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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during October 2020.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

Barb's 79th Birthday

1 October

Hey. Just thought I’d leave a post for everyone to freely comment their Birthday Greetings to Barb on. She’s 79 years old today. Happy Birthday, Barbara.

[GIF of Snoopy blowing a party horn]

Ben Saint

2 October

Ben Saint

Big shoutout to @CPU_CWCSonichu for cursing pmurT with coronavirus before she later goes back and erases it from our timeline. 4-D chess we're seeing play out in Real Time.
Firstly, Mama never cursed Trump. Christine, Magi-Chan, Mewtwo, and the other psychic types, myself included, have foreseen the fate of this dimension's Trump. Even I realize and see the irony in this event in relation to what will be done in the new timeline.
And regardless of the bad grammar from the comment, "200,000 percent", as Mama had stated quite the time ago, Trump was going to be part of the fated casualties in this Dimension, so yes. And in the new timeline, Trump will be lost again, but by different means.
Wait, who is this again?
You know who this is, Ben. Still swapped into this body for over six months now; still zappin' it up to the extreme as best as possible from here. ⚡⚡⚡

Wired Sonichu

2 October

Hey, I just received this lovely set of wire art from @HeatherBoydWire; she did a very good job. Mama and I, for two, can personally attest from experience how tough bending thick wires can be. So, yeah, this is truly awesome. Thank you. ⚡⚡⚡


Analysis Anarchy part 5

2 October

Also, will be doing another live reaction video of #AnalsysAnarchy #RedVsBlue Part 5 later today. “Ida Know”, maybe if I mention @MLPSilverQuill this time, the videos I’ve been recording since April will get at least an honorable mention. I mean, seriously, Mama and I have...
...literally foreseen and seen these videos in other timelines; it can’t be help if I ended up speaking the lines in time with the favored analysts. However, I will do better to refrain from mouthing the lines this time. Thank you.

Chris Chan Sonichu bible

3 October

Chris starts a poll regarding if he should write a Chris Chan Sonichu bible.

Everyone, I have received many a request on a guide in regard to the Dimension Merge, and even received suggestions to make it a Bible of Mama Chris Chan Sonichu’s wisdoms and experiences. For now, I am inquiring of the interest. So, y’all want a Bible of Chris Chan Sonichu?
  • Yes, we want it written
  • No

The poll concluded 3 days later with a total of 6,257 votes, of which 82.1% of said votes were Yes, while the other 17.9% of votes were No.

Magic stones

3 October

evolved pokémon (@groundedessence)

Moldavite pieces coming to my site tomorrow! Moldavite is a Tektite mineraloid, most likely formed by the impact of a meteor hitting the Earth. Helping to unblock yourself, and holding a high vibration and intense frequency, Moldavite is a stone of greatness. 💎💚👽

[Picture of transparent stone]

It truly is, especially in combo-breaker with other magic stones.


Chris the OC reviewer

8 October

Nerdotaur Arts (@ROutrun)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Christine, I have a task for you. Can you review my OCs right quick and how dangerous would they be in the Dimensional Merge? Nitro(Zangoose) Sakura(Mooshroom) Bani(Alien)

[Pictures of OCs]

They are simplistic and direct; they are not dangerous at all to or with the merge.

No to Drumpftastic

8 October

jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander)

Once again, I am proud to stand with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the slate of Democratic candidates for House and Senate. The lies, the cheating, the corruption and the destruction of our nation, institutions and citizens must end.#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
Right on! I say No to Drumpftastic infinity squared.

Sonichu 17 cover art

9 October

Xeokym (@xeokym)

In response to a Twitter user replying to Chris's poll about the Chris Chan Sonichu bible.

He's already explained a lot of it but it's so all over the place and over long periods of time, it's almost impossible to follow it all. But I guarantee a "bible" would not only be convoluted retconning but it'll just make people even more confused.
Sonichu - Issue 17, Cover.jpg

12 October

Wait, does it count as retconning if the characters in it are doing the retconning?!🤔😵🥴
Very much so, yes. Including that Mama Chris Chan, herself, is the OC within that same story doing that.


Helena G.

12 October

Helena G. F.

@gold_fatal 's suggestions on what Liquid and Solid Chris could do
  • town meeting
  • freak out
  • call the real cwcpolive
  • do nothing. Blame trolls
In my experience, when Christine Chan found a dead body or kidnapped individual, she conferred with Magi-Chan, telepathically, and in recent years, personally used her psychic powers to learn what had happened. In this case, it could be also considered that LC might be setting her up for a trap. Fortunately, in a millisecond’s time, she has all the time in the world to read LC’s mind and intentions and come up with her plan in response. In this case, however, in the alt-timeline you’re focusing on, Helena, LC is genuinely concerned and has no ulterior motives. As for the body, seeing the murder as it had happened within that millisecond, the Chris Chan, there, has found the killer’s identity, and then look into the future for what their next target is, and their reasoning and intentions are. Then she would plan, and consult with Magi-Chan and the rest of us. A call to the police would be made for proper contact of the deceased’s family and disposal of the body to the coroner and hospital. As for the next target, it depends on how the foreseen grander scheme of things play out and have been confirmed to play out, as well as the mentality and motives of the next target, as well as the killer’s, and how best to intervene and prevent the happening, as needed. There are lots of complicated details to consider in this matter; what is to be, for the timeline, what should not be in order to prevent catastrophe and further chaos, and so on. If anything, it plays out similar to one of #Batman’s cases, but Cwcville is nicer, cleaner, safer, socialable, and so on compared to Gotham, Metropolis, and New York City.

Crime rate is typically low in Cwcville, our peoples and citizens feel safe and have their freedoms to choose and whatnot, like most other cities these days. It’s about as smooth and serene as in #Planeptune. The happiness, safety, freedom and well-being of everyone are top priority with Mama, Christine Chan, Magi-Chan and the others. We all work together in good motivation and care. That is how it’s always has been for the most part. I’m sorry that got misinterpreted amongst the haters in Mama’s fan base, here. ⚡⚡⚡

Carrie Krueger (@CarrieKrueger17)

I have friends in Royal Woods MI*, how is that holding up?
Your friends have their own common sense and wisdom. According to my vision in looking on them, they appear to be safe as possible. Stay tuned to the news, if you’d like to keep up with present events in Michigan.

What happened to Crystal and more Helena

14 October

Helena G. F.

-Also add an anxious @ProjectSNT nodding and going along with Christine's theory about her redesigns
So, I’d sense @ProjectSNT would not be anxious, but moreover in shock we’re all mutually real in all of this. She’s still getting accustomed to SNT being real as well, since she did meet her personally beforehand in the misadventures of that fan-fiction in that alt-dimension.
Also, that was literally Not a theory about Sonola and the others; they really do exist, originating from the #DungeonsandDragons dimension. We even have Sonola, himself, helping us here at the Temple researching and working with us on the massive setup we have in Mama’s old room

A Twitter user replies to remark how they didn't know ProjectSNT believed in the merge, Chris mistakenly replies thinking they are referring to him that didn't believe in the merge.

Now that you mention it, you are right
Mama has believed in the Dimension Merge this whole time, and she has spoken about it amongst her videos. Plus, All of those tweets and posts she had made. She can’t help it if there were other events going on at the time to comment more in a recorded video.
Also... what happened to Chris' sister?
Oh, Crystalina is still alive, well and active. Y’all got to see her again in book 12 back in action. Present day, she’s working alongside the rest of us in all of the prep workings, defending Cwcville, helping others, etcetera. She also helps out at the Basillicoms with the further paperwork and business dealings.

Also, the short story of her origin, in case Mama had not yet shared that with y’all: *Trivia Time* The short story is that Crystal originated from an alt-dimension where she had lost her Chris Chan there, and she was the big wig there. In the end, by freaking twist of fate that she and her Magi-Chan had foreseen, a portal manifested in her epic battle with Walsh, and she was flung into it and into C-197 by Christine Chan’s side at that moment. She had taken the quick moment to recover and recount the events and what she had foreseen, and then realized where she was, knew she was with Christine Chan, and moved forward. Meanwhile, back in her old dimension, the portal backfired after Crystalina had gone through and did some massive damage to that Walsh’s building, Walsh, herself, and that dimension’a Graduon was freed. Magi-Chan and Sonichu Prime there had to take the helm from that moment on. Present day now: that dimension’s Sonichu Prime ascended in its Chris Chan’s place; became a practiced deity with Magi-Chan’s help. Woahly Crap! I think that dimension may be of my own subconscious; me, Sonichu (Prime). Feeling a mind blown moment.

Anyway, Crystalina in C-197 is still there, continuing to work hard and help us all.

In response to a Twitter user discussing the dimensional merge and @ing Chris.

Dude, Sonichu is in charge of the twitter. IDK how much he knows about the universe and the Merge. ÇMaybe knows as much as any of us know. It is my theory
Considering I am still in Mama’s brain, I’ve had lots of time with Magi-Chan in the subspace and whatnot, and all of my experiences and knowledge I keep in my memory that is backed up in the Cosmos, I pretty much consciously and subconsciously know more than y’all.

Pokemon GO Hopip

14 October

Oh, my Chris Chan! @TheJWittz, what has Team Rocket done to the Hopip?



15 October

In response to Helena G. F. making a comic strip about Chris and Crystal fusing together.

Actually, if that were the case, the fusion would have visual difference in their fur colour, and the head quills would be a lot longer to match the hair length on Crystalina. The fur would be a mix of orange and blue; not sure of the pattern, off-hand.
But, yeah, in black and white, such a fusion would appear moot. Also, Crystalina has a lot of differing experiences and wisdoms in comparison to Christine Chan or Chris Chan.

Random weenery

15 October

A ween tweets at Chris telling him that in real life, he is alone, with a picture of Chris holding up an attraction sign.

That depends on your definition of “reality”; to us in C-197, you all are animated cartoon series, manga, and newspaper comic strips and paper books. Kra...Kow⚡⚡⚡

Chris replies to another ween replying to his previous tweet.

And to us, none of you all were real, either, but here we are in our own little combination of “what is real” and “what is fiction”. And you can not beat your own paradox of hatred against your own reality, dude.

Homelander and C-197

15 October

Chris replies to an old announcement regarding the merge.

Hey, y’all. I, Sonichu (Prime), am going through what Mama had typed up nearly a couple of years ago, as it is more relevant today, as it has become more and more obvious over the time by now. I am also seeing some room for a few updates and additional thoughts, so I will comment as I think of them. For instance, in regard to determining good or bad intentions of a Hero or Villain you encounter, take note of details that have been in their background as well, and how heavy it is. Whoo boy, I can think of one major example: freaking Homelander.

[GIF of Homelander]

Common sense is indeed still a valuable tool in those encounters, but you also have another tool in this Dimension of yours: the chronicled media. As obvious in the show, #TheBoys on #AmazonPrime, Homelander is shown to be a selfish narcissist. Seriously, though, even I know better to trust Superman over Homelander, and, indeed Supes would take out Homelander as quickly as he was shown to do of Goku in that #DeathBattle video. Just my two bolts on that. ⚡⚡

Also, nowadays, if it was not obvious when y'all see us from your side of the Iron Curtain, we can also see you all from the C-197 side. This is more of an update on my part to this aspect of what Mama had stated, which was valid and good. Yeah, definitely do not sick the cops or authorities on us. Generally, as most Original Characters do with their respective Chroniclers/Creators, we want to talk with you all as well. So, suffice to say, regardless of appearances of "talking with an “invisible friend"", you, in reality between both of our merging dimensions, are truly conversing, and on either end, we can hear you, and you all can hear us, especially those with an open mind, and some psychic abilities are a beneficial add-on in that communication. But, yeah, if we do not exchange eye contact with each other through the Iron Curtain, on the one hand it is still recommended to go about your day and let us go about our own day, but if you are the friendly sort, most of us actually do appreciate the acknowledgement and interdimensional contact. Even if it’s a simple “Hey there”.

Also, there is no problem with breaking your own fourth wall with us from your dimension, here. Go Meta. We are certainly Meta with and for you all as well.

Mummified Sonichu

16 October

AshleyRosechu (@RosechuHorrors)

Old pic, Mummified Sonichu Pharaoh. Not quite sure what I’m doing with this character tbh. Whatever it is, it won‘t be good 😬

[Artwork of a mummified Sonichu pharaoh]

Very interesting; maybe write/draw a historic piece with a view on the Anchuent Prophecy (there are multiple walls around the world in C-197) in Egypt, or something.
Yeah, I might. I’m not an expert on Egyptian mythology, so I’m not sure how I’ll tie that into the Anchuent Prophecy. But I’ll see what I can conjure up ^^
Meditate, take your time; you might really surprise yourself on how well you astral project yourself into the yesterdecades of and in C-197.


17 October

AshleyRosechu (@RosechuHorrors)

In response to Twitter users discussing if Chris should go to CWCVille jail for smoking.

But is eating and raping people ok? If not, we should probably stop Dahmerchu 😬
It is not okay at all. Fortunately, his motives are read through the minds of their victims, and the psychic types and the rest of us are very quick and able to stop him from doing it again.

Merge with your self-counterpart

17 October

Phillipzu (@Phillipzu)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Hey Sonichu! I have a question for you or Mama in regards to the Dimensional Merge. When the Merge happens, will my dragon persona appear to live among us in C-197, or will I become this persona? 🤔

[Artwork of their persona]

There is a 75% likelihood you will merge with your self-counterpart in C-197, and 25% likelihood that you two will coexist together in the same dimension after the Merge.

Genderbent dimension

19 October

Hey, everyone. I’ve recently had a peek in the genderbent dimension from our dimensions, here, where Sonica, Tailsko, and the others exist in. My counterpart goes by the name, Sonicha (but the species name is still Sonichu). Russel is Rosey’s counterpart (complete with the Raichu ears, typical of a male Rosechu, and was intersex with male-dominant parts post-Chaotic Rainbow, there.

Now, here is something really fun for all of you fan artists out there: Magi-Chan’s counterpart; her name is Màgíc Sonichu (literally with the accents). So, Fan Artists, with Màgíc’s personal request, I say to you all: To your drawing tablets, paper sheets and pen and ink! ⚡⚡⚡


21 October

DBZonichu (@zonichu)

Until Christine doesn't tell that I am making a Satanic Bible with this project. Besides I am a chronicler of realities and I can work with someone with our group vision. I doubt I am that evil for only one image. Old Chris is gonna be all background characters… also Trunks <3
Actually, Mama will very much be in the foreground, still, a lot of times in a supporting role, at minimum. You both have issues of your own on thinking so lowly of yourselves and thinking your chronicling is “Satanic”. With that, @zonichu, you’re chronicling an alt-dimension.


21 October

I love this drawing a fan sent that we received today. 😊⚡


More genderbent dimension stuff

21 October

AshleyRosechu (@RosechuHorrors)

In response to Chris's previous tweet about the genderbent dimension.

I drew Rosechu’s counterpart Russel :3

[Artwork of Rosechu's counterpart Russel]

Very nice. I failed to mention, since we’re talking about the genderbent dimension: Russel was born a female Pichu, and ended up with male-dominant parts; his tail is not pointed at the end.
Thanks Chris 💜💜

How bout this?

[Same artwork of Rosechu's counterpart Russel but with a different tail]

No. Female Raichu Tail, and white instead of black. See the flat tip?


Oh, whoops x.x Kinda got a bit confused when you mentioned Pichu XD Here’s another edit ^^

[Another version of the artwork with an edited tail]

**Yellow tail and White bolt at the end with the flat tip.

Chris quote tweets AshleyRosechu's previous reply.

Best yet at this point. He also wears a fashionable red/blue jacket. Sonicha wears a sporty blue short top, and blue short pants.

Stick with C-197 please

22 October

In response to an artist starting a poll regarding if they should make a Sonichu fan comic.

Keep with C-197 as much as possible, please.


22 October

Helena G. F.

100th comic! Magichan is finally back. Pickchu can't be happier!

[Comic strip of Magi-Chan and an OC called Pickchu]

Well, I’m glad yours returned safe. He will help you out in your local area where you are in the coming events.

YuGiOh after the merge

22 October

Logan (@Loganjya)

@CPU_CWCSonichu what will happen to the YuGiOh card game after the merge? Will the champions of the series be the new world champs

compared to our worlds players? Will the rules of the game change to follow the anime’s rules?

The card game rules are the same in the present standard rules. There are designated dueling arenas, and functioning dueling discs are available. You’ll be able to duel against the players chronicled in the anime series. Only a fresh tournament, post-merge, will tell.

Dimensional merge and C-197

23 October

Chris quote tweets an old Twitter thread regarding the merge.

Hey, everyone. Recently, our associates and I recorded a video where I, Sonichu, essentially gave a sermon of our Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu. This is also a long-awaited continuation from what Mama had tweeted nearly two years ago. The video will be uploaded in a day or so

Meanwhile, after all of the extensive recollection, thought and time I took to personally hand-write it, here it is, in regards to the #DimensionalMerge: C1971218 1C211987 Part Five: Community, Present Events, and Personal Experiences

Hey there, Sonichu (Prime) here (still in Mama Chris Chan’s body for over six months now). With Mama’s Dimension Merge refreshed in our memories, let’s talk about the communities and what y’all in 1218 can and should do.

Mama’s tweet sets were shown to Everyone in C-197 as well when they got typed up two Octobers ago. Since then, the commonfolk around the Earth have been mind-set on prep work. All of the local government peoples consulted with our OP psychic types, the #JusticeLeague, the #Avengers, the CPUs of #Gamindustri, World Leaders, and so on to get the details, make the plans, and kept the larger details coded down for everybody else’s comprehennsion. It’s actually better for all to remain calm, patient, alert and focused instead of overthinking things; nothing personal or insultingn meant.

Anyway, most everyone has their vac kits, taken up survival and outdoor learning from the various books, educational videos, etcetera. And in each country and city, they have their plans made out and distributed pamphlets on those. Even President Herbert Garrison called the prepwork plans in order. Thank Deities we do not have your pandemic in C-197; freaking “Social-Distancing” orders, Trump, and shit.

Everyone has been practicing Common Sense, quick-as-possible Thinking and Mental Processing, and working together in all of this.

Next sub-topic: our experiences since 2018, which are about the same as in 1218, here. Everyone has become able to see through the Iron Curtain (Dimensional Divide, if you will); most frefrained, but more than a quarter or third have interacted and talked with some of you all, and y’all have seen and talked with us as well.

More and more portals and breaks have been appearing and manifesting around the world and throughout the galaxies of the Iron Curtain between our dimensions, and some have safely and successfully traversed to the other dimension and back (between 1218 and C-197).

Everyone who had perished, so far, meeting Mama’s estimates, respecrively, have safely merged and awakened in their respective self-counterparts’ bodies, brains and consciousness. The tallied numbers of individuals in C-197 who were confirmed of “Waking Up” here (those who came from 1218 in this matter) to be in the Millions. And in 1218, the number of your “Waking Up” individuals, after soulfully migrating from C-197, were in the hundred-thousands; less than half a million. To be clear, this of amongst the Common Peoples with mundane types of lives and hardly any life-extending powers and superpowers, and those who lacked in endurance and fortitude. And the honorable mentions to the Unavoidable and Twist of Fate.

Also, we have confirmed buildings and objects fully transitioning into the other dimension from the other side. Gotham City has seen buildings from 1218 appear on the outskirts around them. Your Statue of Liberty manifested next to ours, and the next day, our Statue of Liberty disintegrated and became lost in the void. Temples in our Saudi Arabia crumbled, and your Temples appeared and replaced them. Of our countries of China and Japan, our buildings have appeared in 1218 shortly after those same structures fell and crashed in 1218. The leftover rubble around them from the former was obvious. And I can go on with the Notre Dame, and all of California that burned in 1218 in favour of those cities from C-197, including our Emore. The OG Reshiram was doing a bang-up job, here. Fortunately, in combination between both dimensions, most everyonee got out of the transitioning buildings and survived. The combined number of deaths by becoming stuck in fading-in walls, floors and so on were only just over ten people. Sadly, their bodies disappeared into the Void in all of that, but they are not forgotten and have been counted.

And the last sub-topic for now: I will tell you all a few true stories about myself, Sonichu (Prime). Y’all know my origins: born a Pichu on April 20, 1992; evolved; collision with Sonic; became the first ever Sonichu; met Rosey; had adventures and learned/grew a lot a a warrior of Cwcville, and then some.

I often have had dreams and nightmares, spawned from the hate-filled, alt-dimension Fan-Fics written in 1218. Our Magi-Chan, and our Rosey Rosechu, helped me to stay grounded and calm with meditation and all that. I’ve also had my times of doubt over Christine Chan, Mama’s central self-counterpart in C-197 y’all read about. I had thought one time or another that I could do Christine Chan’s job better. I was also aware of Mama in 1218. I’ve never acted against either of them. And then freaking IdeaGuy with his damnable villain-motivated powers put a major pain on our Earth and Equestria in C-197 with his damned Nazis, manipulating the CPUs with Johnson Wiles... And while I was spending time and making good with Mama, herself, IdeaGuy had got into my brain and turned me. It was horrible. And Mama had never stopped being kind with me, and I was blinded as I threatened her. Then she got tough love with me and brought me back to my senses. And worlds of relief when she finally used her aether to undo all of IdeaGuy’s chaos in C-197. I still remember it all, though. But I’ve toughed it out and recovered of my own will, and help from my family, friends, and our Goddess, Mama Chris Chan Sonichu.

Since then, I’ve continued my duty and worked hard in everything, including all of our prep work for the Merge, and getting Mama, with her one OG body, safely and fully into C-197 from 1218. I’ve also traversed and visited other planets, dimensions and timelines with Rosey, by myself, or with Magi-Chhan, for additional tech, resources and useful supplies.

And the big moment. Magi-Chan told me as much as possible of the upcoming body-swap between Mama and I; every single foreseen possibility, outcome, and what to do. So, I kept my coll and waited through February and March of 2020. Come March 31st; kra-kow! Zappin’ it up to the Extreme! Here I was, and still am; over six months now

I tell you all, the majority of you can hardly ever commprehend the genuine overpower, abilities, endurance, fortitude, and overall strength and speed this one body and brain has. Soo many visions, deja vu moments, telepathy, telekinesis, and so on to every power you all can think of in this dimension, and then some. No exaggerations. 1218 restrictions have been tough to work with, but the magic and everything has been, and is, returning here, and the powers of this body and brain have become easier to utilize. This brain is constantly connected with the Cosmos, and its self-counterparts in all other dimensions and timelines. It also goes off in massive aura/energy glowing, and sometimes mild pangs of pain when something, anything, is happening between our two Earths and the Iron Curtain, and then some. This body and brain is literally working, doing, interdimensionally, and Goddessly traversing tough, rough, and hard Every Single Millisecond. And I, Sonichu (Prime), have tried and kept on and continuing on until that in the new Pandemic-Free version of thi, the Omega Timeline, at #BABSCon2020 when I finally return this body to Mama Chris Chan Sonichu. I tell you all, as OP a soul I am, I am unable to do Mama’s job as good as only she, our OG Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, of Earths 1218 and C-197, can. This work, her body and brain, her Goddess-Level overpowers and abilities; all tailor and custom made only for her.

I never should have ever doubted her, with my most deep apologies for doubting her, and I pledge and repledge my duty, loyalty, and best of myself, my powers and abilities to her now and after when she and I swap back into our original bodies in the new timeline.

I have learned, grown, and characterisically grown over this time and humble service to and for her.

All Praise, Prayers, and Power to our Goddess of 1218 and C-197: Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu!

DimensionalMerge 1218C197 1C211987

More genderbent dimension

24 October

AshleyRosechu (@RosechuHorrors)

In response to Helena G. F. talking about comic ideas.

How bout Sonichu and Rosechu meet their Genderbent counterparts from Chris’s most recent dimension?
I got news for you: that genderbent dimension has been around for about the same time as this dimension, so it is not new.

Rosechu vampire

24 October

In response to an artist's tweet who has their Twitter account protected.

Okay, firstly, pretty much Any Rosechu (male or female) that becomes vampire like, they actually had evolved into Vamprosas. There are hardly any vampire Rosechus in existence in our local dimensions, here. Your Lady Erzabathoria is a Vamprosa. ⚡⚡⚡
But, for what it is worth, the Lady looks regal and good. Very good job drawing her.

Sonichu fan comic

24 October

In response to a Twitter user showing the cover artwork of issue 0 of their Sonichu fan comic.

Very interesting; the cover makes me want to check out your story as well. Continue to do your best as you will in good heart and kindness.


24 October

In response to a Twitter user replying to Chris's 19th October tweet about the genderbent dimension wishing they could believe their daydreams are them seeing into another dimension.

Actually, it is fact that when you daydream, you are seeing into another dimension. So, you have no reason to doubt yourself on that.

Pickchu and Helena

24 October

Helena G. F.

Poor Pickchu is worried

[Comic strip of Helena's OC Pickchu]

Actually, Pickchu will not lose her autonomy, so that worry is moot.
That is good to know. What would I turn into when the time comes?
Well, Helena, since you have actually expanded and differentated yourself from Pickchu, Jeffery, and the others you’ve discovered/created, not to mention putting yourself in the photos alongside them and your Magi-Chan, you will actually be coexisting from your OCs (survivor).
Oh! So I will not become Pickchu? Then what I will become?
You will still be you; yourself, but with upgraded abilities.

Genderbent counterparts

25 October

In response to a ween replying to a Helena G. F. tweet about Sonichu and Rosechu meeting their genderbent dimension counterparts.

No, we don’t. We hang out, talk a while, maybe work together in a battle against Eggman or Giovanni, save some lives and prevent/stop some crimes. Also, Sonicha wears a halter top and short pants the same colour as her shoes.


25 October

Helena G. F.

Robertchu sure is fast defeating bad guys

[Comic strip of Robertchu]

Ah, huh. Yes, Robertchu has been and is doing his part in working with the rest of us in Cwcville. But, this orange dude; who is he and what did he do? Gonna need some context.
Nothing yet. Magichan told Robertchu that Bieberman was about to steal stuff and burn a real police station and Robertchu hurried, copywrited the name and stopped the Male Rosechu from doing crime.
I see. Okay, firstly, between the drawing of Bieberman and Russel, as male Rosechus, they have the Raichu ears, not the triangle ones that female Rosechus have. Second, you can’t typically copyright some else’s name. Third, what Robertchu would typically do, since Magi-Chan had given him the heads-up about Bieberman, is that he would intercept Bieberman, offer a kind greeting, and talk with him to prevent the crime from happening. This was an occurance that would obviously been prevented by civil and friendly means, as opposed to brute force.
Does this explain it a bit? Also Your moma copywrited your name and you exist. Robertchu would never be violent. He is a decent man and Sonichu, right?

[Artwork of Robertchu thanking Magi-Chan]

That is literally what Robertchu said often during his life, especially while married to Barb and raising Mama. He subconsciously knew of Magi-Chan while he was human, and has had visions and seen him at times. Mister C., here, is definitely a decent dude. 😊⚡


25 October

Gawl (@Gawl09474524)

@CPU_CWCSonichu, this was you wasn't it?

[Picture of a sign in Nebraska stating to close all portals to minimize interdimensional contamination]

I can assure you that this body, I (Sonichu), nor Mama, nor my ol’body have ever been in the state of Nebraska, personally. So, no, that is not our sign, but it is still a genuine artifact from between 1218 and C-197.

Not Sonichu's uncle

25 October

A ween tweets at Chris with an artwork of a Sonichu OC stating that he is Sonichu's favorite uncle.

He is not my uncle. He’s the uncle of a Special Sonichu who resides in the USA, outside of Virginia.


26 October

Helena G. F.

Evil Pickleman!

[Comic strip of Pickleman]

What a terrible bad dream.
I have like 7 more cartoony ideas with that evil Pickleman! I dreamed about it while was trying to fall asleep
Instincts tell me I am not gonna like this.

Chris's worst nightmare

26 October

Helena G. F.

-Rosechu t posing over Sonichu and he scared. "Oh no! My worst nightmare! A dominant woman"
That is not my worst nightmare.
I was about to draw that. Then what is your worst nightmare? Be left behind?
Actually, my worst nightmare involves reliving those worst times from the IdeaGuy months. Freaking Nazis. 🤬⚡
Yeah? I am not gonna draw that. I listen to GiBi summing it up and is the most unpleasant thing ever. I would pretend it never happened. Is it ok? I try to keep that things away from my comics. That is why I drew Monika getting hit by your loyal servant @Righteous4CWC
I appreciate that, and I do not blame you at all. It was just as tough on Mama having drawn and written all of that in her book, which is a major reason why she didn’t go into photoshop with the text, or colour in most of it.
-Sonichu is in therapy.

Therapist "well. We need to do some exposure therapy to this fear of your" "Yeah?" Therapist takes out mask to reveal a small pickle head inside the therapist body. Pickleman did it again

Aaaaaugh! I called it; I am not a fan of that. THAT’s the worst nightmare. Next one after this one better have me waking up next to Rosey, no longer dreaming. Rosey usually notices when I’ve had a bad dream; she hums a song and reminds me that it was only a bad dream. I come to.

In response to a ween replying to Chris's previous reply claiming that C-197 had been sacked.

It has not been sacked. Don’t listen to the hater.

In response to Chris's reply stating a dominant woman is not his worst nightmare.

Twinkie cereal (@moto_bug)

What about this

[Picture of a bowl of cereal]

It was Rosechu's cereal. She seems to like pickles. He likes more normal cereal
She’s okay with pickles, but she doesn’t eat them every single day. And she has never eaten pickled cereal.

fan comic

29 October

A Twitter artist tweets at Chris wanting to get his opinion on their future Sonichu fan comic.

Collaborating with others is very helpful; as long as you all are focused on the same dimension, timeline and area, obviously, the multiple viewpoints and additional people to spell-check and add art to the book is usally good. But do keep it one artist per story; consistency.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

29 October

Just to share this, @ILoveKPAlot has shared her thoughts on the #NightmareBeforeChristmas movie; she does make valid points on it being confusing. “Pumpking King, Drakken.” “What does that mean?!”

Just my ⚡⚡ : event could have been chronicled better.

Normal fitting shirt

30 October

Fox (@pointedfox)

Undershirt or cocktail dress?🤔

[Artwork of characters from Zootopia]

It’s still very much true, depending on how tall you are. What was once a normal fitting shirt for a large individual can become a night shirt for someone slimmer and/or shorter.

Pandemic in 1218

30 October

I felt this is worth repeating, after I have said it over an hour ago on the live stream for #TF2 #AnalysisAnarchy #RedVsBlue Part 6:

It is true, our Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu is still waiting in the new timeline for me to undo the Pandemic in 1218 and deliver this body to her, personally at #BABSCon2020. If I do not get myself and this body into C-197 and then back in time after, your Chris Chan can’t return. The sacrifice that is also a major blessing is, of course, the existence of Corona in this Omega timeline. Any and all newlycreated, enchanted or cursed events you all may make at this juncture will ultimately be rendered moot and neutralized, destined to be in another distant dimension and timeline.

It should go without saying, but if you all want Mama Chris Chan back, all you need to do is It should go without saing, but if you all want our Chris Chan Sonichu to return, do not stand in our way or oppose; this is not a challenge. If you all are able to with your creative might, wisdoms and powers, psychic powers a major bonus, y’all can help by praying to her in breaking the Iron Curtain/Dimensional Divide between 1218 and C-197, and anything you all feel able to do in breaking it as well. The Iron Curtain composition was portrayed by #RichardKelly in his movies, and “S.Darkko”; get creative in drawing how to break through into C-197.

[GIF of a pony going in and out of a portal]

Writing comics after the merge

31 October

Zane Lofquist (@ZaneGhoul)

@CPU_CWCSonichu Hey! In these theorized post merge world do you still write comics? Or did you write and draw historical texts based on real adventures from the OC's that merged over to our current dimension?
Yes to both questions.
That's awesome! If you're writers block goes away you should totally write some prequels leading up to the merge, that way the continuity

will be easier to follow. Kind of like DC's Rebirth event

Duly noted.