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CLog 07072017 is one of Chris' Captain's Log videos. In this video, Chris updates the True and Loyal Fanbase on his progress on Sonichu 12, stating that 11 more pages have been developed, but only 5 of which have been fully colored in. Less than halfway into the video, Chris reveals that he uses Crayola Supertip markers to color in the comics after they have been drawn, and asks his supporters if they know if Crayola will somehow sponsor his kid friendly comics simply for using their products, despite Crayola not taking sponsorships from individuals like Chris.[1] For the rest of the video, Chris pointlessly drones on about how much he loves using their markers and magic molding clay.

This video should not be confused with CLog 07072017 #HarassCWCdirectly, a later video which Chris absentmindedly labeled with the same date as this one.


CLog 07072017
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Stardate 7 June 2017
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CLog 06232017
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If Crayola's hiring and accepting... us to be their sponsors, then I'd highly... would endorse the Crayola products


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[speaks in a stereotypical Indian accent] ...from home once again with another epic log stardate July 7th 2017 07072017.

Anyway, just another just, uh, short update today because... what else what else. [picks up a binder with the Sonichu 12 cover on it] We're up to page 14 in book 12. Although it's not fully colo... and it's totally not colored yet. We're onto page 8 on the coloring process, and those pages will be uploaded onto my Patreon on due time on Sunday.

Anyway, so another thing I've... just another thought I've had. You know, I often like, [picks up a pack of Crayola markers] I often use and enjoy using these Crayola Supertip Markers. I was thinking like, you know, I'm wondering... do cre... do uh, artists sometimes take sponsorships 'cause... if Crayola's hiring and accepting... us to be their sponsors, then I'd highly... would endorse the Crayola products. 'Cause, I just love coloring, I do enjoy coloring with the Crayola Supertip markers, especially from the 50-pack. And... I missed those packs of 12... that set of 12 fun-scented markers. [pauses] Be more aware of them, you'll see a few more of them.

[puts down the Crayola markers and starts searching for something] And that's aside from [picks up a pen] me using my favorite artist VP pen... [grabs Sonichu Medallion] And of course, you know the magic... made my med... made my medallion and the other medallions that I... personally crafted among other things. But anyway, Crayola... an art media that any artist can use... even... to make, even to make boldest, brightest, most beautiful comic books... and pages ever.

Well, that was just a thought I had so... that's gonna be pretty much it for this week's uh... this week's Captain's Log. I'll check in a week or two with another update. Have a good safe day everyone. Thank you for your patronage.


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