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Chris rips off Homer's catchphrase.

The Simpsons is an animated sitcom debuting in 1989, about an extremely dysfunctional family, their daily life, and their various wacky adventures. Of course, Chris loves it, he's also a fan of Family Guy and as of later, F is For Family. It goes without saying that the cutting satire which has characterized the show goes over Chris's head.


They would later have their own family bonding...
Formerly Chuck's.

Chris has ripped off or referenced the Simpsons many times in his life. Specifically:

  • In the gallery of failure Chris added to his own Encyclopedia Dramatica article in March 2008, Chris tried to show some humility by having himself rip off Homer's catchphrase, seen right.
  • Chris video taped himself singing his own version of the Mr. Plow remix featured in The Simpsons 20th anniversary special.
  • Chris has a Homer Simpson figurine on the dashboard of his car.
  • Chris laughs like Nelson Muntz, a character of the series renowned for his signature "Ha, ha!" laugh, in the Secret Weapon video.
  • Chris seems to have also lifted the idea of a second Valentine's Day called "Love Day" from the episode "Trash of the Titans." Of course, Chris missed the point that the holiday was an artificial one born out of greed and selfishness rather than love, and also that the very people who created it thought it sounded stupid when they said the name should be, "like 'Love Day,' only not so lame."
  • Many trolls have also noticed Sandy Rosechu's similarities to Lisa Simpson, as both have spiky hair and are said to be child prodigies. The difference is that Lisa isn't a bastard child born from an egg, and she has a personality.
  • In the Common Questions section of the CWCipedia, Chris was called out on blatantly stealing jokes from many other shows. Chris justified himself by saying, "Like Family Guy, Simpsons, Excel Saga, and even South Park, taking jokes is of acceptable practice; it works when the author is short on original jokes, and wants to fill in a good one. Everybody does it. "Simpsons Did It.""
  • Rule 34 of Marge Simpson can be seen on the 63rd floor in Sonichu #8.
  • In Mumble 4, Chris compared his life to Homer Simpson while arguing with Clyde Cash (and does an impersonation of Homer).
  • Chris downloaded The Simpsons Game on the PS3.
  • In Sonichu #10, Chris "created" Constable Lou, who may be connected to Lou.
  • In the Chris dispels videogame rumors video, Chris stole a joke from Sideshow Bob, butchered it horribly, and referenced it so far out of context that it made no sense to almost everybody.
  • In the Jackie saga, Chris decided to cosplay Homer Simpson wearing Fred Flintstone's shirt.
  • Chris's affinity for muscle bras could be attributed to a bit in the episode "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses" in which Homer finds one in a dumpster and comments "All I know is that, finally, I am getting the support I need."
  • Chris bought the iPhone game Simpsons: Tapped Out and spent an estimated $1,000 on DLC for it by September 2013.[1]
  • In 2019, Chris criticised Matt Groening for not allowing his characters to age: "They keep watering down the Chronicled Media for the sake of recognition, and THE MONEY. It is a real shame and a crime for them to mischronicle their OCs like that all of this time. I admit, I was no different as well, but I am reconciling, making amends, and taking firmer responsibility over my bunch of OCs and citizens as best as I can with my family, loves, allies and everyone there."[2]
  • In 2020, Chris (while being "possessed" by Sonichu) mentioned in a Discord Q&A that Lisa Simpson was set to be the next president of the United States after the Dimensional Merge has been completed. This likely takes influence from the episode "Bart to the Future", which showcases a future in which President Lisa Simpson's administration succeeds Donald Trump's. However, the events of "Bart to the Future" are not predictive, despite numerous viral videos promoting such misconception: Donald Trump considered running for the job in 1999, one year before the episode aired, and the first of the six bankruptcies to affect his businesses (which the national debt joke referenced) occurred in 1991.[3]
  • In 2021, Chris drew a commission of Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's), a sign gag from the episode "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)" which became a popular meme on 4chan. The run-down depiction of the store is either an interpretation of how it would appear in the modern day or an alternate dimension version of the location.[4] According to Null, Chris privately told him in relation to this drawing that Sneed was dead and that Sneed and Chuck had been gay incestuous lovers.[5]
  • Chris also draw Homer Simpson for a commission request.[6]
  • In multiple jail letters Chris describes the Qur'an as being to the Bible what Family Guy is to the Simpsons (i.e. an inferior derivative work).

Marge poster

Before you ask – yes, this is official art.

The centerfold poster of Marge's Playboy magazine became one of Chris's many defenses against becoming a homo.

Interestingly enough, there were two potential choices for him to pin on his wall; the first was a more coy picture of Marge undressing (breasts visible but nipples concealed), the shadow of an eager Homer projected onto the rear wall, with Marge making eye contact with her husband.

The second was of Marge wearing a see-through dress, looking directly at the camera and offering donuts to the viewer. Chris, ever classy, picked the one with the boobs more seeable and rejected the one that even had the shadow of a man on it (especially since Marge was looking at Homer, and not the camera).

The poster was presumably destroyed in the 2014 fire.

Lisa Simpson Presidency

Vocal impressions

In BlueSpike's PSN Chat v3.5, Chris attempts (very poorly) some impressions of various Simpsons characters (specifically Mr. Burns, Homer, Marge and Maggie). He would do the same in Mumble 7, impersonating Homer and Bender; in an eerie bit of foreshadowing, Chris's Homer and Bender voices sound exactly the same, but Chris doesn't notice.


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