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Help send Chris-Chan to Everfree NW is a video posted to Youtube on 9 July 2021. In it, Chris requests that his viewers help him raise money via a GoFundMe campaign so that he can go to Everfree Northwest 2021, a My Little Pony convention that takes place in Washington State.

On 30 July, two weeks prior to the convention, Everfree Northwest banned Chris from attending[1] in the wake of leaked chats in which Chris described incestuous acts on his mother, which first occurred weeks before this video was uploaded.

The GoFundMe was organized by Null and asked for $1,000. The description stated that the flight would cost $750 and that the remainder would go towards expenses while in Seattle. It reached its $1000 goal 6 hours after going live. The Fundraiser would be closed on 13 July 2021, after it had reached $5,000. The fundraiser raised a total of $5,085 before the option to donate was disabled.[2] On 31 July, Null announced in an update to the GoFundMe that the money would be refunded to donors following Everfree's banning of Chris.

This is also the most recent video in which Chris has used the "Captain's Log" introduction to date.


Help send Chris-Chan to Everfree NW
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Stardate 9 July 2021
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Chris talking about the Binding of Isaac
Paid Shout Out to Lifeguard Hermit


The description was later updated to:

Commissioned drawings and shout out videos are offered as part of the GoFundMe.


[starting out with a strong falsetto] Hello everybodyyy, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once agaiiin~! I'll give you a Captain's Log: "stardate [looks at watch] 7-8-2021." There you go. [laughs] Just an old-time callback.

Anyway, I am recording this today of one particular very important insightful interest: [holds up artwork on clipboard] Everfreeeee!- Northwest." Over in the state of Washington. Over in Bellevue. I'm going to be there. I'm gonna be there! And I'm lookin' forward to meeting you all there buuuut- [lowers artwork and momentarily raises finger to chin ] though I am partially set up, I'm gonna need like a few more dollars to make sure I'm still covered for everything else I'm gonna need over the lovely weekend. Lovely weekend.

Anyway, so, I got a lovely gu- got a lovely guy who's helping me out. Keepin' my money organized and situated and everything. There'll be a GoFundMe by the time this video is uploaded, and you'll be able [to] donate that directly- he's managing it. And he's gonna do a very good job; I have faith in this guy- I have faith in 'im. Hey, I wouldn't throw a kiwi at him or anything.

But anyway, aside from that, I got everything mostly prepared like I said, so yeah. I got my gaiter in case I need to [covers mouth with hand] cover up. But I got the most important ticket- this convention ticket [briefly raises lanyard with a COVID-19 vaccination record card on it, and a note beneath it reading "She/Her pronouns"] so, only if I reeeally need to. And, got my lovely gloves. [holds up fingerless gloves, shaking them] lovely, lovely, lovely gloves! Keep my fingers freeeeee for touch-touch-touch-touch-touch! Mm, that's on my phone though, obviously- I mean [blows fart with tongue]. Mm.

Anyway, so, EVERFREE NORTHWEST is gonna be whole bunch of individuals and whatnot- artists and wha- and anybody- everybody from the brony community. It is IN-persooooon! Amongst the very, very first in-person convention since the frickin' pandemic resonated and started a couple of Novembers ago or so. Anyway, it's gonna be an awesome time. I'm lookin' forward to meeting everybody, seeing the ol' favorite celeb- old favorite people that I like- you know, from my favorite- Alice and other people I've gotten to know over the past year or two- through their videos, binging 'em and whatnot. Got a few more favorites in mind. And just lookin' forward to meetin' all of you- all of you lovely people who are gonna be there. My fans and art appreciators and aficionaaados and everything. But yeah, I'm approachable. Hugs are free. Only making sure you're fully vaccinated though, so [raises vaccine card again] mm- make sure you show the guys at the door your convention ticket. ' So aside from that, yeah. I need a few bucks. Like a few extra thousand to help me [itches nose] with the weekend. [itches nose some more] I'm sorry, I had an i- I really have an itch on my nose- this is not a body language or anything, I wanna emphasize that clearly. But yeah, for food, for additional details and transportation and a hotel- additional details, mind you- and just, whatever else- whatever else and... yeeeah, a little bit of swag, I wanna be able to share some of this- share a little bit for the arts as well. Hey, I'm an artist, and I appreciate and support all other artists. Okay? They're insightful. They're linked to the other dimensions as much as I am, if not... on matching levels, cuz, I'm overpowered, obviously. But anyway, so, Everfree Northwest!... Um... I'm tryna remember the dates in my noggin right now, but- it's the ssssecond weekend in August, so, I'm hopin' to see y'all there, and I'm lookin' forward to meeting such lovely new people and seeing lovely old people again- I don't mean old as in elderly, though they need compassion and respect, too, mind you. [sighs]

But aside from that, Everfree Northwest. Come on down and give me a hand to get there, please. I am heavy at work at this time, so... At this time, but at the convention I'm gonna have a good time and I'm gonna be even more busy. I'm lookin' forward to seein' y'all there! I'd like a hand! Thank you very much.

The GofundMe

The GoFundMe is organized by Null. Its description reads:

This is a fundraiser to help send Christine Weston Chandler to the Everfree NW My Little Pony convention. Christine / Chris / Chris-Chan is considered one of the most documented people in human history thanks to enormous volumes of online encyclopedias written about Chris and Sonichu, a comic series that Chris has worked on since highschool. This documentation started during the early years of the Internet and never stopped. Chris also really likes MLP, and has been a fan since 2007: many years before it was popularized in Gen 4.

Chris already has tickets and a hotel reservation, but has never traveled cross-country before. This is organized by Joshua Moon. I have been in light contact with Chris for about 7 years and have previously helped Chris deal with serious problems in that time.

Originally, Chris planned to make the 41-hour-long journey from Ruckersville, VA to Seattle, WA alone, crossing the badlands and Rocky Mountains both ways in an old minivan. That was a very bad idea, so instead, we're setting up a GoFundMe to help buy a plane ticket.

The roundtrip flight will cost $750 and has already been reserved. Extra money will be put towards expenses while in Seattle. If the GoFundMe greatly exceeds $1000, the overflow will be held for emergencies.

To reward contributors, Chris has agreed to do shout out videos and drawings for donors. I have been assured that these will be done and have stressed to Chris that completing these rewards is crucial to doing more things like this in the future. There is an understanding and I have confidence rewards will be completed.

Any$ - Your name will be read out on a thank-you video after the GFM is concluded.

$40 - Shout out video from Chris

$40 - Character drawing.

$60 - Both a shout out video from Chris and a character drawing.

If you would like a drawing mailed to you, please add $5 extra for shipping and handling.

Chris did a drawing for me. Here's an example of what you might get:


Please keep in mind that while I can make sure every order is fulfilled, what you receive may not be what you expect. Your shoutout / drawing could exceed your expectations, fall short, or be something totally weird and unpredictable. Chris is just like that: roll with it.

Thank you for your help in sending Chris out to have fun and for furthering Chris's childhood dreams of becoming a professional artist.

Update 1

Null later posted an update to the campaign shortly after it had reached its $1,000 goal.

Thank you for your support in sending Chris to Everfree NW. I also appreciate all the enthusiasm shown for giving Chris an opportunity to make art and do shout outs for this money. I share your enthusiasm and will be organizing your requests so that Chris can easily fulfill them.

If you donated $40+ dollars for a reward, please contact me through GoFundMe with the details of what you'd like your drawing to be, and/or who your shout out should be made to.

I'll arrange the shipping of physical orders after the GoFundMe is closed. The final thank you video will also be posted before the convention date (August 13th, probably sooner). I'll keep the GoFundMe open until either the interest has dropped off, or Chris feels overwhelmed by the workload, whichever comes first.

Attached is the first request fulfilled as an example.


[External link to the Paid Shout Out to Lifeguard Hermit video]

Update 2

On 12 July 2021, Null posted a second update to the fundraiser.

Over the weekend, Chris completed 10 orders. The three I've picked out are my favorites of the bunch. Chris seems comfortable doing about 5 drawings a day and recording shout out videos as they come in.

There are currently 82 donations over $40. 51 of those donors have contacted me to provide details for their request. 12 of those are marked complete or ready for shipping.

If you are in the group of 31 people who donated more than $40 but have not received an email from me confirming the details of their request, please contact me through GoFundMe if you would like a drawing or shout out. If you would also like it delivered to you and you added the $5, please include your address so I don't have to ask for it.

Chris has asked for the GoFundMe to be closed at $5000.

July12Fundraiser1.jpg July12Fundraiser2.jpg July12Fundraiser3.jpg

Update 3

On 13 July 2021, after $5,000 had been reached, Null would make a third update to the fundraiser.

I'm pleased to announce that the $5000 stretch goal has been reached and that GoFundMe has verified the campaign so that it can proceed with the payout. The plane ticket has been purchased and Chris will be going to Everfree NW!

I will be posting updates on the progress of rewards, but will not be accepting more contributions so that the workload stays manageable for Chris. I won't accept additional requests made by email; if Chris wants to do more orders, it will be announced via Twitter @CPU_CWCSonichu

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing the rewards with everyone as they're made.

Update 4

21 July

Progress report:

The GoFundMe received 115 donations. 94 donated enough to receive a reward. 70 of those people have put in a request. 45 of them have already received their drawing or shout out video. Only 1 person has requested a refund.

If you're one of those 24 who donated enough for a reward but have not contacted me with your request, please do so immediately. I will not accept any more requests once we start shipping drawings.

Update 5

31 July

On July 30th, audio and text messages leaked between Chris and an unknown woman where Chris confessed to aggressive sexual behavior towards his mother. He has since been removed from his home and separated by an emergency protective order which will last until August 5th. The audio and text messages are authentic.

Everfree NW has since revoked his ticket to the convention. The GoFundMe no longer serves a legitimate purpose. As such, I am refunding all donations.

No drawing will be shipped. If you received a digital copy of your commission or shout out video, it's yours to keep. I will be deleting my ledger of customer names and addresses after the refund has finished.

This GoFundMe was my test to see if Chris could responsibly handle commissions. His success and commitment towards fulfilling these orders surprised me (in a good way), and indicated that it would be possible for him to stabilize his income and live comfortably off his work. This recent revelation is a massive Black Swan event and I am still internally processing it.

Update 6

28 August

I have been informed that the refunds have been sent. Everybody should get 100% of their money back.

Thank you for your interest in this project and your support. I was surprised with the tenacious way Chris tackled his responsibilities and was happy with his work. I'm very sorry it ended this way and I still can barely believe it - and just when it started to look like he was learning and could be trusted in some ways.


Monetizing the artwork

After Chris was released from jail, he retrieved from 14 Branchland Court the artwork he had done as commissions. Since the fundraiser had been cancelled in the wake of Chris's arrest for incest, Chris never finished it and did not mail out the artwork to the original buyers (who had received refunds from organizer Null).

The drawings were listed on OfficialCWCmart under the heading "2021 Lost Commissions" on 15 October 2023 with prices ranging from $125-$200.

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