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#MLPG5 is literally Russian Propaganda, Demons included, in disguise as a non Timeline canon series. In other words, if you do any art, acknowledge or even Love MLPG5, you are supporting not only a further dysfunction of this very timeline, but you're supporting Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

We Know, @Hasbro. You can end this right now by completely shelving MLPG5 and even Pony Life like Coyote Vs Acme, and Redeem Yourselves by reinstating the original cast, staff and #AdobeFlash animation art of #FriendshipIsMagic and #EquestriaGirls, along with my help, personally, as I have stated before.

Divine Timing is ticking away, and you can clearly see it happening in front of you that G5 is going down with Modern Day Babylon (Russia). ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris on a Canadian-United States children's cartoon[1]

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark is the Netflix series of the fifth generation (G5) of the My Little Pony animation franchise. It is the 2020s incarnation, succeeding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its related spin-offs. A movie, My Little Pony: A New Generation, premiered in September 2021 which lead off the transition from the Friendship is Magic era. The series Make Your Mark premiered in May 2022 and ended in November 2023 (a spin-off series, Tell Your Tale, premiered in April 2022 and is slated to continue through 2025).

Post-jail protests

Still have not watched ANY of MLPG5 At All, and I Never Shall until AFTER My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, Season 14 Episode 26 is aired on tv, streaming services and all, @Hasbro
Chris, still mad about G5 after having spent over a year and a half in jail[2]

In 2023, after having been released from the Central Virginia Regional Jail while awaiting legal proceedings for incest with his mother, Chris promptly resumed protesting against My Little Pony G5 on Twitter in October 2023, claiming that he apparently used his psychic powers prior to his arrest to predict Generation 5's supposed poor quality.

NOBODY Cares for MLP G5; Resume Friendship is Magic Already, @Hasbro, Please! I Literally Foreknew and Foretold how Premature and Awful G5 was to be. #PsychicPowers #Avatar #JesusChristIsRightHere[3]

Chris began blocking the Twitter profiles of people involved in anything related to G5 in February 2024,[4] ironic as years before he had complained about being blocked by popular MLP personalities themselves.

During a livestream that same month, a ween donated money to play a clip of the show. Chris responded by throwing a massive tantrum and going "LALALA" while covering his ears.[5]

Russia comparisons

In late February 2024, Chris began comparing Make Your Mark to Russia.[6][1] On 21 February, Chris began to spam the Twitter replies of MLP fans posting G5 content with messages demanding they stop acknowledging G5.[7]

Ugh! #RussiaIsMLPG5. Please Stop even acknowledging G5 and promoting Putin and the mostly toxic, darkest sinning country, there.
Example of Chris's message spam, in reply to a brony fan of both the G5 and G4 eras of MLP[8]

Characters mentioned by Chris

Pipp Petals

Pipp Petals

A female Pegasus pony and main character of Make Your Mark.

In reply to a MLP fan who posted a gif of Pipp and called her a cutie, Chris made the snide tweet, "Nope. That’s a demon in disguise, along with the rest of MLPG5’s cast."[9]

Youtube video

Chris has released a youtube video dedicated to the topic, it will most likely not be the last.

Telling It To All of You, and the Hasbro Executives and Staff

Chris: "We know your greedy game... and corporate excuses..."

On March 18th, Chris released a youtube video where he covered his "evidence" that he believes proves ties between the show and Russia.