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The following are Facebook posts Chris posted in September 2014.

Profile pic uploaded on 9 September.
New profile pic uploaded two days later. Either he was revoking his support for marriage equality, or he didn't want to be mistaken for a "gay."


  • As usual, many of his posts included links to his eBay page.
  • 3 September - Chris is having sales on his eBay items.
  • 3 September - Chris is boycotting Sonic Boom until Sonic's arm color is changed back.
  • 5 September - Chris uses his new girlfriend as an excuse for delays.
  • 5 September - Chris tries to sell an item he found in the trash.
  • 5 September - Chris asks the LBGT community to help lift a ban at WalMart.
  • 6 September - Chris defends his right to sell the police box on eBay.
  • 9 September - Chris decides to extend the sales indefinitely and announces three new works of art.
  • 9 September - Chris posts a photo of himself with new HRC swag.
  • 9 September - Chris uploads a new profile pic.
  • 10 September - Chris feels sorry for hookers, pleads for money.
  • 11 September - Chris modifies his profile pic for unclear reasons.
  • 12 September - Chris announces that he is now selling replica medallions.
  • 13 September - Chris attends a pride festival and tries to redefine the word "gay."
  • 15 September - Chris pleads for sales so that his mother can go to the dentist.
  • 18 September - Chris discusses his new genital piercing and condemns trolling.
  • 20 September - Chris apologizes for screwing around with the word "gay."
  • 21 September - Chris describes the medallion-making process.
  • 23 September - Chris announces the opening of a Kickstarter campaign.
  • 24 September - Chris buys a new car and wants someone to buy Barb's junker.
  • 24 September - Chris declares that his commercial ventures are legit.
  • 26 September - In a fit of anger, Chris reveals private information about two of his eBay customers.
  • 28 September - Chris ships items, asks for patience.
  • 29 September - Chris reviews the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode.
  • 30 September - Chris is still angry at one of his customers.

Posts by Chris


"Sonichu's Zapping Boom"
"Sweethearts Playing a Round"
"Electric Wedding Bells"

Chris made the following post four different times, with links to different eBay items for sale.

3 September 2014

Ending on Sunday the 7th!


About Four Hours Left before this item gets relisted at a different link, so HURRY UP!!!

Chris Finally Found a New Sweetheart?

5 September 2014


I have been derailed and backed up for a while on getting commissions completed, and I most sincerely apologize for that. This was due to me talking and getting to know my Girlfriend as Sweetheart over the past month, who I have finally had the pleasure of getting together with her last Sunday. Rest Assured, I am catching up on the baked-up work, as I Promise to have all of the commission orders ready and sent out on Monday the 8th.

I really appreciate your continued patronage and patience. I thank you all very much. And on that, [REDACTED], your Portfolio Full of both of your pieces and everything I have promised to you, my best customer, is complete and will be sent out on Monday with the others.

You all have a good day and weekend.

5 September 2014

Also, only THREE days left on the $50-Off Specials, see Links Below, or go to my eBay Profile for the updated links to the listings. So, those three framed and ready pieces Are all still available.

Chris's Jerkop Display Box

5 September 2014
Facebook 4 Sept.png

Just found this lovely kitschy piece in the garbage; the original owner was throwing it out. He said, "Go ahead and take it". I am serious. And it would make a nice for the ONE Uncorrupted Police Person.

Chris Rallies the Human Rights Campaign to His Side

5 September 2014

April of 2013, from moments of feeling loneliness and anger of the Trolls and Bullies who have been pestering me since 2007, and THEIR love of the HexBox consoles. Under an hones [sic] impulse, I had defaced an XBoxOne standee display at a WalMart in Ruckersville by adding an "H" next to the logo next to the "XBoxOne" to spell out "HeXBoxOne." Miss "Manager" [omitted] banned me from the WalMarts of Ruckersville and Charlottesville afterwards.

Over a whole year has passed; I understood what I had done wrong, I have matured, and I have my Sweetheart. I Require being Unbanned from there, so our Shopping Outings are not limited by One Important Store.

I hand wrote an apology letter to Miss [omitted]; she had not responded. I finally got through to her, and she finally called me back. She is not lifting the ban against me.

AT THIS POINT, Miss [omitted] is DISCRIMINATING AND HATING against Not only an Autistic Person, but also a Lesbian (trapped in a male body) And a Transgender.

Now I come to the Human Rights Campaign and my fellow members of the LGBT community to help get me Unbanned from the WalMarts for this atrocity of a misdeed!

Who Amongst Here will take a Stand With me in the Name of Autism AND the LGBT?

In lack of an email address of hers, I encourage those who would like to stand with me to go into the WalMart of Ruckersville, VA, and Demand that Christian Weston Chandler be Unbanned from the WalMarts on the grounds of said Discrimination!

Thank You for your time and for your help.

[omitted], Ruckersville, VA 22968


The Gun is a Fake

6 September 2014

Firstly, EVERYTHING INSIDE THE DISPLAY BOX IS FAKE!!! Except maybe the display photographs.

As I will attest from the personally taken photographs, this thing comes up to half-way up my leg from my foot! Everything inside is practically DOLL SIZE! The fake gun and walkie-talkie and handcuffs are Molded Plastics with Painted Details! Seriously, look closely at all of the uploaded images on something with High-Definition! Everything is Glued into place, or they would be all over the thing flipped Upside-Down the way I have it in the first photograph!

The Gun is NOT A THREAT to Anyone; it is UNABLE to shoot ANY PROJECTILES.

Do I Make Myself Clearer Than Crystal to EVERYONE, including the eBay Computers and The Staff Behind Them?!!


Anyway, it is a display-only item that can not be opened without a screwdriver to any of the hinges. According to the certificate, it was likely made in 1941. It still makes for a nice kitschy gift for Any Of The Few Remaining Uncorrupted Police Persons.

It is quite heavy; it feels like 50 to 100 pounds. With a ruler, 11 1/8 inches wide; approx. 26 1/4 inches tall; 4 3/8 inches deep in length.

Do Not Report This Listing!!!! Do Not Remove It!!! It does not require any orange markings, Period, and I would not have the knowledge or tools on that, since EVERYTHING INSIDE THE CASE IS SEALED IN TIGHT!!!

[shared] Police-Window Pane Curio Display #18227 **Fake Weapons!!!

Last Chance

6 September 2014

LAST CHANCE!!! $50 Off any of the pre-drawn pieces and the Commissions With the Works, including the Picture Frame!!! The prices go back up on Monday the 7th, so Hurry Up!!!

The sale is over

8 September 2014

Right! The sale is over. Keep watch for more pieces to be added onto eBay, and more Specials in the future.

Have a good day.

The Permanent Price Drop

Chris soon deleted this post and replaced it with those following.

9 September 2014

I had a change of mind; the $200 pieces, and the Commissions with the Works (Frame included) are now at a Permanent Price Drop to $150.00.

Unfortunately, at the moment, these two pieces are within 2 hours before their current listing end, and I am unable to change their prices, but if you BUY EITHER OF THEM NOW, I will also do a Colored Commission for you FREE.

So, Please Hurry Up NOW and Take Advantage of this Great Offer!

More Price Changes

9 September 2014

Right! The prices have been updated. And I have decided to extend the FREE COLOR COMMISSION Offer. BUY A PREDRAWN PIECE FOR $150.00, and get one COLORED COMMISSION FREE WITH BUY IT NOW PURCHASE! From Right Now until Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

More on the New Sale

9 September 2014

The Offer is also Valid with THE WORKS! Buy it, and the Bonus Colored Commission will ALSO BE Laminated And Certified (no Frame for Bonus Commission). Also, look forward to Three New Pieces to be made Available for Purchase later today. Bonus Offer will Apply to them as well!

Eisenhower and Lesbians

"WACS: Real American Heroines"

Chris explained the meaning behind his new artwork, "WACS: Real American Heroines":

9 September 2014

I dedicate the coloring of this piece towards the brave women of all kinds that have braved their own battles, rather it be enduring the torturous pains from being institutionalized up to the late 1800s for being Lesbians. As well as the women in the Women's Army Corp who completely stood up against President Eisenhower's sweep-out plan and made him back the heck off! And everyone amongst the LGBT community I have become a part of personally in two of the categories of Transgender and Lesbian. And I am very proud to be a Woman and Lesbian Soul, and I appreciate and feel for those lesbian souls who have suffered and worked as difficult as they all have in their lifetimes. Equal Rights for Everyone in our LGBT Communities!!!

The New Art Pieces

Chris shared links to his eBay account with images of two new drawings:

9 September 2014

New Facebook 9 Sept. 2.png New Facebook 9 Sept..png

Chris the Consumer Whore

9 September 2014
Facebook 9 Sept. B.png

I bought a few things from the HRC online shop last month. I also for an End Bullying bracelet, but it was on the wrist I was taking the selfie with. Check out the pins on the bag.


New Profile Pic

On 9 September, Chris uploaded a new profile pic featuring the red version of the Human Rights Campaign logo, which is intended to signify support for gay marriage.

A fan asked:

Nice to know your community accepts you, spare a thought for those who aren't so lucky. Did you get my message about possible commissions?

Chris replied:

If you want more commissions, you have to pay me first through my ebay listings, please.

BOGO Half-Off Deal

10 September 2014

Please help me by taking advantage of the offer; my mother and I still have bills and expenses to take care of. Again: FREE COLORED COMMISSION with Buy It Now Purchase of the pre-drawn, laminated, certified and framed pieces, including the new pieces, as well as the Commission with the Works. On that, it is like getting TWO COLORED COMMISSIONS for a BOGO Half-Off Deal! And a portion of all purchases will go to the HRC for the benefit in the LGBT Commumities of adults AND Children! End The Bullying and Trolling!!! Thank You.

He added:

I also promise to have at least a few more pieces drawn and colored for sale, so more of you all can benefit from the special, and help me, my family, and the LGBT community. Specifically, $20 from each purchase will go to the HRC.

My Girlfriend is True and Honest

10 September 2014

I want to make something very clear.

My Girlfriend and Sweetheart is Very Real; she is NOT a Hooker or Prostitute. And I certainly am Not spending money on Hookers or Prostitutes. Although I sincerely do feel sorry for them all and having to do what they do for a living. My Mother and I do have our own expenses, NOT DIGITALLY RELATED, that we are paying off, and the minimums are growing steep. And my mother still needs her dental work, and we do enjoy eating good food like most everyone, including You!

Please Remember and Respect that about us, about most everyone, and about Yourself!

One of his friends responded:

Good for you! I have to recommend not posting any of her details online for now.

Chris replied:

And she is NOT a Troll or Bully, nor is she imaginary. She is very Real!

Revised Profile Pic

On 11 September, Chris revised his profile pic to depict the traditional blue HRC logo, without comment. One suspects from his other comments at this time that people were calling him gay and thereby offending him, and he was unsure how best to deal with the situation.

Free Vidya Codes

12 September 2014

Hey, everyone: FREE eShop codes for Super Smash Bros 3DS Early Access Demo! Enjoy!




The History of American Lesbianism

Chris tried to clear up some questions about his new drawing, "WACS: Real American Heroines."

12 September 2014

As portrayed in the drawing, She had been fighting in Heavy Warfare and Battles for America and Freedom. During which, she would have got her clothing torn in random places. Also, the Trolls have often portrayed my Rosechu with a horrific penis or a pickle (vegetable) for a penis; I wanted to make it Very Clear that Rosechu IS FULL ON FEMALE!!! Also, if you look up Lesbian History in America, on the Wikipedia Article or wherever else: between the 1600s and 1899, Lesbians were misunderstood often for mentally unstable and were institutionalized. During which, in the "name of curing them", the Male Doctors would actually rape the lesbians. And they were Prostitued with a blind eye turned by the police, and forced to have sex with men against their will. Also, some women find it empowering to show off their bodies to play on the stereotypical male's horniness and sex drive to get what they want and need. Of which is reasonably able to be seen as objectified, but you take the good with the bad, and come up with your own opinions and ideas. Women, Lesbian or Straight, all have suffered under the griefs of Male Chauvinism and all that for a LOT of Years. And to make sure Rosechu will not be mislabeled or misdrawn again as anything but the woman she is! It is not meant to be Pornographic, her privates are not exposed; those are her panties.

The Medallion Sales Begin

The image used to announce the sale.
12 September 2014

I am starting on making the medals for sale. I have the materials to make them now.

Also, I am extending the Bonus Offer to September 30th. And with each purchase of any of the framed pieces, or a Commission with The Works (Frame Included); NOW, you have a choice: the Bonus Commission, OR a Sonichu or Rosechu Medallion, complete with their own certificates.

So if you have been waiting for an Official Medal, the wait is now over!

It's OK to Be G--Err, Be in a Merry, Lively Mood

13 September 2014

I wish to make another detail clear to everyone: I prefer the use of the word "Gay" in its original and more positive definitions, and I quote from

adjective, gayer, gayest


having or showing a merry, lively mood:

gay spirits; gay music.

Synonyms: cheerful, gleeful, happy, glad, cheery, lighthearted, joyous, joyful, jovial; sunny, lively, vivacious, sparkling; chipper, playful, jaunty, sprightly, blithe.

Antonyms: serious, grave, solemn, joyless; staid, sedate; unhappy, morose, grim; sad, depressed, melancholy.


bright or showy:

gay colors; gay ornaments.

Synonyms: colorful, brilliant, vivid, intense, lustrous; glittering, theatrical, flamboyant.

Antonyms: dull, drab, somber, lackluster; conservative.

And when I mean the considerably opposite/negative definitions that later followed to the word, such as "homosexual male" or the slang "stupid", I will refer to those terms appropriately and directly as such. I will never use the word in regards to those definitions.

And upon reading or hearing the word from someone else, regardless, it will not affect me at all, and it will certainly be ignored when used in the derogative sense.

I am more comfortable saying and hearing the word, gay, in its original definitions of happy and colorful.

So, everyone share in the Happy, Gay, Colorful Rainbows and Merriment with me as a Full, Total Lesbian and Transgender member of the Community!

Kim offered a correction:

No, actually the definition of "gay" in English is homosexual. The other definitions are considered archaic and almost always used in ironic contexts.

Chris didn't care:

Don't really care, I am Happy, and I like the Bold Colors, and that is good enough for me! :)

Rainbooms Rock!

13 September 2014
Facebook 13 Sept. B.png

I have something inspirational for the youth, young, teens and adults who get bullied with "Gay" used in "stupid" slang! Shout this in the hallway and raise your voice directly to that bully and say:

"Gay is Colors! Gay is Bold! Gay is Happy! The way you use the word, it makes you Real Crappy! Rainbooms Rock!!!"


The Pride Festival

13 September 2014
A little girl in a park

I was at the Pride Festival today, and I really felt accepted and liked among the LGBT community; like I do belong there as the Lesbian Transgender that I am, and a lot of real women there showed me kindness and respect. :) I feel better about myself for that. But I was not in the mental state to meet new people yet, but I did make some acquaintances; talked with some of them for a bit. But I do feel that I really want to do more with the community, so I may join up with the C-Ville Pride, or something; I have some pamphlets and details. I will make my own decisions!

#WEAREHRC - At Lee Park.

Free Medallion with Every Purchase! (Just Pay Shipping and Handling)

14 September 2014

Thank You All for your patronage!!! And please remember, until the end of September, you get a FREE SONICHU OR ROSECHU MEDALLION WITH CERTIFICATE, with Every $150 Pre-Drawn Drawing or the Commission with the WORKS (Frame Included)!

He added:

14 September 2014

And I have just added 22 more to the listing, so place your order now!

Snorlax's Cavities

15 September 2014

I am extending the Free Medallion Offer to the Colored Commission as well. I got my minimum payments made, which took up MOST of the recent sales, BUT my Mother still SERIOUSLY NEEDS her dental work: $600! So, Please take advantage of buying the framed and certified pieces! I only need to sell like FOUR of them to achieve that goal we really need right now!

Thank You, and have a good day! Please help my mother, Barbara Anne!!!

Introducing the Un-clit

On 17 September 2014 a report was made on the CWCki Forums that Chris has pierced his perineum.[1] A day afterwords Chris wrote the following Facebook post in response:

18 September 2014

Well. A whole Half a month without a new update on the trolls' website; I was hoping for longer than that. And I WAS going to make a public announcement about it anyway. But the cat is out of the bag now.

Anyway, I had something done to me that is Radical, that I did for my Lesbian Soul! I got a new piercing on my taint on Monday the 15th. About where my clitoris would be if I was a woman! It is a short, steel straight piece with steel spheres, of which I refer to them as my un-clit. I am tending to its cleaning personally in Daily Baths or Showers, as well as cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol twice daily.

I, Christian Weston Chandler, with no other outside opinions from anyone, have long been thinking about getting a piercing on my taint, with a steel sphere where my clitoris would be if I was born female, in my Soul identity as a Female and a Leabian, as a fair substitute for that, and to stimulate the woman's clitoris via scissoring, YEARS ago after watching the Lesbian couple Tribbing each other in the soft core porn movie, "The Key To Sex".

And for those who don't know about Tribbing, it is more commonly known as Scissoring, Tribadism is when one woman rubs her vulva against the other woman's vulva, to stimulate each other's clitoris. In fact, there are clits that actually stick out, penetrating the labia and better stimulating the other clitoris. The female bonobo monkeys have long clits, and they trib other female bonobos a LOT of the time.

And to make sure EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS ONCE AND FOR ALL: I am a FEMALE, LESBIAN SOUL TRAPPED IN A MALE BODY. Or to put it another way, I am a LESBIAN TRANSGENDER! I am Seriously Into Women! Males Offend Me, even my own Penis Totally Grosses Me Out! I am glad that I tuck it underneath my taint, so I do not have to look down at the Ugly Bulge!

I HAVE Come Out as the Lesbian Transgender that I Always Have Been and Ever Will! And for every one of you Sods who continue to mislabel me as a Homosexual Male, or hint towards anything of that even in distasteful jest, you all can kiss My Vagina Of My Soul!!!

Have a good day.

Kim wrote to Chris the following response:

You go girl!




Not sure what that smiley is, but I hope it's in support of my comment!


It Is in support of your comment. It's a smirk.

Return of the TrollBusters

18 September 2014

I have just learned about a few noted haters of the LGBTQ community on the HRC! This grinds my gears too! More Haters that should be put to the left, are none other than the Cyber-Bullies and Internet Trolls who put hate on the innocent around the world; Young and Old. Some of which even put pressure on to force you into being something you know fully that you are Not!

We need to Stop the Hate On And Off of the Internet! And the Hate Websites should be Forced Down for Good too!


Alright, Alright, NOW It's OK to Be Gay

20 September 2014

I am making a correction post about the previous post on how I felt about the word "gay"; I sincerely did not mean to sound like I was redefining the word in any way. It had been used in a bad light for a long time with its slang use for "Stupid". Gays will be Gays, and it is good for them. I agree that it does mean homosexual males, and is a crucial part of the LGBTQ community as the "G", and their own sufferings in the past.

What I meant by what I said is that Gay is not a bad word, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

I wish the modern usage of the word was not used as an insult to anyone or anything.

I am accepting of the gays as people, just like most any individual person. Seriously, you all be proud of who you are. All I ask is not to find any reason to feel anger towards anyone of any orientation, race or whatever, based on their individual actions or offense as an individual person of self.

Also, please disregard all of my past and Way past thoughts of turning gays straight; that was very wrong of me. I am very sorry about that, and continue to be true and proud of yourselves for who you are, as I am Very Proud of myself for being a Lesbian Transgender (a Female, Lesbian Soul trapped in a male body).

Thank you, and have a Good and Safe Day.

Sale Reminder

Chris made the following post seven separate times, each with a link to a different eBay item for sale:

21 September 2014

One Week and a Half Left for the Special Offer of a Free Medallion, or Free Colored Commission, with purchase of predrawn piece or commission with the Works!

Cotton Puddings

21 September 2014

I would like to announce that I am most grateful for y'all's business on the Medallions. And such.

Also, just to let everyone know Why I estimate Two Weeks for creation of a medal or more...

First, I have to be in the mood and mindset for creation as best as I am able, or otherwise not busy with life details or chores and errands. Then I have to Mold them according to my own specifications, including being able to fit into the 3.5" square boxes with cotton puddings per box. Then they all have to air dry overnight. Then I paint the details, let that dry, and then use a permanent ink fine point marker to hand write my signature, (c), and production number. Followed by measuring the lengths of the neck straps from the longer leather strips, thread them through the rings of each medal as tie the two ends together. Then I print or photocopy the small square blank certificates, fill them each appropriately with their respective medal, and then laminate the certificates. And then there's the package wrapping, addressing And shipping them out at my local USPS Post Office. Around then, I would add the tracking numbers respectively as well.

And with that, I am making my promise now that from the first week's order amount if over thirty medals, I will have them all ready to ship, and ship them all on Friday the 27th!

Thank you all for your patronage and your patience. Have a good and safe day.

Permanent eBay Link

Chris posted in the "Notes" section:

23 September 2014

To keep up-to-date on the relisted listings of my commissions, photo, medallion, laminated/certified/frame drawings, please bookmark my Profile Page on eBay for the fastest links to those listings and items. Thank you, and have a good day.

Chris's Failed Kickstarter BEgins

Chris wants money for Legos.
23 September 2014

Now y'all can help me in Kickstart towards my next project idea too (if you don't feel like buying anything from my eBay listings).

Help Me Pay Off My Car Loan

24 September 2014

Yes, Virginia, I have a new (used) car! It is a 2010 Ford Focus; I was approved for a loan (I do not wish to share the details of that).

And right now, my Insurance Company is Killing Me Right Now! I Have to Pay them for this Month before the car is fully insured! And the payment of $140, Plus $20+ cash, from my PayPal account will Prevent Me from shipping out the Medallions until I get more money as early as next Wednesday! UGH!!! I need $100+ to be able to ship the medals out, if I make a big sale on my eBay before Friday now!

Someone, PLEASE, Buy one of my Framed, Laminated and Certified Pieces NOW!!! Free Medallion With Purchase!!!

Chris then added:

24 September 2014

And for those of you who simply MUST KNOW: the new vehicle idea was my mother's; she wanted a new van originally, but I really liked the Focus.

Well, the BMW is Manuel Transmission, and for her get-a-going vehicle, mom needs an Automatic; she suggested a second van. The Cadillac is unmovable from the Branchland Ct. House with the cracked engine block; a real fixer-upper. So between the two of us, we went out vehicle browsing. I found the Focus, really liked it, still Really Liked later on, so I highlighted it among the other vehicles I found on my outing Friday. So mom gets the van, and I get a sporty car I would feel more comfortable and proud to drive. Driving the van was bulky, and it was half-like driving an Generation One Ironhide or Ratchet (Transformers); Utility.

He clarified:

We had three cars; we bought ONE car and Selling Two!

He further clarified:

Confusion Clarification: we ALREADY HAD the Cadillac, BMW and the Van, as you ALL should well know! The Focus is the ONLY new vehicle in our set.

We are looking to Sell the Cadillac And the BMW, of which I will copy/paste the links to our Craigslist ads on the timeline here in a moment.

Chris Sells His BMW

Chris posted a link to the Craigslist ad for the Beemer.

24 September 2014

The BMW has been driven twice a week on average, and it has seen over 69,000 miles.

Chris Sells His Cadillac

Chris posted a link to the Craigslist ad for the Caddy.

24 September 2014

I will add the mileage of the car later, because I need to look it up.

Please Don't Troll My Mom

24 September 2014

Contact my mother, Barbara Weston Chandler, directly at [omitted] for further vehicle details, and scheduling meet and business; Serious Inquiries ONLY! No Jokers, Bullies or Trolls Allowed!

Not a Scam!

24 September 2014

As you all should Very Well Know, everything I am selling on eBay, as well as the KickStarter Project for the Lego Cwcville Shopping Center with Mayor Office, are all NOT A SCAM! I have been delivering consistent commissions, photographs and framed drawing pieces in due amount of time from purchase! I am consistent on letting everyone know when a delay is happening. I Have Been Working On the Medallions, outside happenings, events and my own emotions often take time away from me; that is why I noted clearly on the Medallion listing allow Two Weeks for the Creation and Preparations of the Medals, and should any delays occur, I will Inform You about Them!

And considering the Emergency, either some Patience, or more immediate Financial Help by purchasing a Framed Piece or a Colored or Framed Commission from me would be Most Appreciated not only by me, but by EVERYONE who has bought the medallions from me at the earliest times! I think that is a reasonable request, especially now that my PayPal fell into the red now! Please Help!!!

He then added:

And, LASTLY, it was ALL Barbara Anne's (my Mother) Idea to get a New Vehicle with Automatic Transmission In the First Place, so she could have a better get-up-and-go Vehicle that the BMW and it's Stick Shift could not ever hold up to ever!

Medallion Update

26 September 2014

Good News everyone! I have received more money, so I will be able to ship my current number of medals. But I still need to paint, strap and package the lot of them, so I will do that tonight, and have them shipped out tomorrow morning. (Aside from REDACTED, who is giving me a difficult time; his will be shipped within this hour. His is Medallion 13).

Thank you all for your help and patience. Have a good and safe day.

I painted, strapped and wrapped REDACTED's medal last night while I was feeling really tired and out of it for life reasons.

Mr. Smith Begins His Vengeance

26 September 2014

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ANY EBAY CASES AGAINST ME!!! When someone does that, it forces the amount removed into Limbo from my PayPal, which risks pushing it into the Red, as when it is forced untie red, an OVERDRAFT FEE is charged against me, and when I have Negative Money in my PayPal Account, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SHIP ANYTHING!!! Daniel, your medal has just been shipped, ad the other two people, yours and the current remainder will be shipped tomorrow, or NOT IF YOU DO NOT CLOSE YOUR CASES AGAISNT ME AND GIVE ME THE MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!

Do Not Be So Damn Impatient and Greedy!!! God Dang It!!!

To which he added:

Either tomorrow or on the First of October; depending if the two people ([omitted] closed his case; very much appreciated) close Their casses immediately or not! UGH!!!

[Omitted] of Portland, Oregon, AKA: username: [omitted]. And [omitted] of Lashmeet, West Virginia, AKA: username: [omitted].

Bullies! They're being Damn Bullies!!! Ugh!!!

I Made a Mistake...But Really, It's All Your Fault!

27 September 2014

I DID make a comment where I named two people who opened cases against me, plummeting my PayPal account closer to the Red Again! I was under a LOT of Stress! The One Remaining who is refusing to Close his Case is causing me more grief and stress enough that could kill me with a heart attack or a stroke. Saying his and her names in the comment was very wrong of me, and I understand what I did was a Trolling-Stupid Act; that is Not Me, and I am Very, Truly Sorry for doing that. But I had deleted shortly after, and yet it wasn't quick enough for the REAL TROLLS AND CYBER-BULLIES to screen cap it and forcing it against me into even more stress and trouble!

Can't we just forgive and forget? Or are the lot of you soo corrupted, that you have lost all feeling in your hearts, and sold your own souls and self-beings to a form of a devil that keeps you all dragged down in front of your monitors day in and day out with only sole and pitiful purposes of needlessly torturing EVERYBODY ELSE, regardless of Innocent or Guilty or In-Between?

Good Grief!!! - :( feeling drained.

Chris the Night Owl

28 September 2014

Well, Good News: I got over ten medals, four photographs, and the Electric Wedding Bells with Medal and Kangaroo drawing, all shipped Saturday. I ran short, because I ran out of leather straps, which I bought more of on the way home late yesterday. I had to pull an All-Nighter Friday Night/Saturday Morning; I had been Awake since 2:30 PM Friday, and Finally was able to fall asleep about 7 PM yesterday (I remembered to Fall Back some clocks beforehand). And I HAD TO RUSH-MOLD the two medals for those two people who cased against me! UGH!!!

I am taking a day of rest today, Sunday, to catch my energy after the long, tiring, difficult two days. Also, I had to do a Lot of Heavy Lifting to make way to a railing part for the house that the construction crew will require very shortly. It took me an hour today to do That, as well as untie a strap that got tangled in our Lawn Mower's blade today while mowing the grass.

I still have seven already molded medals to Paint and Strap, a LOT More to Mold, and I will likely have to buy More little 3.5" Square Boxes with Padding included to catch up.

So therefore, I wish to Remind Everyone to PLEASE, Be Patient With Me! Everyone WILL GET THEIR MEDALLIONS. I am planning on Molding more of them Monday the 29th, and Paint, Strap and wrap the lot on Tuesday the 30th, and then ship them all on Wednesday the First!


I Refer to Both of my Earlier Posts, which talk about the Medallion Creation to Shipping Process, AND talk about what happens when cases are opened against me on eBay (which ONLY prevents Anyone, yourself/yourselves included, from getting Any Medallions or Anything! NOBODY WINS, PERIOD, WHEN CASES ARE OPENED AGAINST ME.

So, PLEASE, Everyone: BE PATIENT! You all Will receive your medallions As Soon As Humanly Possible. Thank You.

Spoilers for the Family Guy Crossover

29 September 2014

Watching The Simpsons Guy. Fun!

He soon followed this up with:

New Facebook 29 Sept. 2.jpg

Best Part of the Crossover; Seriously! :)

Kickstarter Project

Chris included a link to his updated Kickstarter page.

30 September 2014

An update on the project.

Chris Rages Against Mr. Smith

30 September 2014

I want to make it publicly known to everyone that Mr. Smith (to hold his first name on identity sake) is being a further bully by making a false case against me. The Medallion I had sent him is a Sonichu Medallion, but because of how his actions against me made me feel and all, his Medallion has an Angry Expression, where the eyes' whites were painted orange, with a flame look on the irises, and a most Angry facial expression. He is claiming it to be a Blue something, possibly like the ONE Yawning Squirtle Medallion that was order by another (Female) customer.

His case is very false, and I want the record to show that the Only Thing Blue about his medallion is the Neck Strap, just like most everyone else's medallions. The actual medal is of the same Sonichu face shape, but with the angry expression I have stated just now. Please make Mr. Smith stop Cyber-Bullying and Trolling Me with his constant hold on the $30 that is still very much in Limbo currently.

Oh, and with my number of boxes available, I have 21 medallions molded that I will paint and wrap today and ship all of them off tomorrow. I need to buy more boxes tomorrow.

Comments and Likes by Chris

Are Sonic's arms blue?

Chris left the following comment on a post by "Sonic the Hedgehog" about the game Sonic Boom:

3 September 2014
Sonic Boom logo.jpg

Sonic's Arms are NOT BLUE!!! I am Boycotting this Game until They change his Arm Color Back, NOW!!!


Chris liked this image on 4 September:

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He's Just One of the Girls

In response to a notice about a lesbian event posted on an HRC site, Chris commented:

9 September 2014

You Rock, Ladies!!!

Total Recall Flashbacks

Chris liked this image on 13 September 2014:

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Health Concerns

On 24 September 2014, Chris's status indicated that he was "At Queer Health 101: LGBTQ Sexfest."

A Funeral for PlayStation Home

Chris responded to a comment regarding the end of support for the game PlayStation Home:

26 September 2014