums, history of entered text onto said forums, and IRC Chat history matching up. They save all of the evidence onto their HDD, then remotely shuts off the internet for this dude alone. Meanwhile, the perp is inside making another post, and gets interrupted of Loss of Connection, then Cal and Dee^2 force their way in with backup from the Police and the F.B.I. and catch the Troll Red-Handed and take him into custody.

Though the character designs and plot outline exist, the comic was never actually produced.

Ultimate Fate?

When Sonichu returned from hiatus, Cal and Dee Dee weren't seen or mentioned until the Idea Guys saga, when Chris announced the group was absorbed into "The CWCStapo" which would apparently fight all crime instead of just internet trolling.[12] Chris stopped using the name after people on Facebook told him it was a Nazi reference. Even still, Sonichu 13 revealed that the law enforcement groups of CWCville were indeed consolidated into a single powerful military force. Later in the same issue, CWCville's military was completely decimated by invading forces, resulting in the death of most (if not all) of its service members.

Whether or not Cal and Dee Dee survived or died horribly in the war will ultimately depend on whether Chris (or anyone else, for that matter) gives enough of a shit about them to bring them back. Though their recent appearance in a pair TSSSF cards suggests Chris at least remembered they existed.

Nowadays, the expanded group still exists in Chris's mind to "destroy all CRIMEs" in Cwcville.



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