CWC Major Update 26 March 2009

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In "CWC Major Update 26 March 2009" (officially "CWC Major Update 03262009"), Chris threatens to withhold comics from his fans if trolls refuse to leave Megan alone.


Leave Megan and her Family Alone.

You will want to stay on my good side if you want to read more comic pages.


CWC Major Update 26 March 2009
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Stardate 26 March 2009
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Saga MeganMegan Megan
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Back off.


Captain's Log, Stardate: March 26th, 2009.

I wish to, uh, start this, uh, major update with a important note.

I have, uh, recently received a request from my old gal-pal Megan. Uh, some of you probably know her from the ED page. So many mistakes were made in the past. [sigh] She was the first of my gal-pals to be caught in the crossfire, it haunted me every day. But... [cough]

I ask now that, uh, everybody who, uh, everybody who, uh, sees her in person and recognize her, please just leave her alone. Leave her alone.

Sh-, she has been under so much stress from the n-, not only the trolls, but also from everybody who recognizes her and just bunch of damn....So just simply put, please leave her alone and keep your opinions to yourselves. If you can't say something nice, say nothing. [cough]

Plus, also, think about this: you guys stay on my good side if you want me to continue making the comic pages and getting the Sonichu site back up. Which is why I made it a major priority in my two previous videos I uploaded onto YouTube, leave me and I, my new girlfriend Ivy, leave us alone. Back off.

So, amongst the with that between her, uh, between just like, uh...just like you would not interfere with me and Ivy, back off from Megan. If you want to stay on my good side, if you want me to keep drawing the comics.

I swear, or I swear to God, if you get me on my worst side, my worst possible offense, I will cease. Swear to God. So just back off.

Back off.


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