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You're supposed to say: "Turn me loose, you silly goose!" ...You used to do that more flirtingly.
Chris to his mother on a Twitch stream, indirectly warning us of what was to come.

Incest refers to sexual activities between persons related by kin. For years, trolls had joked that Chris, in his desperation to find a boyfriend-free girl, would eventually turn to his mom based on the fact that the two were constantly in close proximity to one another and Chris made a few off-putting comments about fetishizing her. Few thought he would ever go through with the act, though – but Chris found a way to surprise and horrify everybody.

On 29 July 2021, evidence emerged that Chris had begun engaging in sexual activities with Barbara, his mother, in late June.[1] A leaked audio recording and incriminating text messages between Chris and Isabella "Bella" Loretta Janke showed that Chris had discussed masturbating his elderly mother, performing cunnilingus on her and having penetrative sex with her. He claimed that Barbara compared him favorably to her previous sexual partners, including Chris's father Bob, who had been unable to provide her with an orgasm or stimulate her G-spot.

In early August, Chris was arrested, officially charged with one count of incest, and is currently being held without bail - pending trial.

Prior events

Over a decade before the incest saga, Chris answered a fan question regarding cousin marriage and whether or not it was as bad as homosexual marriage. Chris expressed extreme disgust in his answer. replying that "Cousin-Marriage is just as Terrible and Unholy as MARRYING YOUR OWN MOTHER OR FATHER!". At the time, he put incestuous marriage on the same level as homosexual marriage, calling both of them "unholy".[2] Obviously, this stance - along with his original stance on homosexuality - changed at some point.

In general, the relationship between Chris and his mother has always been seen as a "little too close", likely due to his mother's overly coddling nature towards him in his early life all through to his adulthood. It has been keenly noted during the Doopie Saga that Chris had used the words "darling" and "dear", commonly reserved for romantic relationships, to refer to his mother.

Many Christorians have noted that potential hints or patterns that would indicate sexual activity between Chris and his mother have been made previously. As early as October 2015, the Man in the Pickle Suit noted that at Chris's plea arrangement for the pepper spray incident, Chris and his mother were touching each other in an unusually intimate and inappropriate fashion.[3] As recently as 2019, Chris, whilst roleplaying as Magi-Chan, referred to his mother as a "guilty pleasure waifu[sic]". Furthermore, in August 2016, Chris admitted to having dreams of having sex with his mother in a Facebook post stating that "I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother".[4] Troll Arthur Spatchcock disclosed on the Kiwi Farms that following the 2014 house fire, Chris and his mother were routinely spooning. At the time, Chris denied any impropriety, stating "I am not a 'Bates'. OMG."[5]


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In the leaks, it is alleged that Chris and his mother engaged in substantial sexual activity, including Chris masturbating his mother, and engaging in penetrative intercourse with her. It is further alleged that his mother compared him to various other sexual partners, including Chris's father.

Also made another attempt at rubbing her vagina, externally at first, the then slipping in between the lips and rubbing the inner labia. The she told me to stop. She's getting more used to being played down there by hand.
Text message from Chris to an unknown troll
And obviously those out of the eight guys, counting Robertchu, before me were not hitting her G-Spot as much with their cocks. I had attempted the first night to rub her in there; i found her spot, but it hurt her. But, alternatively, I did find that at cunnilingus, I was good at it with my tongue
Chris comparing his sexual activities with his father's sexual activities

The leaked audio likewise contained graphic descriptions of sexual activity, which Chris alludes to as the veracity of "incest fanfics". The authenticity of the recording was confirmed by Chris to Dillon Thomas.[6]

Prior to the allegations being revealed to the public, Chris informed Null about the fact that he found a boyfriend-free girl, although he wanted her identity to remain secret. He offered multiple hints about the identity of his new sweetheart, but told Null that he wanted him to figure out who it was. Null was initially skeptical, even in the face of the leaks, but eventually came to realize that Chris had frequent sex with Barb.


Incest Discussion
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CHRIS: "Um, so yeah she's got a really sensitive G-spot because apparently I don't believe her -- I don't believe he ever, Mr. C, any of her past boyfriends, ex-husbands, they... haven't really reached and hit her G-spot really with their dicks."

BELLA: "Right... right..."

CHRIS: "They haven't, they have, they, were more focused on..."

BELLA: "[coughs]"

CHRIS: "...pleasuring themselves, really. As opposed to focusing on her, which -- that's my focus."

BELLA: "Right. [inaudible], true. Um, for like, [inaudible] make sure to have uh, a lot of fun, make sure to have a, you know, push it with [the Suitress] and have a lot of fun with her, right? Because, um..."

CHRIS: "Obviously."

BELLA: "Yeah, because now you're doing this for your mom, uh, make sure -- I'll be there, I'll be there watching you guys to make sure that nobody is trying to... sorry, my throat... nobody's trying to hurt you, do anything, I'll take photos of you two. The dance will be awesome. We could take turns. I'd like to dance with her too, and then you guys could take like the slow dance and whatever. And uh..."

CHRIS: "My mom and all the other [inaudible]..."

BELLA: "Yeah. Yeah, right."

CHRIS: "[inaudible] before they can register as well."

BELLA: "But how are you feeling, Christine? How are you feeling? Because I know there's a lot of societal pressure on you about like um, this thing with Barbara. A lot of societal pressure and a lot of people, you know, consciously who judge, like would judge, and you know, there is a lot of eyes on you. It must be very stressful."

CHRIS: "Yeah, it is."

BELLA: "Yeah, I can imagine. I'm so sorry about all that stuff, yeah."

CHRIS: "Well, still [inaudible] we still have Magi-chan and Cryzel to dance with."

BELLA: "You always have -- I, okay..."

CHRIS: "Incest fanfics that come true and shit."

BELLA: "I didn't even know there was such a thing. I didn't even know there was incest fanfics. Were there about you and Barbara? I can't believe that. I didn't even think that. I, I knew you guys had a good relationship but I always thought, uh, because I'm not huge on Christory and, you know, whatever, I just thought that the whole Sonichu franchise was very interesting. And that's how I, um, got into you when I was younger, right? But I had, I, I didn't have any idea that Barbara was um, that Barbara knew that you had that sort of relationship. I never got any of those uh, vibes. But, um, how did you approach her?"

CHRIS: "I approached her with care and caution..."

BELLA: "Mhm?"

CHRIS: "And it was a, it was a time for us. So I just gave her comfort and talked with her and we just branched out slow and steady, then I, I encouraged her positively; let her make the first move. And she wanted to do it, and she..."

BELLA: "Oh she did? Really? She made the first move?"

CHRIS: "Yeah."

BELLA: "Oh. Oh, really? Wow, Barbara! [Laughs] How, how did she do it, if you don't me asking? What was the first move?"

CHRIS: "Uh, I don't remember exactly. Um, well that was her first move, from my first approach, was... Eh, I forgot what exactly, what termin... what terminology and approach I used but I approached with care and caution."

BELLA: "That's good."

CHRIS: "And I was... I was most, I was direct and upfront with her for the most part."

BELLA: "That's good. How did she respond when you, when you um, when you approached her? What's she say?"

CHRIS: "I don't, I don't remember exactly what she said, but it was kind of, I think, she was partially confused at one point but, but then she came around, obviously, with the more approaching, with the more approaching that I was doing with her along the way."

BELLA: "Right. So she, so she got into it. How was, did you, how was the first kiss? You kissed her, how did that feel having known this woman for your whole life? How did that feel?"

CHRIS: "Oh, yeah, I mean, it was simple, uh, lip, lip lock, lip-to-lip kiss, but yeah. It was actually good. It felt right."

BELLA: "When did you start having feelings for Barbara?"

CHRIS: "Well, obviously for, well, for a long time, I mean, I remember you mentioning some time ago about my fantasy where I had dreams where I had, I had sex with her, obviously. So..."

BELLA: "Really? Yeah."

CHRIS: "Yeah, but yeah, that's right. The Oedipus complex."

BELLA: "Oh, the Oedipus complex! That's right, yeah. Yeah, that's right. Uh. How, how, if you don't mind me asking -- I know this is probably personal, you don't have to answer. How was the sex?"

CHRIS: "Uh, I'd say it was satisfactory. It took a while, it took a few tries to [inaudible]."

BELLA: "It took a few tries? Yeah. She is old, she is older."

CHRIS: "Yeah, plus, uh also, she's very understanding about the whole thing is, when I was direct with her, still direct and honest with her, I made sure that I obviously, I'm never going to propose marriage to her at all, because we're already daughter and mom."

BELLA: "Yeah, mother and daughter. You know, they say there's no stronger bond than a mother and her daughter. Sorry?"

CHRIS: "We've been doing it every third night, and the first might be on June 27th."

BELLA: "Oh, you have a routine? Huh."

CHRIS: "Yeah."

BELLA: "Well, you still have a stable, you have a stable relationship because you know it's not going to end if anything happened. You'd still be, you'd still be, you know, you'd still be mother and daughter. It's not going to like, be an explosive break up, right? That's, at least that's comforting."

CHRIS: "Yeah."

BELLA: "Yeah. So you said since June, June?"

CHRIS: "Yeah it, It took us a few nights to, it took us a few nights to figure, figure out what made, what felt right and what didn't feel right, and..."

BELLA: "Does your mother enjoy it?"

CHRIS: "Yeah. She's having, yeah she's having a good time, literally."

BELLA: "She is? She's having a good time?"

CHRIS: "She'll -- Yes, sh -- well, we're, we figured it out."

BELLA: "That's great to hear. Do you guys act more like mother and daughter, or do you guys act more like, you know, lovers, when.... Like say, you come home from, you know, the supermarket and you see Barbara. Uh, would you say 'Hey sweetheart' or do you say 'Hi mom?'"

CHRIS: "Yeah I'm, I'm, I haven't called her 'mom' in quite some time now."

BELLA: "Oh, really?"

CHRIS: "So, yeah, I'm, I'm more often calling her 'love' at this point."

BELLA: "But you recently started dating [the Everfree Suitress], isn't that, that's true, right? An open relationship?"

CHRIS: "Yeah it, it's, it's, yeah between Barbara and I it is an open relationship and I made that very clear with her."

BELLA: "Right. Is Barbara dating anybody else?"

CHRIS: "Well, uh, she's not."

BELLA: "No? But she's fine with you dating other people, right?"

CHRIS: "Yeah, she's okay."

BELLA: "Do you guys go on any dates or anything romantic like that?"

CHRIS: "Mm, well, I'll be, well not anything extravagant but we do, uh, as often as possible, eat at the dinner table together."

BELLA: "Yeah."

CHRIS: "We haven't been able to picnic much lately because I've had to switch to a soup diet becau -- after getting the crown..."

BELLA: "Uh-huh."

CHRIS: " tooth."

BELLA: "Oh, did you?"

CHRIS: "Yeah. It feels right to remember her inner child [inaudible]."

BELLA: "Right. That's true, yeah."

CHRIS: "[inaudible] As well. But I, but I'm encouraging her towards the possibi-, towards the positives and, you know, be my homemaker."

BELLA: "Yeah. Yeah knowing, knowing you Christine, I think that, uh, because you, I, I know, I noticed that she was mature, you know, and she's mature and she's wise. She's wise in her ways and um, you know, she has experience and she loves you, and you two have a great relationship. But wouldn't you want somebody who's younger? Right? To keep up more with your energy?"

CHRIS: "Obviously."

BELLA: "Yeah. A lot of time with your mom, like whatever you have left with her, that makes sense. Because, you know, you don't know how, how long she has left so you just wanna, you just don't want her to be lonely or anything, right?"

CHRIS: "Yeah, obviously. But yeah, still uh, would want somebody who was younger than, who is younger or close to my age, obviously, I don't know, maybe."

BELLA: "You don't want anyone who's younger?"

CHRIS: "Um, not too many, not too many other at this, at this time. But, I mean, obviously uh, with my affirmations on, on attracting my twin flame, we, we proceed towards it more slowly."

BELLA: "Mhm. Sorry, I'm tuning (?) the volume, for my, I can't, I have a really bad ear because I just, I got sick, like, you can hear it in my voice. Itís hard to hear anything at all. But I can hear you now. Go ahead."

CHRIS: "Alright. So anyway, um, every -- with the, with the events and everything and I was feeling like, I really needed a sexual release, and..."

BELLA: "Mhm."

CHRIS: "Not too many, not too many individuals on this side of the iron curtain were coming up to plate (?) right, right down there, so..."

BELLA: "Right."

CHRIS: "And then the everything was coming into good alignment and it was good [inaudible] Emmanuel, you know, God. Just said that it was okay and managed to guide me towards..."

BELLA: "God said this was okay? Yeah, then you don't have anything to worry about if God himself said 'This is fine.'"

CHRIS: "Yeah. And uh, so yeah. I gave it a lot of thought myself and I was like 'Okay, so I'll take a dive for it,' so..."

BELLA: "But how did this happen? How did this come about?"

CHRIS: "Well, among which just mainly I'm just, really, really horny and I needed a true and honest, uh, relationship to come about, so... Obviously, this was one of the best way to do it despite it being with uh... I don't want to believe in labels at all but I mean obviously..."

The gory details


The texts detailing BDSM roleplay are fakes made by Bella in her 'master plan' to blackmail Chris. With that said, this list is still not entirely reliable, as details may vary and because Chris is typically not interested in honesty in these scenarios.

In case you have some kind of morbid curiosity of how the incest could have went down, here is a list of "activities" that Chris had allegedly done to with his mother:

  1. Massages - Presumably full body ones since it included her legs, this is probably the same type of massage he gave to Mia Hamm.
  2. Kissing - Apparently did not involve tongues.
  3. Outer Course - Rubbing her pussy with his fingers and hands, this happened at least twice before the next step, probably more.
  4. Intercourse - By this he means fingering her.
  5. Cunnilingus - Eating her out, claims he's good at it. No information about if she returned the favour.
  6. Penetration - Vaginal, apparently with the use of a condom.

According to Null Chris has been buying large amounts of sex toys and lingerie from Adam and Eve this year. What sex toys Chris potentially used, or if they were used at all, is uncertain.


Main article: August 2021 Arrest and Court Case
"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

It is a criminal offense in Virginia to engage in incest – sexual activities between a parent and a child are a class 5 felony, punishable on indictment by up to 10 years incarceration. Chris was swiftly removed from his home by an Emergency Protective Order, then arrested the next day. Since then, he has been held without bail in Central Virginia Regional Jail, awaiting trial.[7] If Barb consented, she could be charged as a willing participant. If Barb did not consent, as some have speculated that she may be incapable of that, Chris's potential sentence could be significantly longer given the severity of a rape charge.

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