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Unfortunately, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have to delay BABSCon once more.
BABSCon, 11:00 am, on 29 December 2020.[1]
The Merge is on.
Chris coping on Twitter, 11:45 am.[2]

BABSCon (Bay Area Brony Spectacular Convention) is a My Little Pony convention held every spring in Burlingame, California, near San Francisco. Chris has shown interest in attending this event, possibly to fill the void left by the ending of BronyCon in 2019. He also planned to sell his TSSSF cards with BABSCon vendors, a truly exciting prospect.[3] He even planned to sell promotional cards only available at BABSCon.[4] The cancellation of the 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Chris, who became "possessed" by Sonichu as a result of a supposed "body swap" between the Chris of this dimension and Sonichu in his fictional universe, a fantasy that Chris committed to for nearly an entire year, before stopping in early 2021. The 2021 convention was canceled as well due to COVID-19, further propelling Chris into his world of delusions.

With his recent arrest for incest, however, Chris ultimately missed out on 2022's BABSCon, and it is very likely that he will be denied entry into any subsequent BABSCons.


2017: When BABSCon offered on Twitter to let people in for free by volunteering, Chris asked BABSCon to pay for the gas to drive to California on top of it.[5]

2020: Since, of course, Chris would have to pay for travel, accommodation, and tickets, he needed a way to accumulate some wealth without saving, since he needed to keep spending his tugboat on toys and interest, he took to e-begging on Twitter, on which he estimated that he would require $2,000-$3,000, claiming it was fated that he would go.[6] One of Chris' loyal subjects Aly Hirschberg decided to start a fundraiser[7] to help fate out a little bit. Though, unfortunately, it would seem that once again Chris' begging was ill-meaning since Chris had said on Discord[8] that he already had organized tickets and accommodations, so the $2,000-$3,000 was actually for toys and video games.



Unfortunately, BABSCon did not take place in 2020, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.[9] This somewhat threw Chris's precognition powers into question, as fate was not permitting him to go. Chris was initially very upset about this, and had a rant on Twitter, explaining how the pandemic is actually just a form of C-197 eugenic culling on 1218 before the merge and would be over in one or two weeks, making the cancellation of BABSCon quite silly indeed. Unfortunately, Chris's precognition failed again. (Anyone would think he's not actually a Goddess.) So unfortunately COVID-19 continued to affect the world.

Luckily, just a CWC trip through your nearest portal will take you to BABSCon in C-197. Which went off without a hitch, due to COVID having been cured already over there. It's a shame they don't share the cure with us, but they're too busy having fun and horsing around at BABSCon 2020. Chris, in fact, spent a while in CWCville to go to BABSCon, during which Sonichu inhabited Chris' body. This also had the added benefit of making Chris able to answer and enact our prayers to him since he was in C-197 with his powers.[10]

In 2020 they ran BABSCon Online - an interactive BABSCon experience on Discord, with panels and gaming tournaments, and music concerts all designed to get those bronies around the world to lift their mane-donned heads from mourning and get to "rump-shaking". They even had voice actors Claire Corlett, Peter New, Brian Drummond, and Sunni Westbrook hamming up cold-readings of people's comedic submissions.

Chris, was seemingly ungrateful for their effort, pointing out that meeting in person would have been a better idea. With that useful insight, however, he does thank the team, if in a somewhat weak way.[11]


In the wake of the 2020 cancellation, the BABSCon team started preparing for and announcing BABSCon 2021, which was to take place from the 2nd to the 4th of April 2021. On 29 December 2020 they announced that they would postpone one more time to 2022. Forty-five minutes after their announcement, Chris coped with the Dimensional Merge, relaunching and announcing it is underway again.

An online BABSCon 2021 took place between the 29th and 30th of May.[12] Chris did not make any comment regarding the convention.



BABSCon took place on 15-17 April 2022; Chris was unable to attend as he is currently preoccupied with "other matters".