CWC Update 13 August 2009

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"My left eye is blue, and my right eye is brown—my right is green."

"CWC Update 13 August 2009" (officially "CWC Update 08132009") is a video in which Chris addresses the current state of the SingStar Challenge competition, declaring it, as of this date, currently ongoing.

This video was made after CChanSonichu declared himself the winner due to the inactivity of Chris's judges. As if that wasn't enough, Chris then goes back into his stupid DJ charade once more to play some more songs.

It is also worth noting that this is the first time in a while that Chris has actually logged the date of the Captain's Log correctly.


CWC Update 13 August 2009
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Stardate 13 August 2009
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Green White StripeGreen White Stripe The Shamrock Stripes
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My left eye is blue, and my right eye is brown— my right is green. My right eye is green. Color change, you know.


Captain's Log, Stardate August 13th, 2009.

I'm sorry to delay the song a little bit longer but, huh, yes, the SingStar Challenge has not been completed officially. The six judges now have to discuss them amongst themselves in private messages on the YouTube or in person if they have that capability. To discuss the manner and get the winner in majornily—in majority and after they have decided fully they will each submit the name of the final winner on the individual YouTube accounts. Audio only with their voices or with text, anyway it's fine in any case, the winner is not final. Sorry Mr.—Mr. Christian Weston Chandler, born with that name. You are not the winner yet. And also you can never be the original creator of Sonichu or Rosechu because your birth name is not Christopher and you cannot have anything like that, without the first name Christopher. So neither, you can't have that. [Grabs camera to zoom in to his eyes] With both eyes being green and [focuses on left eye] my left eye is blue, and my right eye is brown—my right is green. My right eye is green. Color change, you know.

Anyway, also with that, as promised in the station KCWC Special Dedication during the lunch hour we have found a couple of tracks from The White Stripes and we will playing them for Ms. KissMeKate by now, so take it away, White Stripes.

[Chris plays "Black Math" and "In The Cold, Cold, Night Lyrics" by The White Stripes while showing the cover of Guitar Hero II]

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