10 September 2009

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"10 September 2009" (officially "09102009") is a video in which Chris utterly dismisses a possible interview with Veronica Belmont of PlayStation Magazine Europe as a troll, continuing to display his paranoia and control over what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. Just in case she isn't a troll, however, he assures her that he would happily agree to an interview on the grounds that she go to his house personally to request it from him. He then goes on to compliment her in the hopes that she wold be more inclined to come. This video was made in response to the Maggie Thomas call.

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10 September 2009
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Stardate 10 September 2009
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Sign Destruction Video
Chris dispels videogame rumors

I know you call your quote/unquote "interviews" to be false, so therefore - back off.


[Chris is standing there, Gitar of Fail around his neck, High School ring flashed]

Captain's Log, Nine-Ten-Oh Nine. I have received a-- I recently received a phone call on the home phone, ah, from, ah, person that is supposedly of the PlayStation Magazine in, uh, Europe. Call came restricted, did not leave a call back number, did not call back later, so, she is assumed troll.

I mean, if-a... [Stammers a lot] I would BELIEVE I was going to be interviewed for real for a magazine instead of a fake interview, I would believe it, IF Veronica Belmont of PlayStation Corp. PERSONALLY came to the front door of my house, here in Ruckersville, VA, and ASKED me, and PERSONALLY asked me to an—for an interview... [Nods head] I would gladly accept that.

But, anyway, Veronica, if you're watching this? [Thumbs up] You did an awesome job on Qore, keep it up. Really enjoyed, y'know, about, I mean, it was so cool, you know, you became an honorary Gamer Girl, I think it was, with that fancy shirt, I remember that, and all the other memorable moments since, you know, episode one. [Creepy smirk] And also, I like your recent interview with Jay Leno, that was good, and also I know you love Little Big Planet, so, you know, I got a few levels up there on my PlayStation ID as Sonichu, and thanks again for adding me as a friend. [Another thumbs up] You accepted my request.

[Stares into space for a bit]

So, anyway, with that, a—wah, leave everyone in peace to know that, I'm on to, ah—bdah, the trolls, I'm on to your game. I kn- I know you call your quote/unquote "interviews" to be false, so therefore - back off. And back off on everything else you're trolling doing because you're so trolling stupid.

Peace to everyone else, curse to the trolls.

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